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discernible in this mystery of iniquity, as the finger of God is, in the great mystery of godliness. Numerous authorities might be quoted in confirmation of this fact. Let the following suffice: It is called by Mr. Thos. Scott-"Satan's grand scheme for opposing the Gospel;" by Mr. Bickersteth- The Devil's cunning device of twelve hundred years' growth for leading countless myriads to perdition ;" by Mr. Robert Hall—“A detestable system of iniquity, cruelty, and imposture, fabricated by the father of lies ;” and by Mr. Cecil." Satan's masterpiece:" Mr. Cecil adds—"I believe him utterly incapable of such another contrivance. It was a systematic and infallible plan for forming manacles and mufflers for the human mind.”

No unprejudiced person can study the character and history of Popery without being convinced of its Satanic origin, indeed, there is no other rational and satisfactory way of accounting for such "a monstrous system of iniquity and soul-murder," as Dr. Townsend, in his “ Accusations of History against the Church of Rome," designates Popery. *

The power and subtlety of Satan are strikingly exhibited in the Papal system. Why the Almighty should permit the existence of a being whose only object is to do evil, and who is constantly endeavour. ing to rob him of his glory, and man of his happiness, exceeds the bounds of our finite capacities to fathom. It does not become us to arraign the incomprehensible God at the bar of our limited understandings, or pry tuo curiously into the motives which influence his conduct. Enough is revealed in the Word of God to show the personal existence of our great spiritual adversary, and Popery furnishes incontestable evidence of that existence, at the same time that it evinces his malignity, wickedness, and cruelty. The system, and its author, mutually reflect light upon each other.

*"... The slaughters committed by the Inquisition are now beyond any accurate calculation, but they stand in fearful rivalry with the most prodigal expenditure of blood by war. The tribunal went on its course of plunder, imprisonment, torture, and burning, for six hundred years ! ... But what calculation of the slain can give us the true estimate of the evil; the myriads of broken hearts of orphans, widows, parents deprived of their children, families banished and beggared; the life of perpetual fear in the presence of a tribunal against which no man at any hour was secure; in whose hands torture, death, or an imprisonment of a length and severity that made after-life useless, and from which no man came, but as hardly escaped from the grave ? And what are we to think of the religion that could create, sanction, and triumph in this tribunal? What of the abject and desperate prostration of mind which that religion must labour to produce, before it could venture to lay the weight of the Inquisition on the world ? What of the hideous repulsion of all the principles of Christianity in the establishment of this formal and cold blooded system of murder? We may presumptuously doubt, if we will, the Scripture that declares the existence and hostility of the evil spirit; but on what other conception can human reason account for the horrors of the Inquisition ? We are driven back to the revealed Word, and forced to see, in this triumph of torture and death, a cruelty beyond man, the form of the fiend enveloped and enthroned in the circle of agony and flame."--Rev. G. Croly on the Apocalypse, p. 245.

The author of the “ Protestant” thus writes :-Deceit and violence are the two main pillars of Satan's kingdom. This corresponds with the character of the adversary himself, who has been a liar and a murderer from the beginning--that is, one who makes use of deceit and violence for the promotion of his cause in the world. Viewed in this light, Popery proves itself to be of its father the Devil.”—The Protestant, vol. iii., p. 201.

• We might enumerate and enlarge upon some of the abominations which characterize this Antichristian system, and leave no doubt upon the mind as to its author; such as its blasphemy and idolatry, its treachery and cruelty, its falsehood and hypocrisy, its pride and lust of domination, its hatred of the Bible, its rejection of the doctrine of justification by faith only, and its denial of Christ as the only Mediator between God and man. But as it would occupy too much space to dwell at length upon all these fearful evils, we will content ourselves with adducing evidence in proof of the blasphemous character of Popery.

And, first, “ to the law and to the testimony.” “ What saith the Scripture ?” The Apostle Paul warns the Thessalonians against groundlessly supposing that the day of Christ was at hand, and shows that it must be preceded by a great apostasy, “ That day," he says, “ shall not come, except there first come an apostasy, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition; who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped : so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. Remember ye not, that, when I was yet with you, I told you these things ? And now ye know what withholdeth that he might be revealed in his time. For the mystery of iniquity doth already work: only he that now letteth will let, until he be taken out of the way. And then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the Spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming: even him, whose coming is after the working of

Satan, with all power, and signs, and lying wonders, and with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish ; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved." (2 Thess. ii. 3—10.)

