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we have heard is to be introduced into Parliament next session. And, further, should the Romish priesthood be endowed, or in the progress of Tractarianism, compliances be required of our clergy which they cannot assent to, they may be considered to have offended against ecclesiastical laws, to have demeaned themselves in some way unbecoming a clergyman, the cognisance of which shall belong to the bishop of the diocese, and may be proceeded against accordingly!

The case of Mr. Kyle and the Archbishop of Dublin is, we have no doubt, fresh in the recollection of our readers. We see there the relative position in which many conscientious clergymen may be placed : unable to perform duties in the Church, and not permitted to leave it and officiate elsewhere, they may be silenced altogether, or be exposed to a series of the most vexatious, harassing, and perhaps ruinous proceedings. Thus Popish tyranny and arbitrary power, walking hand in hand, seem going forth again amongst us. The laity, no less than the clergy, will suffer. Their ministers silenced, they must listen to obnoxious teachers, or go without the privileges of public worship. Therefore does it seem of paramount importance that sound, prompt, and public measures should be taken to prevent the infliction of a greater evil, under the plausible pretext of removing one.

the Romish Priesthood in IreMOTIVES FOR OPPOSING THE


The known and avowed inclination OF THE ROMISH PRIESTHOOD

of Her Majesty's Ministers to endow IN IRELAND, AND THE CON

the Priesthood of the Church of TINUED SUPPORT


Rome in Ireland, if the people of this NOOTH COLLEGE.

country should be favourable to such

a course, imposes upon you the duty “ This [the Maynooth] grant is paying

of exerting yourselves to the utmost money to undermine the Throne as much of your power to prevent so danas if it had been spent in buying the bar- gerous a measure being passed into rels of gunpowder which were used by law. Guy Fawkes."-Speech of Rev. E. Bickersteth.

It appears to be the special duty of this Association to request the various

religious Societies in the metropolis The Committee of the Protestant and the country, to use their instruAssociation have recently adopted mentality, through their various agenthe following Address, which con- cies and publications, for promitains urgent motives to Christian nently pointing out the rapid advance men to resist the advances made dency, as opposed to the glory of

of Popery, its real nature and tenin favour of Popery :

God, the salvation of souls, the peace To all those who in England or and happiness of families and em

Wales, Scotland or Ireland, pires, and its injurious influence upon
feel an interest in the various all Missionary labours.
religious Societies for main- You justly esteem true religion to
taining and promoting. Pro- be the pearl of great price. You
testant Christianity, whether regard the Bible as your best earthly
at home or abroad, the follow- treasure, and are engaged in a great
ing suggestions are offered, as and good work, whilst endeavouring
of special and practical im- to circulate that blessed Book, and to
portance, in the present critical make known to others those glorious
position of affairs, with regard truths which have imparted peace to
to measures now in contem- your own consciences. You desire
plation for the Endowment of that the Word of the Lord should

have “free course and be glorified.” taken place at Madeira ? * Do not How, then, can you consent, directly the persecutions at Dingle, Achill, and or indirectly, to support the Church of Rome, which everywhere seeks to ob- • Popery in Madeira, or an account of struct the progress of “the everlast- the persecution and oppression of Dr.

Kalley, and other Protestants, by the Poring Gospel," and to cast before it the

tuguese authorities at Madeira. By James dark shadow of tradition ?

Lord, Esq. 1843. The faithful missionaries who re- The “ Times” of the 8th September has turn from heathen lands, and Chris- the following: -- Many points are cortian travellers who have visited the roborated by private information which

has reached us. Continent, bear united testimony to

“MADEIRA, AUGUST 17, 1846.—The the idolatrous ceremonies exhibited religious agitation which has been carried by Popery, and its restless opposition on in this island for some years has at to the truth.

length led to the committal of serious Are not many of these ceremonies outrages on British persons and property. as dishonouring to God, as danger- tuguese subjects being assembled for

“On Sunday, August 2d, a body of Porous and destructive to the souls of religious purposes in the house of Miss men, as the superstitions of Pagan Rutherford, a crowd collected and decountries? How often has the Jew, manded that their countrymen (the Calwhen exhorted to embrace Chris- vinistas) should be given up to them. tianity, stumbled at witnessing the This was of course refused; the mob main

tained their position, and at length, at idolatries of the Church of Rome?

