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iron, and dash them in pieces like a potter's vessel.” Now let thein tell me, who is my Son? or to whom that promise was made ? Or whom that Spirit of the Lord was to be upon, to bind up the brokerhearted ; to proclaim liberty to the captive, and the opening of the prisons to them that are bound; to proClaim the acceptable YEAR OF THE LORD, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn? When was this done is my demand of the shepherds? Will you answer, when I came in the Biesh? When the priests, judges, and rulers put me to death, were the mourners. then comtorted ? Were the broken-hearted then healed ? Will you dare to say the vengtance of God was then upon me? For I tell you, it is I Am The Spirit that am speaking now through the Woman. You hear her voice, but I äm the Spirit that was crucified for man in the body, but am now come again in the Spirit, to fulfil the TRUTH OF MY Gospel, and what was piomised in the beginning ---And he that hel eveth not in my GOSPEL, Dor in the Promise God made in the Son, hath made God a liar, because he believes not the record God gave of his Son: and this is the record, God gave to us ETERNAL LIFE, and this Life is in his Son. Then now bring forward your arguments, and prove that Eternal Life is come to manprove the record God gave of his Son,-prove the proinise that he made in the beginning — and tell ME, whose heel was to be bru sed, and whose head was to be broken? In whom and by whom was this to be done? Now I shall come to my Gaspel. What did I say of the Shepherds ? Did I not say they were dumb dogs, that could not bark? Did I riot say they were blind leaders of the blind, and all woul i fall into the ditch together? Did I not say they were hirelings, that cared not for the sheep, because they were hirelings? But I was the Good SHEPHERD, that careth for my sheep.--Now see what thi; Woman has published to the world against ( 59 ) the shepherds; and let every cause be fairly tried. They must stand guilty before God and Man, and say, we are hirelinys, we care not for the sheep; if they fell by thousands on the right hand, or tens of thousands on the left, we cared not. We care not what become of the sheep.” This their conduct has proved by the manner they turned back the let. ters: it was to try them, that I ordered the letters to be sent out; and to try them again I ordered the other letters—that men might find no excuse for themselves, only guilty

And guilty all they now shall fall,

As Adam fell at first.
But where's the Woman they can call,

To say their guilt did burst
From her weak hand; can they now stand

To plead before MÝ BAR,
“It was the Woman us betray'd ?"

No: man I'll answer here.
You cannot free your infany,

To cast it on her head;
For by her hand you will not stand,

Then what have you to plead ?
No Adams here can you appear,

For me to free your fall.
And from the Psalın I'll answer here,

I now do tell you all,
I had design'd assuredly

As Gods to make you here,
Priests and Prophets for to be,

And join'd you Sons and Heirs.
For Heirs of God, you know 'tis said,

That men I'd surely make;
Joint lleirs with me, iny Bible see,

My words I'll ne'er forsake,
Because that some this way are come,

As Adam came at first :
“ We took it froin the Woman's hand,

“ That told us came from CHRIST;
“ And so from He, the words we see

«In likeness do appear.
.-It is our Saviour we've obed,

“ From all our judgment here."
Then surely I that dwells on high,

Must free thein of the Fall;
My words I never will deny,

But now I'll conquer hell,
My Father's will for to fulfil
In all Ill dow go through;

My Blood in vain I'll never spill,

Though I have got but few
That stand by me; I plain do see,

The Shepherds are asleep,
Like Follard's Shepherds sure they be ;

But I shall make thein weep,
When I turn back the coming stroke,

And bid them to appear;
TI! ask them how they dare to mock

My Law and Gospel here;
Because by them I know 'tis done,

My sheep like his I see, Eat out with worms, from Satan come.

Such careless Shepherds be Now in this land, and on the sand

Their houses soon shall fall; Because the ditches you may see,

My sheep may perish all: Careless they go, as he did do,

And carelessly they stand;
The sheep that's brought before their view

They easy may command.
But if there's one from them is gone,
They'll say that sheep may


; And ift be ten, I know these men

Would let them so to lie:
On every hill, I tell you still,

My sheep are dying there;
From every ditch you may them fetch

Dying for want of carc:
For like that man the Shepherds stand

But shall I call them mine, Though they profess, but do disgrace

Their Master at this time?
Shepherds for me they say they be!!

