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fa Baldww Bicooi, who m. Isabel, dan. and heiress (or co-hdresi) of Sir Fiera Gnndlion (юн of Sir William Grandi•on, by Sibel, dan. and co-heir of John, Lord Trcgoi), and had time ions,

Thomas, hit heir

John (Sir), who wu in the battle of Agineourt, 75 October, 1415, and the next year served the office of sheriff of Herefomshire, at which period he bore for hi« anus, arg., on a croe, ta., a leopard's bee, or, aa lince used, and ha* been bone by Simon de Brügge, one of the same family, when he wu sheriff of this county, in 1379. Sir John was alio sheriff of Gloucestershire, in the 7ih Hxnxt V., and was returned to parliament by that county the following year. He left at hi» decease, an only dau. and heiress,

Joanna, who m. Sir John Baskerrille. of Erdisley, Herefordshire.

Simon, of the Leve, со. Hereford, left a numerous posterity, of whom the chief branch was still living at the Leye, when Gregory King made hie visitation of that county in 1684 And hence descended Sir John Bridge«, who wai lord mayor of London. 12th НЕШТ VIII., whole dan. Winifrede. m. lit, Sir Richard Sack ville, by whom the was mother of Thomas Sackrille. Lord Buckhurst. and Earl of Oorsci, the celebrated poet. Her ladyihip m. 2ndly, John Powlett, Marque» of Winchester. Sir Balwin Brugge wai » by hii eldest ton,

Thomas Bbcqoe, or ВВГЛЕЗ, who m, Alice, dan. and co-heir of Sir Thomas Berkeley, of Coberley, со. Gloucester, by Elizabeth, lister and co-heiress of Sir John Chandos (tee that dignity), and acquired the aeat of Coberley, and other large «tatet, which descended down to George Brydges, 6th Lord Cbmdot, who d. In 1654. By thii gnat heiress, Thomae Bracts had issue,

Gvles. of whom presently.

Edward, of Lone, со. Gloucester, who d. In 1436, leaving a dan. and heiress, Isabel, who m. John Throckmorton, Esq. (younger son ot John Tbrockmorton, Esq., and Eleanor his vue, dau. and co-heir oí Sir Guy de Spineto, Lord of Coughton, со. Warwick), and was mother?! John mhrockmorton, Esq. ancestor of the Throckmortons, extinct Baronets of Tobtwoeth.

The elder son,

Sib Gnu Вжсоп, «as «rated at Coberley, со. Gloucester, md in the 7th Hinkt V. (1419) wai amongst the persons of note of that county who had command to serre the king in person for Ox security of the realm, all those then required so to do being such (aa the words of the writ import,) "as did bear SBdent arms by descent from their ancestors.'* In 1429, he was iheriff of Gloucestershire, and again in 14M. In the next year. Sir Bruges and William Whittinton were returned numbers of parliament for that shire. He m. Catherine, dau. ot James Clifford, Esq., of F ramplón, со. Gloucester, and widow of Antelm Guise, Esq., of Elmore, by whom he had.

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Т.щ, of Hlgham, со. Gloucester; Ellen, m. to John Ashflcld, Esq. ; and a son and heir, Henbt Bbydges, Esq., of Keinsham, who m. Anne, dau. of John Hungerford, Esq., of Down Arnpney, со. Gloucester; and was *. by his son, Sib Thomas Bbtdges, of Keinsham, whose son, Thomas Bbtdoes, Esq. m. Philippa, dau. of Sir George Speke, K.B., and left with a dau. Philippa, who m. Major Henry Guise of Winterboume, a son, Sui Thomas Bridges, of Keinsham, an eminent loyalist, who m. Anne, dau. and co-heiress of Sir Edward Bodney, of Stoke Bodney, со. Somerset, by whom he had, with other issue,

1 Haut Bbtdoks, Esq., who Inherited the estates, and m. Lady Diana Holies, dan. of John, 2nd Earl of Clare, by whom he had a dau., Arabelle, m. to John Mitchell, Esq., of Kingston Bussel, Dorset. Mr. Brydges m. 2ndly, Miss Freeman, and had two more uaus.; upon his decease, his estates devolved, by an entail, upon his nephew, GeobgeBodnet Bbtdoes.

