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New Ministerial arrangements-Mo. Pite's rivalry .with Napour
leon-Parliamentary proceedings under Mr. Pitt-Lamentable
state of Ireland Mr. Juftice Fox charged by Lord. A bercorn
More of Judge Fox's case-Lord Abercorn's influence in Tyrona.
--Mer Pin's lass of influence & prorogation of Parliament
King goes to Weymouth-Internal state of the country- Mr.
Foster, swaru in Chan. of the Exchequer-Internal effects of Mr.
Pite's continental and home politics--Minifters encourage the
coolness between the King and Prince-Means of damping, tkie
Çatholics espectations Proceedings of the Catholics-Lord Side
mouth's influence upon the King - Opening of Parliament
King's speech - Proceedings in Parliament on Irim affairs
Resolutions of the Catholic meeting r-Applications against the
Catholic petitionMrGiffard's opposition to the. Cathylic peti.
tian-Mr; Giffard's dismissal from oflice --Conference of the Car
tholic deputies with Mr. Pitt-M«. Pitt's answer- Continuance

of conference Close of the conference, and Mr. Pitt's ultimatum

la Catholic depäties apply to Lord Grenville and Mr. For-Cathio

lic petition, presented by Lord Grenville to the Lords, and Mr;

Fox to the Commons-Lord Abercorn againt Judge Fox-Case

of Judge Johnson-Exects of Juverna's letters—As of Geo, II;

between county and county. The 13th & 14th Gen 41. respect

ing Scotland. - Strange construction of the 44 hoof Geo ul.

Procesetings asrina d hnson-Janson's case brought before

the House of Corymausam Judge Johnson petitions the Lords -

Motions in the Commons respecting stato prisques-Iris Sinds


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get and financial arrangements-Recruiting from the Irish Mi.
litia-Petitions against the Catholic Question-Lord Grenville
introduces the petition--His speech--Those of Lord Hawkesbury
Duke of Cumberland-Earl Spencer-Viscount Sidmouth-Lord
Mulgravem- Lord Holland-Lord Cambden and Bishop of Dur.
ham Lord Redesdale--- Earl of Limerick Earl of Suffolk
Earl of Buckinghamshire- Lord Carlton- Lord Hutchinsoni

Lord Redesdale--- Eail of Ormond Lord Borrington
Archbishop of Canterbury Earl of Albemarle-Lord Chan-
cellor Eldon-Duke of Norfolka-Bishop of St. Asaplı- Lord
Ellenborough-Earl Westmoreland-Earl Moira- Earl Darnley
Lord Auckland- Lord King and Lord Bolton-Divisi on against
the motion-Mi. Fox opens the debate in the Commons with a
luminous & brilliant speech. The answer of Dr. Duigenan
Mr. Grattan replies to Dr. Duigenan- Mr. Perceval.
Mr. Alexander- Mr. wm. Smith Mr. Lee
--Sir Wm. Scott-Di Laurence Mr. Foster Mt. George
Ponsonby-Mr. Pitt speaks evafively is Mr. Wyndham "
-Sir John Newport--Mr. M. Fitzgerald Col. Atchdalt

Mr. Dillon —Mr. Shaw~Mr. H. Ardington Mr. John La-
touche Sir J. Cox Hippesley-Lord De Blaquiere Mr.
c H: Hutchinson, Ms; Flá wtforn and Sir W. Dolben-M.
Fox admirable reply ---- Division 3-Renewed prosecution a-I
gainft Judge Fos-Detailed 'statémérit of the tase of Judge Fox
Characteristic symptoms of the Pitt system"Judge Fox goes to
England to obtain grounds for his defence Ursconfitütibnal
prosecution of Judge Fox on the firft-chargé-Second article of
charge Third charge Fourth charges Fifth charge - Sixth
· charge-Seventh charge--Eighin charge, viz. of Mr. Hard Cases
of Mc Dowgal and Dohson-Dissert of the Jury- Miscondux
of Mr. Hart-Singular conduct of Mt. Hart-Mr. Härt acquirt
ed by Donegal Grand Juries-Charge of partially willing Grand
Jizry presentments-ľal charge presented by Lord Abercorner
Proçuring money, under the Army of Reserve All General con'
sequence of the charges-Further Parliamentary proceedingsase
to Ireland, Acts of Parliamerit' touching Judge Fox and Judge
Johnson-Other Acts of the Session-Lord Sidmouth disagrees
with Mr. Pilt-Case of Mr. Todd Jones Abrupt prorogationi
of Parliameuf-Defection of-Mr. Piits friends-Mr. Pofter diså
coutenanced-Further declive of 'Mr. Petrus influence on is
Mr. Pitt Lord Hardwicke and Sif JönahBarrin frontieke oof

