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Abp. of Dublin, justiciary.—1b., m. 3.

“Johannes de St. John relaxatur a curia Scaccar. Dublin. ut possit esse Episcopus.”—Ib., m. 3, vel. 4.

Richard Bp. of Salisbury has the custody of the land and heir of Richard de Mariscis-Ib., m. 6.

Similar extracts from Close Roll, 7 Hen. III. William de Mariscis.-Fines, 7 Hem. III., m. 3. Hub. de Burgh, justic. of Eng—Ib, m. 4. Richard de Burgh has the seneschalcy of Munster, with the castle of Limerick, and custody of same, as the King's bailiff. —Pat., 8 Hem. III., m. 3. Ralph de Ralegh, with the Earl Marshal, in the King's service in Ireland.—Ib., m. 8. William Earl Marshal, justiciary of Ireland, was sent, 2nd May, against Hugh de Lacy, the King's rebel; and it is written to Henry Abp of Dublin that the King had given the land of Ireland, with the castles, to William the Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, as justiciary.—Ib., m. 8. Mandate to Walter de Lacy to deliver to Wm. de Ginninges the castle of Ludlowe.—Ib, m. 9. An aid for enclosing the town of Waterford.—Ib., m. 9. Roger Waspaill has the seneschalcy of Ulster, with the castles of Carrickfergus and Derragh, 1st March.-Ib, m. 9. Theobald Walter has the custody of Roscrea Castle.—Ib. Hub. de Burgh, justic. of Eng—Ib., n. 9, 12. Concord between the King and Walter de Lacy, concerning the misdoings of same Walter in Ireland.—Ib., m. 9, dorse.

Similar eactracts from Close Roll, 8 Hen. III.
William, son of John de Harpetre, made a fine of 280 marks,
which he owes to the King, for a fine which he made with
King John for the custody of the land and heir of William de
Carrio (Carew).-Ib, m. 8.
Protection for Henry Waspaill about to proceed in Ireland.
—Pat. 9 Hem. III. m., 3.
Reginald be Bernewall sent into Gascoigne to Richard the
King's brother.—Ib., m. 3.
Protection for Wm. de Lacy in the King's service in Ireland.
—Ib., m. 4.
Ric. de Burgh has the seneschalcy of Munster with Limerick
Castle.—Ib., m. 4.
Hub. de Burgh, justice of England.—Ib., m. 8.

Similar extracts from Close Roll, 9 Hen. III.

Wm. de Birmingham.—Fines, 9 Hen. III., m. 2.

Theobald Walter, who has Roscrea Castle, is to deliver [it] to Geoffrey de Mariscis, justiciary. Pat. 10 Hem. III., m. 1.

Yolo de Wellesley going to Ireland in the King's service, —Ib., m. 2.

f. 24.

Geoffrey de Mariscis again made justiciary in the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula, and has 500 marks a year from the Exchequer at Dublin.—1b., m. 3.

Grant to Walter de Lacy, for three years, of the castle[s] of Karrickfergus, Antrim, and Rath, all the land which Hugh de Lacy had in Ulster, the castle of Nober, and whatever he held of the marriage [portion] of Celina his wife, and of the fee of Nicholas de Verdon, with the castle of Carlingford, etc.; all which the said Walter or Gilbert his son, or any other who shall be his heir, shall surrender to the King without difficulty; “saving Alan and Thomas de Galloway, William and Geoffrey de Sireland, and Frank de Bresse, his neighbours.” —Ib., m. 3.