S Geoboi-bodnet Bbtdoes, of Avington, Hants, m. Lady Anne Maria Brudenell, dau. of Robert, 2nd Earl of Cardigan, and widow of Francis Talbot, llth Earl of Shrewsbury, and had a son,

Geobge-hodhet Hrtdgis, of Avington, who Inherited the estates upon the decease of his uncle, Harry Iirvclues, as stated above. He was M.P. for the city of Winchester from 1714 to 1751. This gentleman was found drowned In the canal of his garden, at Avington, in the seventy-second year of his age: leaving no issu», the greater part of his estates reverted to the Chandos branch of the family, but he devised a property at Alresford. in Hampshire, to George Brydges Bodney, afterwards the great Admiral, Lord Kodney.

Sir Giles Bruges d. 1611, and was i. by his elder son and heir, Sra John Bbdoes, who was under age at his father's decease, and waa in ward to King Hknkt VIH. He had an early ambition of military glory, and though very young, attended the king in hii expedition into France, 1513, when Teroucnne and Tourney were taken. He was likewise at the battle of Spurs, and for hii valiant conduct in those engagements received the honour of knighthood. In the 10th of Hehbt VIII., Sir John covenanted to serve the king with 100 archers under his command; and being one of the knights of the king's body, was in his train at Bulloign, at the interview at Sadingfield with the French king, attended by three servants and one horse keeper, according to the appointment then made. In 1637 he was constituted constable of Sudeley Castle, and in the same year waa, amongst those of the court, summoned with the nobility and bishops to be present, October IB, at the christening of Prince Edward. In the year 1544 he paesod the seas with the king, and for his gallant behaviour at the siege of Bulloign. was. on the surrender thereof, api Dinted deputygovernor of the town; in which post he was continued by King Edb-abd VI. He bad also, in the 1st year of that king, a grant of divers manors in consideration of his services. In 1549 (3rd EdwÂad VI.), Bulloign being besieged by the French, he had the command of the place a» deputy-governor, and successfully defended It against the French king in person, and an army flushed with the conquest of N ewhaven and other places. On the death of Edwabd v I., Sir John Bruges waited upon Queen Mart, assisted her against those who had usurped the government; and upon her majesty's entrance into London to the Tower, was one of the principal persons in her train; for which services he was then appointed governor of the Tower, and had a grant, at the same time, of the castle and manor of Sudeley. in Gloucestershire. He was subsequently, Sunday, 8 April, 1564, elevated to the peerage in the dignity of BabÓn Chandos, of Sudeley, to him and the heirs male of his body, "in consideration not only of his nobility and loyalty, but of his probity, valour, and other virtues." Four days afterwards) he attended Lady Jane Grey to the scaffold, and that unhappy lady presented him (as related by some), in testimony of hi« civilities to her, with her prayer book; but according to others it was a table book, with some Greek and Latin verses which she wrote in it, upon his lordship's begging her to write something that he might retain as a memorial of her. His last will bears date 2 March, In the 2nd and 3rd of Phiuf and Млвт, and he (Í. 4 March following (1557), an adherent to the old religion. His lordship m. Elizabeth, dau. of Edmund, Lord Grey de Wilton, sister to the gallant soldier, William. Lord Grey de Wilton, and aunt to Arthur, Lord Grey de Wilton, the celebrated lord-deputy of Ireland. By this lady he had seven sons and three daus., of the latter, Catherine, m. Edward Sutton, Lord Dudley; Elizabeth, m. John Tracy, Esq., of Todington, со, Gloucester, and Mary, m. George Throckmorton, Esq., son of Sir George Throckmorton, of Coughton; of the sons

Edmund, inherited the title.

Charles, of Wilton Castle, near Boss, In Herefortlihire. became cup bearer to King Pbilip, and was deputy-lieutenant of the Tower to his father, John, Lord Chandos, when the warrant came for executing the Princess Elizabeth, which he refused to obey, until bo should receive orders from the king and queen, and thereby was the means of saying her life; for the order being disowned at court, a stop was put to the execution. Mr. Brydgee lived to an advanced age, and wae sheriff of Herefordshire, in the 32nd of Elizabeth. He m. Jane, dau. of Sir Edward Came, of Ewenny, со. Glamorgan, Knt., and dying in 1619, was s. by his eldest son, Giles BrÏdof.p. Esq., of Wilton Castle, who was created a baronet, 17 May, 1627. Sir Giles m. Mary, dau. of Sir James Scudamore, and was 5. by his eldest son, Sir John Bridges, 2nd baronet, who m. Mary, only dau. and heir of James Pearle, Esq., of Dewsal and Anconbury, со. Hereford, and dying in 1651, was ». by his only son,

Sir Jame« Rrtpges, 3rd baronet, of whom hereafter, as 8th Lord Guandos.