Mr. Faber says,— With this remarkable description let us compare the pageants and accredited phraseology of a Papal inauguration. When all is duly prepared, and when expectation stands on the very tiptoe, the lordly pontiff is revealed to his gazing votaries, seated upon the high altar in the adytum of the temple, and making the Lord's table his footstool. In this attitude he receives what is called the adoration of the cardinals : a ceremony represented on the medals of Martin V.; where two of them appear crowning the Pope, while two others kneel before him with the inscription, whom they create they adore.'* Henceforth the style and title of the new god corresponds with his inaugural worship. Our Lord God the Pope; another God upon earth; king of kings, and lord of lords. The same is the dominion of God and of the Pope. To believe that our Lord God the Pope might not decree as he decreed, it were a matter of heresy. The power of the Pope is greater than all created power, and extends itself to things celestial, terrestrial, and infernal. The Pope doeth whatsoever he listeth, even things unlawful; and is more than God. Such are the frantic ebullitions of impious vanity, which mark out as the predicted head of the demonolatrous apostasy, that Italian priest,

* See “ The Popes, painted by themselves,” where there is a medal with the above inscription. Published by Protestant Association, 11, Exeter Hall, 8 pages.

whom his adherents fondly denominate the centre of Catholic unity, and from whom they arrogantly pronounce it heretical to separate."-Faber on the Prophecies, vol. iji, p. 482.

Bishop Jewell says, “In the Extravagants (decretals of the Popes), it is set down, Our Lord God the Pope. Mark these words ; Our Lord God the Pope. In them the Pope is called Lord, and is called God. Oh! merciful Lord God, who from the heavens beholdest this vanity, how great is thy mercy in suffering this! I devise not this. His own books, his own doctors, his own decrees and decretals, speak it and set it down.”Bishop Jewell on the Second Epistle to the Thessalonians..

Bishop Newton, after alluding to the inauguration of the Pope, observes," At all times he exerciseth divine authority in the Church,

showing himself that he is God,' affecting divine titles and attributes, as holiness and infallibility; assuming divine powers and prerogatives, in condemning and absolving men, in retaining and forgiving sins, in asserting his decrees to be of the same or greater authority than the Word of God, and commanding them to be received under the penalty of the same or greater damnation. Like another Salmoneus, he is proud to imitate the state and thunder of the Almighty ; and is styled and pleased to be styled, — Our Lord God the Pope, another God upon earth, king of kings, and lord of lords,' &c. Such blasphemies are not only allowed, but are even approved, encouraged, rewarded in the writers of the Church of 'Rome, and they are not only the extravagances of private writers, but are the language even of public decretals, and acts of councils. So that the Pope is evidently the god upon earth : at least there is no one like him, who exalteth him self above every. God.'.... The foundations of Popery were laid indeed in the apostle's days, but the superstructure was raised by degrees, and several ages passed before the building was completed, and the man of sin was revealed in full perfection."-Bishop Newton on the Prophecies, Dobson's edition, pp. 404_406. Bishop Newton adds that Justin Martyr, who flourished before the middle of the second century, considers the man of sin, or as he elsewhere calleth him the man of blasphemy, as altogether the same with the little horn in Daniel ; and affirms that he who shall speak blasphemous ' words against the Most High, is now at the doors.”Ibid., p. 410.

Mr. Birks, in applying the little horn in Daniel to the Papacy, says, “Emboldened by success, and encouraged by seeming impunity, its claims became higher and higher as years rolled on. Its blasphemous pretensions were more gross, and its persecutions became systematic and undisguised. .... The Christian, when he compares the Church of Rome, as it is pourtrayed in the time of the apostles, with the counterfeit which has usurped the name in later times, may well share in the surprise of the beloved disciple as he gazed on the persecutions, and wonder with a great admiration at the fearful and prodigious change." The Four Prophetic Empires, by the Rev. T. R. Birks.

Dr. Croly observes—“One of the prophetic characters of Popery was, its blasphemy ;' the enormous crime of insulting the majesty of God, by abusing his name, and usurping his authority. What are

the claims of the right to forgive sins, of miracles, of canonization, of infallibility in either Pope or Council, of a right to be sole interpreter of Scripture, to withhold the Scripture, to hold the keys of purgatory, to commute the virtues of the living for the crimes of the dead, to dissolve oaths, to dethrone kings, to break allegiance, to command that men shall be tortured and slain for their faith ?-Blasphemy!"-Rev. G. Croly on the Apocalypse, p. 231.

