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JANUARY. appointed, to carry on the neces.

sary correspondence for effectually York, Dec. 30.

promoting the object of the peti. A T a general meeting of the tion, and to prepare a plan for an

freeholders of the county association, on legal and conftitu. of York, held here this day, at tional grounds, to lupport that laudwhich most of the gentlemen of able reform, and such other mea. the first confideration and property sures as may conduce to restore the were present, it was unanimously freedom of parliament, to be preagreed, that a petition fould be sented by the chairmen of, the presented to the House of Com committee to this meeting, held nons for the purposes therein men- by adjournment, on Tuesday in tioned *.

Easter-week next ensuing. After, which the following resolu The committee was then chosen,

tions were proposed, and also and thanks given to the lords and unanimously agreed to, viz. members of the House of Commons

II. Resolved, That the petition who honoured the meeting with DOW read to this meeting, addres- their presence and support. sed to che House of Commons, and A deputation from the Prorequesting, that before any new testant Association, assembled 4 busthens be laid upon the country, under the patronage of Lord Geo. effectual measures may be taken Gordon, waited on Lord North, to by that Houfe to enquire into, request his lord ship to present a peand correct the gross abuses in the tition from that society to po.rlia. expenditure of public money; to ment, and to support the same, reduce all exorbitant emoluments; againt a law which has already to rescind and abolith all finecure received the royal assent, for the places and unmerited pensions ; relief of his majesty's Popish suband to appropriate the produce to jects in certain cases; which his the neceflities of the state ; is ap- lordship absolutely refused. proved by this meeting.

In consequence of a public.. zd. Resolved, That a commire notice given by the heriffs, a 7"

a 7th lee of fixty-one gentlemen be numerous and respectable meeting

* Sce Appendix. Yoz. XXIII.


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of the freeholders of Middlesex compelled to rush, in a manner was held at the Mermaid, at Hack- naked, into the streets, to fave ney. About one o'clock Mr. She. their lives. . riff Wright took the chair (Sheriff At the above fire Mrs. Mitcon, Pugh being confined with the gout, a dealer in coals, was seen to lock did not attend) and read a requi. out of her chamber window before sition made to him, signed by re- the house caught fire; but an enveral freeholders of the county, gineer at the instant accidentally requiring the meeting, the pure pointing the engine-pipe that way, port of which was, “ to consider truck her backwards, and she was the propriety of entering into re- consumed with the building, 10 solutions, and co-operating with which the flames soon after com. the noble lords who formed the municated themselves. ninority on the 7th and 15th of Admiralıy-Office, Jan. 11. . December on the motions for the Capt. Clerke, of his majesty's retrenchment of the civil list, and floop the Resolution, in a letter to for controlling the public expendi. Mr. Stephens, dated the 8th of tute, &c.

June, 1779, in the harbour of St. A petition to the House of Com- Peter sand St. Paul, Kamischatka, mons, almoft verbatim the same which was received yesterday, with that from the county of York, gives the melancholy account of was agreed to. After this, two the celebrated Captain Cook, late resolutions fimilar to those carried commander of that floop, with at the York meeting were read and four of his private mariners, hav. approved of, and a committee of ing been killed, on the 14th of gentlemen appointed to February last, at the land of carry on the business, and the ne- O'whythe, one of a groupe of new cessary correspondence with the discovered islands, in the 22d de. kingdom. Mr. Grieve then made gree of north latitude, in an affray a motion, that the thanks of the with a numerous and tumultuous meeting be given to the noble body of the natives. lords and commons, who have uni Capt. Clerke adds, that he had formly and unequivocally food received every friendly supply from forth in the defence of the confti- the Russian government; and that tutional rights of their country, as the companies of the Refolu. and for reforming the fate; which tion, and her consort the Disco. was carried

very, were in perfect health, and 1 A dreadful fire happened the two floops had twelve months Joth. in Great Wild Street, Lin. ftores and provisions on board, he Joth. coln's Inn-fields, at three o'clock was preparing to make another ase last Friday morning, when three tempt to explore a northern paffage houfes were consumed, two others to Europe. damaged, and five or fix unhappy (The above new discovered perions perished in the flames! island in the South Seas lies in 22 N, Many industrious families, lodgers lat. and 200 E. long, from Greenin the houses which were burnt, wich. The captain and crew were &c. lost all their goods, and even at first treated as deities, but upon their wearing apparel, and were their revisiting that island some of the inhabitants proved inimical, ed to hard labour in the house of hoftilities ensued, and the above me correction, eight to be imprisoned lancholy scene was the consequence.] in Newgate, five whipped and dire

Copies of the journals of the charged, and il discharged by two thips, together with many va proclamation. luable dravings, were left with The feflions of the peace is ad.' the governor, to be forwarded to journed till Thursday the zoth inEngland; who politely engaged to start at Guildhall, and the feffions take charge of them himself as of gaol delivery till Wednesday the far as Petersburgh.