Anthony, m. Catherine, dau. of Henry Fortescue, Esq., of Faulkbourn Hall, Essex: from this marriage the Bev. Edward Tymewell Brydoes, who eventually claimed the Barony of Chandos at the death of the last Duke of Chandos, endeavoured, unsuccessfully, to establish a descent.

Lord Chandos was «. by his eldest son,

Edmund Bruges, 2nd baron, who adopted early the profession of arms, and served under the Earl of Hertford, in the reign oí King Henrt VIII., and in 1547, behaving himself with great bravery in the famous battle of Mussclburgh, he was made a knight banneret by the Duke of Somerset. In the roijrn of Queen Elizabeth he was elected a knight of the Garter, and installed at Windsor, 17 June, 1572. His lordship m. Dorothy, 5th dau., and eventually co-heir of Edmund, Lord Braye, and dying 11 September, 1573, was t. by his elder son,

Giles Bruges, 3rd baron, who, in, the lifetime of his father, represented the со. ol Gloucester in parliament. His lordship m. Lady Frances Clinton, dau. of Edward, 1st Earl of Lincoln, admiral of England, by whom he had two daus., Elizabeth, who m. Sir John Kennedy, of Scotland, and d. g. p., and Catherine, m. to Francis, Lord Russell, of Thornhaugh, afterwards Earl of Bediord. Those ladies were his heirs. His lordship d. 21 February, 1593-4, and was «. in the peerage by his brother,

William Bruges, 4th baron, who m. Mary, dau. of Sir Owen Hopton, lieutenant of the Tower, and dying in 1602, wae », by bis elder son,

Grey Bruges, nth baron, K.B. This nobleman, from the magnificence of his style of living at his mansion, in Gloucestershire, and the splendour of his retinue when he came to court, acquired the title of Kino Of Cotswould. He had an ample fortune, which he expended in the most generous and liberal manner. His house was opon three days in the week to the gentry, and the poor were fed as constantly from the remnants of his entertainments. On 8 November, 1617, Lord Chandos was appointed to receive and introduce the Muscovite ambassadors, who had brought rich and costly presente from their master to the king. His lordship m. Lady Anne Stanley, dau. and co-heir of Ferdinande, 5th Earl of Derby, and great grand-dau. ot the Princess Mary Tudor, by her husband, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and dying 10 August, 1621, was «. by his elder son,

George Bruges, 6th baron. This nobleman, who waa but a year old at the decease of his father, became at the breaking out of the civil wars, in 1641, a stout supporter of the royal cause. At the battle of Newbury his lordship had three horses killed under him, which so far from damping his ardour, roused his valour to a higher pitch, lor mounting a fourth charger he renewed the attack, and was mainly instrumental in breaking the enemy's cavalry. In consideration ol his splendid conduct in this action, Lord Chandos had an offer irom the king to be created J»arí of Newbury, but he modestly declined, until it should please God to restore his majesty to the crown, an event which he did not survive to see: but, on the contrary, many severe mortifications and sufferings, and much mental adversity, as well as worldly oppression. When tlio parliamentarians triumphed, his lordship, besides having suffered imprisonment, paid at one time £3,973 10«., and what was left him he generously bestowed in relieving the distressed clergy, ¿ml those who had suffered by the wars.

la the year, 1652, Lord Chandos had a difference with Colonel Henry Cotnpton, grandson of Henry, Lord Compton, which unhappily ended in n duel at Putney Heath, on 13 May, when Colonel Compton tell. His lordship and his second, Lord Arundcl, of xVardour, having been imprisoned more than a year, were ot length arraigned in the upper bench, 17 May, 1654. and found guilty of manslaughter. He d. in the February of Lhc lolîoivi'Ц'1 year of ilic small-pox, and wae buried at Sude!••>. His 1' .'l.-hipu. 1st, Sunan, dau. of Henry, Earl of Manchester, and had two dans., Mary, m to William Brownlow, Esq., of Humby, со. Lincoln, and Elizabeth, m. 1st, to Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherhury; and 2ndly, to William, Earl of Inchiquin; and 3rdly, to Charles, Lord Howard, of Escrick. Lord Chandos m. 2udly, Jane, dau. of John Savage, Earl Rivers, by whom he

had with two other daus. that d. unm., Lacy, m. to Adam Loftus, Viscount Lisburne, In Ireland. His lordship dying thus, without male issue, the major pan of his fortune passed under settlement to Jane, his last wife, who afterwards m. George Pitt, Esq., of Strathfieldsay, ancestor of the Pitta, Lords Hivers, and conveyed to that gentleman Sudeley Castle, and other lands of great value. The peerage devolved upon his lordship's brother,

