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Si te poa the curth B. C. $318 10 And he stayed yet rittersenday

again be sent tenth yecer!! my entered Vott, ach 6.16 11 And the dise ( 41. htt! IT, the

eseni. and lo, in her sa 3 y = b, c tế tres De 23 olive vat, pinkt utt: we seat

the waters were abatert trust of the car.

12 Arbetiyet vet other to 1.4 22: their kid, and

& jo 1.5.

ant sent forth the 2016. which returned

Dotain unto hummy muse 2 Pet. 3.

13 it (49* to js, in the *** kun Maraton esery wort & de 33.

drerit tortyea", the first mih, te La Soah stoechl. birst day of yt the water error

* La esh, wherein pob215., 17 up from off the earts and at red

ter break the cover of the ark, abt weed, and Set in, weat in male, fibropirit, behold, the face of the ground was dry. eas God had com

14 And in the sec mes, et se te Dashut tim in silina, seven and twentieth day of the motith. * Tas tunty days upon I I.XI. was the earth dned. "Tser crescert. bure

15 An (odake unto cah, sayiny.

Mala 17,17 eft apate the earth.

16 Go forth other ark.thu, thy wite, * Teraries, and were

of rest.

and thy sons and thy stewives witter be the earth; and the ile. 1.9.

17 bring tirth with thee every lit eo of the raters. I. 5. S. thing that is with thee, of all euh Ayat Ainterwed exceedingly Ei. 20. 41. fowl, and of Calif, of every {ter, Ice

2 Co... 15. this that crevet up the earth sen, were covered. ch. 3. they may breed abwarty sitteet, toward did the waters & ch.3. 17. & be truitful and mut', 'yu Deiti veeartt. sere covered.

17. 18 And Soals were kirth, and as sei trat moserl upon orihough and his wife, a bis ons' wies with pony *:*, 2.30 cartie, and

Ich 6. 5.

19 Every beat, esery (Ter; 16 ey creepint thing that

Job 15. 14 adesery toisil, and state creeruth tele, ad every man s

Je. 17. 9.
R9, 3. 31.

upon the earth, after their kids, West
un caq the breath by u.15, tortii out of the ark,
24 the dry land, died.

9) And Nat. bruildel an alter unt the reg obstace was de (de dayao, LORD, and took of! esery clean twant, Ta 72 upon the fare of the the orih. and of every dran fowl, and othered heard cattle, and then eh. 19 burnt offering on the altar ecw of the beasen,

21 Aud the LORD stelled ***** 5 TTC the earth: Ps. 106, 4. savour: and the LORD) vaid mhrheit, 2.Tiesined altre, aod tbey Ps. 346 I will not again curse the entry PUYT te ark.

Ex. 14.21. more for man's sake for p 272028;revailed upon the Por

nation of Fan's beart is il : his Inty days.

Job 39 37 youth neither will I again ifte apy

more esery ting 1,466, s roberert Noah, and

2 Wile the earth rematar sed. 32. and all the cattle

time and harvest, and cold at leat, ad tine ark: and Gent

simrer and winter, and day and out 2017*'755 Grer the earth, Je-30.9.) shall not cease.

trer. 7. 19.


And God blessed Noah and his sons, abo of the deep and eb. 10.32 *****'s based sere stories, P... 6. and said unto them, le fruitful, and meses was restraibes H. 2. 18. multiply, and replenish the earth retutbed from oti tte

Ja. 3.7. Aud the fear of you, and the dread tyd after the end of . De. 12. 16.1 of you, stall be open every beat of the

14.4, &c. tity days the waters

earth, and upon every towl of the air, Ac.10.12.14 I Tim.4.3.4

upon all that wreth upon the earth, and atted in the seventh

. ch. 1. 29.

upon all the tshes of the sea, tuto yur posth day of the

Co. 14,3.

hand are they delivered as of Ararat. Le 17.10.14 3 Esery* mesin, thing that lis eth shall der greased continu 19. 3. beneat for you, even as the green terb

rath in the tenth De 12.-3. have ! Rien yon! all to, if the mouth, were

18. 1434 4 Put fien' with the late thereof, Arco

. Je. 31. 27. is the blood thereof, stall ye wil eat. 0" 233, at the end of a sere in 5 And surely your blood of your lives Lebede the win

going and will I require the land of every beast Tere he had made: drere in will I require it, and at the hand of man,

the a raven, which E.? at the hand of every man's brother will
fty, Latii the waters

I require the late of inan.
state carth.
Fa dose from him,

6 Woso she ideth ian's blood, bry forik and

man shall his blew beslied:' for in the ir tere abated from off. L.24.17. image of God male he man

IKI 5,632.

