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IN a book of this nature discussions of disputed readings, and generally of doubtful interpretations, are out of place. I can only say that in such cases I have given anxious attention to what has been urged on either side, and have presented the best result in my power. The English editions to which

I owe most are those of Professors CONINGTON and KENNEDY. The short notice of Vergil's life owes much to Professor SELLAR'S charming volume on Vergil in the Roman Poets of the Augustan Age. Readers, who I suppose will be young ones, are referred constantly to the Public School Latin Primer. The spelling of Vergil's name has given me much hesitation. I have concluded, however, that the compromise proposed, Virgil and Vergilius, -is not a sound one. If it is true, as it seems to be, that all the world has been spelling the name wrongly for these many centuries, it seems more reasonable to acknowledge the fact, and to make the right form familiar to every one as soon as possible.

ETON, 12th July, 1883.

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