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THE volumes are of the exact size and style of LITTLE, BROWN & Co.'s edition of the “ British Poets,” and sold at the same price, — seventy-five cents per volume.

The want of a neat and uniform edition of these Essays, the productions of the best writers of the English tongue, has long been felt, and the present issue is intended to supply the deficiency.

The volumes are of convenient size, handsomely printed from. the last English edition, and the price is such as to recommend them to the favor of the public, and especially of those who are engaged in making selections for school and college libraries.


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Notices of the Press. " These works, the flower of the best English literature for a century, merit a place in every library. They have borne a large office in the culture of mind and style for past generations, and for our elders now upon the stage; and we can wish for those entering active or literary life, access to no purer, or more copious, or more stimulating fountains of thought, sentiment, and motive, than are here." - N. A. Review.

“The judgment of the most competent and respected authority has been passed upon these works, and has decided that they are eminently worthy of being kept in constant use.". Christian Examiner.

“ The value and popularity of the works included in this series will increase as those who read the English language become cultivated, and wish for compositions of the highest rank. For school and family libraries, these, books are just what is needed; they are of convenient size, and attractive outward appearance, - their contents are models of composition, their spirit is liberal and manly, — their tone and influence moral and religious, without cant, or a weakness of any kind.”. Boston Transcript.

“It is superfluous to praise the essays, — they are by general consent esteemed models of pure English style, and are full of entertainment, knowledge of the world, and moral instruction,

- they will be read with pleasure as long as the English language lives.” — N. Y. Commercial Advertiser.

“No greater service can be done in the cause of good letters than the extensive dissemination of these standard compositions. They embrace the best models of style in the English Lan

Boston Daily Advertiser. " As models of English prose they stand unrivalled, and deserve a place in every library, public or private, but especially in every school and town library in the country." — Boston Atlas.

“A series of standard works, the value and popularity of which have only increased with time." — N. Y. Times.

“No more desirable edition has ever been published.” – N. Y. Evening Post.


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