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of truth does both. O that we were filled with It is your own fault, not his, if you are not guided a sense of the glory of the third person of the into all the truth as it is in Jesus; he is an blessed Trinity. Then we would pray with infinite fountain of pure heavenly light; he is David, “Thy Spirit is good, lead me unto the willing and able to leave neither sin nor darkness land of uprightness,' Psal. cxliii. 10.

in your soul. Soon you will be filled with the II. Let us meditate on the work of the Holy Spirit, and then you will see face to face, and Spirit. “He will guide you into all truth. In know as you are known, and love as you are the verses preceding, Jesus had told them what loved. the Comforter would do in the hearts of natural · In the following part of the verse, the truth men ; 'He will convince the world of sin, and which the Spirit teaches is more fully opened up. of righteousness, and of judgment; but here he · He shall not speak of himself, but whatsoever tells them what the Comforter will do for those he shall hear that shall he speak.' When Jesus who are disciples indeed, “He will guide you himself came to this world he came as a Witness. into all truth The same sweet promise is This is his name, Rev. i. 5. “Jesus Christ, the repeated, 1 John ii. 20. “ Ye have an unction faithful Witness. And he said to Pilate, "To this from the holy One, and ye know all things.' end was I born, and for this cause came I into the This does not mean that Christians know all world, that I should bear witness unto the truth.' worldly knowledge. The apostles themselves, Most men receive his testimony as Pilate did; with the exception of Paul, were unlearned and they say, “What is truth ?' and turn away. Still ignorant fishermen of a small inland lake, and Jesus came to bear witness that men are lost, many a simple cottage-believer is on his way to that God is love, and that there is a way of forglory,

giveness to the chief of sinners. Such is the “Who knows, and knows no more, his Bible true.' office of the Spirit of truth, “When the Comforter Not many wise men after the flesh, not many is come he will testify of me,' John xv. 26. 0! mighty, not many noble are called.' Neither it is sweet to be taught, by the Spirit, the deep does it mean, that Christians who have the Spirit things of God's bosom. • The secret of the Lord know all divine things. The disciples were long is with them that fear him.' ignorant of the death of Christ, and of his resur- Again, “He will show you things to come.' rection; and Paul expressly says, "Now we see This promise was eminently fulfilled in the exthrough a glass darkly; now I know in part. perience of Paul, when the Spirit showed him so This is the childhood of the new creature—we expressly the features of the coming papacy, 1 speak as a child, understand as a child, think as Tim. iv. 1. And in the experience of the a child. What then does this promise mean? beloved John, when, on the lonely rock of Patmos, 1. It means that he will teach you all things needful he was 'in the Spirit on the Lord's day.' for your

salvation. In smaller matters he some- To all believers it is fulfilled, when amid the times allows you to wander, to teach you your bustle, and confusion, and abounding wickedness ignorance and weakness; but in things essential to of their present dwelling, they can calmly, and your salvation, he will guide you with his eye. with holy delight, feed upon the prophecies and If a mother were guiding her little child through promises of the conversion of Israel and of the a wood, where there was no danger, she might world. allow it to stray, now and then, and lose itself, to teach it to keep closer by her side; but if they came to a place where were the dens of wild beasts, she would clasp her child in her arms,

THIRTEENTI Day.-EVENING. and carry it quickly past. So does the good Spirit. In smaller matters he suffers you to err,

* There are three that bear record in hearen, the but not when the safety of your soul is concerned,

Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost : and then he will carry you as on eagles' wings. He

these three are one,' 1 John v. 7. will guide you into all truth. That was a sweet In verses 4th and 5th, we see that the only way word which Jesus spake, “ There shall come false of overcoming the world is by believing that Christs and false prophets, insomuch that if it Jesus is the Son of God. “Be often at Gethwere possible they shall deceive even the elect.' semane, be often at Golgotha;' and so the weakDear believer, whose feet have been set upon the est child of God may trample the world, the rock, it is not possible that you can be deceived devil, and the flesh below his feet. But some as to your eternal salvation. 2. It means that may ask, Upon what evidence am I to believe he is willing to make you know all things. Ithat Jesus is a divine, full, and free Saviour ? Here is the evidence, " There are three that bear | They were all miracles of mercy; with the record in heaven.' Oh! that Jesus may breathe exception of cursing the barren fig-tree, and even upon us while we meditate on The HEAVENLY that, rightly understood, was a miracle of mercy WITNESSES.

