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A BATEMENT of indictment-by misnopter, or want of
addition, iii. 455. Plea in, for misnomer or want of addi.
tion, iii. 461.. Of nuisance, iii. 474.
1bduction of heiress, ii.
'hettors, i. 1.
bjuration, oath of, iii. 480---of the realm, iii. 525.
bortion, causing of, ii. 844.
bsence from church, i. 471.
cceptance of bills of exchange, forging, ii. 391. See) Felony
without clergy.
ccessaries, i. 1.-in general, ib. Accessary who, ib. What
offences admit of accessaries, and what not, ib. No acces-
saries in 'high treason, ib. No accessaries in trespasses or lar-
ceny, 2. Who are deemed principals at common law, 4.--Of.
fence of the accessary can never rise higher than that of the
principal, 8. Accessaries before the fact,ib.Accessaries after the
fact, 11. How accessaries are to be proceeded against,as distinct
from the principal, 15. How far bailable, 16. How far dis-
charged by acquittal of the principal, ib. Outlawry of ac.
cessary, ib. Indictment and arraignment of accessary, 20.
Where accessaries before the fact may be tried, 22. Princi-
pal to be first tried, ib. Accessary and principal joined in
he same indictment, 23. Principal acquitted, may be tried
is accessary after, 25. But not as accessary before, ib.
Accessary acquitted may be indicted as principal, ib. 'Dif-
erent forms of indictments against accessaries. What acces
aries are, within clergy or without clergy. See Felony.
omplices, discovery by, i. 179. Evidence of, i. 759. Par-
ou of, i. 179, 180. See Approver, Pardona
ident, homicide by, ii. 830.
roaching, royal power, ii. 882.
usations. See Conspiracy.
uittance, forging of, ii. 390.
ing of Plays, ir. 975.
'OL. IV.

Acts of Bankruptcy, i. 279. Of parliament, ii. 609.
Actions, popular. See Informations.
ddditions, iii. 455. See Misnomer and Addition.
Adherence to the king's enemies, iv. 992.
Adjournment of sessions, iii. 1040.
Ad quod Damnum, writ of, li. 741.
Advertising rewards for stolen goods, ii. 466.
Affeerors of amercements, i. 673. ii. 157.
Affrays, i. 27. How they may be suppressed by private pet,
sons, i. 30. How by constables, i. 3i. How by a justice of

peace, i. 32. How punished, i. 33. Form of a warrant
against affrayers, i. 34. Form of an indictment for an al

fray, i. 35.
Agnus Dei, iii. 886.
4id given to felons. See Accessary.
Alamodes and lutestrings. Penalty on importing, ir. 494.
Ale and beer, See Excise.
Ale-houses, i. 36. For what purposes inos and ale-houses are

allowed, and who may keep the same, 37. Must be licensed
and recognizances entered into to preserve order therein, #
of licensing same, and entering into recognizances, 41.
Mandamus will not lie to compel justices to grant licence,
42. - Duties payable by licensed victuallers, 47. Forme
licence, 48. Selling ale or exciseable liquors withont licenca,
55. Form of information, 56. Sammons and proceedings
thereon. 57. Suppression of ale houses, and forfeiture of re-
cognizance, 71. Selling ale in fairs, 73. Tippling and
drunkenness, 74. Permitting persons to remain tippling
ib. Persons getting drunk, 76. Conviction and proceel
ings thereon, 77, 78, 79. Ale-house keepers suffering gar-
ing by servants, 80. Penalty on servants gaming, ib. Quar.
tering of soldiers, 82. Soldiers to be furnished with diet and
small beer, 84. What may be allowed in lieu thereof, s.

Rates to be allowed innkeepers for diet, 85. The measures
oi by which ale and beer are to be retailed, 89. Penalty oz

selling in vessels pot marked, ib. The price of ale and beer,
13.90. The duties of an innkeeper, and of refusing to entertain

a guest, 91. Where innkeepers shall be chargeable for thing

lost, 92. Who shall be deemed guests, 94. The innkeeper's
5- remedy against his guest, 95. General power to detaio, is.

