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The bishop equivocatesi Various I beg your readers closely to obhonest-hearted Englishmen write, ex- serve it. The charge was that the pressing their surprise at the glaring young man was proffered a dispensadishonesty and deceptive nature of tion. The bishop's defence is, that Dr. Wareing?s reply. Had they he did not beforehand proffer or afterknown Jesuitism as well as their wards grant any dispensation. No ancestors knew it, they would not charge was made that he had granted have felt surprised. But Dr. Ware- a dispensation. It was that he had ing, it may be said, has now given an proffered one. He denies that he unequivocal denial. Is it so ? Even proffered beforehand; he does not then that were not enough. The end deny that he afterwards proffered a may justify the means. Better, ac- dispensation. cording to Romish casuistry, assert Special pleaders even are not better untruths, for which he may be dis- versed in the subtleties of language pensed, than to have his Church open and technical expressions than Roman to a true but injurious charge. Dr. Catholic bishops. They often outWareing, however, is not so much witted our lawyers of ancient days, concerned as his Church. His Church and seem not yet to have forgotten is on its trial. She is charged with how to use language rather to conceal countenancing falsehood and decep- than express their meaning. tion. Whether she does so or not, To have made his đenial clear and she cannot, by any assertion of her conclusive he snould have said that own, disprove any more than a crimi- he neither beforehand gave or profnal at the bar of justice convicted offered, nor afterwards gave or proffraud, can purge himself by asserting fered, any dispensation. Till he can his honesty. Other and unsuspicious do this the charge is not removed. testimony must be adduced. We Thus it has taken a Roman Catholic must decide by witnesses. Of these Bishop two letters to deny a statewe have a host against his Church, ment which an honest-hearted charity too numerous even to mention in schoolboy might have done in one; your valuable columns. From the and the doctor seems farther from his writings of one of them alone, a man point than ever. of sainted reputation, and canonised

Yours, &c., by the late Pope Gregory XVI. in WARY, BUT NOT + WAREING: 1839, St. Alphonso Ligouri, suffi

Temple, Nov. 10, 1846. cient proof may be derived upon this subject.

MISCELLANEOUS. But to return to Dr. Wareing. It is clear he denies,-1. That he coun

ROMISH UNCTION.-As for Unction tenanced an individual professing one

used in the Church of Rome; since

it is used when the man is above half religion, and being at the same time of another, for the sake of deception. dead, when he can exercise no act of “I now beg most dis

understanding, it must needs be tinctly to deny, that I, in any way,

nothing: for no rational man

think that beforehand proffered, or afterwards

any ceremony can make a granted, any dispensation or permis- spiritual change, without

a spiritual

is sion to practise a lie, or tell a lie, for

nor work by way of nature or by any purpose whatever, and that I should be acting against the principles charm, but morally, and after the

manner of reasonable creatures; and of my religion, and unworthy to hold up my head in society, if I attempted at all fit to be reckoned among the

therefore I do not think that ministry to practise any such disgraceful or

advantages of sick persons.Bishop preposterous conduct.” His Church justified the evasion in Jeremy Taylor's Holy Dying. Epis.

Dedi. the first instance.

9. It will equally

p. justify it in another.

CABINET. But, Sir, Dr. Wareing's quasi contradiction may be, in reality, no con- I would not advise any one to place tradiction at all.

2. He says,


his child where the Holy Scriptures Vol. VIII.December, 1846.

New Series, No. 12.


pp. 74.

are not regarded as the rule of life. the Rey. JOHN CUMMING, D.D., Every institution where God's word Minister of the Scottish National is not diligently studied must become Church, Crown Court, Covent Garcorrupt.--LUTHER.

den. London: Aylott and Jones;


This is a very valuable lecture. To

be appreciated, it should be read. It VEMBER

is full of information on an important For the Happy Deliverance of King subject, conveyed in a popular and

land, from the most traitorous and pleasing style. bloody-intended Massacre by Gunpow

The Rev. Dr. observes, with equal der: and also for the happy arrival of judgment and eloquence; .“ One his Majesty King William on this Day, striking lesson is to be gathered from for the Deliverance of our Church and all that preceded the Reformation. Nation. By WILLIAM LAING, Under

It is the utter impotence of intellecgraduate of Christ's College, Cambridge.

tual, imperial, or military effort, to

achieve the triumphs destined to fol** If it had not been the Lord, who was on

low on the footsteps of the Monk of our side, now may Israel say; if it had

Erfürth. The sword of the Cæsars not been the Lord, who was on our side, when men rose up against us: then they

was shivered into splinters as soon as had swallowed us up quick, when their it struck the tiara. Genius, when it wrath was kindled against us.”—Ps.exxiv. arrayed itself against the Popedom, 1--3.

and shot forth its burning shafts, no MUSIC-Mount of Olives.

sooner touched the hierarch, than it

was transformed, eontrary to its deLORD, we give thee adoration,

sign, from an aggressor into an ally. High upon thy throne above,

It was neither in the eamp, nor in the For our rescued Church and Nation, Cabinet, nor in the academy, that the Through thy grace, and pow'r, and Reformation was to be accomplished. love.