also. All he did showed divine love towards I. THE FATHER. Jesus often appealed to sinners glowing in his bosom. They were all the testimony of his Father. The Father him- typical miracles; showing forth the glorious salself, which hath sent me, he hath borne witness vation which he came to work out. He opened of me, John v. 37. One amazing example of the eyes of the blind, cleansed the lepers, cast this was at his baptism. Jerusalem and all Judea out devils, raised the dead. Every one of his had come out to John to be baptized. The work miracles did in this way point the weary sinner of the day was nearly done, and it was probably to Jesus, saying, “Behold the Lamb of God!' near the evening. The setting sun was pouring By his plain declarations he bare record that his golden rays through the palm trees that skirt he was the Saviour of the world. When he the banks of Jordan. John, clothed in his rough stood beside the well of Sychar, the poor guilty garment of camels' hair, stood stern and bold woman of Samaria said to him, “I know that declaring the words of eternal life, while multi- Messias cometh, which is called Christ, when be tudes hung upon his word. Then Jesus came is come, he will tell us all things. Jesus saith to be baptized. No sooner had he come up out unto her, I that speak unto thee am he.' To a of the Jordan than the heavens were opened, as poor guilty worm he plainly revealed himself

. to the martyr Stephen. Every eye was attracted Again, a poor blind soul at Jerusalem had to heaven; when, behold! a dove descended received sight from Christ. Jesus said to him, gently upon the head of Jesus. Every eye now · Dost thou believe on the Son of God? He rested upon Jesus; when a still small voice broke answered and said, Who is he, Lord, that I upon the silence of evening, like the rushing of might believe on him? Jesus said unto him, the wind through the forest, or like the noise of Thou hast both seen him, and it is he which distant waters. First it spoke to Jesus, “Thou talketh with thee. And he said, Lord, I believe.' art my beloved Son; in thee I am well pleased.' How plainly did he here declare himself to be Then it spoke to the listening crowd, “This is the Son of God! my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.' Again, he said to the unbelieving Jews, 'I am (Comp. Luke iii. 22; Matt. iii. 17.)

the bread of life; he that cometh to me shall In this way God has confessed Jesus to be his never hunger, and he that believeth on me shall Son, and the Saviour of the world. This testi- never thirst.' Thus did the blessed Word join mony was repeated on Tabor's woody summit, in the testimony of the Father, drawing all men and is still unrecalled. That voice is still echoing to himself, drawing every eye to behold him, through the world, and shall do so till the knell every heart to cleave to him.

- Behold me, of the departing universe, “This is my beloved behold me!' 'No man cometh to the Father Son: hear

ye him. In this way does the Father but by me.' point the eyes of all his creatures to Jesus, · Be- III. The Holy Ghost. In many ways does hold the Lamb of God!

the Holy Ghost bear record. At the baptism of II. Tue Word. In courts of law it is not Jesus he came down upon him like a dove. He customary to take a man's evidence concerning abode upon him. He anointed him for his himself. He would be the very best and most ministry. He assisted him to offer up himself conclusive witness; but man is such a depraved without spot unto God. But most of all, on the creature that he cannot be trusted in a matter day of Pentecost he bare witness to Jesus. Christ where his own interest is concerned. But Jesus had said, “It is expedient for you that I go away: is the blessed Word of God who cannot lie,' for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come and therefore it is quite right and lawful take unto you; but if I go away, I will send him unto his own evidence concerning himself. Let us you.' And so when he came from the hand of meditate on his testimony.

the risen Saviour, he showed that Christ was By his miracles he declared himself to be the risen indeed. He came in cloven tongues of fire, Son of God, and the Saviour of sinners. * The and every tongue spoke the glory of Jesus, Acts works that I do in my Father's name, they bear ii

