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Nov. the lady's confufion ; the lively sense the to Miss Cope, youngest daughter of Sir king had of it; with the sneers of the Jonathan Cope, bart. in Oxfordshire. courtiers on that occasion, are all here 17. Edward Burges, Esq; of Hindon, delicately touched, and the different pas. to Miss Judith Brown, of St. James'sfions admirably well expressed. From this street, a 15,oool. fortune. incident the most noble order of the garter John Fielding, Efq; to Miss Elizabeth was first instituted, in the year 1350.


Whittingham, of Staffordshire. is a military order, consisting of 26 knights, 24. Thomas Bristow, Esq; of Gray's. or companions, generally all peers, or Inn, to Miss Fanny Lee, of Bloomsbury. princes, whereof the king of England is The marriage of Mr. Lloyd, of Golden-lase, lovereign ; and there have been 8 em. mentioned in Auguf laft, was a mistake. perors, and 28 foreign kings, besides princes, Nov. 5. The lady of Barnaby Backwell, of this order since its institution. They Efq; delivered of two daughters. wear a garter set with precious stones on 8. The lady of Charles Talbot, Esq; of the left leg, with this motio, Hori fost qui a son and heir. mal y pense, q.d. Sbame to bim wbo tbinks The lady of Joseph Gulston, jun. Erg; evil bereof.

of a daughter.

14. The wife of James Piercy, a very MARRIAGES and BIRTHS.

honest industrious man, al Old Brent. pat, 26.

ford, of three boys, christened Matthew, fefs'd of a large eftale in Mark, and Luke, and likely to live ; and Herefordshire, to Miss Theodutia Fenning, that day ri months the same woman had an heirels.

3 boys and a girl at a birth. Stephen Thompson, Efq; an eminent

17. The lady of General Winyard, of a merchant, to the second daughter of the daughter. Jate Dr. Hall, physician to the Charter- 13. The lady of Sir Thomas Parkyns, Hours

bart, of a daughter. 31. Rev. Mr. Thomas Lowe, chaplain 22. Lady Elizabeth Waldegrave, daugha of, and rector of Epworth, ter to the earl Gower, and wife of the in Lincoln thire, to Miss Elizabeth Furye, Hon. col. Waldegrave, of a son and heir. youngest daughter of Peregrine Furye, Eig;

25. The lady of Sir Edmund Wallnih, of Mr. Haycock, an eminent apothecary a son and heir. and surgeon at Stoke-Newington, to Miss

DLAT S. Godfrey, daughter of Edward Godfrey,

R. Alexander Raite, proof Hampstead, Esq; a 10,ocol. fortune.

fessor of philosophy, in the Mr. Isaac Lamprey, an eminent mer- King's College, Aberdeen. chant in Tower-streer, to Miss Lownds, of 28. Thomas Place, Esq; one of the Ware, in Hertfordrhire.

pages of the bedchamber to his majesty. Samuel Stevens, Eļq; of Ham, in Eflex, Mrs. Briñow, aged about 80, mother to Miss Isabella Andrews, of Bow.

to John Bristow, Esq; depury governor of Nov. 6. Richard Vaughan, of the Mid

the S. S. company, and to William Bristyw, dle-Temple, Esq; only son and heir of the

Erg; one of the commissioners of the reHon. John Vaughan, Ery; knight of the

venue in Ireland, to the couniels of Efnire ior Caermarthenshire, to Miss Mar- fingham, countess of Buckingham, Mrs. garcia Elizabeth Phillipps, an heireis of

Dashwood of Suffolk, and two daughters 30,cool, fortune.

unmarried ; and grandmother to John 3. Thomas Phillips, Esq; pofseffed of a Ward, of Westerham, in Kent, Esq; sonliderable estare in Shropshire, to Miss