William Bruges, ?th baron, who m. Susan, dan. and co-heir of Gerrot Keire, of London, merchant, but having no nule issue (he left three daus., Mary, Frances, and Rebecca), the title devolved at his decease, in 1676, upon his Няяпм (refer to Charles, 2nd son of John, 1st Lord Chandos),

Su; James Brtdges, Bart., of Wilton Castle, as 8th Baron Chandos. This nobleman was accredited ambassador to Con • stantinople in 1680, where he resided for some years in great honour and esteem. His lordship m. Elizabeth, eldest dau. and со heir of Sir Henry Bernard, Knt., an eminent Turkey merchant. By this lady he had no less than twenty-two children, ot which number fifteen only were christened, and seven of those dying young, the remainder were,

i. James, his successor.

it. Henry, in holy orders, of Adlestrop, Gloucestershire, archdeacon and prebendary of Rochester, and rector of Agmondesham, Bucks. Mr. Brydges m. Annabella, dau. of Henry, and grand-dau. of Sir Robert Atkyns. lord chief baron of the Exchequer, by whom he had issue,

1 Robert, a lunatic, d. ». p. 1779.

2 James, of Pinner, m. Jane, dau. and co-heir of John, Marquess of Carnarvon, and d. *, p. 1789.

1 Elizabeth Louisa, m. Sir Roben Walter, Hart., of Saresdeo, and d. я. p.

2 Annabella, m. to Colonel Inwood.

3 Mary, m. to Simon Whorwood Adeane, Esq., ancestor, by her, of the Adeanes of Babraham. со. Cambridge.

4 Henrietta, m. the Bev. John Kearney, D.D., and had isiue.

6 Catherine, m. to Lindley Simpson, Esq.

ui. Francis, receiver general of the duties on malt, m. Sarah

Western, and d. $.p. 1714. I. Mary, m. to Theophilus Leigh, Esq.. of Adleetrop, со. Glcra

cester, ancestor, by her, of the Leighs of Adlestrop, Lords

Leigh, of Stoneleigh.
XI. Elizabeth, m. 1st, to Alexander Jacob, Esq.; and 2ndly, Co

the Rev Dr. Thomas Dawson, vicar of Windsor,
in. Emma, m. to Edmund Chamberlayne, Esq., of Mantren-

bury House, со. Gloucester, ancestor, by her, of the present

Joseph Chamberlayne-Cbamberlayne, Esq., of Maugenbury

House, iv. Anne, m. Charles Walcot, Esq., of Walcot, со. Salop,

ancestor, by her, of the Walcots now of Bitterley Court, со.

Salop, v. Catherine, m. 1st, to Brereton Bourchlcr, Esq., ol Bamiley

Court, со. Gloucester; and 2ndly, to Henry Ferrot, Esq., of

North Leigh, со. Oxford.

His lordship d. in 1714, and was e. by his eldest eon,

James Brtdges, 9th baron, who, upon the accession ol King George I., was created, by letters patent, dated 19 October, 1714, Vixount H'i't»,'. and Earl Of Carnarvon, with a collateral remainder to the issue male of his father; and in the November following, a patent passed the great seal, granting to his lordship and his two sons, John and Henry, the reversion of the office of clerk of the hanaper in chancery. In 1729, on 30 April, hie lordship was advanced to the Jfarguitatt of Carnarvon, and Duxzdom Of Chandos, and he acquired by his magnificence the appellation of the princely Chandos. He m. 1st, 28 February, 1696-7, Mary, only surviving dau. and heir of Sir Thomas Lake, of Cannons, Middlesex, by whom he bad two surviving sons,

i. John, Marquess of Carnarvon, d. v. p. 8 April, 1729; ». In 1724, Lady Catharine Tollemache, dau. of Lionel, 2nd Earl of Dysart, by whom he had issue,

1 Catherine, m. 1st, to William Berkeley Lyon, Esq., of the horse-guards; and 2ndly, to Edwyn Francis Stanhope, Esq. (a descendant of the 1st Earl of Chesterfield), and wai grandmother of Sir Kdwyn Francis Scddauort-stanhope, Bart., of Holme Lacy, со. Hertford.

