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and defend our Christian Queen, VIC- realm P" While the power of the TORIA-her Consort, Prince Albert, Pope and his delegates was exercised Albert, the Prince of Walesand all in defiance of law and in contempt of the Royal Family; that under her the authority of the Crown, men takand them we may be, both now and ing the oath might satisfy their hereafter, godly and quietly governed; consciences by the consideration, that and to grant unto her whole Council, what is not done lawfully may be and to all that are put in authority regarded as not done, and even this under her, that they may truly and was a plea approaching to casuistry: indifferently minister justice, to the but how can any one now solemnly punishment of wickedness and vice, swear that the Pope has no power, and to the maintenance of God's true authority, or superiority in this realm, religion and virtue. They can pray when the law recognises his ecclesito him to give grace to all bishops astical appointments, and the Exeand curates, that they may, both by cutive admits his titles of nobility ? their life and doctrine, set forth In the Act commonly called the God's TRUE AND LIVELY WORD, and Charitable Bequests Act, 7 and 8 rightly and duly administer his holy Victoria, chap. 97, sections 15, 17, sacraments. Finally, they can pray and 18, recognise archbishops and that all God's people may be imbued bishops in holy orders of the Church with heavenly grace; that with meek of Rome as such ; section 2 of the heart and due reverence, they may same Act empowers the Queen in hear and receive God's holy Word: Council to appoint ten Commissioners. truly serving him in holiness and This power the Queen exercises by righteousness all the days of their appointing, under her sign manual, life, and so far “ deliver their among others, Archbishop Murray, own souls by their righteousness, as such archbishop (which is plainly as saith the Lord God.” (Ezek. xiv.) a recognition of the Pope's authority), - Cheltenham Journal.

and places this Archbishop Murray, in order of precedence, above the Earl

of Donoughmore, as plain a recogniOATH OF SUPREMACY.

tion of the Pope's superiority. But A CASE of great delicacy, and of no this is not a mere barren concession, less importance, is likely to offer itself which might be regarded as a slip in at the assembling of Parliament. the copy of the instrument bearing More than one or two Noble Lords Her Majesty's sign manual, for the have expressed their doubts as to the Earl of Clarendon excuses his adsafety of taking the Oath of Supremacy dressing the Romanist bishops as in the actual state of the law as illus- "My Lords,” by the terms of the trated by the practice of the Executive. Act referred to, and by the preceBy the Oath of Supremacy, Pro- dence given to an archbishop of the testant Peers and Protestant Mem- Pope's creation before an earl of the bers of the House of Commons are creation of the Sovereign of these requested to swear “that the Pope countries. The activity, as well as hath not power, authority, jurisdic- the existence of the “ power, aution, or superiority, ecclesiastical or thority, or jurisdiction, and supespiritual, within these realms.” This riority” of the See of Rome “in this oath must be sworn by every Pro- realm,” is further illustrated by the testant Peer and Member of the late triumph given to Mr. Archbishop House of Commons, and, being Pro- M'Hale in the matter of the protestants, they will of course swear (as vincial colleges. By the Pope's comby law they are required to do) “ac- mand, suggested by M'Hale, Dr. cording to the common meaning and Murray has been compelled to withacceptation of the words, without draw from his seat at the Education equivocation or mental reservation.” Board. Now, what conscientious Now, the question is, can any Pro- man, with these facts before him, can testant unequivocally deny, upon his safely swear that the Pope has no oath, that the Pope “ has any power, power, authority, jurisdiction, or suauthority, or jurisdiction within this periority in this realm? We pre

scribe to no man's conscience, but we the unequivocal, and to Protestants, confess ourselves, that we should long timely speeches of Lord Arundel, Mr. hesitate before taking the Oath of Macaulay, and others, too numerous, Supremacy under such circumstances. alas, to mention. Let all zealous We can assure our readers that this Protestants be up and doing in their is not a crotchet of our raising ; on various walks of life, unless they are the other hand, many noblemen and prepared to submit to the tender Members of the New House of Com- mercies of a vulgar, remorseless, ammons have been for some time medi- bitious, and sensual priesthood. tating on the difficulty with anxiety. I am, Mr. Editor, yours, &c. -Standard.