39. Rev. Mr. Pordage, subdean of the Floyd, of Morilake, an heiress.

king's chapel, rector of St. Fagan's, in 9. Mr. Richard Siddall, chemist, in Glamorganshire, and clerk in orders of Panion-street, to Miss Sukey le Febre, St. George's, Hanover-square. fourth diughter to John le Febre, of Tot- Nov. 1. Hon. col. Thomas Lascelles, tenham, Esq;

late surveyor general of the ordnance, in 10. Martin Jarvis, Esq; a merchant of

the 82d year of his age. He was also chief this city, to Miss Sarah Coates, of New

engineer of Great Britain, and deputy Bond-ftreet.

quarter master general cf all his majesty's 15. Anthony Askew, Esq; M. D. eldest

forces. He had been 63 years in the ferSon of Dr. Andrew Alkew, an crainent vice of his king and country, was at the phyfician al Newcastle upon Tyne, to Miss glorious battle at the Boyne, and dan, Swinburn, a 10,000l, fortune,

gerously wounded at Hockftet. He under. 16. Mr. Lyde Brown, an eminent re.

went the fatigue of 21 campaigns, and was finer in Foster. Lane, to Miss Bar well, of present at 36 engagements. Bread-street, a 10,000l. fortune.

6. John Selwyn, Efq; member of par. William Chelwynd, jun. Esq; member liament for the city of Gloucester: He was of parliament for Scockbridge in Hampthie,



Oct. 20.

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525 treasurer of the late queen's pensions, and Ecclefiaftical PRITERMINTS. left only one son, George Auguftus selaying JOSEPH Trapp, M. A, presented by

George Pitt Efq; to the living of StratEsq; member for Luggershall, in Wiles. fieldlea.--Peter Arnott, M. A. by the earl

Mr. John Wine, at Holt, in Lincolnshire, of Shrewsbury, to the rectory of St. a gentleman of an exceeding good character. Mary's, in Shropshire.Mr. Smallbrook,

7. Rev. Dr. John Madden, dean of Kilo by the counters dowager of Montrath, more, in Ireland.

to the living of Wem, in Shropshire.-Dr. 8. Sir Thomas l'Estrange, of Hunftan. Hay, of the commons, made chancellor of ton, in Norfolk, bart. who dying without the diocese of Worcester.-Mr. Althamlon, issue, the dignity and estate devolves to his M. A. presented by Sir Peter Warburton, only brother, now Sir Henry l’Extrange, Bart. to the rectory of St. Mary's, in Leia of Greffenhall in the same county, bart. cestershire. Dr. Yates, by the Hon. Mrs.

* Dr. Widgley, a phyfician of great prac- Lewis, grandmother to the earl of Plytice, at Leicester.

mouth, to the rectory of St. Fagan's, in Il. Mr. Tobias Charlton, who had been. Glamorgan lire.--Mr. Clendon, by the upwards of 40 years a clerk in the recre- master and fellows of Emanuel college, tary's office, at the India-House.

Cambridge, to the rectory of Brompton 14. Hon. col. Charles Amyand Pawlet, Regis, in Somerset hire, in the room of member for Christchurch, Hants, to whom Mr. Gammage, deceased. Dr. Allen, apthe 10,000l. prize in the lottery, that was pointed by the bishop of London, as dean drawn this very day, was said to belong. of the chapel royal, fubdean thereof.

John Hodgson, Efq; late a supercargo in Richard Robinson, D. D. promoted by his the service of the East. India company, majesty, to the bishoprick of Killaloe and who has left his father, the master of the Achonry, in Ireland, in the room of bishop mathematical school, in Chrift's-Hospital, Cary, deceased. - Henry Maxwell, M. A. 2001, a year for life.

appointed by his majesty, dean of Kilo Rev. Mr. Hotchkis, many years head more, in Ireland, in the room of Dr. Made maler of the Charterhouse school, which den, deceased. he resigned in 1748, and rector of Baltham, PROMOTIONS Civil and Military, in Cambridgeshire, a living worth neas

, ; he 400l. per ann.

