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Poetical Essays in NOVEMBER, 1751. 519

The great Jehovah mall thy Aame approve, Tho'fortune thus tears me away

And crown thy joys in realms of endless To the banks of the * Swale's diftant

love. stream,

Hatfield, Sept. 21, 1751. T. S. I'll think of thee all the long day,

An ODE, performed in tbe Cafile of Dublin, Of thee all the night will I dream.

on Oct. 30,. being bis MAJESTY's BirthGay fancy shall call to my mind'

Day. These scenes and the bliss we have krown,

By the Special Command of bis Grace obe Lord When you without guilt cou'd be kind,

Lieutenant, And scandal itself has look'd on.

URORA! goddess of the purple morn! 3. Yet tell me, oh tell me, I pray,

With blushes gay, thy opening light

adorn! Will you think of me oft in the grove,

(brightest ray! And with the sweet coming of May,

And thou, great Phoebus ! dart thy To talk about friendship and love ?

Shine all the god! and grace this glo.

rious day. I read thy fond wishes, dear lass, The May Mall our pleasure renew ;

RECIT. Accompany'd. Ye minutes, till then swiftly pass,

Descend Apollo !
Adieu! my dear Molly, adieu !

And all ye heav'nly choir,
That round Parnaffus dwell !

Afift! inspire !
To a Lover, wbo idoliz'd bis MISTRESS,

The trembling bard to summon all his fire! Ould'st thou, fond lover, would'st

AI R. thou still pursue

Hail, migkry name! The winding paths that passion puts in view ? Rich mine of fame! Would'At thou forsake the realms of peace,

From George (whom heav'n ordaind to 10 stray

bless) Among the wilds of love's uncertain way? True safety springs ; Thou err'it, if there thou hop'it to find Dependent kings repose,

Or fear revenge, or hope redress. Da Capsa No settled calm, alas ! the lover knows;

By hope uplifted, and by fears deprest, The happy monarch, truly wise !
Conftant extremes forbid his bofom reft.

Our welfare makes his own : Toft on love's boist'rous main he madly Justice, and courage, awíul rise, strays,

The columns of his throne ! Curses his fate, and to his charmer prays :

AIR. Vain pray'r, alas! where all that she can There suppliant lies, give,

With lifted eyes,
Is but to scorn, or barely bid him live : Hibernia! like a beauteous maid;
Suppole a mutual fame her bosom burns ;

With smiles the pleads, 'Tis but the change of various pains by

Her loyal deeds,

And asks a Dorset to her aid. Indiff'rence now succeeds a warm delire,

RECIT And starves with cold the heart that glow'd Our king has heard Hibernia's prag'r! with fire.

Again resigns her to a Dorset's care! Ceare then to idolize the favirite flame, lerne's choice ! her best support! Nor make a goddess of a mortal dame. Hail, fav’rite of Britannia's court ! In Ovid's lines we might indeed excuse

AIR. The too warm transports of a heathen muse; Now the heav'nly fifter train But when a christian's love extends ro Touch the well-known, grateful ftrain : high,

By them the faire ft wreath is twin'd, Efteem degenerates to idolatry.

Dorset's learned brow to bind. Da Capo. Then quit th' ignoble fire, abandon fense,

RECIT. And let thy mortal love divine commence. Thus George from his all bounteous hand Here may'it thou meet an object worth thy Dispenses blessings to this happy land. care,

A I R. Supremely eminent, divinely fair :

lerne's merchants, now with pleasure, No disappointment here Thallrack thy breast, Fearless view the fav’ring gales, No rival awe, nor frowns difturb thy reft : Waft their long expected treasure, Subservient time shall consummate the Freighted Mips with swelling fails ! jov,

RECIT. Crowd hours of bliss, and banish base alloy: Hail, commerce ! child of liberty! thy sway Rores and jeftamin all strew the way, Brings various nations crouding in our day! And ev'ry prospect look lerenely gay :

Da Capo obe Air, * The river at Richmond in Yorktaire.


turns :


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* Tbe Prayer referr!! 10. When war's destructive horrors ceale,

"O Lord, me fave, my friends, and foes, These are the fruits of happy peace !