Mandate to Geoff de Mariscis, justiciary, to cause Richard de Burgh to have seisin of the land of Connaught, which Oechus" son of the late King of Connaught held, and which has heen forfeited by the attainder of his father; paying for the first five years 300 marks a year, and afterwards 500 marks, at the Exchequer at Dublin; date, 30th June.—Ib., m. 3. “vel. 4.” “Leges Angliae sicut Johannes Rex praecepit.”—Ib., m. 4. Geoffrey de Mariscis, justiciary.—1b., m. 4. William the Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, on Monday before the feast of St. John Baptist, 10 Hen. III. [became?] justiciary of Ireland, and rendered (reddidit) the whole land to the King; so that within 40 days after he arrived in Ireland, he rendered his account there of all things belonging to his office from the time he received it; date, 23rd Jane. Ib., m. 4. Protection for Simon and Andrew Blund, nephews of the Abp. of Dublin.—Ib. m. 5. Thomas de Galloway, Earl of Athol.—Ib., m. 9. Walter de Lacy has the lands of Hugh de Lacy his brother, in Ulster, for three years, and gives certain hostages (named.) —Ib., m. 9, dorse. The pope writes to the bishops of Ireland to give subsidy to the King of England.—Ib., m. 3, dorse. . Hub. de Burgh, justice of Eng—Ib. m. —.

Similar extracts from Close Roll, 10 Hen. III.

Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, justiciary of England, and Margery his wife.—Pat. 11 Hem. III., m. 2, 5, and m. 3 dorse.

The King has an aid from Ireland.—Ib., m. 3.
Reymund de Burgh.-Ib, m. 4.
Geoff. de Mariscis, justiciary; 21 May.—Ib, m. 6.

* “O'Connor" in the margin.

f. 27.

Grant to Hugh de Lacy of all his lands which were in the custody of Walter de Lacy by the King's command; 20 April.—Ib., m. 7. Letter from the King to the barons, knights, and other free tenants of Leinster, reminding them that when King John came to Ireland he brought with him men learned in the law, by whose advice, and at the instance of the Irish, he commanded that the English laws should be observed in Ireland, and left them in writing under his seal in the Exchequer at Dublin. As therefore it is the custom and law of England that any man who marries a woman or a widow, having an inheritance, and has a child by her whose cry is heard within four walls, shall, if he survive his wife, have the custody of her inheritance all his life, although she may have an heir of full age by her first husband; the King commands that said barons, etc. shall not presume to do justice in any other manner in the suit which is in [the court of]* William Earl Marshal, between Maurice FitzGerald and Geoffrey de Mariscis, justiciary, or in any other case. Ib., m. 12. Pope Honorius writes to the clergy (clericis) of Ireland to give an aid to the King of England.—1b., m. 12, dorse. Hub. de Burgh, Earl of Kent, justic. of Eng. Cart. 11, Hem. III., part 1, m. 2, 14, 26. Grant to Ric. de Burgh, for his homage and service, of all the land of Connaught, forfeited by Oechus (O'Connor) formerly King of Connaught; yearly rent, 300 marks for first five years, afterwards 500 marks; saving to the King the five best cantreds nearest the King's castle of Athlone; date 21 May. —Ib., m. 3. Henry Bissett.—1b., m. 4. Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster.—Ib., m. 6.

Lands of Henry and Adam de Aldethely (Audeley), brothers. Henry was constable of all the land of Hugh de Lacy, Earl of Ulster, and had lands in England and Ireland.—Ib., m. 6. Ralph de Turberville has, for his homage, the manor of Ballymacdon, which Hubert Rufus had of the gift of King John ; to hold to him and his heirs, rendering a pair of gilt spurs yearly at the Exchequer at Dublin; 6 May.—Ib., m. 7. Henry de Aldethely (Audeley) has a market on Thursdays at his manor of Bettelegh, and a yearly fair for three days; 2 May. The same Henry and his heirs have certain liberties and exemptions. Ib., m. 7. Grant to Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, justic. of Eng., and Margaret his wife, of the manor of Soghan, for their homage.—Ib., m. 24 and 25. Confirmation by the King to Margaret, eldest daughter of Hubert de Burgh, (who had her by Margaret his wife, sister

* Supplied from the Patent Roll.

ff. 27 b. to 20. f. 31.

of Alexander King of Scotland,) of the donation made to her
by said Hubert.—Cart. 11 Hem. III. p. 2. m. 3.
Ralph FitzNicholas has custody of the lands of William
Pipard, both in England and Ireland, during the heir's mino-
rity. Ib., m. 3.
Hubert de Burgh, justic. of Eng—I b., m. 5, 6, 8.
Said Hubert has custody of the lands of William Earl of
Arundel.—Ib., m. 8. -
Royal grant to the hospital of St. Mary, Dover, founded by
said Hubert. I b., m. 9.

