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of the priests and the laity of that | Missouri, possessing a population place cannot fail to gladden the 1 of more than eighty thousand, has heart of every one who longs for not in circulation ten thousand the spiritual emancipation of all | Bibles; and the state of Illinois, South America. Toward hasten- containing nearly an equal popu. ing on this glorious result, your lation, does not possess an equal Board of Managers have voted five number of Bibles. hundred dollars in aid of the above In one district in Madison mentioned translations.

county, in the state of Alabama, Your Board of Managers have containing 655 white inhabitants, information that the Bible is re there were found 69 Bibles, and ceived gladly in Patagonia, in the more than 2,000 were necessary provitces on both sides of the Pa- to supply the wants of that counrana, in Monte Video, Bahia, in ty. the Brazils, in Valparaiso, Chili, Nor is this scarcity of the Holy across the Andes into Mendoza, Scriptures confined to the wesand through all Mexico.

tern states. In the state of NewIn our own country, too, the de- Jersey, and almost within sight mand is great. As an illustration of your Society's house, in that

of this, we bring together several region called the Pines, in Cam: extracts.

den, fladdonfield, Clemington, It has been the constant prac- Speedwell, &c. as we learn from tice, and earnest endeavour of the the last report of the Nassau - Hall Managers, to ascertain as far as Bible Society, whose Agents have practicable the wants of every sec. have lately examined that district, tion of the United States; and many families were found who did having ascertained them, to send not possess the Bible, and not a relief, through their regularly or- few who had never seen one! anet ganized Auxiliary Societies, as far whole neighbourhoods in which as their limited means enabled there was not a single copy to be them. There has been no wavt found! In all that part of the of opportunity; for, had the funds south-eastern section of the state, placed at their disposal been ten were very few copies of the Scrip

fold, they would not have been tures. 1 sufficient to supply the ascertain In the state of New York, too,

ed necessities of the United States. there is a most deplorable scarci

In one of our Western States, ty. In the county of Monroe there it is represented that more than were found 1200 families destisixty thousand readers are desti- tute of the Bible. In the county tute of the Holy Bible ; and in of Jefferson, also, the town of many districts of that state it is Champion bas not half as many almost wholly unknown. Nor Bibles as readers, and in the city of does it appear that the wants of New York, after all that has been that state are greater than the done in it, and in a ward which wants of some other states. But has done more for its own supply a detailed account of the wants of than any other ward in the city, every district, which have been there were lately found in one spread out before us, would swell section of a single street, and on this report to a forbidden extent, one side of it, 46 families without and cast a gloom over the exercis- the Oracles of God! These are es of this hallowed morning. Yet but a few items in the appalling still there are a few cases which sum total of the want of the book may not be omitted. The state of lof God in ogrown beloved country.


In view of these affecting re. eth!” Light breaks rapidly on presentations, we know not how a the darkness of the mountains, deaf ear can be turned to the fol- | while its glimmerings are reflectlowing appeal of the Managers. ed into the gloom of many of the

The Managers bave sometimes, vallies, promising that the sun in from want of means, been obliged his glory shall yet arise. Only to reduce the ordinary amount of last night we had renewed assurprinting and binding, even to an that the universal cry inconvenient degree; and some throughout the broad-spread distimes to borrow money to carry on

trict of Hawaii is, “ give us teachthe business thus diminished; anders-give us books;" and on stepeven now, the Depository is al-ping into the street this morning, most empty. If the Society had the first salutation I received was tenfold the amount of the present accompanied with an earnest re. income, its operations could be quest for the gospel of Jesus." proportionably increased. The at- Such are our prospects, and such tention of the public is affection are our hopes, and with them, we ately invited to this statement. cannot be “ weary in well doing.”

As I find it impossible to write to

any other of my friends at NewExtract of a Letter from Rev. C. S. Haven by the present opportuniStewart, dated Honururu. Nov. 26. ty, I would beg you to give my 1824, to a friend in New Haven. The cause of the Lord still

warmest remembrance and gratit

ude to them all. Let all who prospers in the eyes of the Gen

know our Lord and Saviour Jesus tiles, and though yet only watchmen of the night, we can confident- / Christ, have the assurance of my


Rel. Int. ly exclaim— the morning com



throne; DAY.- Rev. xvi. 12- 21.