ROMAN CATHOLICS IN PARLIAMENT. To the Editor of the Morning Herald. -". The admission of Papists into SIR,—I was happy to read the ac Parliament is contrary to the fundacount of the recent meeting at Derby

mental laws of our Protestant Conin your outspeaking journal. It is stitution in Church and State—is cheering to find that the eyes of the contrary to our religion—is contrary community are generally beginning to that oath which every Member of to open to the wide-spread conspiracy Parliament has sworn-is contrary to of Papists, Jesuits of all descriptions, the commission by which his Majesty and others, who are incessantly at from time to time summons the work in every Proteus shape to pull Legislature to consult for the defence down the bulwarks of our Constitu of the Church, as well as of the State tion, and with them our independence of England." —Bishop of Salisbury. as a people. The ingenuous confes " This measure does not merely sion of some of the speakers does affect the feelings and the character them credit, however we may lament -I say it touches the title of the that there should have been occasion King!”Mr. Michael Thomas Sadfor it.

ler. The first Parliamentary Session will, 6 It is with the utmost reluctance I trust, show who have been the that I break in upon the Act of Setauthors, and who have been the dupes tlement of 1688.”—Mr. Peel. of schemers, which have well-nigh POPERY FOSTERED WILL PROVE brought the nation to bankruptcy, THE

BANE OF ENGLAND.—“ My and are now attempting to subjugate fellow-countrymen, do you believe the us once more to Popish thraldom. Bible to be the Word of God? Amongst the various speakers who so Do you indeed believe it? Shall the ably delivered their sentiments, I was men of Nineveh rise up in the judginstructed as well as much amused ment with you, and condemn you ? with the speech of Mr. Lord, to whom Your protest is your shield. Oh, Protestants in this country owe an that you were wise, that you underincalculable debt, for his steady, stood this ! How should one of you manful, and almost single-handed chase a thousand, and two put ten defence of their best interests.

thousand to flight! Neither Papist The two red lions, Sir Robert and at home, nor Russian, French, or Lord John, will not be soon for- Turk abroad, nor all combined, could gotten. Their joint endeavours to

But break your protest, exalt the Searlet Lady are drawing and a feather shall upset you! Some to a close. The exploits of Robin son or daughter of Belial shall receive Hood and Little John, in this un a commission from your righteous natural warfare, are about to meet God to lay a trap for you ; and you with their deserts from the roused shall be "snared, and taken, and indignation of an insulted and injured broken. Behold, I have told you, people. The sentiments of the whole before it come to pass, that when it is set have been clearly developed by come to pass ye may believe.”The

hurt you.

Rev, Hugh M'Neile's England's Yet vengeance cometh,--sure, though Protest is England's Shield," pub

slow, lished February, 1829.

And he shall drink the cup of woe!

The rites ye seek on us to force, in CABINET.

Corruptions of our holier law,

Shall from the truth “ WHEN we are called upon to be

your hearts

divorce, lieve, we must not consult with vain,

Your souls unto perdition draw: philosophy. Though in the mystery

Till Christ, to your eternal shame, of redemption there is a depth of

Disowns the Church that bears his wisdom, thy line, oh reason, is too short to sound its bottom. Reason,

name. especially in its depraved state, may Yes, Rome! desertion shall repay not unfitly be compared to the pa- Thy usurpation! He who gave triarch's ass, which stayed at the foot

Thy light, that light shall bear away,

Thor of the hill, but ascended not with Isaac

l'ill thou art but a Church's grave: to the sacrifice. It is the province of While darkness thickens year by year. faith alone to ascend this hill of the

Around thy blackening hemisphere!. Lord, and comprehend the love of God which passeth knowledge." Yes! Mistress of the cringing slave!

Though now earth's spiritual sun,

Thou'lt bear the name the Prophet MASSACRE OF THE MONKS AT

gave, BANGOR.

" Harlot of blood-drunk Babylon !” And Rome, though distant be the day, And meet the doom foretold for thee,

For that foul deed shall answer yet, Flung like a mill-stone in the sea! Ere closed is her imperial sway,

Before her blood-stained sun is set. Hosanna! Earth no more shall groan They who to us her vengeance bear, 'Neath Superstition's iron reign; The Saxons, shall her vitals tear. No more her million victims moan'

Upon the torturing bed of pain : But oh! what ages intervene

Hosanna! purer Gospel light, Before that dăý of glory's dawn! Dispels Rome's hovering shades of How sad, how darkened is the scene,

night!* While night usurps the place of

morn. Grim superstition fiercely reigns,

REVIEWS. And holds a subject world in chains.