7 And you, be ye fruitful, and mult. b. 50 rest for thelech. 1.2. ply; bro forth abundantly in the earth,

as the returned unto. comed her and multiply therein 3) pe one water were on

8 And Cruispake unto Noah, and to Owoce earth; then be puti, ser. 11, 17., bis mns with him, sayind. bes, and pulled et. 6. 19. i 9 And Thehold, I stalash my (one

nant with you, with your reed after you .

12 forty. ver.4,17. Ex.24.18. De.9.9,18.-10.10. 8 a dove. ver.10..12. Ca. 1.15.-11,12,1 ihi.19.8. Mat. 1.4.

10, 16. 13 day. ver.1,7..9. ch.6.18. lle.11.7. 1 Pe.3.20. 9 found. De.28.65. Eze.7.16. Mat.11.0 2 Pe.2.5. and Shem. ch.5.32.-6.10.-9.18,19.- 16.33. and she. Ps.110.7. 15.60.8. I Ch.1.4..28.

Heb. caused her to come. 14 They. ver.2,3,8,9. sort. Heb. WIDE.

10 stayed. Ps.10.1. 1».0.17.-26.8. Ro.8.2 15 ch.6.20. 11.6.

ven, ver. 12. ch.7.4,10. 10 as. ver.2.3. the. ki.4.4,5. De.33.17. Ps. Ilan have. Ne 8.15. Zec.1.12..14. Roi,10. Pr.3.93. Mat.25.10.Lu.13.05. Jno. 12 And he. Ps.:7.11.- 10.27.30, Pe.1.5.

8.--30.18. Lab.2.3. Ja.5.7,8. seien. 1.10. ch 17 ver.1,12.

13. M. 1637. B. C. 317. $ir. ch.7.1 18 water's prerailed. Ex.14.28. Job 22.16. Ps. 14 chap.7.11,13,14. l'rom this, it appear 69.15. ark. Ps.104.26.

Xoal was in the ark a complete solar ye 19 and all the high hills. At the present day 305 days, for he entered it the 17th day of u every mountain where search has been made, month, w the curth year of his life, and cont conspire in one uniform, universal proof that in it till the oth day of the 2nd month, they all had the sea spread over their highest Golst year of his lite, as we see above. summits, shells, skeletons of fish, &c., having 10 ch. Jos.3.17.-4.10,16..18. Ps. been found there. Job 12.15. Ps.16.0,3.-101.6..9. -191.8. Da 3.25,26. Zec.9.11. AC.16.27,28,3 Je.3.03. 2 Pe.3.6.

17,15. 20 and the mountains. Ps.104.6. Je.3.23. 107.38.-111.13,14. Je.31.27,28.

91 ver.4. ch.6.6,7,13,17. Job 22.15..17. Is.21.0, 18 Ps.1.1.8. 19. Je. 1.29.97.-14.3,Hlo.1.3. Joel 1.17..20.-2.3. 19 kinds. Heb. families. Zep.1.3. Mat.24.39. Lu.17.27. R0.8.20.02.Pe...5. 20

02 breath of life. Heb. breath of the spirit of 33.90.- 35.1.7. IX.20.01.25.-21.1.8. Ro.19. life. ch.2.7.-6.17.