eleven o'clock, P.M., broke into the house, He identifies Christianity with Po- and searched it thoroughly, and having pery, which he sees to be idolatry: found their countrymen in the kitchen and what must be the result?

violently assaulted them. At this moment Do not those who are employed to

the police and soldiery appeared, and at

once dispersed the rioters, taking several circulate the Holy Scriptures in be

of them into custody; the prisoners were, nighted countries where Popery pre however, discharged from confinement the vails, report constantly the fierce op- next morning on the pretext that no one position raised against them by the had appeared to make a complaint against

them! priests of Rome? Are not the proceedings of religious Societies in Great generally known that more serious attacks

“During the following week it became Britain and Ireland oftentimes, either on British residences were meditated; and openly or indirectly, obstructed by the on Sunday, August the 9th,

at mid-day, active energies of Roman Catholics ? a crowd collected round Dr. Kalley's Do not the reports, occasional papers,

house; the Governor, the Administrador

do Concelho, and the British Consul, and officers of the Society for Pro

were on the premises with a guard of moting Christian Knowledge, the soldiers, but no opposition appears to Missionary Societies, the Scripture have been offered to the entrance of the Readers' Society, the Bible Societies, rioters, who, having searched the house in the Society for Promoting Christianity vain for Dr. Kalley, proceeded to burn his amongst the Jews, the Pastoral-Aid, who had been much alarmed during the the Foreign-Aid, the City Mission, previous night by various occurrences, had and other Societies, bear ample testi- feft the house at three, A.m., and was mony to these facts ?

during the early part of these disturbances Not to speak of the manner in

concealed in the house of a friend, but, on which Rome stealthily works her way,

the arrival of the Royal Mail steamer in what exhibitions have we recently male. The mob having missed their prey

the bay, escaped to it, disguised as a fehad of her fixed determination to threatened to search the British Consulate, establish her superstition on the ruins but desisted from this on the Consul's conof scriptural and primitive Chris- senting to go off in his boat at their head,

and show them that Dr. Kalley was actually tianity! What but Popery has been

on board the steamer. That gentleman was the latent, if not the avowed, cause of shortly joined by his family, and proceeded the evils brought upon Tahiti ? What in the ship to the West Indies. but Popery has been instrumental in “Several other British families have been blighting there, for a season, the threatened. Miss Rutherford, Dr. Millar,

and Mr. Tate, with their families, are bright harvest of missionary labour ?

living on board the William, a Glasgow Is not the same spirit exhibited in ship, in the bay, the Consul having dethe proceedings which have lately clined to answer for their safety, even in

Whilst you

elsewhere in Ireland, clearly demon- the priesthood of the apostate Church strate that Popery still seeks to of Rome !! quench the light which would expose Against the national guilt involved her errors,—to extinguish the flame in such a measure it is alike your duty of pure religion which you by your and your privilege to protest. pious labours would kindle,--and rob Whilst you are zealously collecting mankind of that blessed book,—the your pence, your shillings, or your Bible, his inalienable birth-right,- guineas to circulate Bibles in all his best companion from the cradle to languages, Parliament is granting the grave?

thousands and tens of thousands and What, then, would we now call on is about to grant hundreds of you to do? To cease from your la- thousands of the public money, to bours because they are opposed? No; support the emissaries of the Church we would rather call upon you to in- of Rome, who will take away those crease them. But something more Bibles, whose office and endeavour it must be done than has yet been at- is to keep the people in spiritual tempted. You must so exert your- darkness and bondage. selves that, by the Divine blessing

are sending forth on your efforts, you may no longer, faithful ministers and missionaries, by your representatives in Parliament, whether at home or abroad, the support measures, the effect of which Church of Rome is also sending out is to defeat your own exertions. her priests, whom the misapplied Whilst

you, whether amongst those bounty of this country is training at who adorn the higher walks of society, Maynooth, to counteract their efforts. or whose lot has been placed by Whilst you would aid in proclaiming Providence in a humbler sphere, are the glad tidings of salvation, through subscribing, collecting, or in other faith in Christ Jesus, the only, but ways contributing to aid in the glo- ALL-SUFFICIENT Saviour of sinners, rious work of proclaiming the truth of Parliament granting money to inGod, Parliament, the representative culcate the doctrines of the Church of of the nation, is making grants, the Rome. effect of which is to counteract your

