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write me.

pose that an event occurs that gives us a great Nerve Force. Perhaps you too are a victim of fright, causing wild beating of the heart, a ailments that can be traced back to deep and choking sensation and severe trembling of hidden upheavals in the Un-conscious Mind. the knees. As soon as the cause of the fright I have for thirty years specialized in the has passed, all outward effects of the “fear- science of building up Nervous and Physical shock" also disappear. But for a long time forces in people whose nerves are shattered, thereafter we still feel the presence of a vague and have treated more cases of "Nerves" than internal fear which we cannot throw off. It any other man in the world. During the last may remain with us for hours, days or months, twenty-one years I have treated over 90,000 harassing and undermining the nerves. Our

cases by mail alone, in all parts of the world. Conscious mental strains, therefore, are en- If you are a victim of nervous ailments, or larged upon in the Un-conscious Mind, just as perhaps organic and physical ailments that do the explosion of the tiny electric spark in the not respond to medical treatment or other spark-plug of an automobile causes greater ex- methods, submit your case to me and I shall plosions of the gas in the cylinders. Unfor- tell you definitely whether your condition is tunately, we are absolutely unaware of these due to weak and deranged nerves and whether powerful internal explosions which involve the I can help YOU, as I have helped thousands of Un-conscious Mind, for the simple reason that others. they are unconscious.

Detailed information regarding my methods Psycho-Analysis has placed the treatment cannot be given here; I shall state briefly, of nervous disorders for the first time in his- however, that in addition to the application tory on a positive basis. By doing so, it has of special forms of training that reach both become one of the most important of all the Conscious and the Un-conscious Mind, sciences, because Nerve Exhaustion is un- my treatment also includes every practical questionably one of the most dangerous and physical method known to be of value in the wide-spread plagues the world has ever known. restoration of the nervous powers. There is but one malady more terrible and Positively no fee is charged for a Preliminary that is its kin-Insanity. Only those who Diagnosis of your case, and you will be under have passed through a siege of Nerve Ex- no obligation to take my treatment, if you haustion can comprehend the true meaning of

Do not explain your case in your this statement. It is HELL; no other word can first letter, as I shall send you special instrucexpress it. Yet nine people out of ten suffer tions how to report your case and how to make from Nerve Exhaustion in various minor degrees certain "nerve tests" used generally by nerve without knowing it. Usually they attribute specialists. I shall also send you FREE other their weaknesses and miseries to physical important data on Nerve Culture, which will causes, while the real cause is “NERVES." give you an understanding of your nerves such

How often do we hear of people running as you never before had.' from doctor to doctor, seeking relief from a If you have read thus far, you will surely be mysterious "something-the-matter" with them, interested in my sixty-four page book entitled though repeated examinations fail to show the "Nerve Force." It teaches how to control the disease of any particular organ. In nearly nerves and prevent Nerve Exhaustion, and is every case the real cause is Nerve Exhaustion. written in simple non-technical language such The symptoms of Nerve Exhaustion vary as any child can understand, in order to according to individual characteristics, but the profit by the important information that is development is usually as follows:

given therein. The cost of the book is only 25 FIRST STAGE: Lack of energy and en

cents (coin or stamps). Over 300,000 copies have durance; that "tired feeling," especially in

been sold during the last two years. I shall also

agree to send, without added cost, a copy of my the back and knees.

booklet on "Prevention of Colds." This booklet SECOND STAGE: Nervousness; sleep- contains some important information on this lessness; irritability; decline in sex force; subject that is not generally known. It is needloss of hair; nervous indigestion; sour stom- less to say that if these books do not meet with ach; gas in the bowels; constipation; irregular your fullest approval and expectations, I shall heart; poor memory; lack of mental endur

refund your money. ance; dizziness; headache; backache; neu

PAUL von BOECKMANN, ritis; rheumatism and other pains.

110 West 40th Street, Studio 192, THIRD STAGE: Serious mental disturb

New York, N. Y.

Dear Sir: ances; fear; undue worry; melancholia;

I wish to investigate your system of Nerve

Culture and have a Preliminary Diagnosis made of my dangerous organic disturbances; suicidal ten

This will not obligate me to take your treatment or

pay you anything. dencies and, in extreme cases, Insanity.

If only a few of the symptoms above mentioned apply to you, especially those indicating mental turmoil, you may be sure your nerves

City.. are at fault-that you have exhausted your

Enclosc 25 cents if you wish the books.