13,10,15,16, i Pe...5,9. clean beast.cb.7.2. L 23 every living substance. The most incontest. burnt. Le. I. able evidence has been afforded of the univer 21 smelled. Le. Ca.1.10,1 sality of this fact: the moose-deer, a native of 65.5. Cze 20.41. Am. C0.2.15. America, has been found buried in Ireland: Phi...18. Sicer saivur, Ileb. Savour of elephants, natives of Asia and Africa, in the curse. ch.3.17. 1.12.-5.29-0.17. for. or, the midst of England; crocodiles, natives ot the the Job 11.1.-15.14..16 Nile, in the heart of Germany, and shell-fish, 51.5.-58.3. Pr.20.9. Ec.7.90. 15. 17.12,15.never known in any but the American seas, 53.0. Je 8.6.-17.9.-18.19. Mat.15.19. Jno.3.6 with the entire skeletons of whales, in the most 1.21.-3.23.-4.7.8. Ep.2.1.,3. Jul. 14,15.-4 inland counties of England. ver.21,22. Job 22. 1. Ino.5.19. neither, ch.9.11.15. Is.51.9,10. 15.. Mat. 1.37..39. Lu.17.26.97. I Pe. . Pe.3.6.7. 3.20. 2 Pc.2.5. and Vuah. Ex.14.98. 30. Job 5.19. 02 IIhile the earth remameth. Hleb, as y, Ps.91.1,9,10. Pr.11.4. Eze. 14.14..20. Mal 3.17,18. the days of the earth. 15.51.8. seed-time. Mat.25.16. Be.11.7. i Pe.3.20. 2 Pe...5,9.-3.6. of the European nations divide the year into

94 ch.8. 3. 1. compared with der. 11 of this distinct parts, called quarter, or seasoms chapter. The breaking up of the fountains of there are sixdivisions in the text, which obti the great deep, and the raining forty days and in Palestine among the Hebrews, and niebts, had raised the waters fitteen cubits, or among the Arabs to the present day. Accor twenty-two feet and a half, above the highest to this gracious promise, the heavenly bodies mountain, after which forty days, it appears to preserved their courses, the seasons their su have continued at this height one hundred and sions, and the earth its increase for the u fifty days more.

inan. ch.5.6. Ex.31.21. P.71.16.17. Ca.0.1 CHAP. VIII.

13.51.9. Je.5.41. Ja.5.7. day. Je.31.35.-33.9 God remembers Mual, and astu ages the waters, 1-3 The arkerstreh on Ararat, 1. 3. Noah sendi forth God blesseth Noah and his sons, and grantet

CUAP. IX. @raren and then a dore, 6-12. North, being com. sandrd, gonth forth of the ark, 13-19. He buildeth

fish for food, 1-3. Bloud and murder are fu an altar, and offrrethiacrificr, which lud cerpteth,

den, H-7. Gud's cournant, of which the rai

IU Cmstiluted a plrdze, 8-17 Noah', fail and promise th to cura the earth no more, 31-22

plenish the world's Nnah plantets a 1 God remembered. ch.19.99.-30.29. Ex.9 94, vard, 20. Is drunken, and locked by his son, 1 Sa.1.19. Ne. 13.11.99,99.31. Job 11.13. Ps.106.4. 24. Curreth Canaun, 25. Bl.seth Skem, 26. } --138.1.-136 23.-137.7. Am.8.7. llab.3.2. Re. 16. els for Japhets, and dieth, 7-29. 19.-18.5. the cattle. Nu.20 39. P.36.0. Jon... i blessed. 121.7. ch.1.92,28.-2.3.-8.17.-2 11. R0.820... a wind Ex.14.21. Ps.104.7..9. Ps. 112.1.-128.3.1. 13.51.2. Be. ver.7,19, cb. Pr.25.23.

-8.17.-10.32. 2 foun:ains. ch.7.11. Pr.8.28. Jon.c.3.

2 ch.1.08.-0.19.-35.5. Le 26.6,29. Job 5.0 Tain. Job 37.11..13,-38.37. Mat.8.9.26,27. P 8.4.8.-104,20..23. Eze. Ja

3 continually Heb. in going and returning. 3 Luery.le.XI.2.8. De. 19.15.-14.3...1. hodied. ch.7.11.21.