And what are the doctrines of that pious labours; and statesmen are not Church? Can anything be more oponly continuing the increased grant posed to the truth of the Gospel than to Maynooth, but proposing to endow the Romish doctrines of tradition,

purgatory, — indulgences, - human his own house. Mr. Dyster, Mrs. Free merits,--the sacrifice of the mass, and man, and their families, are living at the

the worship of the Virgin Mary, Consulate.

whom the late Pope did not hesitate “I purposely abstain from giving any to call the sole foundation of his of the very conflicting statements as to the proceedings of Dr. Kalley and his friends

hope ? * in this island. These matters, as well as

The call, then, is now made upon the conduct of all the authorities, both you, to manifest as far as means and British and Portuguese, will of course be opportunity allow, increased devotedmade the subject of a rigorous inquiry by both Governments. A letter, numerously * See Encyclical Letter of the late signed, has been presented to the Consul, Pope, where the following occurs :-“ Now requesting him to apply for a man-of-war that all these events may come to pass, to protect

British persons and property in happily and successfully, let us lift up the island, during the present state of our eyes and hands to the Most Holy anarchy, and avowed powerlessness of the Virgin Mary, who alone has destroyed local Government. We can confidently all heresies, and is our greatest confiexpect security for ourselves from the dence, even the whole foundation of our prompt assistance of the English Govern, hope. May she, by her patronage, in this ment, but I much fear that a long and trying situation of the Lord's Hock, imbitter persecution of the poor native fol- plore a prosperous result of our efforts, lowers of Dr. Kalley is commencing. I designs, and actions ! Let us ask this, am, neither directly nor indirectly, a sup- with humble prayers, of Peter, the prince porter of Dr. Kalley as a religious teacher, of the apostles, and of his co-apostle, but naturally feel 'indignant at seeing a Paul: that you may all stand as a rampart countryman abandoned to the mercy of to prevent the laying of any other foundaa mob."

tion than that which is laid.”



ness to the truth you love; and to

BARBARITY AND SUPERSTITION oppose, as far as your influence and

AT ANCONA. example may extend, the continued support of Maynooth, and the contemplated endowment of the Romish Priesthood.

(Extract of a Letter, dated Ancona, We would suggest that every one

August 1st.) should sign Petitions to each House If you have not already heard through of Parliament, and Addresses to the the public papers of a shocking crime Crown, deprecating such unscrip- that has been perpetrated in this tural, such anti-Protestant proceed- vicinity, it is my painful duty to comings.

municate the sad and atrocious deed. Ought not the Protestants of this Our mutual friend, the Chevalier empire to assist their representatives Abbé Stewart, was, on the 17th ult., by Protestant energies from without, most inhumanly and deliberately to oppose the Romish influence within murdered on the shore between this the House of Commons ? Why and Sinigaglia. Poor Stewart put up should not those who have votes in at Casabrugiate for a few days, for the returning Members to Parliament benefit of sea-bathing, previous to write to their representatives without visiting the fair of Sinigaglia. On delay? Why should they not also the morning of the 17th he bathed at meet and address them, and earnestly a secluded part of the shore, when a entreat them to oppose any such peasant approached him and tendered measure when brought before Par- his services to hold an umbrella, liament? Remind them that Popery which he accepted, and remunerated is unchanged in its nature. Assure the man for his trouble, upon which them that you deem it a matter of the peasant inquired if Mr. Stewart vital importance, to have those as intended bathing again in the evenyour representatives in Parliament, ing. He replied, he should, but who will fully and fairly represent would not require his services. Howyour views on the

ons affecting ever, the peasant red him to the the endowment of Popery. The Pro- shore between four and five o'clock in testants of the United Empire have the afternoon and waited his opportuonly to do this—instantly, -unani- nity for committing his premeditated mously,—respectfully,—but decided- crime, having prepared, and partly ly,—and they will be instrumental in manufactured, a long stiletto since the warding off from their country, an morning. He took advantage of the evil of far greater magnitude than moment that Stewart was passing his has for a long time threatened it. shirt over his head, and inflicted three