Hell claims the glory : earth, the crown. Before the heavens and earth were made,

Satan his ensignis spreads afar; The plan of all his works God laid ;

His bold exploits begin the war. Wisdom and goodness form the plan, God sits urmov'd ; his throne is strong Glory to God and peace to man. He smiles; and thus salutes his Son :But hell and earth in wrath arise ;

Go in thy power; the warfare close ; His will and counsel they despise ;

Thy friends protect; destroy thy toes. To war-they cry; for arıng - they call, Satan, thy hand from Heaven has Now smite his saints ; his saints shall fall. thrown; Such is their boast and such their aim ;

On earth he wars against thy crown ; God's saints they hate, they hate his

The earth is thine ; there fix thy reign ;

Nur let one foe on earth remain. name;

SERAIAH They hale his Son, they scorn his blood; And, in their hearts, they say-No God. Massachusetts, lot Nov. 1825.

Errala.--p. 522. for, well known Text, read, well chosen Text.--P. 525, first column, I. 20 for their, read the--and I. 34. for includes, read include.

7. Correspondents.—Two or three numbers of the Magazine bave issued later than the time set, on account of the failure of hands in the printing office. The Remarks of S. J. are received ; but being partly in cupher, they must be transcrib. ed, if inserted; a task, which we inay not find iime to perform.--- Eralau bas our thanks for the few lines of good, original Poetry, inseried in this number . an artiele very valuable, because very scarce. J. will find his remarks on John iv. 19, ir our number for March, p. 319, but his Frposition we do not recollect baving sex

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Pind it came to pass, that a whole year they assembled themselves

with the church, and taught much people. THIS is recorded of Barnabas Church, and taught much people." and Paul. At the time Stephen, Such is the connexion of the the first martyr mentioned in the words, and, in this connexion, New Testament, was stoned to they might lead us to discourse of death for his faithful adherence to the happy effects of the out-pouring Christ, there was a violent perse- of the Holy Spirit upon a people cution against the Christians at the duty of a church, on such ocJerusalem. In consequence of casions, frequently to assemblethis, many of the disciples were and the favourable opportunity, at scattered abroad, and went in such a time, to teach people the various directions, preaching the peculiar doctrines of the gospel. gospel. Among these, some, who But waiving these things, all I were natives of Cyprus and Cy- propose, on the present occasion, rene, came to the city of Antioch, is to call your attention to the

pe and preached to the Grecians culiar mode of expression used in there: “And the hand of the this passage, “ A WHOLE YEAR. Lord was with them: and a great A year seems to be spoken of number believed, and turned unto as a long period—a period, in the Lord.” News of this happy which the apostle had opportunievent reaching Jerusalem, the ty to preach much, and to do church there sent down Barnabas; much good among the people. who, on his arrival, greatly re There are several respects, in joiced at the work of Divine Grace, which a whole year may be considwhich he beheld, and commenced ered as a long and important pepreaching with much success. riol. At length, finding too much work First. A year is a long period, for one labourer, he went over to compared with some other porTareus for Paul, and brought him tions of time. Long and short to Antioch. "And it came to comparative terms. The pass, that, a whole year, they as same thing may be long, comparsembled themselves with the ed with other things that are

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shorter, and short, compared with year, the planet Mercury makes other things that are longer.. A more than four such circuits, and year is long, compared with a Venus nearly two. If Mercury month, which is measured by the be inhabited, the people of that revolution of the Moon round the world, must view one of our years, Earth, which is performed twelve which is equal to four of theirs, as times in a year. It is still longer, a long period. But, compared with a week, which is Secondly. A year will appear an arbitrary division of time, to be a long and important perimade by the Creator of the world, od, if we consider how many who was pleased to set apart one events take place, in Divine Pro. day in seven, as the proportion of vidence, during that space of time proper to be devoted to reli- 1 time.

