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§ XXXIV. Observations on the most oeconomical way of making fences where rills or running water is the boundary, 153

6 XXXV. General observations with regard to the proper division of a farm into inclosures, 159

Essay II. On draining bogs and swampy ground, 167

Essat III. On the proper method of levelling high ridges, '197

Essat IV. On the proper method of sowing grassseeds, 233

Essat V. On Hay-making, 245

Essat VI. On quick-lime, • 261

Part I. Of quick-lime as a cement, 269

Fart II. Of quicklime, and other calcareous substances, as a manure, 385 [H E following Essays were written by the per

A suasion of the late ingenious Dr John Gr: gory of Edinburgh, who always wished to turn the attention of mankind to the pursuit of what was solid and useful in arts and sciences, rather than to what might be more showy and unimportant: And, as the writer concurred entirely with him in opinion in this respect, he has aimed, in these Essays, rather to instruct the ignorant by a simple enumeration of a few well establislied facts, than to amuse the speculative by an idle display of useless ingenuity.

The first part of this book was nearly in the fame state in which it now appears when that gentleman died, February 1773; since which time the author has found in himself little inclination to prosecute a subject, which he was chiefly prompted to undertake by the pleasure he had in doing what he thought might be agreeable to a friend he so much esteemed; and from the prospect of having his performance revised by one who would have been no less ready to have corrected the saults, than to have approved of what he might have deemed praise-worthy. But the manuscript having been carelessly allowed to be seen by several persons, and there being reason to suspect that it might be published under another form, it was judged proper to commit it to the press as it originally came from the hand of the Author.



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