10.1. .13. 1 1 1.1.3..5. ere, ch.129,30), Ps.10. 4 the ark. ch.7.17..19. sepenth month. That is, 15. Ro.11.3,14,17.20.1 (0.10.23,95,20,31. C of the year, not of the deluge. Ararat, Ararat 16,21,00. i is generally understood to be Armenia, as it 4 the life. L.3.17.-7.26.-17.10..14.-19.26.

rendered elsewhere, in which there is a great 12.16,23.-14.21.-15.23. i Sa. 11.34. Ac.15.2 chain of mountains, like the Alps or Pyrenees, 29. I 11.1.4. upon the highest part of which, called by some 5 etery. Ex.21.10,28,29. and at. cn. 4.9.10. : The Finger Mountain,' the ark is supposed to 19.16, Wu.35.31.33 De.211.9. Ps.9.12. Mat have restel. O ki 19.37. 13.37.38. Je 51.27. 35. brorher. Ac.17.26.

5 decreased continually. Heh. were in going 6 by. FXOLS.11.-09.99. Le. 17.4.-34.17.1 and decreasing the tenth. ch.7.11

185.25. i Ki... 1.94.5.. Ro.13.4. . 6 opened the windon'. ch.0.16. Da 6.10.

13.10. in Ps.51.4. Ja.3.9. 7 araren. Lt.11.15. 1 ki.17.4.6. Job 38.41. Ps. 7 ver.1.19.c.1.28.-8.17. 147.9. went to and fro. Heb. in going forth 9 ver. 11,17. ch.6.18.-17.7,8.-22.17. Is.54.9 and returning

Je.31.35,30.-33.80. Ro.1.3.

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7! 3 over the earth, 1. a tock ter, and pulled Powerle earth; then he put / ver. ll, 17. bis sons with hiril, Sayın..

I'Lute Tuo the earth B.C.3318. 10 And he stayed yet (ther seven day

again be sent fertl, y ,!,! y ark the recycatered rah,

ech.6, IS.

11 And the dose cate un trun the olare, the 625

evenins; and, ios, in her yutas an Stufe, and test ret

De 33. olive traipuikt citt: so Soal berat
P 46.2

the waters were abited from 17 the earth. 91.

12 Aw he stayesi set other set et hay, I helt kord, ard

Pr. 2.3

and sent forth the dove, which returtied Job, 118.

Dot gain unto him any 1 re.

Pa 104. dd, and every on 2 Pet. 3. 6.

13 Anitate to piss, in the six hun Zeyter of etery sort & Je. 2. 3.

drerit Xhirst year, to the first month, the SE un Svah into ... 1.2 first day of y' waters sere dried 17:17: ot add sesh, wherein poba. 17 up froin ott the earth and Soat remosed

the breath the covering the ark, and looked, and 1

vest in, weat in male, of the spirit behold, the face of the ground was dry. Jim Las God led con- of life 14 And in the secou, on the

se logus ut himn in tamilrs. i seven and twentielt day of the month, Ver & torty days upon


was the partti dnud. Toen iceert, & bare

15 And God pake unto Noah, uying, 20 litap above the earth.

M 13.11.15

16 Go forth of the ark, thou,& thy wite, A presalied, and were

and thy sons and thy sosives with thee. za the earth, and the i la 1.9

17 Bring forth with thee every tung jace of the wters.

is. 66. 5. thing that is with thee, of all flesh, Soch of stealed exceedingly Ez, 20. 41. fowl, and of cattle, and of esery (feeping

2C0.2 15. thing that creepreth opt the earth, that ey are heren were cosered, c. 3. they may breed bundantly vi the earth, Paddi the watersch. 3. 17. & be truitful and multiply upon ye earth. 1.34were covered.

17. 18 And Soali went tirth, and his *. det tiet moted apon. 07,1 hough. and his wite, ati his 'ons' wises with him V.C,D of cattle, and

19 Every beast, every creeping this, y crepng thing that

Job 15. 14. and every tow!, and whatsoever creep!h werth, and every mans

Je. 17. 9.

upen the earth, after their & kinds, went

Ro. 1, 2, Skirtintaq the breath

torth out of the ark.

sek9.11.15. Da! W te dry land, died.

