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the End thereof shall be with a Flood, and unto the End of the War, Desolations are determined : And all these Circumstances, as they regarded, so did they meet with their Accomplishment in the Holy Jesus.

The Glory of the latter Temple is declared by the Prophet Haggai to be greater than that of the former ; And how greater ? fince the Divine Shekinah or Visisible Glory was then removed, unless by Christ's appearing therein, in whom dwelt all the Fulness of the Godhead bodily ; who was enrich'd with Glory, the Glory of the only-begotten Son of God.

But if we take this Matter in a general View ; it is remarkable that the Meffiah is described in the Old Testament under the most different Circumstances of Grandeur and Meanness; and never did any of the Sons of Men bear so compounded a Character of spiritul Dignity and worldly Distress as the Son of Joseph. Some of the Jews have thought what is declared of the Mefiah to be so inconsistent, that they imagined Scripture no otherwise reconcileable with Scripture, than by supposing two different Meffiahs,


the one to suffer for the People, the other to reign over them : But in the Holy Jefus we see both Parts of the Messiah's Character literally compleated : What never concurred in any other Perfon, we see in Him, the greatest of Princes, and the meanest of Servants ; fitting upon the Throne of his Holiness, and numbered among Transgressors : The most powerful of Conquerors, and the most afflicted of Men ; the Desire of Nations, and the Out-cast of the People.

Let us then in Scripture-Language describe a Person, mean and contemptible, despised and rejected, without Beauty or Comeliness; a Man of Sorrows, and acquainted with Grief; let his Enemies en- : compass Him like Dogs ; let them lead Him like a Lamb to the Slaughter ; let them pierce his Hands and his Feet ; let them part his Garments among them, and cast Lots upon his Vesture ; let them give Him Gall to eat, and Vinegar to drink, and let them pour out his Soul unto Death : Again, let us describe Him in other Circumstances; tho' He was dead, yet alive ; not left in Hell, nor sufferid


to fee Corruption ; ascending up on High, leading Captivity Captive, and receiving Gifts for Men ; passing through the Everlafting Doors of Heaven, into the Fulness of Glory, and fitting down on the RightHand of Majesty on High : Do we here read the Prophecies of the Old Testament, or the History of the New ? We do both? We at the same time declare what the Messiah ought to be, and what the Holy Fefus really was ; i.e, we prove Him to be the true Mesah.

These are a few of the Prophecies relating to the true Messiah, which were literally fulfill'd in the Person of Chrift Jesus ; but from what hath been already quoted we cannot but infer, that that Religion must have God for its Author, which Teceives its Testimony from infinite Wifdom and Knowledge. When Matters of Fact are foretold at a great distance of Time before they are transacted; when many particular Circumstances are declared, and those very contingent ones, which Human Foresight could not have any reason to conjecture, and Human Policy could not possibly contrive to take

Effect, Effect, when a concinued Succession of such Predictions is made by different Pere sons, all perhaps declaring different Circumstances, but all agreeing in the main Points : And when all those meet with their entire Completion according to the Substance, the Manner, the Times predicted, what is this other than the Wifdom and Knowledge of Him, who seeth the most diftant Events, and ordereth all Things according to his Almighty Will ?

TRUE indeed it is that Prophecies considered in themselves are generally obscure, and that it requires something of close Attention to perceive the Evidence they give to our most Holy Religion ; but whosoever doth impartially and seriously examine the Prophecies of the Old Testament and the History of the New, will find the most bright and strong Conclusions of Divine Truth, will with devout Joy declare the Words of those Prophecies to be sure Words, and the Spirit of these Prophecies to be the Testimony of the Blessed yefus. From hence we inust infer the impious Hardiness of our present Times, in endeavouring to pall VOL. II.



down that Church which is built upon the Foundation of the Prophets, Christ him. self being the head Corner-Stone.

THE Church of Christ was four thousand Years in erecting, contrived by Infinite Wisdom, supported by Almighty Power ; and shall every Wave of False Doctrine, every Blast of Profane Scoffing be thought able to overthrow it ? Shall the Sun of Righteousness arise in the Brightness of bis Glory, and be put out again by the Breath of Impiety? Yet these are the boasted Deligns of our Times; these are the Publick Attempts of those, who are called by the Name of Christ.

THAT Liberty of publishing our Opinion freely, which is fo generally claim'd among us, is no other than Licentiousness, a Power of doing Mischief ; those comprehensive Principles of Modern Complaisance, we cannot call it Christian Cha-, rity, which disregard. Mens Notions in Religion, are the indulging them in their Errors, the countenancing them in their Prophaneness ; Zeal may be shewn without Perfecution ; Indignation without breach of Charity. Let a Man endeavour


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