Guest stealing goods, 97. Debt for spirituous liquers -
der 408. not recoverable, ib. Nor any pledge to be taken en
penalty of 40s. ib. How far liable to the bankrupt las
1. 275. 277. Ought not to be farmers of the tolls, le 29.
Penalty sou ale housekeepers: harbouring smugglers".
561.1 915709109 ton powöz ml

0 ausio 103 Jins
Aliens, 1982. Not leaving the kingdom when ordered, at

be committed and sent rontiof the kingdon, and return;
Without dicence to be transported, ib.Penalts en les



disobeying orders, ib. Secretary of state to issue warrants,
to conduct aliens out of the kingdom, ib. Declaration by
masters of vessels of aliens on board, ib. Not to land alieas
till declaration made, ib. Penalty on masters landing aliens,
99. Vessels forfeited, ib. Penalty on neglect to make den
claration, ib. Arms brought by aliens may be seized, 100.
Not to depart from the place of arrival without passport, ib.
Passports may be refused, ib. Aliens changing their abode
to obtain passports, 101. Magistrates may require
passports to be exhibited, ib. Penalty on forging pass-
ports, ib. Penalty on being found at large without licence,
103. If licence refused, party to be committed, ib. If out
of the district, licence forfeited, ib. Fresh licence granted,
if licence lost, ib. Not to quit the realm without passport. Pe-
nalty on masters of ships taking aliens on board, 104. Aliens
not to be arrested for debts contracted abroad, ib. Aliens
may be transported, 106. If aliens escape after sentence, or
be found at large, death, ib. Continuance of act, 107.
Persons exempt from the act, 105.
Aliens, ii. 331, 338,
allegiance, oath of, in. 480.
Almanack. Sce Stamps.
Amendment of matters of form at sessions, iii, 1029. iv. 400.

See Sessions.
(mercement, i. 672. 674. iii. 157.
(natomising murderers, ii. 855.
Inimals, larceny of, ii. 332, 333.
"nimals, vicious, iii. 470.
nimus furandi, ii. 326.
'nnuities, i. 107.
pothecaries, iii. 647. Sce Physicians,
pparel, injuring of, ii. 349.
ppeal, i. 107. Different natures of appeal, 108. Capital or

not capital, ib. Of death, king cannot pardon, ib. Of ar.
son, of larceny, 109. of rape, ib. Of mayhem, ib. « Ia
what court to be brought, ib. Who may appeal, 110.
Within what time, 111. Where tried, ib.

After acqnittal
cannot be indicted, 112. Sume judgment as on an indict.
ment, 113. To the sessions, iv. 399.
ples and pears by what measure to be sold, ir. 1115. See
IVeights and Measures.
prentices, i. 114. Who may take apprentices, 115. Must
be bound by indenture, ib. Binding to a master who is an
nfant, 116. Who may bind themselves, ib. Persons allow..
d to take apprentices, ' !19. In husbandry, ib. Jo cities.
und corporations, ib. In towns not corporate, 120. In
any place whatever, ib. Jurisdiction of justices of peace to
ind out apprentices, 123. Binding out poor children, ib.
Porm of indeatures and other proceedings thereon, ib. Who


