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And what the Woman hath begun,
I tell you must be end'd by Man;
With the same prayer that she did make,
For her petition I'll not break,
But to it I will ever stand,
And be the King in every land;
That is, MY KINGDOM shall appear;
And now her foes may stand in fear,
As to the root the axe she 'th laid.
Therefore her friends can't be afraid;
For I will conquer like her word,
And bring MY KINGDOM as she 'th pray'd;
And cast the root that caus'd her fall.
For now I tell you, one and all,
There's nothing new that hath been done;
It was at first the Woman's plan
To cast the blame where first it laid;
And then I said I'd bruise his head.
Now can you prove this thing is new?
No! you must own my words are true;
And a good work the Woman wrought
And are these words by you forgot
Then now, I bid you call to mind
What's left on record for mankind;
And then the Woman you must see
Satan condemn'd, and honour'd me;
Then 'tis my focs must her condemn:
For who can answer as a man,
That doth profess to be my friend?
Then as a friend let him contend,

And then I'll answer thee again." Now I shall assign my reasons to the world why I am ordered to put in print the Names of the Ministers of Exeter, into whose hands the Letters were put, of the Events of these Years-When I was at Stockton-upon Tees in December last, 1803, I was repeating in a large company the truths that I have bere mentioned, three Methodist Preachers were present, who had the confidence to tell me I had told nothing but lies I mentioned to them my friends in Exeter, who had copied the letters; and the gentlemen who wrote to the clergy, to enquire into the truth, to whom they might appeal. But they answered, myself and friends were all Liars ; for they would not believe them, as they might have ends to deceive the world. Now to prove the truth to the world, the Lord hath commanded me to put in print the Names of the Ministers and the places of their abode, that

every man might know I have not written any cunningly devised fables to deceive anyone. And it is said to me, the LORD will be clear of the blood of this Nation, and will set the Truth before them, before the fatal Judgments, shall fall upon them. Therefore I am now ordered to make the truths clear to the world ; and that my end will be fatal, and the end of my friends will be fatal, if we are now afraid of offending Men, or putting their Names or places of abode in print. It was for these ends I was ordered to write unto them, and put the events of years into their hands. I shall give the following words perfect as they were spoken to me: “What use would my Wisdom be to command thee to put Letters in their bands, and to conceal them from the world? then my Wisdom must perish like the Wisdom of Men; and putting the Letters in their hands would be as wrong as thou then didst judge it. But my Wisdom was behind to have them made public to the world at large, that all men might know thou hast told them no cunningly devised fables—but made known the Coming of the LORD Jesús Christ." And now I shall give the Names of the Ministers, that they may appeal to my Enemies to be my judges : The Rev. Chancellor Nutcombe, West Morchard, Devonshire The Rev. Archdeacon Moore, at Heavy-tree, near Exeter --The Rev. Mr. Pomeroy, then in Exeter, but, now in Cornwall—The Rev. Mr. Tucker of Heavy-tree, near Exeter, to whom I sent the letter in March 1800, that the harvest of that year would be worse than 1799, and which brought a much greater dearth than 1799—not only upon the wheat but every article that was made use of for food, so that it was universally observed in Devonshire, that a guinea would go farther in Housekeeping in 1999 than one guinea and half would in 1800 ; for all vegetables were treble the price of the year before, butter double, and cheese and animal food in proportion.--And now I am clear, from every Truth that my calling is from the LORD, who is wondrous in Wisdom, wondrous in Working, wondrous in Council and in Truth, for none but a Gop could have brought round such wisdom, in such a manner but a God of Truth ; and the very things that caused jealousy in my mind and heart, putting Letters in the hands of ministers, who were not convinced by the Truth, made me then jealous of the Spirit, that it was not the Wisdom of God to have them put into the hands of such men, as the clouds in them covered the light from my eyes; but now the clouds begin to burst, and the Wisdom of a God appears to shine bright in every line and in every direction to me ; and every crooked path is now made straight before me, and the light of the Lord breaks strong upon me ; for the tracks of his footsteps are now plain, whose footsteps were hid in the great deep; and therefore my spirits have often sunk in the great deep with them; but now, blessed be the NAME of the LORD, his footsteps appear out of the great deep, and the water-floods are dried up from me, for the Wisdom of my God appears; therefore I cannot fear all the rage of men or devils, for all the arguments they can bring forward cannot confound the WISDOM of a GoD ; therefore I fear not to incur the anger of men, if they are angry with me for obeying the commands of the Lord.