Similar eatracts from Close Roll, 11 Hen. III*

5. “Briefs of records remaining in the Tower of London.” Extracts from the Patent Rolls of King John.t

Patent Roll, 11 Hem. III.

Protection of all the lands and possessions of the abbey of St. Mary, Dublin.

Charter Roll, 16 Hem. III.f

Confirmation of a fair to Hugh Terrell, at his manor of Newtowne in Fertullagh.

[Grant] to Hubert de Burgh, Earl of Kent, justiciary of Ireland (sic).

Grant to the citizens of Waterford that they shall have their city at fee-farm for 100 marks, with many privileges and immunities.

Grant to Richard be Burgh of the custody of the lands and heir of Walter formerly Butler of Ireland, with the heir's marriage.

[Grant] to Peter de Rivaux, Treasurer of Ireland.

Charter Roll, 19 Hem. III.

Grant to Olave, King of Man and of the Isles, for his homage and service, of the custody, at his own costs, of the sea coast of England towards Ireland and towards the Isle of Man; and likewise of the sea coast of Ireland towards England and the Isle of Man.

Grant to William de Lunda of the town of Ballymadden in Ireland.

Patent Roll, 41 Hen. III.

Charter for Geoffrey de Leriniaco of the manor of Lowethe and Castle Fraunc'.

* As stated before, the Close Rolls from 1 to 11 Hen. III. have been edited by Sir T. D. Hardy.

f These rolls have been edited by Sir T. D. Hardy.

† The numbers of the membranes are not specified.

f. 32.

f. 33.

Patent Roll, 4 Ed. III.

For the abbey of St. Thomas the Martyr, Dublin. The King will send William FitzBudell, sewer, to treat of their matters in Ireland, as the King is occupied with business.

Grant to the citizens of Corke of the fee-farm of their city for 20 marks.

Grant to the citizens of Waterford of the fee-farm of their city for 100 marks.

Grant to Roger de Mortimer in co. Uriell.

Patent Roll, 20 Edw. III.

Grant to of custody of the inheritance of the Earl of Ulster, during the minority of Philippa [his daughter?], who was afterwards married to Lionel the King's son. Grant of land to John Wilkmore, in the King's service in Ireland. Joan de Mortimer, Countess of March, has letters of attorney in certain courts of Ireland. Letters of attorney for John Islep in Ireland. Appointment of a secondary justice in the Common Pleas (in Banco), at Dublin. Appointment of a secondary justice of Pleas following the justiciary. Appointment of a chief justice of Pleas following the justiciary. Appointment of a Chancellor in Ireland. Office of chief serjeant of Offelan, in co. Kildare, granted to John Brwis. “Titulus Reginae Philippae: par le grace de Dieu Royne de Angleterre, Dame de Irelande, Duchesse de Aquitañ;—pro Waltero Rossinton.” Geoffrey Stuicley, keeper of the hospital of St. Stephen near


Patent Roll, 21 Edw. III., part 2.

Exemplification for the priory of Naas.
Confirmation for the same.
Grant to James son of James Le Bottiler, late Earl of

“Pro custod’ admissis pro Com’ de Ormonde infra etat'

Office of chief serjeantcy of Waterford.
The prise of wines in Ireland granted to the Earl of Ormond.
The bailiwick of the chief serjeantcy of Waterford.
“Pro episcopo Fernen' de Hib: electio.”
The Bishop of Fernes, staying in England, has letters of
Grant to John son of Thomas Talbott, of custody of the
castle of Allone.

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