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BR Achem into the main;



Poetical Essays in NOVEMBER, 1751. 521 Tis a deception, echo it, ye skies !

VIT, To fancy bliss from avarice can rise.

The praise, due to fishermen, who cou'd STREPHON. repeat ?


With them fam'd Elizabeth mann'd a stout The Society's pickled HERRINGS for ever!

Which gave Spain's armada a total defeat, Or ebe Superintendant's Exborlation to the

O pickled herrings, &c. Crews of tbeir Busses, fishing of Yar

VIII. mouth.

See a forest of buss- mafts * o'ershadowing & BALL AD.

our coast, (our fish'ries engross'd!

French, Dutch, Swedes, and Danes, have To be Tane of, O the roast Beef of Old

They trumpet our folly, and their own England !

wisdom boast. Sung by Mr. LEVERIDGI, (ibe Old Cham

O pickled herrings, &c. pion) at Stationers. Hall, Lord-Mayor's.

IX. Day, 1751 : After a DissERT of Shet.

Your toil, (my good lads,) with rewardst land pickled Herrings.

will be crown'd, [mer comes round: 1.

And at Shetland we'll meet, e'er the sum. RAVE Jads, take your nets, heave In the mean time all Europe will ring with


this sound, Sink deep in its bofom, and thence treasures

O pickled herrings of Britain ! May raise us a Acet, to chastise France and

And o British pickled herrings !
Opickled herrings of Britain !

And o British pickled herrings ! ART of the word that signifies lust,
Whilft, nothful, the landman till noon mould'ring in duft, [of a town,
snoring lies,

(will rise, Both these being join'd, make the name What glory is yours, who with Phoebus That has a good market, tho' of no great Mid rains, and mid tempests, to haul up

your prize!
O pickled herrings of Britain, &c.

Not Naves like the Spaniards who dig in


Nor no other creature, except it be dogs; A body of tars will be chose out of you, And what's of great use to a cobler's trani. Bold hearts to defend us, to freedom true lating,

[ing nor making ; blue.

Without which he could neither be mendo O pickled herrings, &c. These joined together make a town of IV.

good fame,

(to name, When Jove form’d these globes, and had Which I defire off hand you'll be pleased scuop'd out our ille, (imile,

QUIBUS, He o'er it med plenty ; then said with " Trade its fons will cnrich, if on ocean

“ they tuil,
O pickled herrings, &c.

On bis Tbougbes on Man's FREE AGENCY, v.

&c. « Else vain wou'd their industry be on the

RITON ! thy thoughts sublimely [“ fand,

A prey to invaders they cou'd not with- Beyond what man conceiv'd before :
" The world will be his, who the sea Ahall In thy exalted page we find
“ command."

The source and powers of the mind :
Opickled herrings, &c. How man was form'd entirely free,

Though brutes impell’d by initind be :
To make us great, powerful, wealthy and

How faith is fix'd by realon's eye, free,

And when the world itself shall die. All arts must affift, and all callings agree ; Thy politicks have long been known, Our ploughmen at land, with our plough

And justly honour'd by the town.
men at sea,

But now, to make the man complete,
Opickled herrings, &c. The Cbriftian and the statesman meet.
November, 1751.


THE • Wben ibis ballad was writ (last September) near 500 foreign vessels were fishing off Yarmouth. Tbis is beir pra&tice annually ; and bey sometimes comfii of 7 or 800 failed Nerandum ! + Tbree prizus (of 30l. 201. and 151.) are eftablimed, for eboje ibree bull's wbich shall carcb molt fijn ebis year, ond sure ebem beftia circumflance ibai animated infinitely be industry of Ebe feveral shows,

THE food, that's not fit to be given to

« Jand;



Montbly Chronologer.