" Thine aid vouch'afe, thy giace disclose, But hark! the shepherd's pipe demands the

« Preserve me from the dreads of night, lay!

“ That i may render praise when light ; To grace the pleasures of the rural day.

« Ard then, the days revolving on, AIR.

Tby kingdom come ; tby will be done." The lark's thrill notes awake the morn! The breezes wave the ripen'd corn;

To CELIA. The yellow harvest, fase from spoil,

ES, Celia, you are more than half Rewards the happy farmer's toil !

divine, The towing bowl succeeds the fail, But yet, the lex's foible fill is thine, O'er which he tells the jocund tale. Ambition, to attain a state more bigis,

Da Cope.

The fin, which pluck'd whole legions from

the sky!

[ends, When war's destructive horrors ceare, The lin, whose guilt and purishment ne'er These are the fruits of happy peace!

Made angels demons, and archangels In grateful notes of triumph join ;

fiends :

(ftore? These blessings, gracious king, are thine ! Has not heav'n bleft thee with an ample DUET.

Can reason aík, or prudence wish for more?
Let this happy day be crown'd

Is there one want in life, this can't com-
With great event and fair success ;


[hard ! No brighter in the year be found

Say, Celia, say, and yield thy plighted
Than this! that gave a George to bless! Confer a lavour, let thy borom glow,
Live! great encourager of arts !

With pleasures that from retribution flow,
Live ever in our grateful hearts. Da Capo. The bliss of gods! who fill delight to roll

GRAND CHORU S. Their bounties on the humble, grateful Now let the instruments aloud proclaim

(praise, The honours that attend his warlike name: The humble, grateful roul, who best can The trumper's Thrill found

And in their fanes the noblest trophies raise.
Shail echo thro' the sky;

But here, methinks, you interrupting say,
To the thundering drum

“ Merit to riches ever must give way; Let the cannon reply.

“ Lives there a nymph, that can with pa.
"tierce hear

[“ care ? A Bon Repos; or, Tbe Way to Neep well. « Of less'ning grandeur, and redoubling THE man that's innocent and good, " Then dread this truth, my hand Mall

“ never join, Who can on vice reflections cast,

“ Unless the lover's fortune doubles mine ; And pity human frailties past,

“ A chariot creeps, a coach and fix will Sedately think on future actions, Devoid of parties, feds and factions,

“ And gay attendants catch the vulgar eye; Sincerity regarding most,

" It liappiness exists, it must be there, A parte ante & a parte poft ;

“ The woman shining in her proper Can view the fordid without pain,

“ (phere!"

[Atrife, Plead for the widow without gain,

Wou'd Celia think, greatness engenders Succour the orphan, help the maim,

Remorse, divorce, and ev'ry woe of life ; Bestows what he might lose at game ; In gilded vehicles ten thousand ride, Aiding the poor, the rich befriending, With aching hearts, defires unsatisfy'd; Preventing quarrels, difcords ending, Amid the lux’ry that their tables give, Pray’rs for th'oppress'd to heaven sending, See how they pine! and with indifference His own and others morals mending ;

live :

[blood ; Vifies the fick, the naked cloaths,

Besides, you'll fill want titles, fill want Receives the strange, th'abandon'd loaths ; And that's enough to spoil the present good, The pris'ner loores, captives frees,

Not so, where love two equal fouls unites, Comforts the wretch in miseries ;

These in each other find supreme delights ; Thc hungry feeds, th' unlearned teaches, Call for no foreign aids, to ease the hour, Of broken hearts repairs the breaches ;- Nor let their wishes spring beyond their All good performs, all ill does shun ;

power ; He safely may go down with sun,

Truth and affection reign without controul, His course is finilli'd, his race run; And pour those joys, that fill the human On bended knees forgiveness craves

foul. For sake of him who helps and saves ; This is thy lot, if virtue chuse thy Secure in bed his eyes may clofe,

spouse, Affured of a good repose.