. So in every time of the outpouring of the witness of me,' John x. 25. They were all done Holy Spirit on the hearts of sinners, there is a at his own command and will, not as prophets fresh testimony that Jesus is the Saviour of the and apostles wrought their miracles in the name lost. The Spirit always directs the sinner to of another. Jesus said, “I will: be thou clean.' I look to a pierced Christ. 'I will pour the spirit of grace and supplications, and they shall look | with Ezekiel: “Lo! thou art unto them as a very upon me whom they have pierced,' Zech. xii. 10. lovely song of one that hath a pleasant voice, and

Oh! my soul, hast thou believed the record can play well on an instrument: for they hear thy of the heavenly witnesses ? “If we receive the words, but they do them not,' Ezek. xxxiii. 32. witness of men, the witness of God is greater. These are they that receive the word into stony If a faithful minister says he is willing to receive places; they hear the word, and, anon, with joy anxious souls to tell them the way of peace, how receive it, yet have they not root in themselves, many will knock at his door, saying, Sir, what but dure only for a while. must I do to be saved? And why? Because Oh! my soul, art thou contented to receive they believe his word. But why do you not go the gospel in word only? Can a hungry man be as confidently to the door of Christ? Does he fed by the smell of the viands? Or can a beggar not say, “Him that cometh unto me, I will in turn rich by hearing the sound of money? And no wise cast out.'

can my hungry soul find rest by hearing the Oh! my soul, behold the guilt, the blackness tinkling of the gospel cymbals? Alas! it is a of unbelief. Words cannot tell the weight of that fearful thing to drop into hell under the sound of God-defying sin. "He that believeth not God, gospel mercy. hath made him a liar. We shall see better the But there are some who not only hear the guilt of this in that day when the fearful and gospel, but know the gospel; and yet it comes to unbelieving' shall be cast in along with whore-them in word only. How many a child is mongers and murderers into the lake of fire, Rev. brought up under godly parents, well catechized xxi. 8.

in divine truth, well disciplined in the bible? They understand the gospel scheme. They have all knowledge; no point is new to them. And

yet they have no spiritual sight; no tasting and FOURTEENTH DAY.—MORNING. seeing that Christ is good; no rock below their

feet; no sitting with great delight under the For our gospel came not unto you in word only, shadow of the apple-tree. Ah! these are the but also in power, and in the Holy Ghost, and most miserable of all unconverted hearers. They in much assurance ; as ye know what manner will sink lower than Capernaum. Ah! how of men we were among you for your sake,' 1

many children of ministers, how many sabbathThess. i. 5.

school teachers, how many preachers of the Turice happy minister who can address his gospel may know, that the gospel has come to people in these delightful words. Oh! that all them in word only, and never in power. Alas! our ministers could with truth say this. Why is how sad is it to perish pointing to the city of it not so? Surely if we are determined, like refuge, to preach to others, and then to be a castPaul, 'to know nothing among them but Christ away. But there is a more excellent way.

Turn Jesus and him crucified; if we are filled with the we now to meditate onsame Holy Spirit, if we live the same devoted II. A successful ministry. “Our gospel came life, and carry the same message night and day unto you in power.' What a powerless thing with tears, we ought to be able to use these the gospel sometimes appears. The minister is precious words. “He that goeth forth and weep- half ashamed of it. The people slumber under eth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come its most affecting statements. Again, at another again bearing his sheaves with him.' The day of time, the gospel is evidently the power of God Pentecost was the time of the first-fruits. The unto salvation. An unseen power accompanies day of ingathering is yet to come. The apostles the preached word, and the sanctuary is felt to had the former rain. We wait for the time of be the house of God, and the very gate of heaven. the latter rain.

Then the word of Jeremiah is fulfilled: "Is not I. Let us meditate on an unsuccessful ministry. my word like as a fire? saith the Lord; and like The gospel comes to the people in word only. a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?' Jer. How often a faithful minister preaches the gospel, xxiii. 29. Then stout-hearted sinners and the people seem to drink it in with joy! A awakened. Old, and middle-aged, and little beam of natural eloquence lights up all he says, children, are made to cry, What must I do to be or he has a gentle pathetic strain which rivets saved? An awful stillness pervades the assembly. their attention. But no saving effects are seen The arrows of the King of Zion are sharp in the to follow. No hearts are broken, no souls added heart of the King's enemies, and the people are to the church of such as shall be saved. So it was brought down under him. Oh! sinner, has the


gospel come thus in power to you? Has the that enables us to pray. Now we can say, 'My hammer of the word broken your rocky heart? soul shall make her boast in the Lord.' 'I know Has the fire of the word melted your icy heart? that my Redeemer liveth. Who shall separate Has the voice that is like the noise of many me from the love of Christ?' This is the gospel waters' spoken peace to your soul?

