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“Oh, then," says Parson Rook, ,

“Who gives this maid away?” “I do,” says the Goldfinch,

And her fortune I will pay. “And will you have her, Robin,

To be your wedded wife ?" “Yes, I will,” says Robin,

And love her all my life!” “ And you will have him, Jenny,

Your husband now to be ?' “Yes, I will,” says Jemy,

“ And love him heartily!' Then on her finger fair

Cock Robin put the ring; “You ’re married now,” says Parson Rook :

While aloud the Lark did sing.

The birds were asked to dine

Not Jenny's friends alone, But every pretty songster

That had Cock Robin known.
They had a cherry-pie,

Besides some currant-wine,
And every guest brought something,

That sumptuous they might dine.
Now they all sat or stood,

To cat or to drink; And every one said what

He happened to think.

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