20 And out, builded an altar onto the reyne substance was de ihr dassel

LORD; and took of lesery clean bent, * Do the face of the the earth. and of every clean fowl, and otered

204, 2 cattle, and the jach, 19. 9. burnt offerings on the altar dhewlotte leavet E.. 2. 24. 21. And the LORD srielled r weet

get from the earth P., 18, 4. savour:iatul the LORD said in hi heart, 2 sared alrst, and they Ps. %. I will not again curse the ground any 11 tbe ark

Ex. 16. 21.! more for man's sake, for thel 11.12 ne prevailed upon the Pr2 nation of man's heart is evil tren his 1.adiny days.

i Job * 3. youth: neither will I againsmite any

Mai... more everything living, as I have done emberert Noab, and

. 19 going While the earth remaineti' we

andre ma and all the cattle turning

time and harvest, and cold and heat, and 22 ta the ark : and Got Is $4.9.

summer and winter, and day and night, Je 33.39, 25. shall not cease.

CHAP. IX taso of the deep and

sveti And God blessed Noah and his song

and said unto them,! Be fruitful, and pe carea sas restrained,

Hos. 2. 18.multiply, and replenish the earth. 142 worriere from off the

Ja. 3.7. 2 And the fear of you, and the dread Todanter the end of . De. 12. 16. of you, shall be upon every beast of the This meant fuity day, the waters

14. 4, Se.

earth, and upon every foul of the air, Ac. 10.12.14

upin all that moseth upon the earth, and

1 Tim.4.3,4 potest in the seventh

ch. 1. 09.

upon all the fishes of the sea, into your teruch day of the

• Ro, 1, 3,

hand are they delivered. menntung of Ararat.“ Le.17.10.14 3 Every moving thing that liveth stall

A decreased continu 19. 26. be meat for you, even as the 1 goth: in the tenth

De. 12. 23. have I gisen yonsall things, *** 9y of the month, were

1 Sa. 11.34. 4 But the h' with the life thereof. thick

a Je. 51. 77. is the blood thereof, shall ye wot eat to pass at the end of were in 5 And surely your blood of your free ? at opened the win

going and will I require at the hand of every beast We he tad made :

decreasing will require it, and at the hand of mali toth a raven, which bE22.1. at the hand of every man's brother will *****, , outil the waters

I require the life of man. som * the earth.

6 Whoso sheddeth man's blood, try for a dose from him.


man shall his blood be shed:' for in the 07:43 He abated from oft he image of God male he man,

1 K125,6,32. 7. And you, be ye fruitful, and multi 12) Food po rest for the ch. 1.31. ply; bring forth abundantly in the earth,

2ste returied unto caused her and multiply therein. To the water were on

to come. 8 And God spake unto Noah, and to

ch. 6. IS, And I, behold, I establish my emne. en to the ark.

Dant with you, with your seed after you


green herb

10 And“ with every living creature; B. C. 2318. 5 By these were the isles that is with you, of the fowl, ot the cattle,

tiles divided in their lands and of every beast of the earth with you;la ch.8. 1. atter his tongue, after their from all that go out of the ark, to every Ps. 143. 9.

their nations. beast of the earth :

b Je. 2. 10. 6 And the sons of Ilam 11 And I will establish my covenant Zep.:.11. Mizraim, and Phut, and Ca with you; neither shall all tlesin be cut c Ps: 72. 10. 7 And the son of Cush; ott any more by the waters of a flood; d 2 Pet. 3. 7. vilali, & Sabtah, Raamal, neither shall there any more he ad flood - Mi. 5. 6. & the sons of Raamah; Shel to destroy the earth.

Mi. 7.2.

8 And Cush begat Nimroe 19 Aud God said, This is the tokens of ch. 17. 1. to be a mighty one in the e

5 Eze. ). 9. the covenant which I make between me

9 lle wits a mighty hunte

Re. 4. 3. and you, and every living creature that

LORD: wherefore it is said,

10.1. is with you, for perpetual generations : Gr. Baby.rodd the mighty hunter befor 13 I do set á my bow in the cloud, and lo.

