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By W. J. GAYNOR, Mayor of New York City, and Formerly Supreme Court Justice

Jesus was not the victim of a mob but was tried and condemned in a court of law. Was the trial fair? Was the arrest lawful? What was the charge and was it a crime in law? Was the court duly constituted ? Had it jurisdiction? Did the evidence support the verdict? Was the sentence legal? Was Jesus denied any lawful right? Ought the Appellate Court to have reversed the judgment had the great Prisoner at the bar made appeal? Judge Gaynor's judicial review of this tragic event is one of the intellectual productions of the world. Published exclusively in Vol. II Sellers' Classics just off the press. Daniel Webster's speech against a man charged with murder also published and many masterpieces of literature found in no other book. 321 pages. Price $2.00.

Vol. I. (distinct from Vol. II.) contains great jury trials and legal arguments. You hear Beach's burning words in the damage suit against Henry Ward Beecher for leading the plaintiff's wife astray, and the eloquent Tracy in the minister's defense. You hear Delmas in the Thaw case picture Evelyn's life along the primrose path. You hear Prentiss in Kentucky's greatest murder trial and Susan B. Anthony's dramatic response to the court that condemned her. You hear Clarence Darrow and Senator Borah in Haywood's recent trial, and you stand for two hours with the mighty Voorhees as he invokes the unwritten law in behalf of an erring sister's brother who killed the man "that plucked the flower from the garden of honor and flung it away in a little while, withered and dead.” You hear Ingersoll, Seward, Lewis, Rayner, Brady and other thought and language masters plead for the heart treasures of life. 314 pages. Price $2.00.

Both books handsomely bound and illustrated. Sold separately or together. Shipped prepaid. If either is not all we claim money refunded and ten per cent additional as interest thereon.


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Dr. Irvine K. Mott's Method of
Kidney Treatment

THE LIFE and SPEECHES restores cell function of the kidney not do

-OFstroyed, arrests and prevents further spreading of the disease. His methods for treating kidney

THOMAS E. WATSON affections have been tested by the Cincinnati Post. A full detail of this investigation or test

Contains a biographical sketch written can be had by addressing him as below.

by himself, and a careful selection of adDr. Mott is a graduate of a Cincinnati medical

dresses made by him during the last thirty

years. college, class 1883, and afterward took instruc

These speeches cover a great variety of tions abroad, later becoming a specialist and in- subjects. They begin wth a eulogy which vestigator of kidney diseases. For nearly twenty

Mr. Watson delivered in the Georgia Legis

lature on Alex. H. Stephens. They contain years he has revealed to science that kidney dis

some of his Commencement speeches. eases can be checked, the patient restored to They also contain his Labor Day speech, normal weight and enabled to resume work.

and many of his political and economic

addresses, the result of years of the closest The following is a statement from Dr. Mott:

research and study. These speeches cover

the "My method is intended to arrest the disease,

Child Labor question, National Fi

nance, discussion of the Tariff System, of even though it has destroyed most of the kidney, and to preserve intact that portion not yet de

the National Banking System, the Governstroyed. The medicines I use are for the pur

ment Ownership of Railroads, the corrupt pose of neutralizing the poisons that form a

legislation put upon the country by the toxine that destroys the cells in the tubes of the

two old parties, a thorough exposition of kidneys, and my success in the treatment of kid

the principles of Jeffersonian Democracy ney diseases is enough to convince physician and

and a thorough treatment of the evils of patient alike, that science has mastered

class legislation which now oppress the hitherto 'incurable disease, physiologically

people. speaking.'" Dr. Mott invites the afficted to send

This book is printed in good type, and their symptoms and to ask for his free expert

is bound in cloth. Price, postpaid, 60e. opinion. He will send you his essay on kidney

The book will be sent as a premium for troubles.

one subscriber to Watson's Magazine or to

the weekly Jeffersonian at the regular Correspondence should be directed to

price of $1.00 each. Address IR VINE K. MOTT, M. D.

THE JEFFERSONIANS, Thomson, Ga. 323 Mitchell Building, CINCINNATI, O.

In writing to advertisers please mention Watson's.

Entered as second-class matter January 4, 1911, at the Post Office at Thomson, Georgia,

Under the Act of March 3, 1879.

Published Monthly by JEFFERSONIAN PUBLISHING COMPANY, Thomson, Ga.



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REPRESENTATIVES—Nashville, Tenn.: W. M. Fry, Stahlman Block. Atlanta, Ga.:

Manning Wakefield, 8 Wall Street. New York City: Geo. S. Krantz, 107 W. 13th Street.
Boston, Mass.: C. S. Parr, Tremont Temple. Chicago, Ill.: W. E. Herman, 112 Dearborn St.


Takes Only 200 “No Football” RUSKIN CAVE

Srveet Country

Village-No Evils COLLEGE

of Town or City " I he School That Cares" No school like it-entirely different. Write for "CHARACTER TALKS'-free while they last. Address the college, RUSKIN, TENN.

The Bingham School Orange County, Near Mebane, N. C.

Established 1793

A busy and lovable home for boys on Southern Railway, in the country. A location famous for safety, health, and beauty. Strong graduate faculty of Christian men, giving constant and individual attention. Milltary discipline; firm, yet affectionate. Outdoor life with tennis and other healthful sports. Hazıng abhorred. Bible, Physical Culture and fine Penman. ship specialties. Full Classical, Commercial, Scientific and Music Courses. Small classes.

