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O those persons who are familiar with the

Parliament House,--the Westminster Hall

of Scotland,—and its inmates, the various Pieces collected together in this volume cannot be devoid of interest. Even to those not initiated in the mysteries of legal procedure, a considerable portion of the contents will, it is hoped, be attractive; for no genuine votary of Momus can be insensible to the fun of the Justiciary Opera,—the drollery of the Diamond Beetle Case,—the exquisite point of the Parody on Hellvellyn,—the satirical wit of the Chronicles of the City, and the quiet humour of the Scotish Royal Speeches.

As many passages required explanation, illustrative Notes have been given, and some few Anecdotes are introduced, the greater part of which, if not the whole, have never previously been published :--they were almost all taken from individuals connected either as practitioners or suiters with the Court of Session, many years since; and are,—at the least the Editor ventures to think so,-worthy of preservation, as exceedingly characteristic of the parties alluded to, and the times in which they lived.

Although so few years, comparatively speaking,

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