16. Rt. Hon. the lady dowager Dillon. the room of John Cheale, Erq; deceased.

Mr. George Graham, well skilled in all -Capt. Wilkinson, made adjutant to his the branches of the mechanicks, a most royal highness the duke's reg. of foot celebrated watchmaker, and fellow of the guards, Dickens, Esq; made a capt. Royal Society.

in the same regiment.--Dr. Wilcox, maRev. Philip Doddridge, D.D. at Lisbon, Ter of Clare.hall, elected vice-chancellor of whither he went for the recovery of his Cambridge.- Dr. Milner, chosen an addi. health,

tional physician to St. Thomas's hospital. 19. Henry Arnauld, Esq; poffefied - Dr. Thomas Salisbury, one of the adof a great eftate at Hayes, in Middlesex. vocates of Do&tors Commons, made judge

20. Mr. James Newton, one of the of the high court of admiralty, in the room warehouse keepers to the East India com. of Sir Henry Penrice, knt. who resigned : pany, aged near 100.

And soon after Dr. Salisbury received the Mr. John Chambers, of Portsmouth, honour of knighthood. - Hon. Joseph fisherman, called the admisal of the fisher. Yorke, Efq; made his majesty's minister men, by who n he was much honoured, plenipotentiary to their high mightinesses in the 100th year of his age. His corpse the states general. was carried by fix great grandsons, and

Perforis declar'd BANKRUPTS.

OGER Peck, of St. Saviour's, South, by his sons and daughters, grandsons and grand- Benj. Legood, the elder, late of Bodney, daughters, great grandsons and great grand. in Norfolk, tallow-chandler.-George Hedaughters, and their chiidren, two and liger, late of London, merchant.-Samuel two, amounting to 72.

Nicholson, late of the parish of St. Anne, 22. Dr. Samuel Horseman, at his house in Middlesex, vi&tualler.

James Carlos, in Hatton Garden, one of the sellows, of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, vico and treasurer of the Royal College of Phy. tualler, William Hawkins, now or late ticians.

of Wolverhampton, linen-draper and mer24. The countess dowager of Shaftbury, cer. - William Parratt, of Leather lane, mother of the present earl,

pawnbroker.-William Barber, of Chelms. Peter le Fevre, Eq; at Walthamstow, ford, chee'emonger.- John Gravenor, late an eminent malt diftiller, and high theriff of St. Andrew's, Holbourn, dealer. for Ellex,

[The refl in our ficxi.] PRICI8

Chad, made

Norroy king”of arms, in

his pall supported by 6 great grando Rowark,"grocer and tobacconia.



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INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea, 4 perCent. 74 per Cent., Bank An. 3 per Cent. IndiaBonds Wind af Wearber Bill of Mortality from ISTOC X. STOCK. STOCK. Annu, old Ann, new

1747: 1748-9. B. Annu.

præm.. 1. d. Deal. London. Oct. 22. 10 Nov, 26. 188 IIS 139 104 105 103 fil|1024191.1oaia 100

1 10 O N, W. snow

Males 7163 188 1041 101. 104 1

Chrift. 103 102 102 g 100

10 N. W. с front fair

Femal. 700

W. frost fair

Š Males 9393


1903 188 115


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Femal. 9643

de, by N. frost fair
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W.N. W. hard front Died under 2 years old 751 115 104 13931401 188

104 103 102 1 102 100

110 cw. N. W. clou, mild Between 2 and s-151 188 15

104 103 102

62 140

| 102 $ 100

51. 78
E. clou, mild

5 and 10-
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51. 78
c E. N. E.


Jo and 20 115 104

# 103 102 100 sl. 78 1 10 ( E. by N.

156 moist

20 and 30 10 Sunday

e. by S.

30 and 40
115 104 1 104


S. by W. | 100 | 5l. 78


40 and 50-146 115 104 104

TO2 103


gl. 78 12 139 140 188 1

1 10 S. W.

so and 60-137 1814189 115 104 ) 1 104 103


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131 140

S. by W. rain

60 and 70 -- 116

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102 141 140

5l. 88 S. W.


