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stone, mediæval chemists made many of the great discoveries on which modern chemistry is founded; so, in the elaborate and careful consideration of the difficulties of psychology, should those difficulties themselves receive no solution, important truths must be nevertheless incidentally discovered or confirmed. If so, the labourer will not be without his reward.

But, above all things, the writer is anxious to guard himself against any suspicion of dogmatising or laying down the law certainly or conclusively on any of the topics discussed. .

He proposes to examine, to discuss, to sift them; but, while he is ready to point out the conclusion to which the examination appears to him legitimately to lead, he has earnestly endeavoured to express his opinions in that spirit of respect for others, toleration, and Christian charity, which a mind engaged in the earnest and honest search after truth learns from the very nature of its labours.

To suggest an elevated train of thought, and to promote an earnest inquiry after truth in its purity, are the main objects of his work.



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ETERNITY. The word familiar. Uncertain opinions of antiquity as to

the existence of Eternity. This only proved by revelation. Its definition the object, not the commencement, of inquiry. Lord Brougham. Usually divided into the Infinite Past and the Infinite Future


THE INFINITE PAST. The Infinite Past. Being without beginning. Usually con

sidered to be a point infinitely remote. Inability satisfactorily to conceive this idea. Inadequacy of the ex. planation as generally given. Inquiry into the nature of Time advisable



The word Time has two meanings : the one arbitrary, the

other absolute. The second the object of inquiry. Its various aspects. Effect of change in the observer's position, east or west. Undulations of light and sound carried onwards into space. Effects perceived by sentient Beings on earth if travelling with similar rapidity ; and if travelling at their ordinary speed ; and if travelling into




Three points of view. Its peculiar property of Being with-

out end cannot be lost. Can Being without end be created

in the future? Its duration is in the Infinite Past 62


Inaptitude of mathematics to this subject. Mathematical

examination may be attempted with caution. Pre-

vious modification of expression. Examination. Result.

Neither the Infinite Past nor the Infinite Future can

terminate in any point, past, present, or future. That

which has an end in duration has a beginning in duration.

That which has a beginning in duration has an end in

duration. Being without beginning, eternal. Being with-


Self-consciousness of its existence. Coexistent with self.

Opinions of antiquity as to its immortality. Plato sup-

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