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The religion of South America is chiefly Roman Catholic; except those Indian tribes which are yet unconverted from Paganism.


THE Islands in the Pacific Ocean are comprehended by the best modern geographers, under the name of Polynesia. It may be sufficient to enumerate the chief of these ; which from the following sets (See the Map of the World -Eastern Hemisphere): I. East of the Philippine Isles lie the Pellew Isles; and above them, North East, are, II. The Ladrone Isles, about twelve or fourteen in number. East of the Pellew, and South of the Ladrone Isles, are, III. The Carolinas, in number thirty. In the Western Hemisphere are, IV. The Sandwich Islands, the largest of which is Owhyhee, where Captain Cook was killed in February, 1779. Below the Equinoctial, and South East of the Sandwich Islands, are, V. The Marquesas; and below them are, VI. A group of Isles, in number · about seventy, called the · Society Islands, of which Otaheite is the principal. West of these are, VII. The Navigator's Isles; and below them are, VIII. The Friendly Isles. West of these, IX. The New Hebrides, Caledonia, New Zealand, &c. belonging to the division of Australasia. The remaining parts of the Globe are either unexplored, or omitted as of less importance in a summary survey like the present.

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