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JUL 24 1894


Dr. S. A. Green, Boston.

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THE following Work has been composed with the design of affording to the visiter and resident a compendium of the History and Topography of Liverpool and its Environs. The Historical portion has been formed from credible sources, such as Aikin, Enfield, and others, and in many cases the authorities have been cited. The Statistic facts have been gathered from approved documents, or from persons competent to render that kind of information.

The description of the Public Works and Edifices has been made from recent inspection, and the several admeasurements and

particulars have been obligingly given by the parties best qualified, and in many instances alone capable of affording that assistance.

The brief notices here inserted of the ad jacent Villages it is presumed will prove useful, especially to those strangers who may pay a more than passing visit to the town.

The Map prefixed to this edition has been purposely struck off from a new plate, formed from a recent survey of Liverpool, and which it is hoped will be found in every respect


A copious Table of Contents has been given, so that the reader may with facility find any edifice or institution here described.


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