I fear not their anger, no dangers I fear,
Or start at no trial; for now I see clear,
The Wisdom of Heaven in beauty to shine,
I now see His footsteps in every line.
In wisdogi so clear, there is none but a God
Could ever direct in the paths I have trod;
Then how can I fear all the malice of hell?
No, Satan may rage, and men's anger may swell;
But God is my guardian, and he will protect
Me now in all dangers, for he did direct
The way and the footsteps wherein I have trod,
And where is the inau can contend with his God?
Then let them in wisdom like him now appear,
And bring forth their reasons to make all things clear;
Why they did keep silence to let me go on,
Til the TRUTH to the nation was publicly shewn;
Then sure if this wisdoin was placed in, inan,
They pow mast appear for to strengthen my handi :

But if that the wisdom was hid in my God,
To make them keep silence, till the truth all was know'd,
Then now to their Maker they all must submit,
And say 'twas his wisdom to bring all to light;
To prove to the world, that my calling is clear;
And now let the learned men answer me here :
The way that this knowledge was given to me,
If you answer from Satan, I now answer ye:
A God of all power you sure must him make,
If blessings and judgments from him all do break;
Because there is power you see with the word

And weigh every harvest and what I have said. Before they sprang forth, I told men of them ; but not I, but the SPIRIT, that told me all things, revealed them unto me. But as some say it comes from infusion in the brain, I grant it; for infusion from the spirit to my head, all is given to me. Therefore the world judge right to say it is infusion; for there is no clearer judgment men can draw, as I never said I have seen the Spirit to converse with it, as men converse with men, but I have said it is aSpiritinvisible that infused into my head all I write; but I can join with none, who say it is an infusion from the Devil, as I do not believe his wisdom is so deep, to bring things round in such a manner. A fool's bolt is soon shot, and so is Satan's; neither do I believe he hath power to fulfil the words if he had spoken them; I know his power must fail in the fulfilment; neither do I believe he is come to plead against himself, and prove himself the complete author of every misery, and to say the Lord is the fountain of all happiness : and that men shall see and know. When the power of Satan is taken from man, and Satan is chained down, then Earth will be a Heaven to man in comparison to what it now is. These are the words of the SPIRIT to me, and I no more believe they coine from the Devil, than I believe the paper is black, and the ink is white; but those that judge it is from the Devil, must have as erroneous a belief as it is to judge black is white, and that white is black. But some are simple enough to believe wonders, that never were nor ever can be, to judge


my writings came from my own invention, which are impossible to be the invention of any created human being. And I must answer such simple people, if I was to invent all the days of my life, I never could invent what would happen one year, day, or hour.I have no knowledge of myself to know, nor power 10 fulfil; neither is my life in my own hands, to know I should live to see the events of a day or year, and the manner my writings are brought round to be fulfilled. I could as well have made the world, and forined the whole creation, as I could invent sucher writings of myself: for I am not so wise as the world has made me. Without the Spirit I am nothing, without the Spirit I know nothing, and without the Spirit I can do nothing ; so whether you judge the Spirit good or bad, to that Spirit you must allude the whole ; for I am a living witness against every man that says my writings are of my own invention, and I publicly affirm that such a man believes a lie, and the truth is not in him, who believes my writings are from myself.


Communication explaining the XLIXth Chapter of Genesisi Genesi XLIX

And Jacob called unto his sons, and said, gather yourselves together, that I may tell you that which shri befall you in the last days, &c. &c."

Now answer me, ye worldly, wise men, when or how. was this fulfilled? Did not Jacob tell them it was to be in the last days ? And then was the gathering in of the people to be; but how was the gathering in

of the people to be, but by the Sealing ? Now. I shali ruben come to the purpose of Jacob's sons : his first born

was as unstable as water, and a curse rested upon

his head; the second and third were like unto him, ret.

7 ;

and they were scattered and divided; but Judah


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