189 115 %) 104
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cw. by S. rain

8o and go — So
16] 140

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1 10 c W. S. W. fair rain

go and 100

7 17 Sunday

w. by S. fair

18] 140
IIS 104 i d) 104 $ 1031104 103

I TO c/S.S. W. fr. fair rain

Within the Walls 187

104 1 19) 141

103 | 101 sl. 128 6 N.W. by W

1 12

I 190

Without the Walls 466
los )
104 103 4 1 103

(W. S. W. fair rain sl, 158

21 141 19!

In Mid. and Surrey 856
1054105 104 $ 103


51. 138
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ti. W. hard wind rain
116 5
141 i 190

City & Sub. W cf. 394
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* 103 101 3

sl. 13$

ts. S. W. fair rain

1 1 2
331 141
105 10+ 103 103 101
sl. 138 1 12 US. W. fresh fair rain

34 Sunday

3. W. by S. very fair Weekly O&. 29 116 | 105

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sl. 138 | 12 (W. S. W. fair

26 140
190 116
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ON. W.byn. fair


1 1 2

N, E. 27/ 140


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118 t N. W, clou. cold

191 140

104 103 103 101
1 11 6 S. E. fair cold

1903 3o 140

104 4
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sl. 138 1 12 S. S. E. fair cloudy Wheaten Peck Loaf 2s,

Peale 20s. to 258. per Q.
Bear. Key. Basingstoke, Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster, Devizes. Gloucester. Northampt.
Wheat 298 to 33$ gr 10l 75 load 101 158 load pol 75 load 10178 load rol 15: load 355 to 48 ar 345 10 48 or 48 6d bush.

345 to 429
Barley 138 to 19 205 to oo ar 195 to 23 qr

195 to 32 gr

195 to 22 qr 205 to 22 195 to 24 198 to 23 Oats 158 60 to 16

rgs to 20 od 148 to 18 145 to 19 145 to 19 155 to 19 od 145 to 19

16s to 17 28 to 25 6d

13s to 15 Beans 188 to 238 od 28s to 29 od

245 to 26 225 to 26 228 to 26 268 to 30

4j8 to 36 28 gd to 35 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, Ill. 148. 6d. ul. 158. 11. 148. ul. 158. 6d. 1. 178. 6d. 121. 121. 101. 131. 58. 161. 168. 161. 55.


1.8. 161

161. 6. 161. 108.

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AGUE, November 2, N. S. The eft diftin&ion, who, to that condescen. H

fion, at the close of the entertainment, add. land waited on her royal highness, the ed confiderable tokens of their generontỷ. princess royal, and administered to her the About fix in the evening, the new-married baths as governante and guardian to the folks were carried to their homes in the young prince Atadtholder her son ; lo that fame coaches which had taken them in ihe has now been acknowledged as such by the morning to the churches. There was all the seven provinces. The roth the de- in all the churches a composure and devom puties of the states of Zealand and also tion which spoke their sense of what they those of the province of Groningen, and were about, and, at the feasts, a decent county of Ommelanden, had audiences of chearfulness becoming the occafion ; tears her royal highness, and presented the young of humanity were seen to stand in many of prince with the title of first noble of each the spectators eyes, and every thing was of these provinces ; and the same evening tranfa&ted with all possible regularity. A the states general sent a deputation, to in- detachment of the city guards was stationed vite her to take her feat at the council in every church, and in the evening the of state, and to administer to her the oath Town-house and churches were splendidly customarly taken upon that occasion.-And illuminated.