Terms reasonable. For illustrated catalogue, address, PRESTON LEWES GRAY, B. L., Principal, Box 52


Ward Seminary


Nashville, Tennessee

46th year. Seminary and Special Courses. Colloge preparatory certificate admits to college without examination. Conservatory of MusicEmil WinklerDirector; Signor Campobello, Voice; Fritz Schmitz, Violin. 175 Boarding Pupils. Complete appointments. City advantages. Beautiful campus for outdoor sports. Excellent health record. For catalogue address


J. D. BLANTON, President

Give Your Boy an Automo

bile Education It will be worth more to him than if you placed a thousand dollars to his credit in the bank—he might squander the money, but he cannot lose his education as an automobile expert. We have young men yet in their teens, earning as high as $150.00 a month. We can teach the automobile business, in your own home, in 12 weeks. Under our plan we furnish each student with a small model of an automobile, and we employ all our students the day they enroll. Part of the cost to learn is not payable until we place our graduates in positions. Get your boy started right in life by giving him a trade that will pay a high salary and insure his always having an income. Write for our descriptive plan No. 100 and copies of letters from our graduates now employed. The Automobile College of Washington, Inc.,

Washington, D. C.

COLUMBIA INSTITUTE For the Higher Education of Young Women. Established 1835.

Columbia, Team An ideal school for the development of your daughter. Wholesome surrounding with an unsurpassed social, moral and educative atmosphere and well-planned, well-taught study courses Seventy-six years of continued success. Medal of Honor at World's Fair.

Superb location in the Blue Grass Region. Climate soft, agreeable. Excellent health record. College Preparatory and Elective Courses-diploma awarded. Music, Art, Elocution, Physical Culture, Domestic Science, Cultured faculty. Building steam heated, electric lighted. Gym. nasium and Athletic Field. Personal references required of all applicants for entrance. For catalogue address, REV. WALTER BRANHAM CAPERS, President

Columbia, Tenn.

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Establishod 1870


W. T. WYNN, Prosidont

Located on main line of the L. & N. R. R., (eight passenger trains daily) in the beautiful "Blue Grass" region, 80 famous for health and scenery. Cultured community. All departments. German Director of Music. Conservatory, College and University trained teachers. Two excellent Literary Societies. Good Pianos-new Grand for recitals. Correspondenco invited. Torty-first session begins Sept. 20, 1911. Write for catalogue. Address,




On the Cumberland Plateau, 1070 feet above sea level. Superb main building-New and up-to-date gymnasium, with swimming pool. Sixteen-acre campus, athletic field, tennis courts, etc.

TIOROUGH PREPARATION for the best colleges and universities. We seek to develop good habits, and the qualities that go to make up a WELL-ROUNDED CHRISTIAN MANHOOD. For Catalog, address

FITZGERALD & CLARK, BOX W, Tullahoma, Tenn.


Lebanon, Tennessee
Next term begins first Wednesday in September. Students entering then finish with LLB degree in one
year. The course is full, embracing ten thousand pages of living American law.




Each child receives individual attention. Homesickness unknown. Elegantly appointed building-electric lights-steam beat-large grounds. Endorsed by Southern Medical Association. Prices reasonable. Articulation • Specialty. Health record. Address MRS. AVA BRISTOL-NELSON, Supt., Murfreesboro, Tenn.


Castle Heights School, ERAUSSÉE

An Institution that has achieved national distinction in a decade. At the forefront of Southorn schools in character-building, Equipment, and Clean Sportsmanship. Classical, Scientific and Commercial Courses. Number limited to 150 guarantees individual attention. Certificate admita to prominent colleges, North and South. Healthful location. Six handsome buildings. No saloons. Cigarettes prohibited. Gymnasium; swimming pool. Magnificent athletic field; cinder track, gridiron, diamond, etc. Řates, $350.

For catalogue and information address THE HEADMASTERS, Box 0.

In writing to advertisers please mention Watson's,

The Making of a Woman

That's the mission of Bessie Tift College.
A woman-not merely an educated female person.

The best instruction a University-trained faculty can give-music-literature-languages-art-expression. And something more-the life of a splendid home; refined and religious atmosphere: fresh air; health; happiness. Ask about it in a post card to Forsyth, Georgia

DR. C. H. S. JACKSON, President

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Dvory man who belongs to this ancient and honorable fraternity, should be thoroughly Contorsant with its ancient customs, traditions, and history. These subjects are covered la "duo form" in the pages of THE NEW AGE MAGAZINE each month by the greatest Masonic writers and students of the day.

Every Mason, from the youngest Entered Apprentice, who stands in the North-east cornor of the Lodgo, to the Worshipful Master, who presides in the East, will and interosting and instructive reading in the pages of THE NEW AGE MAGAZINE.

THE NEW AGE MAGAZINE is not only the leading Masonic forum of the world today, but It 18 a standard literary magazine of the highest character as well. The Literary section of THE NEW AGE MAGAZINE is not excelled by any popular magazine published. Thero are good, crisp, clean-cut stories of fiction and travel contributed by somo of the best known writers in the literary world; just the right kind of reading that will entertain tho entire family circle-Father, Mother, Wile, Sons and Daughters.

Subscription price is $1.50 per year; sample copies sent on request. Energetic agento wanted in every community. Liberal commissions. Write today for sample copy and full particulars.

No. 1 Madison Avenue,


NEW AGE MAGAZINE, both together for $1.50


Is growing so in interest, Mr. Watson is giving a series of articles in the Weekly Jeffersoniar relative
to it. PThe Weekly Jeffersonian also handles State an National politics without gloves. POne dollar
per year; six months, fıfıy cents; three months, twenty-five cents. No matter how long or how short a

time you subscribe for, you'll come back. THE JEFFERSONIAN PUBLISHING COMPANY, Thomson, Georgia

In writing to advertisers please mention Watson's,

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