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Pedigree of the Earls of Ormond, showing their descent from Gilbert and Thomas Becket (Abp. of Canterbury), the FitzTheobalds, FitzWalters, etc., with notes, extracted from “Wita S. Thomae,” “Liber Bermondsey,” Chartae Antiquae; the De Banco Roll, 3 Edw. I., Michas. rot. 29 Ebor., et rot. 19, Leic. Wilts; the Coram Rege Roll, 3 Hen. IV., Michas. rot. 59 ; and the Close Rolls, 7 John, m. 3, and 5 Hen. III., m. 6.

Latim. P. 1.

“Records of King Edw. II.'s reign, and also of King
Hen. III.”

Two documents of Edw. II. are quoted, but they have already been calendared from Vol. 608, where there is another COOV.

onate to Richard de Bürgh, justiciary of Ireland, to quash the suit instituted in the court of William the Marshal, Earl of Pembroke, by the daughters of Raymond, eldest son (deceased) of David de la Roche, deceased, against Gerald, younger son of the said David, who had entered into the said David's land as heir, as it is contrary to the law of England that the daughters of an elder brother should succeed to an inheritance when a younger brother survives. – Claws. 13 Hem. III. in dorso.

Other notes from Close Roll, 1 Hen. III.”

Pleas at Whitminster, 6 Edw. [I.], “in forula de Suth Wallia.”—Adam de Montgomery complained against Llewellyn Prince of Wales that he unjustly took grain of his at Ellinook. With a pedigree of said Adam.

Latin. Pp. 3.


1. “Records in Westminster, temp. Regis Richardi I.” Fine between Theobald Walters and William Hervei. The former grants to the latter the town of Boxted, with the appurtenances in Hulmested and Belag, which last Peter Walter holds. The said William quitted claim of all other lands of Hervei Walter, grandfather of Theobald. –Fines in co. Suffolk, 6 Ric. I. Odo de Karris (Carew) put William, his son, in his place, against Geoffrey de Chause, in a plea touching land at Moleford, Berks.-Roll 3, 6 Ric. I., Mich. term. Richard Dean of Sparham cited William de Munchanse, touching the church of Brandewell, Norf, the advowson of which Theobald Walter claims.-Roll 1, 6 Ric. I.

* This roll has been edited by Sir T. D. Hardy. f “Walter sive Butler,” in margin (by Carew).

f. 2.

f. 3.

Similar citation respecting the cemetery of Beningham, Norf.

William de Cariow made a fine with the King that he should not be impleaded touching his land of Muleford, Berks. Roll 5, in dorso, 7 Ric. I. and 9 John. Fine between the abbot and convent of Shrewsbury and Theobald Walter, touching the advowson of Kirkeham Church, in Amundernesse, Lancashire.—Fines, Lamc., 7 Ric. I.

2. “Parliament Roll, 23 Edw. I. — John FitzThomas of Ireland was accused in Parliament for divers offences and felonies done in Ireland. He protests he could acquit himself of them by the law, but because he would not cum ipso Domino Rege placitare, he submits himself wholly to the King's favour, into which he was received, upon giving pledges of his demeanor.”

3. “Records of Ireland, collected out of the Records in the Tower of London.”

Extracts from the Charter, Patent, Close, Oblate, and Liberate Rolls of King John;” all relating to Ireland. 19 pages.

4. “Records collected out of the Records remaining in Tur. London.”

Geoffrey de Mariscis,justiciary of Ireland.—Pat. 1 Hen. III., Tm. 2, and m. 4. Hubert de Burgh, justiciary of England.—Ib., m. 2, 5. Mandate by the King to the Abp. of Dublin and the barons of Ireland to be assistant to Geoffrey de Mariscis, justiciary of Ireland.—Ib., m. 5. Richard de Mariscis, chancellor, [and {} Bishop of Dublin. —Ib., m. 6. Walter de Lacy has the castle[s] of Droheda and Ayremayle.—Ib., m. 5. Mandate to Peter de Manley to deliver to Walter de Lacy his niece Roesia, daughter of Hugh de Lacy.—Ib., m. 10. The men of Ireland have the liberties of England.—Ib., m. 13. William de Londen (Londres), nephew of Henry Bishop of Dublin.—Ib., m. 13, Mandate to the knights and free tenants of the archbishopric of Armagh to be assistant to Ric. de Mariscis, chancellor, to whom the King has committed the custody of the abpric.—Ib., m. 13. Ric. de Burgh is to deliver the castle of Carlingford to Geoff de Mariscis, justiciary; date, 17 Jan.—Ib., m. 13.

* These rolls have been edited by Sir Thomas Hardy.

f. 15.

Mandate to G. de Mariscis, justiciary, to restore to the citizens of Dublin the prises [taken ol by Henry Abp. of Dublin when justiciary; date, 16 Sept.—Ib., m. 14.

Then follow similar extracts from the Close Roll of 1 Hem. III.”