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Trotiv. Symonds Grounds of the trial Effects of Anti-
Catholic prejudicesei pardon of Hamilton Rowari-Lord Castle,
reaghlacates' his' seat for DownColt Mead proposés: to-stand
for the county Down Lord Camlereagh privately canvassos-his
friends and ultimately falls-Decline of Mr. Pitts health &;-)
Address to Lord Hardwicke on hig-departure-Mössing of Opa
position and decline of MH PiteParliament meets: and Kings,
Speeches Address rosicke King. Amendment proposech Death i
of Mr. Pire Consequence of Mrs Pitt's drach. Debate di-the:
vote of thanks to M. PlecMrFox(sincére simt cualescing with
Lord Greniville-Négociations for 11ewvaprangements-Diffioutal
tgiin the arrangementspil Thorñèmilarrangeraents concludedsecima
M : 0-Harariobjects to finorat honbrs cu Lord Corowallis,
decount'of the Unions Meetings for Repealiokithe Union Popus
lation of the country e-Lord Hardwicke and the-paving board..
Viva Filtraits of the new miniftry...!,
--"3 CX?:"11" wido? I-"*;* ,


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1570;11:,':') : ?
arcaria. CHAPTER ::. .:

1774. (I..!:...938 .6 ; 36, s .182.1. -
iti n éį. :13:"T- 10:15 's',1.9 mins
:>lot Alminiftration of the DUKE OF BEDFORDI ,.28%
-* M.: "7----- 925, i tilois'? .-- ."'6:)."; i.

Geriéral nature of the Bedford adminiftrationi pirftaas of the
Bedford'administration State of the Whig adminiftrations!
Ireland left to Mr. Ponsonbý.-Attempts to lead the Catholic
cause-M Ryan and Mr. Fós Mr. Ryan's application to
Mr. Fox fór án appointment Mf, Fox's condue to Mr. Ryan."

Mr. Fox's letter to Mr. Ryayi Sitbsequent condud of".
Mr. Ryan-Catkolic meeting in Már Borough-street-Resült!
of 'the meetings Meeting of the new Committee at Mr. Mac.-
Donnell's Catholic meeting in Eart-ftreet-Aggregate preeks -
ing at the Repósitory---Firft resolution of aggregate mbetiriyeti
Debate on the seconď résolution Mr. Ryan's correspridekice?
with ATF Fox deposited with the chairmartDimulties räigede val
the Convention Act Address to the Lord Lieutenañe'* Revolusi
utions of a Catholic meeting it? William-treer Nature of theo
address proposed to the Lord Lieutenant- Resolutions of the,

coutney of Wewford-Address of the counties of Wexford, Clare,
and others, to the Lord Lieutenants Addresses from corporao
tions to the Lord Lieutenant, and of the Bar to the Chancellor
Case of Mr. Cutraa- The Rolls offered to Mr. Curranse
Spirit and conduct of the Iride Garenment-toMr. Wilson the
Tyrone magiforate- Continuance of Mr. Wilson's cammuni,
cations with Government Case of O'NeilM r. Elliott's
letter'80 Mr, Wibon-Commission to investigate Q'Neil's case.

Differened between Serjeant Morre and Mr. Wilson ,
Mr. Wilson summoned to Dublin Mra Wilson writes to M.,
Elliott Mr. Wibon writes to Mr Ponsonby. MF, Wikon :
writes again to Mr Elliott The Chancellor's letter to Mr. Wile
cookMr. Wilson is refused a commission før Armaghr-Conses
quences of that dofusal Feelings of the Catholics on the new
administration- Mr. Ponsonby sets about reforming the ma.
gistracy- Wesford and Carlov magiftrates-Lord Grenville
Brings on Mr. Judge Fox's case-Debate on Judge Fox's case
Close of Judge Fox's case-Close of Judge Johnson's case
Irish revenues and resources-Relief of the poor in Ireland ,
Mr. Foster's and Mr. Bagwell's opinions-Sir John Newport ex-
plains-Mr. Alexander opposes the measure-The new ministers
shy Ireland, and prorogue, the parliament- Vain expectancies of
the Catholics in Ireland-Reforms in the financial departments
-Mr. Grattan restored to the Privy Council-Death of Mr. Fox.
-Suppression of partial disturbances Threshers Further partis
culars of the Threfaers Dissolution of Parliament, and Catholics
address to Mr. Grattan- Threshers increase_ The new mi-
wifters acting upon the old principles Meeting of the new Par-
liament, and King's speech-7Private communications with the
Catholieş-an Catholiç mgeringsMore catholic meetings
Resolution: 10 petition Parliament, that session. Further resolu-
tions of the Catholics at, lange to petitions Catholic resolutions
fos petitioning Parliamelit-Conduct of the ministers and the mp3
positing The Newry magistratęs. prosecute Mr. O' Hapłon form
a libe!--Catholics address the Duke of Bedford— Proceedings in
the King's bench Affidayit of Me & Hanlon-Conduct of
the Cut-Abolition of useless places Additienal grant of.
seople to Mayngosch Çollegen Sie Johur Newport apsyers Mrer
Perexal's objęstiqasr Mr. Gractan, supports the grant Lord
Howick refers to the state of foreign education Real conduct,
of ministeyum kord Howick, ingves the Grinchalis Officers, billy
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