23d of February, ac the Old. This day the new ele ted mem- Bailey. bers of the common.council took This day the following the usual oaths for iheir qualifica- malefactors were executed "gth, tion at the sessions at Guildhall, at Tyburn, pursuant to their fenand immediately afterwards a court tence: Hugh Mulvey, John Whi. of common-council was held, when ley and John Woodmore, who went the committee appointed to en- in the first cart, for breaking open quire into the right of the members the house of Thomas Farley, of of that court to he Governors of Coldbach Fields, and stealing the Royal Hospital?, reported a thereout two lilk gowns, two pair Atate of their proceedings, and the of Itays, and other things; John measures taken by their opponents; Howell, for stealing 352 Gilk handand the committee were empowered kerchiefs, and other goods, to a to defend the right of the corpora. considerable amount, in the house tion in such manner as. they inould of Mr. Davison, pawnbroker, in be advised, and to draw upon the Bishopsgate. ftreet; and William chamber for the necessary ex. Kent, for robbing Henry Oito, pences.

one of his majesty's messengers, of och Four prisoners were tried his watch and money, on the high. 1441. at the Old-Bailey, three of way, near Gunnersbury-lane, who whom were capitally convicted, went in the lait carr. 'They were viz. John Benfield and W. Turlcy, attended by the sheriffs, city mar. for feloniously coining and coun Tals. officers, the ordinary of terfeiting, at a house in White's. Newgate, &c. - from Newgate to alley, Chancery-lane, shillings, the place of execution. They befix-pences, and half-crowns, leve. haved exceedingly penitent, wept ral counterfeit Millings, newly much, and were terribly agitated cal, being found in the rooin; and shocked at their approaching and Mary Williams, for feloniourdiffolution. ly colouring, with a certain wash The above unfortunate youths producing the colour of Gilver, feve. were all very young, the eldest not ral round planks of base metal, exceeding 23 years of age. of a fit fize to be coined into coun. The same day a court of alder. terfeit milled money, resembling mea was held at Guildhall, when fhillings.

Mr. Thors, ope of the commonThe same day the feffions ended, council of the ward of Aldgare, prewhen seven convicts received judg- sented a letter from Mr. Alderman ment of death, nine were fentenc- Lee, defiring to surrender the office

of alderman of the said ward, he ceiving moch hurt, renewed the finding it incompatible with his attack, and a general battle en. present concerns to hold the said sued between Gough and Atkins, office. The court accordingly ac. and Gough's man and Atkins's cepted of the said resignation. man. Gough finding the officer

The lord-mayor went to too mighty for him to oppose with. **. Ironmonger's - hall, Fen. out further aftftance, unchained a church-Street, when a wardmote large fierce animal, which Mr. was held before his lord ship for the Atkins affirmed to be a centaur, or clection of an alder man for Ald. griffin ; however, it proved to be gate ward, in the room of Wile a man fatyr: this had the defired liam Lee, Esq; . when William effect, for both Mr. Atkins and Burnell, Esq; one of the late follower, upon sight of the beast, heriffs, was chosen without oppo. wisely declined the fight, and made fition. Thanks were also voted to a precipitate retreat. The charge the late Alderman Lee by a majo- being undeciably proved, Ms. rity of 12 voices.

Gough was accordingly found The king's proclamation, setting guilty, and sentenced to pay a fine forth, that for the future all fo. of five guineas. Mr. Gough is a reign ships taken carrying to and dealer in wild beasts. affiling the enemies of Great Bri. Last December a gentlemen tried tain with warlike-stores or goods of the power of electricity on a myrtle any kind, hould be deemed legal tree, in the following mapper: he prizes, and the ship or hips and placed the pot in a room which Cargoes should be sold for the be- was frequented by the family, and nefit of those who took them, was for seventeen days, electrified it read at the Royal Exchange Gate once in each day, allowing half a by Mr. Bishop the common-cryer, pint of water to the root on every @xifted by the proper officers. fourth day. In consequence of

The adjournment of the session this trial, the myrtle produced fewas held at Guildhall before the veral shoots, the longest meafurlord mayor, aldermen, recorder, ing full three inches, and it is now &c. to conclude the business which in the green-house in perfet was left unfinished at the late ad. health. journment, when the following ex. Dublin, Jar. 15. We have the craordinary trial for an assault was pleasure to acquaint our readers, beard :-Thomas Atkins, a fer. that on Monday last there was jeant at mace, went on the 24th inade the first exports entry of of last June to serve a process on woollens from this kingdon at our Mr. Henry Gough, at his house Custom-houfe fince the reítrictions on Holborn-hill; he acquainted on our trade were taken off. The Mr. Gough with the nature of his entry was made by William Worthbusiness, who seemed inclined to ington, Esg; of 1300 yards of Settle the matter. Mr. Gough go- ferge, for Lifbon. ing up fairs, the officer followed, York, Jan. 18. At a meeting of when he, Mr. Gough, turned the Agriculture Society, held at round, and shoved Atkins over Beverley, for the East-Riding of the bannifter : Mr. Atkins not re- the county of York and county of


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