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THERE was once a farmer's wife who wished for a very little child-smaller than had ever been seen. So she went to a Fairy, who dressed sometimes as an old woman, and asked her for a tiny baby. The Fairy gave her a barleycorn, and told her to put it in a flower-pot (for it was not a common barleycorn), and when it grew into a flower she should have her wish.

The very next day the farmer's wife found that a tall beautiful flower just like a tulip had grown up in the pot.

She thought it such a beautiful flower that she kissed its red and yellow leaves, and the moment her lips touched it the bud opened with a pop! It was a real tulip, and inside it she found the smallest little maiden ever seen — scarcely half a thumb's length; so she called her Little Totty.

A polished walnut shell served Little. Totty for a bedstead, with violet leaves for a mattress and rose leaves for a coverlet. Her mother used to put her

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