And the most perfect that our face allows:







Poetical Essays in NOVEMBER, 1751. 521 *Tis a deception, echo it, ye skies !

VII. To fancy bliss from avarice can rise.

The praise, due to fithermen, who cou'd STREPHON. repeat?


With them fam'd Elizabeth mann'd a stout The Society's pickled HERRINGS for ever!

Which gave Spain's armada a total deleat. Or ebe Superintendant's Exbortation to tbe

O pickled hertings, &c. Crews of their BUSSES, ffoing off Yare

VIII. mouth,

See a forest of buss-mafts * o'ershadowing A BALLA D.

our coast, (our filh'ries engrossid!

French, Durch, Swedes, and Danes, have To sbe Tune of, O the roaft Beef of Old

They trumpet our folly, and their own England !

wisdom boaft. Sung by Mr. LEVERIDGI, (ibe Old Cham

O pickled herrings, &c. pion) at Stationers. Hall, Lord-Mayor's

IX. Day, 1751 : After a DESSERT of Shet.

Your toil, (my good lads,) with rewards land pickled Herrings.

will be crown'd, [mer comes round: 1.

And at Shetland we'll meet, e'er the sum.

In the mean time all Europe will ring with them into the main ; (drain, this sound, Sink deep in its bosom, and thence treasures

O pickled herrings of Britain ! May raise us a Acet, to chastise France and

And o British pickled herrings !
O pickled herrings of Britain !

And o British pickled herrings ! ART of the word that fignifies lust,

II. Whilft, nothful, the landman till noon mould'ring in duft, [of a town, snoring lies,

(will rise, Both chese being join'd, make the name What glory is yours, who with Phæbus That has a good market, tho' of no great Mid rains, and mid tempefts, to haul up

your prize!
Opickled herrings of Britain, &c.

Not Naves like the Spaniards who dig in


Nor no other creature, except it be dogs ; A body of tars will be chose out of you, And what's of great use to a cobler's traniBold hearts to defend us, to freedom true lating

[ing nor making ; blue.

Without which he could neither be mend. O pickled herrings, &c. These joined together make a town of IV.

good fame,

(to name, When Jove form’d these globes, and had Which I defire off hand you'll be pleased scuop'd out our ifle, (smile,

QUIBUS He o'er it med plenty ; then raid with a « Trade its sons will enrich, if on ocean

“ they toil,
O pickled herrings, &c.


On bis Tboug brs on Man's FREE AGENCY, V.

&c. « Elle vain wou'd their industry be on the

RITON ! thy thoughts sublimely [“ fand.

A prey to invaders they cou'd not with Beyond what man conceiv'd before :
" The world will be his, who the sea fall In thy exalted page we find
" command."

The source and powers of the mind :
Opickled herrings, &c.

How man was form'd entirely free,

Though brules impellid by instinct be : To make us great, powerful, wealthy and

How faith is fix'd by realon's eye, free,

And when the world itself shall die. All arts must affift, and all callings agree ; Thy politicks have long been known, Our ploughmen at land, with our plough

And justly honour'd by the town.
men at lea,

But now, to make the man complete,
O pickled herrings, &c. The Chriftian and the statesman meet.
November, 17511


THE Wben ibis ballad was writ (last September) near soo foreign vessels were fiping off Yarmouth. This is beir praftice annually ; and obey sometimes confißt of 7 or 800 jail Netandum ! + Tbree prizus (of 301. 201. and 151.) are eftablimed, for obose ibret bulis qubicb sha!! caseb molt fijn bis year, and cure ebem befii a circumfence ibat animared infinitely be indeling of tbe feveral grews,

THE hood, that's not fit to be given to

« land;



Monthly Chronologer.