ROM Naples we had the have been fince heard of at Guardaloupe, following acmount : In the St. Thomas's, and Tortola, where they afternoon of October 23, arrived safe. Among other persons killed we were alarmed with the at St. Kitt's by this dreadful hurricane, Thock of an earthquake ; they take notice of Mr. Mills, an eminent

and on the 25th, the wind planter, who was buried under the ruins Thifting to the north-west, a black and of his house. In short, they reckon the thick smoke was seen to issue with great damage done in our sugar inands by this rapidity from the aperture of mount Velu. Atorm, does not fall Mort of 200,oool. vius : In the evening fames were per

FRIDAY, Nov. I. ceived, and to increase so that the whole His royal highnels, prince Edward, crater seemed in a blaze. On the 26th, (second son of his late royal highness a cleft was perceived a little below the Frederick prince of Wales) who was lately fummit, and a stream of ignited matier indisposed with an abscess, and was at. gushing from it like a river of fame. tended by Dr. Wilmot, Dr. Lee, Dr. Shaw Next day the appearance of Vesuvius was and Dr. Duval, and by Mr. Middleton quite tremendous ; the infamed torrent, Mr. Cælar Hawkins and Mr. Sharp, surafter making a channel, had divided itself

geons, was so well recovered, that this into other streams, which impetuoufly morning, he, with his elder brother, continued their course among the fields, George prince of Wales, attended by some farms and vineyards, which lie betwixt noblemen, took the benefit of the air on the mountain and the sea. Princess Efter. horseback, and at noon went to St. James's hafi, the imperial ambassadress, more in- palace : And about the middle of the fent upon the causes, than frightened at month, these two royal brothers were this phænomenon, did not miss a day go- again at St. James's, to pay a visit to his ing to that part of the mountain where the majesty, and continued there a confidera. ignited substance bent its course, taking ble time. Of this hopeful youth, prince with her some persons of learning for her Edward, now in the 13th year of his age, information, and from thence the came we have given the Errigiis in our Maga. down along the grounds thro' which the zinc for this month. stream had taken its way to the sea. The

SATURDAY, 9. channel which it has made is above soo One Thomas Matthews was committed feet in breadth, and the sediment left in it

to Clerkenwell Bridewell by Sir Samuel is of a fulphureous substance, which diics

Gower, on a violent suspicion of being into the hardness of a stone.

concerned in the murder of Mr. Joseph By a later account we were told, that a

Jeffryes, on the 3d of July last, at Wal. Dew opening appeared on the east fide

thamstow in Essex, (see p. 330.) for which of this mountain, from whence issued a murder John Swan, the man-servant, and torrent of fire, which extended itself to

Elizabeth Jeffryes, neice to the said late Bosco Reale, which is about five miles.

Mr Jeffryes, were indi&ted at the last al. This caused an incredible damage to the sizes at Chelmsford, (see p. 378.) and are towns, villages, and houses thereabouts, now in that goal in order to take their and has so frighied the inhabitants of the

trials at the next affizes. When before neighbouring places, that they have all the magistrate he voluntarily made an in. left their dwellings. The queen went to formation, that the abovesaid John Swan Portici, to take a nearer view of the erup- offered him sool, in presence of Elizabeth tion of this mountain, A dreadful hurricane happened in the

Jeffryes, if he would murder the deceased West Indies the 8th of September last.

Mr. Joseph Jeffryes; and the said Eliza,

beth Jeffryes affured him at the same I: was felt more or less in all the islands, time, that he hould have the money if but more severely at Antigua than any he did the business ; and that she advised Other place. All the ships and vessels him to undertake the jobb : That on his were dove alhore, and several of them loft; aking them, (John Swan and Elizabeth the government's magazine was blown down, and abundance of stores destroyed

Jeffryes) how it was to be done, they told

him, he might Moot him at any time as he or damaged, as were likewise a great came home of an evening : That, on his number of mills. At St. Kitt's divers mips were forced on More, but others cut

refusing to undertake it, John Swan then Wicio cables and drove out to sea, and

swore he would do it himself. This was

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Printed for R. Baldwin Jun! at the Rose in Pater Noster Row.,

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1751. Ibe MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 523 a few days before Mr. Jeffryes was shot ; Sir Clement Cotterel Dormer, knt, Samuel but he did not swear that it was Swan that Gale, Esq; Cromwell Mortimer, M. D. did shoot him, or who did ; because, he Jeremiah Mills, D. D. Richard Rawlinsays, he went away out of the neighbour. lon, L. L. D. James Theobalds, Esq; Mr. hood of Walthamstow a few days before George Vertue, Edward Umfreville, Philip the said murder was committed,