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Part II of the Story of the Man Who

Was Afraid of Himself


WHAT WAS TOLD IN PART I BILL HOBSON, after several years of service Mary too, began to wonder if they had not been mis

with the firm of Darrow & Darrow, is discon- taken in Billy. He was not forging ahead as they tented with the limited progress he has made. He expected. Instead, he was growing lax in his habits feels that his ability has neither been appreciated and found fault with the firm. Mary's undernor made apparent in his salary. He complains standing heart prompted her to have a confidential to Mary, his wife-wise in her deductions of life talk with Jason Darrow who decided to put Billy to and a keen judge of human nature. She knows old the test by thrusting responsibility on him.

He Jason Darrow, her husband's employer. He wanted informed Hobson that he was leaving on an extento adopt her after her father's death; but Mary sive journey, and that, during his absence, he wished had refused, preferring to remain independent. It Billy to build a house for him to occupy on his rewas during occasional visits to Jason Darrow's office turn. For a moment Billy is elated and then later, that Mary had met Billy Hobson, young and full of disgruntled because so much work is expected of him promise. When they were married, Darrow had on his small salary. He considers himself greatly raised Billy's salary; but a few months later, he, and abused and claims that he is being “kept down."



ARY looked at him with eyes brimming with

his telephone rang.

On the other end of the wire love sympathy, and hope. “Maybe it won't was Sam Jacoby, manager of the Malloy Construc

prove that at all," she said in a low tone. "It tion Company. He wanted Billy to go to luncheon seems to me to demonstrate that he's been watching with him, and Billy thought he knew why. you and that he's going to give you the big chance Hobson had met Jacoby on several occasions. He you've been longing for. It's a heavy responsibility, had been sufficiently indiscreet to tell this official of a Billy, and a big compliment. Don't abuse it , Bill. rival company that he was not quite satisfied where he Use the money as if it were your own. Build the

That in itself was a mistake, for Jacoby was house as you would if you were doing it for yourself shrewd and knew that Hobson's work was evidently and for me--for everything you do in connection not up to scratch or he would have no cause for comwith it is for you and me, just as surely as it we plaint with such a man as Darrow. And, it was whiswere to live there ourselves.”

pered that Jacoby's business methods were not always Billy smiled indulgently, but Mary went on: "If you the most scrupulous. put into it all that you can, you'll build a monument to Billy's first inclination was to decline the invitation, your ability, and you'll profit by it, I know-not merely but curiosity overcame him. Had Jacoby heard of his financially--but from the standpoint of making good in new commission and was he about to make him an your job--which is far more important."

offer from the Malloy firm? It might be. In any event Hobson shrugged his shoulders. “Maybe,” he ad- he did not see why he should not go down to the Giltmitted, “but I'd like a little of the gravy along with crest Hotel and lunch with the man. the glory."

Jacoby proved to be an Mary didn't quite like

entertaining host. He was that remark, but neverthe

scarcely more than Billy's less she slept happily that HE habit of dwelling on diffi

age, yet he had his own car, night - after uttering

culties and magnifying them a town house, and a neat heartfelt prayer that Billy weakens the character and para- summer bungalow at an would make good.

lyzes the initiative in such a way exclusive seaside resort. One morning a week as to hinder one from ever daring to

And he was more than lațer, after Billy had read undertake great things. The man

cordial to Billy. and reread Darrow's memwho sees the obstacles more clearly

“Hear that you've been orandum of instructions,

given a big commission by and had consulted archithan anything else is not the man

old man Darrow," Jacoby tects and begun to ask for to attempt to do any great thing.

said over the coffee. “Must bids and competitive prices,

mean that the little dis


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......Present Position.....


satisfaction you discussed with me some time ago has all blown over."

Billy was completely disarmed by Jacoby's friendly attitude and his air of confidence. “Hardly," he blurted out. "You know how grasping Darrow is. Get's everything he can out of everyone and gives as little as he can for it. This is a big job, of course, and there isn't another man in the office he would entrust with it-yet the salary he is paying me is a joke."

plead that he tell her all the construction details to offer what help she might give, the answer might have been different. But Mary wanted Billy to work them all out for himself—and there's where the trouble came. It wasn't her fault. It was simply one of those innocent sins of omission which result as a desire to be fair and considerate of others rather than to take them by the scruff of the neck and shake them violently into their



JACOBY narrowed his eyes. “I'll give you a hundred

a week to come with us,” he offered, in order to find out what Billy did make. But Billy, suddenly grown cautious, shook his head. If he was to receive offers on the strength of this work they must come strong, he thought. And so he laughingly named a figure which Jacoby knew to be fictitious because of its very size and what he knew about Billy.