Statesmen are blamed for being stabs, which Stewart received on his mere men of expediency. Why do left arm, and at once faced his murnot you, by expressing your opinions, derer, without weapon or covering to constrain them to feel that it is expe. his body, and demanded his intendient that they should act on princi- tions. The wretch replied, "Plunple? However indifferent to Divine der.” Poor Stewart pointed to his truth, or favourable to the endow- clothes, watch, ring, and money, and ment of Popery, those who form the besought him to take everything and Administration of this country may decamp, and spare his life. The monbe, they may yet deem it wiser, ster hesitated for a moment, and then safer, and more expedient, to yield rushed again upon Stewart, and deference to the Protestant opinions stabbed him eight times more, two of of the united empire, than to quail which wounds extended to the whole before the turbulent agitation of the length of the stiletto. Stewart fell

, and the murderer made off with his things. Then poor Stewart rose to his feet, wrapped himself in a sheet, and proceeded nearly half a mile, to the nearest cottage, falling twice before he could accomplish the distance.

Romish party.

Medical aid from Monte Marciano rushing in. By half-past nine o'clock soon reached him, but mortal aid was at night they succeeded in clearing of no avail ; about an hour after mid- the church, and removing the coffin. night he expired, praying fervently, Next morning the church was again and wonderfully composed to the last beset by crowds, who kissed and moment. Half an hour previous to adored the ground upon which the his last gasp, he took up a pen and coffin had been placed, and strewed wrote to his brother, who, I believe it with flowers and garlands. It is his heir, “Dearest George, I am is said also that the ground has dying. T. Stewart.”. By poor Stew- wrought miracles. It is also said art's description, the assassin was that the priests will endeavour to arrested within an hour of the bloody oppose the Consul when he claims deed. Though there is all necessary the body for shipment, as they hope proof of the identity of the culprit, the family will canonize their relative, yet I apprehend the extreme penalty and let them reap the advantages atof the law may not reach him, being tendant upon such ceremonies, leavunder age (nineteen,) according to ing the body with them. — Times, the laws of this country. I under- September 1, 1846. stand that in cases of great atrocity the Pope can lend (as it is called here ) a few years to the criminal.

DESCRIPTION OF POPERY. The British Consul has represented this case to Rome, as one requiring The following masterly description the exertion of this power, and awaits of Popery is from the pen of Sir Edthe decision. The Consul has had ward Sandys, in 1632 :-" This being poor Stewart's body embalmed, and the main ground-work of their policy, placed in the church of Santa Maria, and the general means to build and preparatory to embarkation for Eng- establish it in the minds of all men : land. Now comes the extraordinary the particular ways they hold to and almost incredible sequel to this ravish all affections, and to fit each most melancholy and dreadful deed. humour (which, their jurisdiction and The priests (I presume) having learnt power being but persuasive and vothat the deceased belonged to a rich suntary, they principally regard), are family, began as usual, to speculate well-nigh infinite ; there being not upon what might turn up most to anything either sacred or profane, their advantage. All at once, a child, no virtue nor vice almost, a cripple from its birth, was cured by things of how contrary condition socrawling over the coffín, and left his ever, which they make not in some crutches there. The fame of this sort to serve that turn ; that each miracle spread throughout the town fancy may be satisfied, and each appeand neighbourhood, and the lame and tite find what to feed on. Whatsohalt flocked in from all sides. Nu- ever either wealth can sway with the merous other miracles are said to have lovers, or the voluntary poverty with been performed, - offerings of wax the despisers of the world ; what began to drop in to the Church, honour with the ambitious ; what scores of children were brought in to obedience with the humble; what be cured of all kinds of diseases. At great employment with stirring and length the crowds of deluded beings mettled spirits; what perpetual quiet reached such an extent that the with heavy and restive bodies; what British Consul feared they would de- content the pleasant nature can take stroy the coffin, and accordingly, or- in pastimes and jollity; what condered it to be removed out of the trariwise the austere mind in discibody of the church to a vault; but pline and rigour; what love either this was an undertaking of some diffi- chastity can raise in the pure, or voculty, and he was obliged to call in luptuousness in the dissolute; what the aid of the gendarmes to close the allurements are in knowledge to draw chief entrance to the church, and get the contemplative, or in actions of the crowd out by a back way, and state to possess the practical disposiprevent the populace outside from tions; what, with the hopeful pre


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