10 And the beginning of it shall be for a token of a covenant be sor, he went was 7 Babel, and Erech, an tween me and the earth.

out into Calnel, in the land of Shin 14 And it shall come to pass, when I Assyria. 11 Out of that land dwe bring a cloud over the earth, that the or, the shur, and builded Nineve bow shall be seen in the cloud :

streets of city Rehoboth, and Calah, 15 Andi I will remember my covenant,

the city. 12 And Resen, between which is between me d you, every living i 202642,45. Calah: the game is a great creature of all lieslı; & the waters shall no

13 And Mizraim begat

I ki, s. 23. more become a food to destroy all flesh.

Ne. 9. 32.

Anamin, and Lehabim, and 16 And the bow shall be the cloud;

Ps. 106, 45.

14 And Pathrusim, and C and I will look upon it, that I may Exe. 16.60. of whom came Philistim, Jan remembers the everlasting covenant be Lu, 1.72.

15 And Canaan begat ns tween God and every living creature of 1 1 Ch. 1.12. born, and leth, all tlesh that is upon the earth.

k ch113,19 16 And the Jebusite, and 17 And God said unto Noah, This is 2 Sa. 23.5. and the Girgasite, the token of the covenant, which I have Is. 53. 3. 17 And the Hivite, and th established between me and all flesh that

Je. 32. 40. the Sinite, is upon the earth.

He. 13. 20. 18 And the Arvadite, and 18 And the sons of Noal, that went forth Tzidon. and the launathite: & after of the ark.were Shem,& llam, & Japheth:

I ch.15.19.21.

families of the Canaanites si and Ham is the father of o Canaan.


19 And the border' of th 19 These are the three sons of Noah:

Jos. 12.7, & otthein was the whole earth overspread Chenzau.

in ch. 10.1,6. was from Sidon, as thou con

unto K Gaza: as thou goest 20 And Noah began to be an husband

» ch. 10. 32. and Gomorralı, and Admah, man, and he plantedo a vineyard :

i Ch. 1. 4. even into Lasha, 21 And he drank of the wine, and was * Azzak 20 These are the sons of drunken, and he was uncovered within o De. 20. 6. their families, after their his tent.

29. 30. their countries, and in their 2 And Ham, the father of Canaan,

Pr. 24. 30. 01 Upto Shem also, the tat saw the nakedness of bis father, and CA. 1. 6. children of Eber, the brothe told his two brethren without.

1 Co. 9.7. the elder, even to him were 23 And Shem and Japheth took a gar-P Pr. 20. 1. Q? The children of Shem

Lu. 21. 34. ment, and laid si upon both their shoul:

Asshur, & Arphaxad, & L ders, and went backward,' and covered

I Co. 10.12.
Tit. 2. 2.

23 And the children of the nakedness of their father, and their

9 Hab. 2. 15.

and Hul, and Gether, and faces were backward, and they saw not

Re. 3. 19.

2 And Arphaxad begat ! their father's nakedness.

Ps. 35, 20.

Salab begat Eber. 24 And Noah awoke from his wine, 40. 15.

25 And unto Eber" wer and knew what his younger son had 70. 3. sons; the name of one was done unto him:

Ob. 12, 13. in his days was the earth d 25 And he said, Cursed be Canaan; a Arpach. his brother's name was Jokt servant of servants shall he be unto his ahud.

26 And Joktan begat A brethren.

. Ex. 20. 12. Sheleph, and Hazarınaveth, 26 And he said, Blessed be the LORD God

Gn. 6.1.

97 And Hladoram,and zal

1 Pct. 4. 8. of Shem; & Canaan shall be his servant,

28 And Obal, and Abimae 27 God shall - enlarge Japheth," and De. 27. 16: ali these ade the sons of Jol


99 Aud Ophir, and Havilal le shall dwell in the tents of Shem; and Jo. 9.23,7 Canaan shall be his servant.

Ju. 1.,30.

