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iv. 1

Letter to the Editor, xiii. 1

Lines by a Private at Spithead, Queries, 'xxiv. 4
xix. 8

Lines to the Editor, xxiii. 4, 5 Revolution of 1688, on thes
Lines for the tenth of August,
1795 xxv. 6

Representation, State of, vii, i
Lines to the Humane, xxxi. 4 Retribution, Genius of, a Vi-

fion, xix. 1
Middlesex Hospital, to the Reflections on the late Insur-
Medical Men of, xxvi. 2

rections, xxxiii. 1
Montesquieuon Liberty,xxxi.1

Mercenary Levite, Character Simile v. 8
of, xxxv, 7--xxxvi. 7 Sonnet to Solomon II. vi. 8

Sonnet by Sylvanus Amicus,
Novemberg, Lines on, xxxiv.i vii. 8

Satire on Modern Clergymen,
Ode to Kentucky, xxiv, 2

viii, 7-ix. 1
Otway, extract from, xxxii. 5 Standing Armies, on, by Tren-

ckard, xiii. 4-xiv. 1-XV.
Poverty, Address to, i. 8 1--xvi. 1
Public Distress, Letter on, iii. 1 Stanhope, Earl; eulogy on,
Poetical History of the Minil-

xix. 6
ter's War, vi. 4

Soliloquy Royal, xxviii. 1
Public, Address to, ix. 4-. Songs, xix. 7-xxi. 6-xxii.
1-xi, 1

7-xxvi. 8~-xxviii. 8-xixa
Parliaments, on the duration 5-xxxii. 4- xxiv. 4-
of, xii. 6

XXXV.5-xxxvi. 8 -- xxxvii.
Poetical Address to the People, 8-xxxviii. 7--x1.8.xlii.
xiii. 1

5, 6. xliii. 1, 3; 4.
Political Creed, xviii, 1

Pitt; Mr. Bottomless, his Ad. Thoughts of a Republican, v.
dress, xxii. 8

4-xxii, 1
Political Conundrums, xxiii.t Tyrants, lines on, xxxv. 4
Poor, Advice to, xxiii. 2
Purody on Lullaby, xxv. 8 Volney, extract from, xlii. 1
Persecutions, on the late, xxix. Venice Preserved,extract fromg

xxxiii. 6
Political Catechism, *xx. 1 Villager's Advice, xxxiv. 2
Pe vple, the best keepers of

their own liberty, xxxii. 1 Wheat, on the 'fcarcity of,
Xxxviii. 1 xxix.

. XX. ilı..

xxii. 4

War, on the wickedness of,
P císing, on theinfamous Mode

xxxii. 3
of, xxxiv, 2

Fali ve Obedience, on, xxxiv. Zaleucus, and some other legi-
-XXXV. 1

Alators, xxvii, 8


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