Carteret Webb, James Weft, and Daniel This Matthews was committed to Wray, Esqrs. Brown Willis, L. L. D. and Cerkenwell Bridewell by Sir Samuel Gower, Philip Yorke, Esq; who proceeded to busialong with the abovenamed John Swan, ness, and re-elected all the other old memon the zoth of June laft, 14 days before bers, as impowered by the great seal. See the murder was perpetrated, for being p. 475.) found with a brace of pistols upon them,

FRIDAY, 15. a powder. horn with gunpowder cherein,

The Rt. Hon. the house of peers preand a pair of rich ear rings in a shagreen

sented their humble address of thanks to case ; and for his discharge Elizabeth Jef- his majesty for his moft gracious speech fryes appeared the next day before the said from the throne. (See this address with his justice, and said the earings were hers, majesty's answer, p. 515.) and the pistols her uncle's, which Swan,

SATURDAY, 16. who was her uncle's servant, was carrying,

The humble address of the Hon. house by order, to be cleaned; upon which, on of commons was this day presented to the a re-examination, they were both dis- king ; (which see, together with his maje. charged, and the paid their fees.

Ay's answer, p. 515, 516.)

TUESDAY, 19. The Atate lottery began drawing at Guild. The anniversary of the birth of her hau.

royal highness the princess dowager of of the ten malefa&tors condemned the Wales was celebrated, who then entered Jant sessions at the Old Bailey, (see p. 475.) into the 33d year of her age. the ax following were this day executed at

THURSDAY, 21. Tyburn, viz. Alexander Byrne, James This night was the eclipse of the moon, Malone, Terence Mac-Cane, William of which we gave a type and calculation in Holmes, John Newton, and Francis Man- our last, p. 466. It was very visible from deville. The under theriff attended the

the clearners of the sky at that time. (€ execution, which was performed with began a little aster 8, and ended atout il. great decency and order.

A great num- Eight digits of the 12 were eclipsed. ber of failors, and others, appearing armed

FRIDAY, 22. with bludgeons, under pretence of rescuing The Hon. Alexander Murray, Esq; was their acquaintances from the surgeons, again ordered into custody by the house of were, by order of the sheriff, disarmed, and the bodies of the unfortunate criminals About this time an account was brought were cut down and delivered to their

from Jamaica, of a dreadful hurricane that friends, with the same peace and order as happened there on Sept. 11.

It began they were executed. Five high conftables, about one in the moming and lalled till and upwards of 200 petry conftables and Near 30 Mhips and vetsels were lost, headboroughs, attended.

Samuel Bacon, rome with their whole crews; and a great Emanuel Clarke, and Weston Rakes were many lost their masts, and were oiner. reprieved for transportation for life. And

wise very much damaged, with the loss of no report was made to his majesty, by the part of their crews. All the sugar canes recorder, of Elizabeth Wills, on account

were lodged, and many houses and all the of her pregnancy. (See their several.

Negro huts were blown down. One while crimes in the place above referred to.) man, and several Negroes were killed by THURSDAY, 14.

the falling of the houses.

Most of the The king went to the house of peers, wharfs in Kingston were blown away, with The usual state and folemnity, and or greatly damaged ; likewise those to the the commons being sent for up and at- windward and leeward gone, with several tending, his majesty opened the session houses. Most of the canes in the cane. with a molt gracious speech to both houses. pieces were either lodged or washed away; (See p. 514.)

many works destroyed, and several Nc The same day, at the mitre tavern in

groes, cattle, &c. killed. Fleet-Areet, was opened the new charter of the society of antiquaries ; and in it were

EXPLANATION of tbe STATIONERS found named as officers, Martin Folkes,

ALMANACK, for 17;2. Erg; president, Charles Compton, Esq; trea- This Almanack is ornamented with a furer, John Ward, L. L. D. and Pr. Rhet. curiously engraven head. piece, designed by Greth. director, and Ms. Joseph Ames, Mr. S. Wale, representing K. Edward III. secretary. The council were lords Fitz. holding in his right hand a garter, which williams and Willoughby of Brooke, Sir the countess of Salisbury dropt in dancing ; John Evelyn, and Sir Joseph Ayliffe, basts.





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