It was in the closet, and in the pulpit, As on this day, men unholy

it was by weapons not carnal, but Sought to ruin Church and State: mighty,' this holy revolution was to But thou, of thy merey solely, be wrought out. And the instruments

Didst their hellish plot frustrate. set apart in the purposes of God for Likewise, on this day of kindness, the high function of wielding these Thou didst to our succour come;

with success, were not princes, nor And didst save us from the blindness, captains, nor prelates, nor always And the tyranny of Rome.

learned men.

”-Page 29. This great day, then, Lord, for ever Consecrate we to thy name,

INTELLIGENCE. Who didst us from death deliver,

THE Rev. Mr. Newman, of Oxford, To thine everlasting fame.

had an audience with the Pope on Gracious God, we pray thee, hear us; the 20th October, and on the followAnd, as thou hast alway been,

ing day heard low mass, which his So, on this glad day, be near us- Holiness celebrated in one of the Bless our Nation, Church, and chapels of St. Peter's. Queen,

On the 23d, Mr. Buckingham, of God, the Father, we adore thee: the London British and Foreign In

God, the Son, we honour give : stitute, had the honour of an audience God, the Spirit, we implore thee, with the Pope. Come, and in thy temples live!


We are compelled to omit much Luther and the Reformation : A Lec- interesting Foreign and Domestic

ture delivered before the Young Intelligence, and Notices of Books. Men's Christian Association. By These shall appear in our next.



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A Good Resolution

413 Confessions and Protests of a True
Annual Report and Meeting
247 Protestant

A Modest Application
509 Daily News

An Appeal to Protestants

289 Dangers that Threaten 126, 173, 206, 370
Act of Supremacy—Temporal and Derby Protestant Operative Asso-
Spiritual Power
145 ciation, Appeal of the

Appalling Narrative .

411 Division, the Work of Jesuitism 331
Approaching General Election, Dr. Murray and the Roman Catho-

Thoughts on the, by the Rev. lic Laity of Ireland, Appeal to 21
G. S. Faber

465 Dublin Protestant Association 277, 373
Archbishop of Dublin, Letter from 55 Election, the Approaching

Barbarity and Superstition at

Electors and their Duties .

Ancona-The Murder of Che- Endowment of the Romish Priest-
valier Stewart
456 hood

Bishops, Dignitaries, and Clergy
of the Church of England and

in Ireland, and the conti-

362 nued support of Maynooth Col.
Bible, Astonishing Accuracy of the 188 lege, Motives for Opposing, 453

Great Circulation of, at Excommunication by bell, book,

30 and candle, in the North of
Birks, Rev. T. R., speech of 521 Ireland, 1846

Brandram, Rev. A., Mr. Dudley's Exeter, Bishop of, Letter from, to
Letter to
30 Mr. Lord

Brougham, Lord, Hint to


Protestant movement in 497
Cabinet—44, 92, 139, 190, 238, 287, 335, Expediency

382, 414, 461, 511, 553 Extraordinary presentment 510
Cambridge, the Round Church at 285 Faber, Rev. G. S., on the ap-
Canada, Romish Priests in
231 proaching Election

Canadians, Religious Knowledge Famine in Ireland.—Address to the
among the

458 Protestant Children of England,
Canton de Vaud, Persecution in the 131 Ireland, and Scotland

Case of Rev. J. Shore-Clerks Cor- Form of Prayer for relief from
rection Bill
450 Dearth and Scarcity .