Lectures for the Times ; or, an ExpoSaviour of men ! can these profess sition of Tridentine and Tractarian · The heralds of thy love to be;

Popery.-By the Rey. JOHN CUMSeeking our ruined race to bless

MING, D.D., Minister of the Scottish With heavenly truths received from

National Church, Crown-court,

Little Russell-street, Covent-garAlas! a Judas-heart have they,

den. London: Thomas Brooks, And kiss the Master they betray. Publisher, 8, Baker-street. 1845.

8vo., pp. 532. Convert the Pagan! “Go, convert

THESE Lectures had a very extensive Your own hearts first, backsliding

circulation in a separate form, and men! Uphold the truths ye dare pervert,

have since been collected into one

volume. And gladly will we join you then:

In his Preface, the Rev. Doctor has For dear we hold those truths indeed,

a remark which must, we think, have For which at your command we bleed."

* Scenes and Sketches from Nature. But it is coming! long it seems

By Thos. Ragg, author of “The Deity,"

“The Martyr of Verulam," " Lyrics To linger on the burdened air,

from the Pentateuch,” “Heber," &o., Until the mitred monarch deems

&c. London: Washbourne, New BridgeHis skies will evermore be fair : street.



presented itself to all attentive ob- mouth, and destroyed with the brightservers of passing events :

ness of his coming. The time must “ The absorbing controversy of the come, I solemnly believe, when Babyage;" he observes, “ will lie between lon's judgments shall lighten upon the principles of the Reformation on her as in one day; when all the chilthe one side, and the principles of dren of God shall conspire together Romanism, whether openly avowed in a holy and sublime crusade against ảnd embodied in the canons of the this dismantler of the beautiful, this Council of Trent, or more dimly sha enslaver of the free, this corrupter of dowed forth and expressed by the the holy! And when Babylon shall Tractarians at home.”

sink an accursed and doomed thing, It is to prepare the minds of men like a millstone in the mighty waters, for such controversy, that these Lec- if any shall be so faithless and so tures have thus been published. sentimental as to sympathize with

Having in the course of these her in the hour of her dread judgTwelve Lectures dwelt upon

ment, those sympathies will not rest Tridentine and Tractarian Popery on her. They will recoil and rush -its Principles and Progress ; to Smithfield, St. Bartholomew's, and

Romish and Tractarian Claims and the Sicilian Vespers; and, kindled Pretensions;


there, they will return armed with The Apostolic Succession;

vengeance, prepared to precipitate The Unity of the Church ;

and triumph in the destruction of an The Fathers;

apostasy which has been, wherever it The Nicene Creed;

has had the power, the persecutor of The Rule of Faith-the Bible the saints, and the corrupter of the alone in opposition to Traditions and truths of the Most High! The slain the Church;

that are below the altar utter forth The Invocation of Saints;

their longings,— Lord, how long? Transubstantiation;

We rejoice that the efforts made by The Sacrifice of the Mass;

Tractarians to prop up a wretched Purgatory; and lastly,

system cannot ultimately succeed. Protestant Christianity;


that these conspirators and observed, p. 529, that many against Christ's cause may not be things lead us to anticipate not the successful in destroying the Church best, but the worst for a season, he of which they are ministers and thus concludes :

members. Let us pray that the “ But though we sow in tears, we number of her faithful clergy may shall reap in joy. Christ's cause can mightily increase; that truth may not die." Omnipotence is its bulwark, yet remain undimmed in the midst of immortality its destiny! The Re that communion; and while Tractdeemer shall reign “from sun to arians gather together the hulls and sun, and from the rivers to the ends shells and sere leaves of an effête of the earth. What man calls great and accursed superstition, let the must perish: what God pronounces faithful ministers of Jesus bring forth true must endure.