How many changes take gious worship and instruction.-place, during the four seasons, in It is owing to this divine institu the natural world. The laws of tion, that the division of time into nature are ever in operation, and, weeks was ever observed by man in the course of a year, produce kind, How many weeks and countless revolutions in the mineSabbaths there are in a whole ral, vegetable and animal king' year! Compared with a day,a year doms. What changes take place appears longer still. A day is in the kingdoms of men, in a that portion of time, measured by whole year! How many are born! the revolution of the Earth on its How many die! If the population axis, Three hundred and sixty- of the world be eight hundred milfive of these diurnal revolutions lions, and a generation lasts, on are performed in the course of a an average, thirty years; then the year. If we descend still lower, whole number of deaths in a year, and compare a year

hour, must be more than twenty-six it appears long indeed. The num-millions and an holf! How many ber of hours in a year, is no less joyful events, how many sorrow than eight thousand seven hundred ful events, how many unexpected eighty and six. And yet, how events, how many momentous long an hour seems to a man in events, take place in the course extreme pain, to one who is ex of a year! If a minute history of pecting important news, to a them could be written, we might malefactor in the pillory, or a almost say, 'the world would not prisoner in a dungeon!

contain the books.' A year is long, compared with Thirdly. A year is a long pethe whole life of certain animals. riod, compared with the duration How many insects, in that period, of human life. Before the tood, come into existence, arrive at ma man lived to the age of eight or turity, become superanuated, nine hundred years. And, though and expire. Three hundred and at the time of the deluge, owing sixty-five generations of the ephe to the corruption and violence meral fly may succeed each oth with which the earth was filled, er in lineal descent, in the space a whole generation, with the ex.

ception of eight persons, was This period is long, compared swept away, and human life was with the revolutions of some of much curtailed; yet the patriarchs the planets. While the earth lived from three to six hundred which we inhabit, is travelling years. After this, the life of man round the sun to complete our was gradually shortened, till, in

with an

of a year.

6. But,

the reign of David, it had become useful part, even of the longest reduced to the present standard; life, is short; and of this part, a as we read in the ninetieth psalm: whole year is a large portion. “ The days of our years are three Fifthly. A year will appear to score years and ten; and if, by be a long and important period, if reason of strength, they be four we consider how much men mcy do score years, yet is their strength in that time. How much good may labour and sorrow: for it is soon be done in a year? If no part of it cut off, and we fly away.-We be wasted in idleness, in needless spend our years as a tale that is sleep, in useless ainu ement: how told.” How applicable is this many acts of duty, of charity and description to the present term beneficence, may be performed ? of human life? But a very few, How much knowledge may be accomparatively, know the labour quired, how much business, secuand sorrow of more than seventy larand sacred,may be done,in the years. Multitudes are cut off in course of a whole year, by such as

the midst of their days: but the are not slothful in business, but the greater part close their earthly fervent in spirit, serving the Lord?

existence in youth and childhood. How much was done in a year by
Such being the short continuance that man, who went about doing
of man upon earth, at this day; a good ? His publick life lasted but
year may well be considered as a three years and a half; and yet,
large part of his life. If a child who can estimate the amount of
knew that he should live to three the good which he did?
score years and ten; be might as he spake as never man spake,'
still say, with propriety, “ When so he did what no mere man could
a few more years are come, then ever do.” It is granted. Read,
I shall go the way whence I shall then, the lives of th Apostles,
not return." If the man of forty, and see how much they did for the
knew, that he should die at the furtherance of the gospel and the
age of seventy; a year would seem salvation of men, in a year.
to himn to take away a large part - But, they were divinely assisted
of the residue of his life. Com- and inspired." Be it so. Read,
pared with the whole duration of then, the life of Howard, of Ful-
human life, a year is long. But, ler, of Brainerd, of (Mather, and

Fourthly. How much longer hundreds of others, who were not
still does this period appear, when weary in well doing,'and see what
compared with the active and use they accomplished, without any
ful part of human life. Mankind supernatural aid, in the course of
come into the world, the most fee-twelve months. Turn back the
ble and helpless of animals. Their records of passing events, at the
growth in stature and understand- present era, and see how much is
ing, is slow. Years pass away, done, in the space of a year, by
before they are capable of pro- benevolent individuals, by char-
viding for themselves, or belping itable associations, by Bible, Tract,
others. It is only for a few years, Missionary, Education and Moral
in the meridian of life, that they Societies, to enlighten the igno-
possess such maturity of strength rant, reform the vicious, relieve
and judgment, as qualify them for the distressed, evangelize the hea-
active service and useful labours. then, and advance the kingdom
Soon their sun declines, and their of Christ.
faculties wither. The active and How much evil may be done in

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