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A Magazine of Literature, Art and Life


OCTOBER, 1908-MARCH, 1909

Published by

The Knickerbocker Press
New Rochelle New York


Sever fund

COPYRIGHT, 1908, 1909




VOL. V., OCTOBER, 1908-MARCH, 1909



Abbott, Keene, author of When Thirst Held Sway, 465

Alaska, Lounger, 511

Alcott, Amos Bronson, see Emerson's Foot-note Person, 53

Aleramo, Sibilla, author of Guglielmo Ferrero: the new Historian of Rome, 269

Amalfian Cornice Road, The, by Arthur Colton, 603 American Diplomatic Service, The, by Herbert H. D. Peirce, 530

American Oberammergau, An, by Harlan I. Smith,


Americans in the Making, by Day Allen Willey, 456 As Europe Sees Us, by Emily James Putnam, 360 Automobile Racers, see The Call of the Car, by Minna Irving, 387


Ball, S. Mays, author of Prohibition in Georgia, 694
Balzac in Brittany, by W. H. Helm, 449
Banff, see A Foreign Tour at Home, 68
Barrie, J. M., Lounger, 245

Barrymore, Ethel, Lounger, 497

Benedict, Clare, author of The Shadow of the Trees, 335

Benignant Death, by Effie Smith, 334

Between Alpha and Omega, by Herbert Quick, 175 Boynton, H. W., author of Democracy and the Main Chance (book review), of Every Man in His Humor, 107, 488

Branded, The (a poem), by Roscoe Gilmore Stott, 220
Breakheart Farm, by Basil King, 145

Brinton, Christian, author of Modernism in Art, 617
Brittany, Balzac in, by W. H. Helm, 449
Broken Urn, The, by Emma Bell Miles, 574
Browning's Old Yellow Book, Idle Notes, 238

Bulgaria, a Nation Reborn, by A. D. H. Smith, 259
Bunyan in Prison (a poem), by Frank Preston
Smart, 558

Burbank, Emily M., author of Mademoiselle Genée,


Burnett, Mrs. Frances Hodgson, Lounger, 501


California Paradoxes, by Frances Albert Doughty, 482 California Psalm, A (a poem), by Clarence Urmy,


Call of the Car, The, by Minna Irving, 387

Canada, see Winning an Empire, 35

Capri, see The Villa of Jove, 59

Chaminade, Mme. Cécile, Lounger, 510
Chase, William M., Lounger, 373

Child Spirit, The, by Marie Louise Goetchius, 714
Chopin, see Two Musical Centenaries, 654
Christmas Gift, A, by Don Marquis, 320

Christmas Star, A (a poem), by Eugene C. Dolson, 365

Churchill, Lady Randolph, Lounger, 243

Circular Staircase, The (reviewed), 116

City of Dreadful Height, The, by Joseph B. Gilder, 131

Clark, Mary King, author of Lincoln's Nomination, 536

Clifford, Jane, author of Yours in Confidence: VI, 221; VII, 280; VIII, 475; IX, 538; X, 689

Cody, Sherwin, author of Poe As a Critic, 438 Colton, Arthur, author of The Villa of Jove, 59; of The Amalfian Cornice Road, 603

Comer, Cornelia A. P., author of The Making of a Doctor, 610

Conant, Chas. A., author of Wm. H. Taft the Peacemaker of the Philippines, 13

Conrad, Joseph, author of The Rulers of East and

West, 19

Constitution Island, Lounger, 255

Corelli, Marie, Lounger, 498

Corruption in Ancient Rome, by Guglielmo Ferrero, 659

Costa Rica, by Henry W. Wack, 702
Cotes, Sara Jeannette, Lounger, 502

Curwood, James Oliver, author of Winning an Empire, 35; of A Trip on a Great Lakes Freighter, 738; Lounger, 497


Davis, Richard Harding, Lounger, 115
Dawn of a To-Morrow, The, Lounger, 501

De Kay, Charles, author of Problems of the Past and
Present, 233

Democracy and the Main Chance (book review), by H. W. Boynton, 107

Deserter Hunting, by John S. Wise, 599

Diplomatic Service, The American, by Herbert H. D. Peirce, 530

Dobson, Austin, author of A New Year's Rondeau,


Dolson, Eugene C., author of The Untended Rose Tree (a poem), 59; of A Christmas Star (a poem), 365

Donworth, Grace, Lounger, 755

Doughty, Frances Albert, California Paradoxes, 482 Douglas, Norman, author of Edgar Allan Poe, 433


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