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FEB. 26, 1934



THIS work was designed by its Publishers to meet a demand for a Supplement to the Encyclopædia Brit anica which should contain fuller information on American topics and on other subjects in which the large body of American readers are interested. The generous reception accorded to the first volume of the new undertaking, and the tributes of approval from subscribers to the various editions of the Encyclopædia Britannica and from disinterested critics of the highest rank, have been duly appreciated by the Editors and Publishers of this work, and have stimulated them to carry out the same plan in the preparation of the second volume. The work has been executed under the same editorial care, with the assistance of an able corps of contributors, most of whom are specialists in the various departments or topics assigned to them.

In the present volume the articles on American geography, natural history, scientific research, and whatever relates to the vast resources and rapid development of this country, will be found adequate to their theme. The articles on Charcoal, Clay, Coal, Coke, Cotton, Crop Reports, and Dairy Products, occupy a large space, but not disproportionate to their practical importance to the public.

The religious denominations have generally been treated by prominent members of each and embody a complete view of their history, doctrines, and latest statistics. In the case of some smaller religious bodies it has been deemed advisable to intrust the work of gathering information and preparing the several statements to one who is justly noted for his wide and accurate information in this department.

In the department of biography prominence has been given to those distinguished in literature, and an estimate of their works is included in the sketches. The lives of men of note in American history and in recent Furopean history have been treated with due regard to their influence on public affairs.

arious philosophical subjects which have been omitted in the Encyclopædia Britannica will be found discuss dat length by competent critics.

The results of recent research and exploration in various parts of the world have been carefully embodied

in articles which will be found instructive and interesting.

A list of contributors to the present volume, including the Editors of the several departments, is appended, and it is trusted will be found to sustain the reputation established by the first volume, and to justify the high laim made for the literary excellence and great importance of the entire work.

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