coming in much assurance. Oh! happy minister Our gospel came unto you in the Holy Ghost.' that can take up these words of Paul, and say, It is he, the third person of the blessed Godhead, “Our gospel came not unto you,' &c. That that makes the gospel come with power. It was people is thy joy here, and shall be thy crown he who‘moved upon the face of the waters,' throughout eternity. when this world was without form and void, and

"What contradictions meet brought life and beauty out of a dead world, Gen.

In ministers' employ; i. 2. It is he that moves over the face of nature

It is a bitter sweet, still, when the winter is past, and brings the

A sorrow full of joy.

No other post affords a place fresh life of spring out of the cold bosom of the

For equal honour or disgrace. ground, Psal. civ. 30. But most of all, it is the

On what has now been sown Holy Spirit's work to take away the vail from

Thy blessing, Lord, bestow; the hearts of sinners, so that they turn to the

The power is thine alone Lord, 2 Cor. iii. 16. The carnal mind has got

To make it spring and grow.

Do thou the gracious harvest raise, such enmity to God, the unconverted sinner is

And thou alone shalt have the praise.' so dead in trespasses and sins, the natural man is so stupid in divine things, that there must be the work of the Almighty Spirit-quickening, enlightening, and making willing—before the FOURTEENTI Day.-EVENING. sinner will cleave to Jesus.

Oh! sinner, has the Holy Spirit come to you? Not by works of righteousness which we hav Sweet is the peace which they enjoy who are

done, but according to his mercy he sared us, taught by him. When it is a dry time, ministers

by the washing of regeneration, and renewing labour in vain; they spend their strength for

of the Holy Ghost; which he shed on us abunnought and in vain. They feel like one standing

dantly through Jesus Christ our Saviour,' on the sea-shore, speaking to the hard rocks, or

Titus iii. 5, 6. the raging waves, or the tameless winds. But I. The way of pardon. When a soul is under when the Holy Spirit comes, the weakest instru- conviction of sin, he feels that God is angry with ments are mighty, "mighty, through God, to the him every day. The soul sinks down into a pulling down of strongholds. Oh pray for such gloomy condition, the sorrows of death compass a blessed time.

him, and the pains of hell get hold upon him, “Our gospel came unto you in much assur- When God visits this soul in mercy, he does it ance. This is the effect on the soul, when the by revealing something in the heart of the Lord word comes with power, carried bome by the Jesus Christ; he makes the kindness and love Holy Ghost. The soul thus taught has a sweet of God our Saviour toward man appear,' ver. 4. certainty of the truth of the great things revealed The Spirit pours a beam of light upon the face in the gospel. When a man contemplates the of Jesus. He shows how he pitied the lost, came sun, he feels a certainty that it is not the work for the lost, obeyed and died in the room of the of man but of God. So when a sinner gets lost, and that the guiltiest of men may freely anointed


he sees a glorious beauty and full- receive him as his Saviour. The sinner beholds ness in Christ, so that his heart is filled with a the Lamb of God, and his bosom is filled with sweet certainty of the truth of the gospel. He peace in believing. Now this is what is meant does not ask for evidences. He sees enough of in these words, “According to his mercy he evidence in Christ himself. He says, I am all saved us.' guilt: thou art Jehovah my righteousness. I am 1. Some souls are seeking salvation by works all weakness: thou art Jehovah my banner. I of righteousness. You take great pains in religiam all emptiness: in thee dwelleth all the fulness ous duties, you read the word and pray, you feed of the Godhead bodily. 'I am my Beloved's, the hungry, and clothe the naked, in order to make and my Beloved is mine. He feedeth among the

up for past sins, and to lay God under obligation lilies. It is this that fills the bosom with all to save you. From these words it is plain that joy and peace. It is this that gives a sweet sense you have mistaken the way to heaven ; this way of forgiveness and nearness to God. It is this is blocked up; it is ‘not by works of righteousDess which we have done. If righteousness the Holy Ghost.'