The number of marriages the 23d, the states general created the young amounted to 600. prince, now called William V. hereditary The Dutch ambassador has made repre. Stadtholder and captain general of Brabant sentations to the court, concerning the inand Flanders, of the upper quarter of terest which the merchants of Holland have Guelderland, and of the three counties of in the town of Mazulipatan, which the goOutre-Meuse, Wedde and Welt. Woldinger. vernor of Pondichery seized on, after the land, with divers rights, privileges and deseat of Nazarfingue, by virtue of the prerogatives, which are to be enjoy'd by cefsion made by the new king of Golconda the princess governante during his minori. to the French t. Capt. l'Etorey, who ty. The plan formed by the late stadthold. arrived last month at Honfleur, relates, er before his death, containing 90 pages in that he law on the banks of Newfoundland, 410, for re-establishing and improving the 21 French thips employed in the cod filh. commerce of the republick, lies now be. ery, which had at that time caught 119,600, fore the colleges of the admiralty for their exclusive of the Bellona, the Lion, and approbation, and merits their utmost atten. the Flora ; the two former of which had, tion ; for the Dutch are foon like to have in the month of August caught 10,000 each, a dangerous rival in the city of Embden, and the latter 4000 the beginnning of July. to which city the king of Prussia has lately The new squadron lately fitted out from granted the privilege of being a free poit, Breft, failed the 23d of last month, under and in which he designs to establish several the command of commodore de Salvert, manufactories, with considerable rights and commissary general of the marine artillery immunities.

at that port, who had orders not to open his Paris, Nov, 12, N. S. On the 8th, being instructions till he arrived at a certain lati. the day before that of the marriages of the tude. 26th, the king having laft Monpoor maidens, on account of the birth of day caused the registers of the parliament the duke of Burgundy *, the bridegrooms to be laid before him, and the parliament and brides resorted to the churches of their having met next day, in order to take respective parishes, where the ceremony of into their confideration the affair of the their betrothing was performed, all the bells general hospital the day following, his ringing in every parish ; early next morn- majesty's orders were read to them, fig. ing this ever-memorable day was ushered nifying that they thould not proceed to in with a discharge of the city cannon ; bulinels, whereupon the assembly broka at nine the parties again resorted to their up, and the members retired to their re« respective churches, which were hung spective apartments, with capeftry, and illuminated with wax- The plague raged last summer at Con. lights ; a mass was folemnly fung, at which Kantinople so fiercely as to destroy above affifted a magistrate in his robes, and the 70,000 people, and at last made its way two churchwardens of the parishes, who into the Seraglio, and even in the Harem, held the pall over the couples, who after the or womens apartment, three of the grand ceremony (which was declared by a second fignor's pages, and fix of the ladies, with discharge) were carried in coaches, which four eunuchs their keepers, having died of had been lent by the gentry of each parish, it ; which obliged his sublime highness to to the places appointed for the reasts. fly from the danger to a country palace The pairs of St. Sulpice and St, Roche's on the Euxine sea ; but by last letters it is parishes had the honour to be served at said to have entirely ceased. cable by princes and persons of the high.

Divs. • Su our Mag. for Sept, lafi. Po 431. † See dieren

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35. Millar.


The Monthly Catalogue for November, 1751. DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. Spaw. By D. W. Linden, M. D. pt. isi HE Sermons of the learned Dr. 6d, Owen,

Isaac Barrow, in 6 Vols. Tamo, 25. A general Narrative of the Transa pr. 186. Willon.

a&tions in Nova Scotia. By J. Willon, pro 2. The Whole Duty of Man according 6d. Henderson, to the holy Scriptures, pr. i$. 6d. Cooper. 26. A new Memorandum Book im.

3. The Apostles Crecd paraphrased, By prov'd, or Daily Pocket Journal for 1752, a Sea Officer, pr. 15. Woodfall.

pr. is. 6d. Dodney. 4. Sufficient Reasons for a religious Se. 27. The Daily Journal for the Year of paration from the Church of England. By our Lord 1752 (with Old Time's Address John Talker, pr. 18. 6d. Noon.

to all the good People of Great Britain :) 5. An Enquiry concerning the Principles Or, The Gentleman's and Tradesman's of Morality. By David Hume, Esq; pri Accompt-Book for the Pocket, pr, 18. 60.

Baldwin. 6. An Elay on Spirit, pr. 28. 6d. Noon, 28. The Gentleman and Ladies Palla, MISCELLANEOUS,

dium for the Year 1752 ; with a Paschal 7. A Reply to the Case of Alexander Table, composed by the Right Hon. the Murray, Esq; pr. 15. Carpenter.