Central Anti-Maynooth Committee, Gordon, J. E., Esq., speech of 515
Final Meeting of

327 Happy Deliverance from Papal
Challenge of Rev. R. J. M'Ghee to Bondage

Roman Catholic Bishops of Ire- Hebrew Anthem


325 Historical Memoranda of Popery. 111,
Charitable Trusts Bill

Chester, Bishop of, Letter from . 32 Inquisition, the, and liberty in the
Christ our alone Priest.
128 Romish States

Chevalier Stewart, Murder of 456

at Rome in the pre-
Christian Conduct, Rules for
88 sent day, Cruelty of

Men, Christian States-- Intelligence 45, 93, 141, 191, 239, 288,
men, and Christian Nations 497

335, 384, 416, 464, 512, 554
Perseverance necessary

Ireland, Address to Protestants and
to Success
37 Roman Catholics of

Church of England, Why am i a

against England.—Repeal
Member of the ?
285 of the Union with Rome

Church Patronage 34, 60, 211, 299 and its miseries, with origin

Present Wants of the 421 and cause of Assassination in that
Property in Ireland, Rev. Country

T. D. Gregg on Rome's right to . 500 morals in

the, of Rome and Modern

the state of


304 to the Roman Catholics of . 364
City of London Protestant Asso- Irish Coercion Bill

185 Church, the .

Address of

hostile indications
Clare Protestant Association, Re- against the

port of the

493 Policy of the Government 133
Confessional, Criminals and the 234 Reader, letter of an

and Mortmain Law. 186 Islington Protestant Institute 550

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Islington Protestant Institute, Ad- Pope, the, not the Chief Shepherd 501
dress of
490 Popery, a few remarks on.

Italy, Christian books wanted in 84

and Prophecy, by the Rev.
Italian Bible gladly received by the Dr. M.Caul

Roman Catholics in Sicily. 505

description of
Jerusalem, Firman for building the Popish Prayers for the return of
Protestant Church at

43 the English nation to the Romish
Jesuits in New Zealand
27 faith.

intrigues of the

181 Power, spiritual and temporal 145
Kalley, Dr., Speech of

537 Practical suggestions for the
Lutherexcommunicated and cursed

present crisis

by Pope Leo X.

328 Prince Metternich and the Roman
Malta Protestant College

232 Catholic Relief Act of 1829 325
Manchester, extraordinary demand Priests, an appeal to the, by Rev.
for Scriptures in
29 N. Roussel

Letter from .


Protection Society
Memorial of Protestant Association Proselytism at Cambridge

to the Archbishops and Bishops Protestant Newspapers.

on the recent secession to the


Church of Rome


Weekly Newspaper 284
May Meetings.--Duties of Electors 241

Why am I a?

Maynooth, and the Irish Educa- Protective measures against Popery 274
tion scheme

27 Ramsgate Protestant Association 447
Bill, and Corn-law Bill, Report of the Norwich Protestant
Minorities on the
302 Operative Association

College Act. - Letter of

Roman Catholic Disabilities, what
Mr. Plumptre

361 are these ? &c.
137 Rome and England

Meeting on 6th of November 513 rejoicing in English Aposta-
Ministry, recent Change of the .
362 cies

the New
337 Romish Absolution

and Popery, the


Miscellaneous 44, 91, 137, 188, 237,

“High Treason." -Deve-
286, 334, 380, 414, 460, 511, 553 lopment of Popery

Monastic Institutions


Priesthood, triple Com-
Montmorency.-A Roman Catholic

pact to endow the .

365, 397, 424, 481
Unction .

Mortmain Laws, &c.

97 Sheffield, Address to the Protestant
Movement, important, at Exeter 548 Association of

Murder, and the Murderer recon- Shore's, Rev. J., case

175“ Spirit of his Mouth”

No peace with the idolatrous Southwark Election, Speech of J.
Church of Rome

164 Lord, Esq., on Duties of Electors 459
Notices of Books. 45, 92, 140, 190, Spain, proposed Marriage of Queen
288, 383, 416, 462, 512, 554 of.

to Correspondents 96, 144, 554 Speech of the Dean of Ardagh
O'Connell and Father Mathew at

the Rev. Hugh M`Neile 85
a discount

228 Spiritual and Temporal Power
O'Connell's Influence
549 Story, J. H., Esq., Speech of

Oxford, a warning from
68 Stowell, Rev. Hugh, Speech of .

Papal Encroachments

549 Supremacy, spiritual
Patrick Hamilton, a sketch from Test, the, or, What saith the Scrip-
the time of 1528

9 ture?

77, 116, 155, 201, 318, 343,
Petition for inquiry as to principles,

391, 431, 475
&c., of the Church of Roine . 168 Thomas Becon, the works of

Petitions for repeal of Maynooth Tractarianism, development of

167 Tractarian Secession to Popery.
Pilgrimage to Lough Dearg

18 Transubstantiation
Poetry · 44, 92, 139, 190, 238, 287, 335, Vatican and St. James's

382, 415, 462, 511, 554 Van Diemen's Land, Popery in
Political Dream, in May, 1821, after Wareing, Dr.

John Bunyan

407 Youghall Protestant Association 133
Pope Gregory XVI., death of

310 Young Christian wi his Romanist
Pius IX.
315 Father, before the Priest


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