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Blac, S.

With Rage of Love the jealous Rivals burn,
And Push for Push, and Wound for Wound return.
Their Dewlaps gor'd, their Sides are lay'd in Blood;
Loud Cries and roaring Sounds rebellow thro' the Wood. Dryd.

Thas a strong Bull stands threat'ning furious War, (Virg.
He flourishes his Horns, looks sourly round,
And hoarsly bellowing, traverses his Ground.
For want of Foes he does the Wood provoke,
Runs his curld Head against the next tall Oak,
Wishing a robler Obje&t of his Stroke.

So when a Bull, nodding his brindled Head,
And softly bell'wing, traverses the Mead;
If then he finds th'invading Hornet cling
Close to his Flank, and feels the poyfoa'd Sting;
The wounded Beast enrag'd and roaring out,'
Whisks round his Tail, and flings and flies about ;
Mad with th'adhering Plague's tormenting Pain,
He scares the Herds, and raving scours the Plain, Blat.

Thus as a Bull encompass’d with a Guard,
Amid the Circus roars ; provok'd from far
By light of Scarlet, and a sanguine War:
They quit their Ground; his bending Horns elude,
In vain pursuing, and in vain pursu'd.

Dryd. Ouid.
So when a gen'rous Bull, for Clowns Delight,
Stands, with his Line restrain'd, prepar'd for Fight ;
Hearing the Youths loud Clamour, and the Rage
Of barking Mastiffs, eager to engage;
He snuffs the Air, and paws the creinbling Ground,
Views all the Ring, and proudly walks it round ;
Defiance lowring on his brindled Brows,
A round disdainful Look the griefly Warriour throws:
His haughty Head inclin'd with easy Scorn,
Th'invading Foe high in the Air is born,
Toft from the Combatant's victorious Horn.
Rais'd to the Clouds, the sprawling Mastiffs fly,
And add new Monsters to the frighted Sky ;
The clam'rous Youth to aid each other call,
On their broad Backs to break the Fav'rites Fall:
Some stretch'd out in the Field lie dead, and some
Dragging their Entrails on, run howling home.
With disproportion'd Numbers press'd at length,
He breaks his Chain, collecting all his Strength;
Then Dogs and Maiters scar'd, promiscuous fly,
And fall’n in Heaps the pale Spectators lie;
He walks in Triumph, nods his conqu’ring Head,
And proudly views the Spoils about him spread.



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Thou Changling, thou bewitch'd with Noise and Show,
Would'it into Courts and Cities from me go ;
Would'st see the World abroad, and have a Share
In all the Follies and the Tumules there;
Thou would'ft, forsooth, be something in the State,
And Bus'ness thou would'st have, and would'st create

Bus'ness; the frivolous Pretence
Of human Lust to shake off Innocence.

Bus'ness, which dares the Joy's of Kings invade! Diydo

If there be Man, ye Gods, I ought to hate;
Dependance and Attendance be his Fate :
Ştill let him busy be, and in a Croud,
And very much
a Slave, and very proud.

The Day was made
To number out the Hours of busy Men:
Let 'em be busy still, and still be wretched,
And take their Fill of anxious drudging Day. Dryd. Amphit.
The Tide of Business, like the running Stream, .

Is sometimes high and sometimes low,
À quiet Ebb or a tempestuous Flow,

And always in Extream.
Now with a noiseless gentle Course,
It keeps within the middle Bed ;

Anon it lifrs aloft the Head,
And bears down all before it with impetuous Force :

And Trunks of Trees come rouling down,

Sheep and their Folds cogether drown;
Both House and Homested into Seas are born,
And Rocks are from their old Foundations torn,
And Woods, made thin with Winds, their scatter'd Honours

(inourn. Dryd. Hor: BUTCHER.

A Wight,
With Gauntlet blue, and Bafes white,
And round blunt Dudgeon by his Side.
Inur'd to Labour, Sweat, and Toil;
And, like a Champion, shone with Oil:
No Engine nor Device Polemick,
Disease, nor Doctor Epidemick,
Tho' stor'd with deletery Med'cines,
(Which whosoever took'is dead since)
É'er sent so vast a Colony
To both the Under-Worlds as he.

For he was of that noble Trade,
That Demi-Gods and Heroes made;


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Slaughter, and knocking on the Head ;
The Trade to which they all were bred ;
And is, like others, glorious when
'Tis great and large, but base if mean:
The former rides in Triumph for it,
The latter in a two-wheel'd Chariot.
For daring to profane a Thing
So facred, with vile Bungling.


T CAL M. Now the loud Winds are lull'd into a Peace. Dryd. Oivd.

The Tempest is o'erblown, the Skies are clear,
And the Sea charm’d into a Calm so still;
That not a Wrinkle ruffles her smooth Face Dryd. Don Seb.

We often see against fome Storm
A Silence in the Heavens, the Rack stand still;
The bold Winds speechless, and the Orb below
As hush as Death.

Shak. Haml. i Calm as the Breath which fans our Eastern Groves. Dryd. Auren.

Calm as peaceful Seas that know no Storms, and only Are gently lifted up and down by Tides. Rowe Fair Pen. As deep Rivers in still Ev'nings roll.

Black. The Glouds dispel, the Winds their Breath restrain, And the hush'd Waves lie flatted on the Main. Dryd. Virg. Still as old Chaos before Motion's Birth.

