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fect the cure thou hast begun upon our minds; and then when thou shalt have brought us to glory, who through our earthliness, carnality, and folly, have been weary of a little attendance upon thee, in time, shall think eternity itself too strait and too narrow for us to bless and magnify so good a God, so well deserving at our hands.

19. Do good unto the whole world, recover thy lapsed creation, compassionate the forlorn condition of mankind, lost in themselves, and loft to God, through ignorance, stupidity, and senselesliefs, where persons have never been awakned ; through superstition, idolatry, and false worship, wherein many have been nursed up and bred; through atheism, diffoluteness, and profaneness, whereby they have made havock of conscience.

20. O let the light of the glorious gospel of Christ break forth and shine throughout the whole world : fulfil the promise thou has made unto the Meffiah, that thou wilt give him the heathen for his inheritance, and the utmost parts of the earth for his pofsesion : that the wolf ihall dwell with the lamb, and that the leopard fhall ly down with the kid, the calf and the young lion and the fatling together ; that they shall not hurt nor destroy in all thy holy mountain : but that there may be a perfect dwelling together in love, harmony, and reconciliation with the whole creation.

21. Reform all things amiss in these kingdoms : controul atheism, irreligion and profaneness : establish peace, truth, and righteousness : frustrate all naughty designs : suffer us not to be hurried back again to popery, superstition, or any false worship; but settle us in the purity of our religion, and our just rights.

Restrain the fons of violence, that turn all into confusion, and that make havock and defolation in the family of God.

22. Direct


22. Direct him whom thou hast placed on the throne &c. furnith him with all divine gifts, and graces that may fanctify his soul here, and save him hereafter. Bless him and us in all his royal family, c.

23. Compassionate all in misery and affliction ; especially such whose cases we are acquainted with : comfort, help and restore, O Lord, be thou a present help to them in any needful time of trouble : such as lie upon

fick beds ; direct those that are about them to proper and fit means for their recovery, and add thy blessing : take not them nor us out of this state, till thou hast fitted and qualified us for the state of immortality, eternity and glory.

24. Alift us now in the service we are met to perform, that we beginning in the name and fear of God, may be promoted by divine affistance, encouraged by thy acceptance, and end in thy glory, and the advantage of our immortal souls.

Grant that which shall be row spoken according to thy will, may be received as from thyself, and turned to the information of our understandings, wherein any of us have been mistaken ; the refining of our spirits ; the right ordering the actions of our lives and conversations ; that God in all things may be glorified ; and our souls finally saved in the day of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom we are bold to call thee father, &C.




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