are compelled to take apprentices, 127. Power of justice
to bind out children of poor persons apprentices to the sea
service, 135. Who may be bound, ib. "Age to be inserted
in the indenture, ib. Fee to be paid the master, ib. Pri.
vileged from being impressed, ib. Who obliged to take ap-
prentices, ib. Master dying, 137. Master to enter the con.
ber of apprentices ib. Register to be kept by the collector,
ib. Usage of apprentices, ib. Power of justices in binding
poor children apprentices to chimney sweepers, ib. Form
of indenture, 138. Register of apprentices bound by the
overseers to be kept, 141. Penalty for Deglect, 112. En.
tries to be inspected, ib. Form of register, 143. The au.
thority of the master over his apprentice, and the interest he
has in his service, 144. Correcting apprentices, ib. En
ticing them away, ib. Impressing apprentices, 145.
senting themselves, 146. Assigning and turning over ap-
prentices to other masters, 147. Form of assigament, ib.
D-ath of the master before the expiration of the apprentice-
ship, 149. Covenants for maintenance of parish apprentices
how long in force, 151. Within three months justices say
order apprentices to serve the residue of their time, forms of
proceedings, 152. Master becoming bankrupt, 133. Au-
thority of justices in discharging apprentices, and compelling
masters to refund, 155. Form of proczedings thereon, 2.
What apprentices may be discharged, 160. For what, 161.
How discharged, ib. Complaint of apprentice against the mas.
ter, 165. Master against the apprentice, ib. Master to re-
fund, ib. Proceedings thereon, ib. Justices may order ap-
prentices clothes to be delivered up, and money paid to place
him out again, 167. May compel parish officers to prose
cute masters, ib. Masters of certain apprentices may be fined
168. Justices may discharge apprentices, 169. Proceedings
thereon, ib. Charitable donation for bioding apprentices,
170. Stamp duty upon indentures, 171. Necessity of
Serving an apprenticeship as a qualication to set up a trade,
173. Form of indictment for exercising a trade, 174. What
shall be sufficient service, 177. Penalty on apprentice e-
listing as a soldier, iv. 587. Masters to eatitle them to
claim apprentices to make oath, ib. Form thereof, s.
Masters giving up indentures to receive part of the bounty,
588. Apprentices claimed, to be carried before a justic

and committed, ib.
Approvement in felony and treason, i. 179.
Approvers, i. 179. See Pardon.
Aquavita. See Ercise.
Arrack. See Ercise,
Army. See Militia and Soldiers.
Armorial bearings, See Assessed Tazes.
Array, challenge of, ii. 95,

Arraignment, i. 182.
Arrest, i. 184. In criminal cases who may be arrested, ib.

In what cases private persons are enjoined by law to arrest
offenders, 185. In what cases private persons are permitted
to arrest, and what will justify their making an arrest, 186.
What are sufficient causes of suspicion, ib. Arrest in pre-
vention of crimes, 187. What public officers may arrest,
ib. By justices of peace, 188. By sheriffs, ib. By corona
ers, ib. By constables in case of felony, 189. Io felonies,
190. By bailiffs of towns, 192. By watchmen, ib. Ara
rests under a warrant, in what cases a justice may grant a
warrant, the form, and to whom directed, 193. Form of
warrant, 195. How warrant to be executed, 198. Ofen.
ders escaping into another county, ib. Backing warrant
and form thereof, ib. Warrant to be immediately ex.
ccuted, 199. Manger of arresting, 200. Charging offend.
ers already in custody, ib. Suffering the party to go at
large, cannot retake him upon the same warrant, 200.
Execution of search warrant, 201. Resisting the arrest, 203.
Where doors may be broke open to make arrest, 206. What

is to be done with the prisoner, 209.
Arrest of judgmint, iii. 74.
Arson, ii. 370. See Felony.
Articles of the

peace, ie:709.
Artificers. See Manufactures, and Manufacturers,
Assaults and Batteries, i 211. What is decried an assault,

ib. What is deemed a battery, 212. In what cases may be
justified, 213. How to be justified, 214. In what manner
punished, 215. Different kinds of assanits, 920. Indict.
ment for an assault, ib. With intent to rob, ii. 335.
Form of warrant for an assault, i. 221. Indictment for a
common assault, ib. The like with intent to commit a

rape, ii. 419.
Assembly, riotous or unlawful, iii. 925.
Assessed taxes, iv. 739. Table of the duties, iv. 740. Duties

on windows, 741. Rules for charging, 743. Exemptions
from. Duties on houses, 745. Duties un servants, 748.
Duties on carriages, 752. Duties on horscs, class 1, 755.
Duties on "horses, class 2. 759, Duties on dogs, 799.
Dutics on horse dealers, 763. Duty on hair powder, ib.
Daty on armorial bearings, 764. Allowance in respect of
children, 766. What persons shall be commissioners for
managing the assessed taxes, iv. 768. Powers and qualifi-
cation of commission-rs, ib. The first meeting of the
commissioners to appoint the respective subdivisions, and
issue precepts for the appearance of assessors, 774. The
second meeting to appoint assessors, and deliver the charge,
775. Appointment of assessors, ib. Manner of making
the assessments, and of the authority of the surveyors and

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