Cowl. CARE. Care, that in Cloysters only feals her Eyes ; Which Youch thinks Folly, Age as Wisdom owns : Fools, by not knowing her, outlive the Wise ; She visits Cities, but she dwells in Thrones. Dav, Gond.

All Creatures elfe a time of Love poffefs,
Man only clogs with Cares his Happiness ;
And while he should enjoy his part of Bliss, (of Gran.
With Thoughts of what may be, destroys what is. Dryd. Cong.

What in this Life, which foon must end,
Can all our vain Designs intend ?
From Shore to Shore why should we run,
When none his.tiresome Self can fhun ?
For baneful Care will still prevail,
And overtake us'under Sail:
'Twill dodge the great Man's Train behind,
Out-run the Doe, out-fly the Wind.
If then thy Soul rejoyce to Day,
Drive far to Morrow's Care away ;
In Laughter let them all be drown'd,
No perfect Good is to be found.

Otw. Hori
An angry Care did dwell
In his dark Breast, and all gay Forms expel.


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CAULDRON. So when with crackling Flames a Cauldron fries, The bubbling Waters from the Bottom rise Above the Brims they force their fiery way, Black Vapours climb alofr, and cloud the Day. Dryd. Virg.

CENT AURS. Like Cloud-born Centaurs, from the Mountain's Height, With rapid Course, descending to the Fight, They ruth along: The rattling Woods give way, The Branches bend before their sweepy Sway. Dryd. Virgo The Cloud-begotten Race, half Man half Beaft. Drya. Ovida

The Centaur CTLLAR U S.
Nor could thy Form, O Cylarus foreflow
Thy Face, (if Form to Monsters we allow,
Just bloom'à thy Beard, thy Beard of golden Hue;
Tby Locks in golden Waves about thy Shoulders few.
Sprightly thy Look: Thy Shapes in ev'ry Part
So clean, as might inftru& the Sculptor's Art
As faras Man extended: Where began
The Beast, the Beast was equal to the Man.
Add but a Horse's Head and Neck, and he
O Caftor, was a Courser worthy thee.
So was his Back proportion'd for the Seat ;
So rose his brawny Chest, so swiftly mov'd his feet:
Cole-black his Colour, but like Jer it hone;
His Legs and flowing Tail were white alone. Dryd. Oriida

In his Den they found
The triple Porter of the Stygian Sound:
Grim Cerberus ; who soon began to rear
His crefted Snakes, and arm'd his bristling Hair ;
Op'ning his greedy grinning Jaws, he gapes
With three enormous Mouths.

Dryd. Virt
For as the Pope, that keeps the Gate
Of Heav'n, wears three Crowns of State ;
So he that keeps the Gates of Hell,
Proud Cerb'rus, wears three Heads as well;
And, if the World have any Troth,
Some have been canoniz'd in both:

The Womb of Nature, and perhaps her Grave!
Gloomy Deep! dreary Plain! forlorn and wild !
The Seat of Desolation! void of Ligbe,
Save what the Glimm'ring of Hell's Livid Flames
Cafts pale and dreadful.

Rude undigested Mass!


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A lifeless Lump, unfashion'd and unfram’d,
Of jarring Seeds, and justy Chaos nam’d.

Dryd. Ovid,
Before their Eyes in sudden View appear
The Secrets of the hoary Deep: A dark .
Illimitable Ocean without Bound,
Without Dimention; where Length, Breadth, and Height,
And. Time and Place are lost: Where eldest Night,
And Chaos, Ancestors of Nature, hold
Eternal Anarchy, amidst the Noise
Of endless Wars, and by Confusion stand.
For Hot, Cold, Moist, and Dry, four Champions fierce,
Strive here for Mast'ry, and to Battle bring
Their Embryon Acoms: They around the Flag
Of each his Faction, in their leveral Clans,
Light-arm’d or heavy, sharp, smooth, swift, or flow,
Swarm populous; unnumber'd as the Sands
Of Barca, or Cyrene's torrid Soil,
Levy'd to side with warring Winds, and poise
Their lighter Wings. To whom these most adhere,
He rules a Moment: Chaos Umpire fits,
And by Decision more embroils the Fray,
By which he reigns; next him high Arbiter
Chance governs all.

And now the Goddess with her Charge descends,
Where scarce one chearful Glimpse their Steps befriends.
Here his forsaken Seat old Chaos keeps,
And, undifturb'd by Form, in Silence sleeps :
A grilly Wight, and hideous to the Eye,
An aukward Lump of shapeless Anarchy ; ,
With sordid Age his Features are defac'd,
His Lands un peopled and his Countries waste.
Upon a Couch of Jet in these Abodes,
Dull Night, his melancholly Confort, nods.
No Ways and Means their cabinet employ,
But their dark Hours they waste in barren Joy.

As he profess'd
He had first Matter feen undress'd.
He cook her naked, all alone,
Before one Rag of Form was on:
The Chaos too he had defcry'd,
And seen quite thro', or elle he ly’d.

Order, a banilh'd Rebel Alies the Place,
And Strife and Uproar fill the noisy Space:
Tumult and Mitiule please at Chaos Court,
And everlasting Wars his Throne support;
Pleas'd with those Subjects most that least obey.
Here heavier Seeds rush on in num'rous Swarms,
And crush their lighter Focs with pond'rous Arms. The


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