2 Jane (a posthumous child), m. her cousin, James Brydges, Esq., of Pinner, and d. в. р,

n. Henrt, Marquess of Carnarvon, after the decease of his brother.

His grace m. 2nd)y, Cassandra, dan. of Francis Willooghby, Esq., and sister of Thomas Willoughby, Lord Middleton; and 3rdly, Lydia Catherine Van Hatten, widow of Sir Thomas Davall, Knt, but had no issue by either of these ladies. He rf. at his noble seat of Cannons, near Edgeware, 9 August, 1744, and was g. by his only surviving son,

Henrt Baydqes, 2nd duke, who m. in 1728, Mary, eldest dau. and co-heir of Charles, Lord Bruce, only son and heir apparent of Thomas, Earl of Aylesbury, by whom be bad Issue, ¡йог. Marquen of Carnarvon.

Caroline, m. 10 Much, 1756, John Leigh, Ем., of Adlestrop, 0. Gloucester, and was grandmother of Chandos Leigh, Esq., created In 1839, Baron Leigh, of Stoneletgh.

Hii gnce ». 2ndly, 25 December, 1744, Anne Jeffreys, and by her be had « dan., Augusta-Anne, in. to Henry John Kearney, Esq. The duken.3rdly, 18 July, 1767, Elizabeth, 2nd dan. and o>beirof Sir John Major, Bart., of Worlingworth Hall, Suffolk, br irbom he had no issue. He d. 28 November, 1771, and was i. by hU son,

¡am Brtdges, 3rd duke, b. 27 December, 1731. Thii nobleman, upon the accession of hie majesty King George III., m appointed one of the lords of his bed-chamber. In 1775, he wai iwora of the privy council, and was afterwards constituí«! lord-steward of the household. His grace m. 22 March, I'SS, Margaret, dau. aad sole heiress of John Nicol, Esq., of Sootogate, Middlesex, by whom he acquired Minchenden House it Southgate, together with the whole fortune of his father-in1s». By this lady, who d. in 1768, he had no issue. The duke я. Zndly, 21 June, 1777, Anne-Eliza, dau. of Richard Gamón, ЕЧ-. and widow of Boger Hope Ellcuon, Esq., by whom he bad one snrriTing dau. and heiress,

AniE-EusA, who m. in 1796, Richard, Sari Temple, afterwards Den or Buckingham Aho Chandos, and left issue.

Hligraced, without male issue 29 September, 1789, when all ha honours became Extinct, but the Babokt Of ChaÑÓos was Immediately claimed by the Rev. Edward Tymewell Beydoes, M A , of Wootton Court, Kent, as next heir male of the body of Sir John Brydges, Lord Guandos, the first grantee, who d. h 1M7. The first hearing of this celebrated cause took place before the committee of privileges of the House of Lords, 1 Jane, 1790; the second, 21 December, in the same year; the !rt, «h, 5th, 6tn, and 7th, in 1794; the 8th and 9th in 1795; Им 10th, llth, 12th, and 13th, in 1802; thirteen other hearings in 1903; and at length, after a few more investigation!, it was resolved by the committee for privileges, 17 June, 1803, •• that the said Bev. Edward Tymewell Brydges had not made out his data to the said Danny." Иг. Brydges, the claimant, wa« elder brother of the late distinguished writer, Si« Samuel х Bridges, Bart.

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Bleddyn, Prince of Powys. Of this marriage there was lune a son, Griffith, of Cae Howel and Kynaston, со. Salop, ancestor of the several families of Kynaston of Kynaston; Kynaston of Storks; Kynaston of Oteley, and Kruaston of Hardwicke, Barts. (Refer to Clurllon of Pouys.)

Robert Bulkeley was ». by his eldest son,

William Bolkeley, living at Bulkeley in 1302, who m. twice. By his 2nd wife, Alice, dau. of Bryan St Pierre, he had issue an only son, Richard, on whom he conferred tho manor of Prestland со. Chester, from which the latter assumed the surname of I'restland, and was ancestor of the family of that name. By his 1st wife Maud, dau. of Sir John Davenport, Knt., of Davenport, со. Chester, living in 1302, he had four sons, viz.,

I. William Bulkelcy, of Bulkeley, whose line terminated with his grand-dau., Alice, heiress of Bulkeley, who m. Thomas Uolford, of Holford, со. Chester, jure uxoria Lord of Bulkeley.

n. Robert, of whom presently.