30 And their dwelling was 98 And Noah lived after the fiood three

2Chs... as thou goest unto Sephar, a hundred and fifty years,

NICh.). 19. east. 29 And all the days of Noah were nine ri.c.division. 31 These are the sons of hundred and fifty years, and he died. or serrant their families, after their CHLAP. X.

to them. their lands, after their nation Now these are the generations of the or, per. 3. These are the families o sons of Noah: Shem, Ham, and Japheth;

Noah, after their generatio & unto them were sons born after the flood, Ep. 2. 13. pations: and by these were

2 The sons of Japheth ; Gomer, ithid or, as some divided in the earth after th Magog, and Madai, and Javan, and Tu

CHLAP. XI. bal, and Meshech, and Tras.

Rodarim. AND the whole earth was

alip. 3 And the sons of Gomer; Ashkenaz,


guage, and of one speech. aul Riphatlı, and Togarmah.

2 And it came to pass,a- the 4 And the sons of Javan; Elishah, and vard, from x the east, that they fou

xor, rast.

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rayon XXXVIII-XLI. Crush. Is. 11.11. Phu. Je 16 mark. I ze 10,

7 Sba. Ps. 7210. Harilah, H.211 Via The hricht shall all.'10.1. Eze 87.2. Dedan. ISS113. 7.15

8 A.M. 1715. B.C.O. mred. Mi5.6. STILL1-1216. Jos 212. Mat.26. 9 mighty ch.6.4.-25.87 17. Je, 16.16.

Eze. 13.18. M1.7.9. before the Lord, th 6.11-11 3 SH 1.3.-10.1.

14 Eren, Sch. 1527. 1.58..! Le 26.4945. De 7.9. 10 A.M. 1743. B.C. 2234). in the. Je 5) 21. LUWEPO 15. Je 16.2L Eze.16.60 M2.5.6. Babel, Or. Babylon. ch.11.9. 1.1 se p. 1$+$.

M1.4.10. Caluch. 1.10.3. Am.6.2. Shanar. ch. OILC8.01.22.-17.11,19.11.2--14.1. 13.11.11. Da 1... Zec 5.11. P. 1543.210.-55.3, Je_32.40. 11 A.M.1700. B.C.2*4. non 1 Ankar.

er, he went out iris Assyria M.3.6. Asut. 3 Scom, topp 1. i Ch.1.4. Han. ch. tar.4.9 PAIX ER 17.43-.

H0.14.3. 1 W. 1 9.57 Jou 1... Band of. ch.8.17.-10....32. -111. Na 11.-9.8.-3.7. Zep...13 As muy ef.

of, the streets of the city. Satest ch 18,19.93.-4.2.-589, 13 Ludom ICh.111.12. Je 46 9. Fue 105. planted. De. 14 Pathrum.I.11.11 Je, 44.1 Phibitom. Ich 21-3231 Calo. 106.9.7

1.12. Je 47.4. Capharm De 2.3.le.17.4 A 7.7. -193 P.0).1.-23.31.39 15 Canaan. 1 Ch.1.13. Sud. Het zwa. LeRo 1113.1Co 10.18.a.3.21. ch.19.13. Jos Zidon. Heth. (1.13. TILL 15.0 15.16. Re 3.18

18. 21.-3..90). Ex 3.8. - 9.11. NO.9.0...15. 2., 11.6.15..19.1 Ch.1.8.13. 16, Jos

9,21.-40.15.-70.3. Pr.25. 16 Jeburile. Ju.1.21.2 Sa. 04.18. Zec.9 7. TM1&15. IC 13.6.Gao.i. 17 Bartre. ch.12. St. 32. Hi, 111.5. 18 Arradure. Eze.78. Zermarite. Jos. 18.12.

. Ch.13.4. Hamathue. Nu 14.8.25 89. Sk. 5ch 1.14.-4.11.-19.7. De 97. 17.24.%0. Is. 10.9. Ize.47.10.17. lec.9.9 EL JOR34.

. Settant. The 19 And the ch.1312 17.-15.18.91 Xu.34 8. w God destroyed before 15. IX.28Jos 12.7.8.-XIV XI potrded from Canada and w) comest. ch.13.10. Gaar. (h.0.1.-26.1. biasa.

