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Is. 6d.

35. 6d.

I. 25.

II., 55.

IS. 6d.

25. 6d.

Selections from Ovid.

Catena Classicorum. By H. R. Heatley and J. ARNOLD Aristophanes. The Acharnians TURNER.

and the Knights,. 45. The

Wasps, 3s. 6d. The Clouds, Caesar de Bello Gallico.

Demosthenes. The Olynthiacs, By J. H. MERRYWEATHER and C.

25. 6d. The Philippics, 3s. De C. TANCOCK. Books I.-III. 35. 6d. Falsâ Legatione, 6s. De Coronâ, II. and III. 25.


Herodotus. Book I., 6s. Book Gradatim. An Easy Latin Translation Book. By H. R. HEAT.

Homer. Iliad. Books 1.-X11.6s.

Horace. Odes, Carmen Seculare, LEY and H. N. KINGDON.

and Epodes, 2 s. 6d. Odes. Bks. Excerpta Facilia. . A Second

1.-IV. separately, is. 6d. each.

Isocrates. Ad Demonicum et Latin Translation Book. By Heat- Panegyricus. 45. 6d. LEY and KINGDON.

Juvenal. 55.

Persius. 35. 6d.
First Steps in Latin.

Electra, 35.

6d. By F. Ritchie. Is. 6d.

Ajax, 3s. 6d.

Tacitus. Histories. I. and II., Latin-English Dictionary.

6s. III. IV. and V., 6s.

Terence. Andria and Eunuchus By C. G. Gepp and A. E. Haigh. 45. 6d. Or separately, Andria, 576 pp. 35. 6d.

35. 6d. Eunuchus, 3s.

Thucydides. History. I. and Aids to Writing Latin Prose. II., 6s. III. and IV., 6s. By G. G. BRADLEY. 55.

Arnold's Greek Prose Com. Easy Latin Prose Exercises. position. . By E. ABBOTT. 35. 6d. By H. R. HEATLEY.

The original Edition is still on sale.] Fabulae Faciles.

A Practical Greek Method A First

for Beginners. By F. Ritchie and Latin Reader. By F. Ritchie. E. H. MOORE. 35. 6d.

Stories in Attic Greek.
Imitative Exercises in Easy By F. D. MORICE. 35. 6d.

Latin Prose, based on 'Fabulae A First Greek Writer.
Faciles.' By F. Ritchie.

By A. SIDGWICK. 35. 6d.
Cicero. De Amicitiâ.

Greek Prose Composition. By A. SIDGWICK.

By A. SiDGWICK. 55.

Lectures on Greek Prose Exercises in Latin Elegiac

Composition. By A. SIDGWICK. Verse. By C. G. GEPP. Versiculi. Easy Latin Elegiac Greek Verse Composition.

By A. SiDGWICK and Verse Book. By J. H. Raven. 25.

F. D.

MORICE. 55. Selections from Martial.

Exercises in Translation at By J. R. MORGAN.

Sight. By A. W. SPRATT and A.

PRETOR. 2 vols, 4s. 6d. each. Caesar de Bello Civili.

Vol. I. The Original Passages. By H. AWDRY.

Vol. II. The English Version.


25. 6d.

IS. 6d.

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45. ба.

IS. 6d,

25. 6d.

Waterloo Place, London.

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