“ It is fit that scriptural Christians all over the world should settle it in their minds, that Popery as a system, never has departed, and seems likely never to depart, from that which is its predicted characteristic-blasphemous usurpation of the place of God !Missionary Register, January, 1825.

Once more, “to the law and to the testimony.” The language of Scripture is very emphatic upon this point:-“ And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things, and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue for forty and two months. And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.” (Revelation xiii. 5-6.

(To be continued.)



STATE OF THE COUNTRY. DUBLIN, Nov. 6.—The accounts from the country to-day show no symptoms of improvement, but rather the contrary, the conspiracy against life and property seeming to become daily more perfect in its organization. The Irish metropolis was never before so full at this period of the year, every one who has the means at his disposal flying the rural districts, and seeking for safety in the crowd of the city. Two regiments of Infantry (the 1st Royals and the 57th), now in England, are reported for service on the Irish establishment; but it is more than doubtful whether the whole available force of Great Britain would be sufficient to give a practical check to the horrid system of assassination which, for the fatal certainty of its aim and end, appears to have reached the point of perfection.

Some additional particulars respecting the murder of Major Mahon are furnished by the “ Longford Journal:"_" Major Mahon was returning from Roscommon, where he had been attending a meeting of the Board of Guardians for that union, in an open carriage, accompanied by Dr. Shanly, of Strokestown, and a servant, when within about four miles of that town he was fired at and shot dead. We have been informed that three men, armed with guns, lay behind the ditch waiting his arrival. On the carriage coming up, the first fired and slightly wounded Dr. Shanly; almost at the same instant the second fired, hitting the Major in the neck and chest with heavy duck shot, tearing and lacerating all the vital and connecting parts between the head and body, and lodging a large part of the charge in the chest. He only uttered the expression, . Oh God I' and was dead in a few

seconds. On his receiving the wound, the Doctor and servant turned round to the Major, and all their heads were together, when a third gun was snapped, but fortunately missed fire, or the whole three might have been murdered. The servant drove as quick as possible to the police barrack, which was only at a short distance, and brought them to the spot, but they were neither able to arrest the murderers or to get any clue to them ; indeed, the whole neighbourhood appeared to be in commotion during the day, as if expecting some important coining event, and very little inclined to give assistance, but rather to throw obstacles in the way of justice. Major Mahon's remains were brought to Strokestown-house, and will be interred this night in the family vault in the demesne. Major Mahon was a resident landlord, and his exertions to alleviate the distress during the last distressing season were equal to any gentleman in the country possessing a similar income; indeed, it may be said that he had none, having to live on other resources, as he got little or no rent for the last eighteen months, The Hon. Gentleman, like many others, quarrelled with the priests in his neighbourhood about the relief of the poor; and, although at an expense of between 6,000l. and 8,0001., he sent upwards of 700 poor people (who appeared thankful and expressed their thanks to America this season, he has been from the chapel altars, even on the very last Sunday, reprobated and abused as a tyrant, oppressor of the poor, &c., and we now behold the result. We believe, at the present moment, letters of thanks to Major Mahon for sending them out, and thanking God that they went out of poverty, could be showed by friends of the emigrants in the neighbourhood of Strokestown. But what signifies it, if they were taken out of poverty and placed beyond the reach of want? 700 taken out of a district left their Reverences that number of shillings (on an average) short of their annual income. Hence all the ill-will and bad feeling."

The Tipperary papers of yesterday furnish their usual quota of outrage. The “ Nenagh Guardian” says :-"Just as we were going to press this evening, intelligence reached us that Mr. Garvey, with a party of police, were distraining on the lands of Moneygall, when he was fired at, which missed him, but two balls entered the breast of the constable commanding the party. We have not heard whether the wounds were dangerous or not, and must only defer the particulars till our next publication. A party of recruits from the constabulary depôt in Dublin were passing at the time en route to Nenagh, but were not sufficiently experienced to pursue the enemy."

The Mr. Garvey above mentioned is a magistrate and agent of the Norbury estates in the south of Ireland. Tipperary Thugs, how. ever, do not restrict their bloody trade to the male population, as will be seen by the following letter from Thurles, published in the “ Nenagh Vindicator :"-"I regret to have to inform you that a cold blooded and barbarous murder has been committed on Tuesday night, at Coolgorth, near Barnane. The victim was a Widow Darmody, who, it appears, has been twice married, had no family, and was possessed of about three acres of land. It appears she was about getting married a third time, contrary (as rumour has it) to the wishes of her friends. She must have been decoyed out in the fields by her assassin, under

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