Earl of Macclesfield, pr. is. Baldwin. 8. The Universal Di&ionary of Trade 29. A French Almanack for the Year and Commerce. Trannated from the 1752, pr. 6d, Baldwin. French of Mons. Savary, pr. 6d. each 30. * A Treatise on Virtue and Happi. Number. Knapton.

ners. The third Edit. By T. Nettleton, 9. The Ordinary of Newgate's Account, M. D. and F. R. S. pr. 45. Payne and pr. 6d. Corbet.

Bouquet. 10. The Adventures of Captain Peter de 31. Mercy for Methodists, proved to be la Fontain, who has been fix Years under the Law and the Prophets, pr. 6d. Owen, Sentence of Death in Newgate, pr. 18, 32. The Chinese Spy, pr. 28. 60. Whiston, Stamper.

33. Medical Principles and Cautions, 11. The Fair Wanderer, pr. 18. Stamper. By Theo. Lobb, M. D. pr. is. Buckland, 12. The Man Plant ; or Scheme for

Poetry and Entertaiment, improving the British Breed, pr. 18. Cooper. 34. The Works of Alexander Pope,

13. The History of the Parliament of Erq; with his last Corrections, Additions, England. By the Abbe Raynal, pr. 45. and Improvements. Published by Mr. Olborne.

Warburton, in 9 Vols. small Octavo, pre 14. A genuine Account of the Parricide of

275. Knapton. Mary Blandy, pr. 6d. Walker. (See p. 512.) 35. The Muses Choice ; containing a

15. The British Theatre. Containing Colle&ion of Tales, Epigrams, &c. pr. 18. the Lives of the Englith Dramatick Poets ; 6. Stamper. with an Account of all their Plays : To. 36. Fortune, a Rhapsody. Inscribed to gether with the Lives of all the principal Mr. Garrick, pr. 18. Manby, Actors, as well as Poets. With a more 37. A Differtation on the Song of Solo, View of the Rise and Progress of the mon, with a poetical Version, pr. 25. English Stage, pr. 28. sew'd. Baldwin. Millar,

16. The Orations and Epistles of Ilo. 38. Memoirs of the Life and Actions of crates. Translated from the Greek, By Charles Osborne, Esq; pr. 38. Cooper. J. Dinsdale, pr. 6s. Walier.

39. The Olympiade, pr. 15. Owen, 17. The History of our National Debts, 40. The Femalo Haberdashers, pr. 6d, Part II. pr. 28. Cooper.

Wakelin, 18. Remarks on the Life and Writings 41. Excise Boys, ha ! A New Ballad, of Dr. Jonathan Swift, in a Series of Let- pr. ;d. Holden. ters from John Earl of Orrery, to his Son 42. A genuine Account of the Life of Hamilton Boyle, pr. 45. Millar. (See per Howell ap Price, Gentleman of Wales, 483.)

pr. 3s. Olborne, 19. The same in a small Size, pr. 28. 43. Enthusiasm : A poetical Efray, pr. 6d. rew'd. Millar.

Is. Owen. 20. A Hint on Duelling, pr. 6d. Sheepey, 44. Maxims and Cautions for the La

21. Hickey against Hamilton and Hare dies, pr. 18. Owen. vey, pr. 18. Gibson.

45. The Beau Philosopher, pr. 38. Free. 22. A true State of the Care between man, Gen. Guise and Mr. Hervant, pr. 60.

46. Eastward Hoe ; or the Prentices. 23. A short View of the Families of A Comedy, with the Alterations as it is the present English Nobility. By Mr. Sal.' now acłed, pr. is, Dodfey. mon, pr. 38. Owen.

47. The Shepherd's Lottery, a musical 71. An experimental Differtation on the Entertainment, as it is acted at the Theatre

e, Contents, and Virtue of Hyde Royal in Drury. Lane, pr. 6d. Cooper,

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