Margery, wife of Walter de Lacy—Pat. 2 Hem. III., m. 2. Safe conduct to the King of the Isles to come into England to do homage, and to make amends for the injuries done by his men to England and Ireland.—lb., m. 4. Walter de Lacy.—Ib., m 7. Mandate to G. de Mariscis, justiciary, to give seisin to

Isolda Bissett, of two ploughlands in Fingal, late of Henry

Bissett, her husband.—Ib., m. 8.

The King writes to the Irish to levy money in aid of the debts to Louis, son of the King of France.—Ib., m. 9. Hubert de Burgh, justiciary of England.—Fimes, 2 Hem. III., m. 4. Roger de Chester, father of John de Courcy of Ireland.— Ib, m. 5. Gilbert de Lacy, knight.—Ib., m. 5. Similar eactracts from Close Roll, 2 Hen. III. William de Mariscis-Pat. 3 Hem. III., m. 2. Geoffrey de Mariscis, justiciary; date, 16 Sept.—Ib., m. 2. Thomas FitzAdam has the custody of the whole forest of Ireland.—Ib., m. 2. Mandate to G. de Mariscis, justic, to cause Philip Marč to have full seisin of all the lands late of Geoffrey Luttrell, whose daughter and heir has been given to said Philip to be married to his son ; date, 22 Aug.—Ib., m. 2. J. Countess of Strigull “in Netherment.”—Ib., m. 4.

Henry Abp. of Dublin made ruler and keeper of Ireland
23 April, because Geoffrey de Mariscis was called to England
to do his homage, and to speak with the King touching the
state of the kingdom of Ireland.—Ib., m. 4.
Safe conduct for Alan de Galloway to do homage to the
King for lands held in chief; date, 5 March–Ib., m. 5.
Geoffrey de Mariscis, justiciary, 21 Jan.—Ib., m. 5.
Hubert de Burgh, justiciary of England.—Ib., m. 5.
Thomas de Galloway, Earl of Athol; dated, 10 Sept.—
Ib., m. 6.
Henry Abp. of Dublin, legate to the Pope.—Ib., m. 6.
Similar extracts from Close Roll, 3 Hen. III.
Hugh de Bernewall and Havicia his wife. — Fines, 3
Hem. III., m. 2.

f. 16.

* The close rolls from 1 to 11 Hen. III. have been edited by Sir T. D. Hardy.

f. 17.

f. 18.

f. 19.

Geoff de Mariscis, justic.—Pat. 4 Hem. III., m. 3, 5.

Hubert de Burgh, justic. of England.—Ib., m. 3, 5.

Letter from the King to William de Lancaster, that he had rendered to Theobald, son of Theobald Walter, his sister Matilda, whom King John had committed to Geoffrey, son of Reinfr., father of the said William, to be nursed.—1b., m. 5.

Similar extracts from Close Roll, 4 Hen. III.

Mandate to G. de Mariscis, justiciary, that William Baron of Nas, and Eva his wife, had made a fine with the King for 100 marks, to have the manor of Gren as the dower due to said Eva, from the free tenement of Philip de Breosa, her former husband ; date, 12 Sept.—Fines, 4 Hen. III., m. 2.

Hernald de Bernewell.—Ib., m. 4.

Havicia, daughter and heir of Thomas de London (Londres). —lb., m. 4.

Hub. de Burgh, justic. of Eng.—Ib., m. 4.

Emma, wife of Maurice de London.—Ib., m. 4.

John Bissett.—Ib., m. 7.

Gilbert de Lacy.—Ib., m. 9.

Grant to the citizens of Dublin for strengthening the enclosure of Dublin, of 3d. from every sack of wool sold, 6d. from every last of leather, and 2d. from every tun of wine.— Pat., 5 Hen. III., m. 3.

Appointment of Henry Abp of Dublin as Keeper of Ireland; date, 3 July.—Ib., m. 3. Thomas de London.—Ib., m. 3. Similar eactracts from Close Roll, 5 Hen. III. Henry and Wm. de Birmingham. — Fines, 5 Hen. III., 7m. 2. Protection to Richard de Burgh, going to St. James [of Compostella]—Pat., 6 Hem. III., m. 2. Heny Abp. of Dublin, justiciary.—Ib., m. 2. The King wrote to all the ports of Ireland to make galleys for its defence.—Ib., m. 2. Mandate to the Abp of Dublin, justiciary, (at the petition of the magnates of Ireland,) to alter the form of writs de 'morte antecessoris, that they may be the same in Ireland as in England, viz., instead of the words “post primam coronationem Henrici Regis, avi nostri,” it shall be written thus, “post primam coronationem Ricardi Regis, avunculi nostri.” Tower of London, 18 July, 6 Hen. III.-Ib., m. 2.

Geoffrey de Mariscis, formerly justiciary, 28 October; who surrendered that office to Henry Abp. of Dublin.-1b., m. 6. Similar extracts from Close Roll, 6 Hen. III. John Marshal has the custody of Ulster, with the castles of the same; date, 7 Oct.—Pat., 7 Hen. III., m. 2 Thomas de Galloway, Earl of Atholl—Ib., m. 3.

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