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Grammar and Composition.




COMPOSITION. Every Candidate must perform the exercise in Composition. Candidates are recommended not to take more than half an hour

for this exercise. 1. Write a short account of the life and writings of John Milton.

Or 2. The life and writings of Alexander Pope. * 01 3. Name the persons represented in the Mask of Comus, and give an account of its contents. Quote some of the passages you think most beautiful. * 01 4. Write an essay upon the influence for good or evil exerted by works of fiction in the present day; and give a short account of any one such work which you have read.

GRAMMAR. Every Candidate must paraphrase one passage, and do the

parsing. Students must not answer more than one stion in each section. Acting Teachers may, but need not, confine themselves to ques

tions marked with an asterisk, and must not answer more than

five in all. Part of a question well answered will obtain marks.

SECTION I. *1. Furnish a classified list of the compound pronouns.

*2. Name the three auxiliaries of mood, and conjugate them.

* 3. Enumerate the points and marks used in written and printed language. What are the respective uses of the comma, the period, the apostrophe, and the hyphen? Give examples.



Candidates are not permitted to answer more than one question in

each section. Three hours is the time allowed for each paper

unless otherwise specified. The solution must in every instance be given at full length. A cor

rect answer, if unaccompanied by the solution, or if not obtained by any intelligible method, will be considered of no value.


Males. SECTION I. 1. Show by a simple example that multiplication is nothing more than a shortened mode of addition.

Express in figures :

(a) One hundred and thirty thousand and thirteen, (b) thirteen million one hundred and thirty-one thousand three hundred and thirteen. Find the quotient and the difference of these numbers.

SECTION II. 1. A manager's salary is at the rate of £2 1s. 3d. per day. What will be the total amount which he has received at the end of four years of 365 days each ?

2. A had 3640 fourpenny-pieces, B had 28,640 halfpence : which had the most money, and by how much i

3. How much shall I have left out of £100, after buying 48 pairs of blankets at 12s. 6 d. per pair; 3000 yards of calico, at 48. 5d. per dozen yards; 936 reels of cotton, at 158. per gross; and 15 yards of velvet, at 9s. 11d. per yard ?

SECTION III. 1. If 1754 lbs. of standard gold be required to make 5616 medals, what is the weight of each?

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2. Out of an income of 2555 guineas it is desired to lay by £511; what must be saved and spent daily?

3. À lake which covers a space of one square mile in extent is drained and converted into farm land. After reserving 9 acres 1 rood for roads, the remainder is equally divided among 12 proprietors : how much does each receire ?

SECTION IV. 1. Find the cost of 30,030 articles, at £15 18s. 8d. each.

2. What will be the value of sixty lbs. of sugar, at £28 9s. 4d. per ton ?

3. A railway is constructed at a cost of £6480 per mile. Its length is 15 miles 3 fur. 4 poles. What is its total cost ?

SECTION V. 1. Two fields are of equal area; one is 35 poles long and 25 poles broad, the other is 40 poles broad : give its length in terms of feet and inches.

2. A rate of 2s. 9d. in the £ on the rental of a parish produces £352: what is the total rental ?

3. If the net income of an estate, after paying all taxes, be £534 158., and the gross income be £570 88., to how much in the £ do the taxes amount?

SECTION VI. 1. If I buy 3 tons of cheese at £71 58. per ton, at what price per cwt. must I sell it so as to gain 20 per cent. ?

2. On the first of January, 1870, a contractor borrows a sum of money at 5 per cent. simple interest. At the end of a year the rate of interest is reduced to 44 per cent. The total amount of interest paid up to the end of 1875 is £1760. What was the sum borrowed ?

3. A sum of money has doubled itself in 16 years at simple interest. What is the rate per cent. ? SECTION VII. 1. Express


as a simple ratio.

X 13 2. A tradesman marks his goods with two prices, one for ready money, and the other for credit of six months : what fixed proportion ought the two prices to bear to each other, allowing 5 per cent. simple interest ?

3. A and B together can do a piece of work in 30 days, B by himself can perform the same in 70 days : in what time could A finish it by himself, and how much more of the work does A do than B?

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SECTION VIII. 1. What decimal of a guinea is of 12s. 6d.:

2. How many paces of 2:16 feet are there in 3.25 miles ?

3. An estate is divided between two claimants in the ratio of 5% to ·025; the money value of the smaller share is £238 28. : express in guineas the corresponding value of the larger share.

SECTION IX. 1. If the value of £l sterling varies from 25:15 francs to 26.75 francs, what is the corresponding variation in value of 100 guineas ?

2. A B C D is a quadrilateral; A B=845 feet, BC= 613 feet, C D=810 feet; A B is parallel to C D, and the angle at A is a right angle: find the area.

3. The wheels of a locomotive are 2 metres asunder, and the inner wheel describes the circumference of a circle whose radius is 120 metres. Find the difference of the length of the paths of the wheels, having it given that the circumference of a circle equals 3:1416 its diameter.

Section X. 1. Define ratio and proportion. Show that when four numbers are in proportion the product of the means is equal to the product of the extremes.

2. Explain, as to a class, the object and the process of reducing fractions to a common denominator. Reduce to the least common denominator j, , , , explaining the work.

3. State as precisely as possible your views as to the value of Mental Arithmetic simply as an educational instrument; explain how you would employ it for this purpose in the different classes of a mixed school of 120 children of from to 14 years of age, and point out any faults which you have noticed in the ordinary treatment of this subject.

Euclid, Algebra, and Mensuration.


The square

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EUCLID. Capital letters, not numbers, must be used in the diagrams.

Not more than two questions to be answered in each section. The only signs allowed in geometry are + and =.

on A B may be written sq. on A B,” and the rectangle contained by A B and CD, rect. A B, C D.” SECTION I. 1. Define the terms—“plane superficies," right angle," "segment of a circle," and “rhombus" ; and write down Euclid's three postulates.

2. If two triangles have two sides of the one equal to two sides of the other, each to each, and have likewise their bases equal, the angle which is contained by the two sides of the one shall be equal to the angle contained by the two sides, equal to them of the other.

3. To make a triangle of which the sides shall be equal to three given' straight lines, but any two of which are together greater than the third.

What is the reason for the limitation in the data ?

SECTION II. 1. If the square described on one side of a triangle be equal to the squares described on the other two sides, the angle contained by these two sides is a right angle.

2. If a straight line be divided into two equal, and also into two unequal parts, the squares on the two unequal parts are together double of the square on half the line and of the square on the line between the points of section.

3. The diagonals of a rhombus bisect each other at right angles.

ALGEBRA. The solution must in every instance be given at full length. A

correct answer, if unaccompanied by the solution, or if not obtained by an intelligible method, will be considered of no value. SECTION III. 1. Define the terms “factor," efficient,” power,” exponent,” and “binomial,” and explain the use of brackets.

2. Multiply 4a3 — 2ab2 — 363 by 2a2 . ab + 162; and divide a2b + (a - b)? 2a.c% 203 by b + X.

3. Find the G.C.M. of a2 + 5ab + 462 and a3 + 4a2b + 5ab2 + 263; and the L.C.M. of ab + ab), and a4b2 - a 64.




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