13 ani the Carthagin ans, Heb. Azzah. Ju 16.1, le 05.8). Sài , chi sab, ugated with dreadful 10.13.-14.2.-18 20.-19.84,25. Ho.118

Greeks and Romans. The 20 ver.6. ch.11 1.9 hoe been taught and sold like 21 Shem, SMEM signibes name or ren , ab i va tos posterity. 105.9.2347.Jul. bis, indeed, was great both in a temporal and 11,3 % Ch878. J°83

spiritual sense, inasmuch as he wanted to le $3.6. PS.11.15. Ro.9.5. the be the lineal ancestor of the promised heard of L. 213. La 3.23.36.Sem te the woman, to which Nowh might allude in his pious ejaculation, h. 9.20. the father ch.11.

toppestede. Japhesh. Japheth de 10...0. Iber. NU.4.21. The Apacher. vere best and how wonderfully have children ch. 27. Llam. ch. is to enlarked! for not only 14.1.9. Ohi,13.19. Job 1.17.13 11.11.-41.8 > Vor, part of Armenia, Ibe 6. Je.85.25.-49.94. 30. AC 89. Aiphasad. Hed.

rast rrmous of Asia Dorth Arpachshad. Lud. 18.66.19. Aram. Nu.83.7. isri,

naby Anerica, fell to the 23 C's. Job1l Je.25.20. Inty shall dadl. I bese words 24 Salah. Heb. Shelah. ch.11.12.15 Etat Got or that Japheth shall 25 A.M.1757. B.C.2017. Iber, rer. 1. 15.1. Bo Shen. In either seuse the 19. the name. ch.11.16..19. Lu 3.35,30. P'eleg. 2 terally fulfilled. diell. Is. 1. 6. division. R. ver. 1g. De 32 & Ac. 17.26, 11.11. Ac. 17.14. Ro.11.19 26 and 27 i Ch.140..98. 11.-10.13. He 11.9.10.

28 A.M.cir. 1797. B.C.cir. 1 K. 2. C. 196. mesu. ch.5.5,20,27, 10.1. I Ch.1.20.08.

99 Ophor. Ik 9.88.-92.48.1 Ch.8.18.-9.10, CHAP. X.

13. Job 22.44,-98.16. Ps.43.9. Is. 13.12. Hatilah. Puteria of 1. Japheth, 2-6, Har, eb.2.11.-25.18. 1 Sa 15.7.

***Areenarek, and the demand 30 more of the east, u.93.7

eran - The son of Sars, 21-32. 31 rer-5.20. Ac.17.20. 14-5.1.-1.9. Mat.1.1.

32 are the ver.1.00.31. ch 5.89..31.

and by Any man who can barely read his Bible, and has 15.7. 15.66.19. Eze, but heart of such people as the Assyrians, Elam ;-) ke...

ites, Lydians, Medes, lonians, and I hraciano, AY 135. Artın. N9.94.94. Is. will readily acknowledge that Asshur, Ilan L'actie. De danimor, Rotanim. Lud, Madai, Jaran, and Tiras, grandsons of

18** 17. isler ver.25. P.72.10. Noah, were their respective founders. Radtou. 113*1*1-4.5*24.10.-19.1.-313-59 Iver 25. ch. Ac.17.16. B-10 -3. Lep...11.

after hu


One language in the world, 1. The building of Ba. ind the ch.9.0. 1 Ch. bel, 24 It is interrupted by :hr conjunton 4:451-105.937.-106.9. Ham. fonyurs, and the builders disperwd, 6. 9. There din bn of black, and this name nerations of Shem, 10.-26. TA. Xineration of pady made of the regions al. Trrah, the father of Abram, 256

To the Cushites, of de Abram and l.or, remeget from l'sta Haran, 31.3.4 t, were aliotied the hot south. 1 A.M.1757. B.C.47. was, 19.19.1874.3.9.

along the stores of the Per-Ar.26. language. Heb.lip. speech. He words, Eur (husistan, &c.; to the g from the easi, or, Fastward. ch.13.11. Shinar.

I Pa Attiva and Syria to the see on ver y. ch. 10. 10.-14.1. Is. U.11. Dal...

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