in more glorious and visible relief “ However gigantic and appalling and brilliancy, the great and precious the Papal superstition may become, truths of the Gospel—the virgin it carries in its greatest triumph the sands of the Rock of Ages—the elements of defeat. That fearful living waters of the Fountain of system, which is treachery against God! Finally, let us pray that to man and blasphemy against God, - us, each in his sphere, there may be which comprises in its nature the given that spirit of faithfulness and corruption of the grave and the love and a sound mind, which will wickedness of the damned,-however enable us to count all • but loss for great the extent to which it may the excellency of the knowledge of eclipse our privileges, and conceal Christ Jesus our Lord.' And may that Cross in which we glory, has its the Church of Christ, in all its secdoom sealed at that bar from which tions, approximate more and more, there can be no appeal! It shall be by the blessing of the Spirit of God, consumed with the Spirit of Jehovah's to that high and holy and spiritual


position, which will enable her to structions, which Popish priests please
say, with ten thousand tongues, but to give them.”
with one heart,

—God forbid that The circumstances connected with we should glory, save in the cross of many of the facts mentioned by Mr. our Lord Jesus Christ.' "

Hogan, are too gross to be generally
put into the hands of the young ; but

let the heads of families read, be con-
Auricular Confession and Popish vinced, and beware of Romish treach-
Nunneries. By William HOGAN, ery, and Romish immorality.
formerly Roman Catholic priest,

There is so much in this work and Author of “Popery as it was

worthy of attention that we could and as it is.” Third Edition of wish we had room for long extracts; 5,000 copies. With Notes. Lon- but we cannot forbear giving Mr. don: Arthur Hall and Co. (late Hogan's description of the way in Dyer and Co.), Paternoster-row.

which Romish Jesuit priests insinuate Liverpool: Edward Howell, Park- themselves into the confidence of lane. 1847. 8vo., pp. 210.

Protestant families.

• The impres

sion has got amongst Protestants," This work is avowedly written for he says, “ that confessing sins to the the information and benefit of Ameri- priests is a good thing for the ignorcans, and lays before the reader some

ant Irish.— It keeps them honest.' startling facts. It would be well for This observation has been made to, English as well as Americans to be

me by some of the amiable, benevocome acquainted with the queries put lent, and charitable ladies and gentleto female penitents in the Con men in Boston and elsewhere, and I fessional. Mr. Hogan does not pro- felt almost unwilling to remove so fess to do more than to state the facts charitable a dream. • Better late than as they came before his own observa- never.' Let me do so now. Justice tion ; and having been himself a to Protestants, and even to the priest, he writes with the fearful cer Roman Catholic labourers, and dotainty of a man who FEELS that all mestics themselves, requires this at he says is, alas! but too true. He my hands. When Popish or illustrates the doctrine of blind obedi- Jesuit priest settles in a city or town, ence, as taught in the Romish he looks about him and 'ascertains Church, by the following singular what the character, circumstances, practice in Ancient Rome :

politics, and religion of the different 6 The ancient Romans were Epi- families are. If he discovers that any

Some say they were greater particular Protestant family is wealthy, gluttons than those of the present entirely unacquainted with Popery, day. Poultry of all kinds was and liberally disposed, he takes a favourite dish with them; and how to note of the fact, and determines, by fatten fowls most expeditiously be some means, to form an acquaintance came a question of vital importance with the head of that family. This with the philosophers of the Eternal is sometimes not easily done. City. After several experiments, it Of this Romish priests are aware, was found that the best plan was to and act accordingly. When one of close up the eyes of geese, turkeys, them desires an acquaintance with ducks, and all other kinds of poultry, the head of a family, he unceremonand, in that condition, cram and stuff iously calls upon him, hands him some them with food. This succeeded ad- money, more or less, according to mirably. The fowls fattened in less circumstances,—and without any exthan half the time.”

planation tells him it is his, and seems Mr. Hogan explains how this pro no way desirous of further conversacess is carried on with regard to tion. The gentleman or lady who spiritual matters, by the Romish receives the money, of course detains bishops and priests in the present the priest or Jesuit, and asks what he day:

wishes him or her to do with this “Even American converts to Ro- money, whether he deposited it for manism are not to question the safe keeping, or whether he wished it quality of the food, or spiritual in- paid over to some one.

The answer




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