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ROM Naples we had the have been fince heard of at Guardaloupe,
following account : In the St. Thomas's, and Tortola, where they

afternoon of October 23, arrived fafc. Among other persons killed
F we were alarmed with the at St. Kitt's by this dreadful hurricane,

Mock of an earthquake ; they take notice of Mr. Mills, an eminenc

and on the 25th, the wind planter, who was buried under the ruins shift ng to the north-west, a black and of his house. In short, they reckon the thick smoke was seen to issue with great damage done in our sugar iñands by this rapidity from the aperture of mount Velu. ftorm, does not fall Mort of 200,oool. vius : In the evening fames were per

FRIDAY, Nov, I. ceived, and to increase lo that the whole His royal highness, prince Edward, crater seemed in a blaze. On the 26th, (second son of his late royal highness a cleft was perceived a little below the Frederick prince of Wales) who was lately fummit, and a ftream of ignited matter indisposed with an abscess, and was at. gushing from it like a river of fame. tended by Dr. Wilmot, Dr. Lee, Dr. Shaw Next day the appearance of Vesuvius was and Dr. Duval, and by Mr. Middleton quite tremendous ; the inflamed torrent, Mr. Cæsar Hawkins and Mr. Sharp, surafter making a channel, had divided itself geons, was so well recovered, that this into other Areams, which impetuously morning, he, with his elder brother, continued their course among the fields, George prince of Wales, attended by some farms and vineyards, which lie betwixt noblemen, took the benefit of the air on the mountain and the sea. Princess Efter. horseback, and at noon went to St. James's hafi, the imperial ambassadress, more in- palace : And about the middle of the fent upon the causes, than frightened at month, these two royal brothers were this phænomenon, did not miss a day go- again at St. James's, to pay a visit to his ing to that part of the mountain where the majesty, and continued there a confidera. ignited substance bent its course, taking ble time. Of this hopeful youth, prince with her some persons of learning for her Edward, now in the 13th year of his age, information, and from thence the came we have given the Errigiis in our Maga. down along the grounds thro' which the zinc for this month. stream had taken its way to the sea. The

SATURDAY, 9. channel which it has made is above soo One Thomas Matthews was committed feet in breadth, and the sediment left in it

to Clerkenwell Bridewell by Sir Samuel is of a fulphureous substance, which drics Gower, on a violent fufpicion of being into the hardness of a stone.

concerned in the murder of Mr. Joseph By a later account we were told, that a

Jeffryes, on the 3d of July last, ac wal. new opening appeared on the east side

thamstow in Essex, (see p. 330.) for which of this mountain, from whence issued a

murder John Swan, the man-servant, and torrent of fire, which extended itself to

Elizabeth Jeffryes, neice to the said late Bosco Reale, which is about five miles.

Mr Jeffryes, were indicted at the last af. This caused an incredible damage to the fizes at Chelmsford, (see p. 378.) and are towns, villages, and houses thereabouts, now in that goal in order to take their and has so frigheed the inhabitants of the

trials at the next affizes. When before neighbouring places, that they have all the magistrate he voluntarily made an in Jeft their dwellings. The queen went to formation, that the abovelaid John Swan Portici, to take a nearer view of the erup- offered him sool, in presence of Elizabeth tion of this mountain, A dreadful hurricane happened in the

Jeffryes, if he would murder the deceased Welt. Indies the 8th of September last.

Mr. Joseph Jeffryes; and the said Eliza, It was felt more or less in all the islands,

beth Jeffryes affured him at the same

time, that he hould have the money if but more severely at Antigua than any he did the business ; and that the advised other place. All the ships and vessels him to undertake the jobb : That on his were dove alhore, and several of them loft; asking them, (John Swan and Elizabeth the government's magazine was blown Jeffryes) how it was to be done, they told down, and abundance of stores destroyed him, he might shoot him at any time as he or damaged, as were likewise a great

came home of an evening : That, on his number of mills. At St. Kitt's divers thips were forced on More, but others cut

refusing to undertake it, John Swan then

swore he would do it himself. This was Nacir cables and drove out to sea, and

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Printed for R. Baldwin Jun'at the Rose in Pater Noster Rowin

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