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PAGE Shafei, Maimonides, Akbar, Ronsard and Baif, Ascham, Tycho Brahe, Melanchthon, Richelieu, Archbp. Williams, Salmasius, Selden, Varignon, Dr. Hooke, Voltaire, Mdme. du Châtelet, Bichat, Watt, Mirabean, Bessel, Winckelmann, the Herschels, Marat, Napoleon I., Rivarol, Cavier, Schleiermacher, A. von Humboldt, Dr. T. Brown, W. Irving, Channing, Polevoy, J. D. Hume, J. C. Loudon, Sir W. Hamilton, Coleridge, De Quincey, Hood, Byron, Scott, Tegner, Ampère, Campbell, A. Bell, G. Sand, Barbam, Mrs. Gore, Julian Fane . .

• 159-183

XI. VIDNIGHT MEMORANDA: Setting up at night to jot down a sudden inspiration.—“The Nocturnal Remembrancer.'-Eureka!-Composed in sleepabsorbing ideas by night--fixing a flitting fancy-scrawling a strophe in the dark-window-pane inscription by moonlight


XII. CONSOLATIONS OF LITERATURE: estimony of Chateaubriand, Chesterfield, Hood, Cicero, Montaigne, Feltham, Mendoza, Machiavelli, Garcilasso de la Vega, Montesquieu, Gibbon, Lady Mary, Baxter, Daru, R. Jephson, Aug. Thierry, De Sacy, Mountstuart Elphinstone, F. Horner, Cowper, A. Murphy, Washington Irving . . 196-211

XIII. SOUTHEY'S ‘DAYS AMONG THE DEAD': ving with the great Dead.—Dead to all but books—Hazlitt on Salisbury Plain.—The old friends who are never seen with new faces.—Our best acquaintance are the dead.'—Time-tried friends (on the shelf—C'est avec les morts qu'il faut vivre'


XIV. TAKING UP A NEW STUDY IN OLD AGE: , ver too old to learn. -Old boys beginning the Greek alphalet.—To school in one's grand climacteric.—Graduating B.A. fourscore.—A medley of elderly scholars: Cato, Petrarch,

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