ш. Roger, of Norbury, со. Cbester, whence his descendants derived the patronymic of " Norbury."

iv. Thomas Bulkeley, m. Alice, heiress of Alpraham, dau. and co-heir of Mathew Alpraham, Esq., of Alphraham, со. Chester, by whom he left an only child and heir, Ellin, heiress of Alpraham, who m. Sir Thomas Anlern, Knt., of Elford, со. Stafford.

The 2nd son,

Robert Bdleelst, lord of the manor of Eaton, со. Chester, high sheriff of Cheshire, 3rd Edward II. (1309-10), was father, by Agnes his wife, of two sons and a dau., vix.,

i. Robert Bnlkeley, high sheriff of Cheshire ISth Edward II. (1341-2), his father being then alive, m. Isabel, dau. of Philip Egerton, of Mai pas, со. Chester, and was father (with a younger son, Robert Bulkeley, whose only child and heir, Ellin, m. William, son of Robert Whettenhall). of an elder son, John Bolkelet, of Eaton, living 20th Richard II. (1397). father of Sir William IH Lselei, Knt., of Eaton, chief justice of Chester, temp. Henri IV., living 30th 11 j Mit VI. (1451), who m. Margaret, dau. (by Elizabeth, dau. of Sir Thomas Stanley, K.G., 1st Baron Stanley, summoned to parliament I 5 January, 34th Henri VI., 1456) of Sir Richard Molineux. Knt., of Sefton, со. Lancaster, slain at Blorebeath, 23 September, 1459. Of this marriage there was issue,

1 Thomas Bulkeley, of Eaton, who by Jane hii wife, dan. of Sir Geoffrey Warburton, Knt., had two sons and twf daus.,

Thomas Bulkeley, of Eaton, father, by Eleanor bis wife, dau. of Sir William Brereton, Knt, of Brereton, of a son, Thomas Bulkeley, Esq., of Eaton, who m. Elizabeth, dau. of Thomas Venables, and d. я р.

Robert Bulkelcy, father of two sons, Robert and Richard, who both d. *. p.

Jonet, eventual co-heir of the Bulkeleys of Eaton, m.
.Ujger Puleston, Esq., of Einral, со. Flint, living
9 August, 36th Henry VI. (1460), and 12th Edward IV.
(1484), and was mother of a son, Sir Roger Puleston,
Knt., of Emral, who d. la January, 36th Henry VIII.
(1545), ancestor of the Pulestons of Emral, from whom
derive maternally the Pulestons (paternally Prices) of
Einral, baronets.

Elizabeth, co-heir, m. John Frohbisher, of Chirk, со.

2 Arthur Bulkeley. father of four sons, Richard, William,
Thomas, and Edward.

3 Richard Bulkeley, living 18th Henry VI. (N39).

4 Ralph Bulkeley, m. the dau. and heir of Vemon, of
Wheatcroft, CO. Chester, and of P.irwich, CO. Derby.
From this marriage derive the Bulkeleys of Parwicb;
Bulkeleys of Stanton, со Stafford; Bulkeleys of Braunop;
Bulkeleys of Huntley, and Bulkeleys of Stapenhill.

1 Maud, m. Thomas Holford, of Holford, со. Chester, and
was mother of a son, Sir George Holford, Knt., of Hotford,
great-grandfather of Christopher Holford, of Holford, whose
dau. and heir m. Sir Hugh Cholmomieley, Knt., of Cliol-
mondelty, со. Chester, ancestor by her of George-horatio
CnoLMONDELXY, 2nd and present Marquess Cholmondeley.

2 Pétrone), m. Richard Brett, Esq.. ol Dunham, со. Chester.

3 Catherine, m. Randal Brereton, Esq., of Malpas, со. Chester.

4 —, m. John Minshull, Esq., of Minshull, со. Chester. n. Richard Bolkeley, of whose line we treat.

I. Ciceley, m. Thomas Weaver, Esq.

The 2nd son of Robert Bulkeley,

Richard BulÍelet, jure uxorii lord of the manor of Cheadlc, со. Cheater, m. in 1307, Agnes, heiress of Cheadle, dau. and co-heir of Roger Cheadle, Esq., of Cheadlc, and wai «. by his son and heir,

Richard Bolkeley, of Cheadle, who, by Alice his wife, dau. of Sir Ralph Uostock, Knt., was father of a son and successor,

William Bdleeley, Esq., of Cheadle, constable of Beanmarii Castle, Anglesey, in the reign of Henry VI., who prevented the Duke of York, on his return from Ireland, from effecting a landing at Beaumaris. He m. Ellin, dau. (by his 2nd wife,

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