“Guess I can't buy you,” he said with mock regret. "but since you've said that the condition Darrow made was that the construction work should be done by a firm other than his own, why not let me have the job? I'll keep prices down-down to the bone-and, naturally, I would expect to share-some of the profit."

Billy held up a protesting hand, but it shook waveringly. “Profits-commissions--a hundred thousandprices down to the bone!” The words danced through his brain.

“I couldn't think of that,” he managed to say. "You're, a

a goose,” Jacoby taunted. “It's done in every firm.” And then, in low tones, as he leaned across the table familiarly, he talked to Billy Hobson for fully half an hour. And, in that half hour, the stronger brain had won. Hobson had agreed to give the contract for the building of Darrow's house-and Hobson was to receive ten per cent of Jacoby's net profit..

That night, at dinner, when Mary asked Billy about the work, he was strangely reticent. At first she was disturbed, but later set his concentration down to a deep interest in the commission, a natural anxiety for its success, and a firmer, more thoughtful grip upon himself.

Later, when she had retired, Billy sat under the library lamp, a mass of papers, plans, and specifications strewn over the table, and Darrow's closely written instruction-sheets under his hand. A curious smile lit up his eyes, yet there was a frown on his face. And for a long time before he went to bed himself, he paced the room nervously, smoking his pipe and muttering to himself.

Weeks went by. Mary gleaned the information that the foundations of the house were laid, that materials were arriving by wagons and motor-trucks, that a small army of laborers were at work and that the structure was to be reared in record time. For this purpose, the men were offered a bonus.

Whenever Mary ventured a wish to see the progress of the building, Billy laughingly put her off. “Wait until it's really up,” he said. “Then I'll surprise you."

But one morning, as Billy and Jacoby were going through the half-completed mansion, Jacoby drew him aside. “We'll have to increase the bonus to get the work done on time," he whispered. “It wouldn't do for Darrow to get back while things are in this unfinished state. We could work it with a newly rich, inerperienced, home builder, but we can't on Jason Darrow. I've substituted cleverly, and once the foundations are covered, the plumbing concealed, and the paint put on, he can't tell what we've done. That is,” he added with a chuckle, “until the thing begins to wear out. And that won't be very long. High prices have made me skimp more than I thought I would have to, and the quality and stability of the place is about twentyfive per cent lower than I thought it would be. That is about half what Darrow intended it to be and would have made it himself.”

“We've gone too far!" Billy said bitterly. “He's sure to find it out."


ACOBY laughed. "Not if we get it done in time, he

won't,” he assured the terrified Billy. “It's a perfect shell of a house-a pretty stage setting. I haven't worked blindly. Everything is covered up and the specifications read all right. My own men have. attended to every substitution and Darrow won't be any the wiser-only the house won't last. Built as it could have been built, it would have stood forever more or less. As it has been built-well, it won't.

“Don't you think Darrow will suspect something?" Billy asked nervously.

“Not a chance!" snapped Jacoby. “Don't get nervous. If anything does go wrong, if he suspects-pass the buck to me. It will simply mean that I've taken advantage of your inexperience.”

Billy didn't like that phrase. He didn't like the implication that he lacked experience, and he didn't relish the thought that he might have to shift the blame. He had been given this job by a man who trusted him-who believed in his ability-and who wanted to see him do a creditable piece of work.

That night, a month later, Billy was strangely restless. Already his conscience was demanding payment for the tidy sum that rested in the bank to his financial but not his moral credit. He had not dared even hint of its existence to Mary, and now that a wire from

DURING the following week, he spent several nights construction, he told Mary; and his wife rejoiced over the new interest Billy was taking in his work. She breathed a prayer of thankfulness to Darrow. He had given Billy the opportunity he longed for-and Billy was putting his best into it.

But Mary didn't dream for an instant that he was putting his worst into it--deliberately-under the tutelage of Jacoby and what he considered Jonas Darrow's unfair treatment. If Mary had only acted on her natural curiosity to ask what his plans were—to

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