• If righteousness the Holy Ghost. When a house has become come by the law, then Christ is dead in vain,' crazy and insecure, no repairs will do it any good. Gal. ii. 21.

It must be taken down and built up again. Such 2. How are we to be saved ? It is by the a house is the heart of a sinner. It is past all appearing of the love and kindness of God our repair. The leprosy of sin is ingrained in the Saviour.' You think that you must do some- walls of it. It must be taken down and built thing to change God's mind toward you, whereas up again. This is the renewing of the Holy Christ our great High Priest has, by the one Ghost.' When there has been a long and severe offering up of himself, done all that needs to be winter the trees stand bare and leafless; they are done, or that ever can be done, to open the way in a manner dead, and cannot bear fruit. If the of reconciliation to God. God is ready to for- winter were to continue they would really die. But give,' Psal. lxxxvi. 5. Learn not to look in, but when summer breathes upon them again, the juicy to look out for peace. You are poring over your sap ascends into the branches in full and mighty dark history, and your still darker bosom ; you stream, the fig-tree puts forth its green figs, are straining your eyes to discover some gleam and the vines with the tender grape give a good of light there. This is vain. Who ever sought the smell. The face of the earth is renewed, Psal. light of the rising sun by gazing into a dungeon ? civ. 30. Such a dead plant is the heart of a sinLook out upon the kindness and love of God our ner. A Christless state is the winter of the Saviour. It is a discovery of the person, offices, soul. But when Christ is revealed, when the beauty, finished work, and freeness of God our soul comes into the love of God, when the Spirit Saviour, that fills the heart with peace, and the is sent forth into the heart, the soul becomes a mouth with praise.

new creature, and sings, 'I am like a green olive

tree in the house of God. Lastly, “The Spirit is My terrors all vanished before his sweet name, My guilty fears banished, with boldness I came shed on us abundantly. Christians often comTo drink at the fountain life-giving and free,

plain that there are few drops of the Spirit fallJehovah Tsidkenu is all things to me.'

ing in our day. Alas, there is too great cause for II. The way of holiness. He saved us, by this complaint. Yet in one view it is not true. the washing of regeneration, and renewing of the Wherever there is a single believer, there the Iloly Ghost.' 1. It is a washing.' The work Spirit is shed abundantly. When I look at the of the Spirit on the pardoned heart is called whole world lying in wickedness, and the thouwashing, because it is a making clean. The sand snares laid for my soul in every path; when natural heart is polluted and vile; no streams of I listen to the roaring of the lion who walketh nature can wash it clean, no good resolutions, or about seeking whom he may devour; and above vows, or endeavours can change the carnal heart, all, when I look in upon the law in my members Jer. xii. 23. The Holy Spirit alone can do this. warring against the law of my mind, I am tempted 2. It is 'the washing of regeneration,' or of a new to cry, 'I shall one day perish by the hand of birth. It is no outward washing of the body, Saul.' If I had legions of angels on my side they but an inward change upon the soul ; no baptism could not hold me up. No created arm can keep with water, but baptism with the Holy Ghost. me from falling. But Jesus says, My grace is Ah! how often have I washed the body clean, sufficient for thee. He sheds the Holy Ghost have I ever experienced the washing of regener- abundantly. What a constant dropping of the ation? I was once washed in the water of bap- rain, what a constant springing of the well, what tism, have I been baptized with the Holy Ghost a full inflowing of the river of God is needed to also ? 3. It is a constant washing. The water hold up my helpless soul. Glory to God for an that Christ gives shall be within the soul, “a indwelling Sanctifier. “Now unto him who is able well of water springing up into everlasting life,' to keep me from falling, and to present me faultJohn iv. 14. Most places, when well washed, less before the presence of his glory with exceeding keep clean for a time. Not so the heart of man; joy, to the only wise God our Saviour be glory it is a vile sink of iniquity. The “river of water and majesty, dominion and power, both now and of life' must be turned into it, and made to flow Amen.' perpetually through it. We must be watered every moment. Oh! happy soul that has got the Fountain of living waters within. We do not know our deceitful heart if we do not feel our need of an unceasing well of the Spirit to purify us from all filthiness. 4. It is 'a renewing of


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