My Flock they do destroy;
For want of care, I tell you here,

The devil may enjoy
His worms to breed in every head,

And to the sheep may go;
They care not of my Flock that's dead,

If they can blind ME SO,
As did the man his master's hand,

He did blind him at the first,
And careless left his sheep to die,

And did blind him at the last. And this by man it might be done,

But can you blind your God,
Whose Ere before you always runs

To mark the steps you've trod?
For just like thee, they'll all find ME,

Thou seest the Shepherd come,
And all his ways thou didst espy,
And knew the sheep was gone

( 61 ) Wounded in grief, to seek relief,

The groaning sheep did lie, Nor e'er one step did he pursue

To see his agony; Nor yet relieve

or e'er reprieve Him from his sore distress. This cruelty provoked thee,

Did wound thy feeling breast.
Now for thyself, I'll answer here,

My Eye has been like thine;
I've seen the Shepherds' cruel care,

But knew 'twas near the time
That I should speak, my anger break,

And on the Shepherds turn.
For worse than he the Shepherds be,

Becausc MY SHEEP are MEN;
And they may die in hell to lie,

In flames for ever burn;
If they can gain their wages here,

They care not who do mourn.
My Gospel here they cannot clear

To copy after ME;
And now I bid them tell me where

lever act that way?
Whoe'er did come to you 'tis known,

I always stoop'd to hear.
Then if I was the Son of God,

You Shepherds now take care!
For my example you


say I left for you to go But every one is gone astray,

And that I well did know, That at the last it so would burst,

My Gospel be a form, When in the SPIRIT at the last,

I did to you return. But SHEPITERDS THREE, you now may see,

I've got to make the ONE
That is a Shadow deep. of ME,

And there you'll find I'm come.
Then now from Spring I will begini

And let the hour appear;
The one is past, the second burst,

And now the Type I'll clear :
And from the Seals I shall reveal

The first was broken here,
The second came, the same be't known,

Until the words appear'd;
And from the third, behold the word,

Two hours must appcar,
Ere thou didst see the mystery,

What in the Seals were plac'd;
And perfect so you all shall know,

What Seals to man shall burst:

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I'll never blame the simple thing,

'Twas I that work'd it here:
When from the simple Types of men

I always did appear.
And so from Spring I shall begin

To shew the Type once more;
Wait ye to see the mystery,

When TWO MONTHS do appear.
As seven stars came from afar,

The WISE MEN came to see
But seven more will then appear,

And full as wise will be;
For with the first they'll surely burst

And fourteen stars will come,
That bright will shine when 'tis MY TIME,

And with the seven join :
So fourteen then will be wise meni,

With wisdom come to sce
What wonders here do now appear,

And join in harmony,
So then thy dream I shall explain,

I shew'd thee at the first;
When seven Stars to fourtcen came

The Wonders all would burst.
So now the man I shall begin

To answer from his word;
I never will condemn the thing,

But let him judge his LORD;
From what he hath done behold his hand,

He bid thee wait his time,
And perfect here thou didst appear

Unto his will resign'd;
Thou'st never broke till it was up,

And so obey'd the man:
Because 'twas I that work'd in thee

To make thee silent tand; Then

here like him I'll clear The

in his view; Then he shall know his God is here,

And all my words are true; Though spoke by thee, they all may say,

But I'm the Author here; The GOD OF HEAVEN the lines hath given Let

now take care; And judge the Word is from the LORD,

And then he'll find me just; Mnch greater than was in his vicw,

He'll find that day to burst.
What he ne'er thought, nor man'e'er wrote,

Nor ever thought to see
The wonders great, without deceit,

That day will surely be.
So now act wire, let none disguise,

For every Seal will come."

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