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all points tempted like as we are; who in that he himself bath suffered, being tempted, is able to fuccour them that are tempted. He will fulfil his word. He will minifter strength for the conflict. He will not fuffer you to be tempted above what you are able to bear: but with the temptation will also make a way to escape, that you may be able to bear it. Why is thy foul caft down: why is it fo difquieted within thee? Hope thou in God for thou fhalt yet praise Him for the help of his countenance.

Finally; be active. Be fedulous to employ an ample portion of your time, so far as may be entirely compatible with a just regard to health, in the modes of practical usefulness, which belong to your station: and in the vigilant discharge of the offices of domestic life. A zealous pursuit of practical usefulness, a vigilant performance of relative duties, rank very high among the good works by which you are to evince the fincerity of your faith, and to adorn the doctrine of God your Saviour. The management of worldly concerns, when conducted in a worldly fpirit, is fin. But when kept wholly fubordinate to the great purposes of existence, the glory of God VOL. II. Bb and

and the falvation of the foul; when carried on from Chriftian motives, with Chriftian tempers, and for Chriftian ends; it is a branch of service to God, it is one of the fruits of religion.

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On the Chriftian Characters of Youth.

2 COR. vi. 17, 18. vii. t.

Come out from among them, and be je fepa rate, faith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing and I will receive you, and will be a father unto you, and ye shall be my Jons and daughters, faith the Lord Almighty. Having therefore thefe promises, dearly beloved; let us cleanfe ourselves from all filthinefs of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God.

WHEN a person conversant with the

vegetable productions of the earth obferves in the forest a plant, whose properties he is defirous of improving; he removes it from its native wild into his garden. There, rooted in luxuriant foil, fheltered from inclement blafts, fecured

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against immoderate humidity, duly watered in feasons of drought, defended from the encroachment of worthless herbs which even in that cultivated spot are continually fpringing on every fide; it teftifies by a confpicuous transformation the fostering care of its protector. Its growth enlarges ; its juices are meliorated; its tints are heightened; its fragrance is exalted; its fruits are multiplied. It is no longer a barren weed: but the delight of Him who has appropriated it to himself.

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In correspondence with the general outlines of this fimilitude, the God of mercy purifies unto himfelf a peculiar people. By the ministration of the Gofpel Herefcues them from the noxious vicinity of wickednefs; fuftains them with his arm; nourishes them by his grace; cheers them with the light of his countenance, and enables them to bring forth fruit unto perfection.

Between the objects of favour, however, in the two cafes, there exifts a very important difference. The plant is unconscious, fenfelefs, paffive. It knows not its benefactor nor his purposes. Choice has no concern in its improvement. Not fo the human being addreffed by the Gospel. Him God has created a moral agent. From

him God requires active concurrence; cooperation of the will manifefted by exertions of obedience. He does not hurry the man by arbitrary force from amidst the thorns and thiftles of iniquity. Come out from among them, he cries, and be feparate. Beftowing on the helpless individual adequate powers by the influence of his Spirit; He commands him to exert them and come forth.


To remove an aged plant from the foreft, and to caufe it to flourish in the garden, might be a tafk level to the skill of the cultivator. But he gives the preference to a younger ftem, whofe fibres are lefs firmly riveted in the foil, and lefs closely interwoven with the roots of the contiguous thicket. To pluck up the veteran finner, however deep he may have fhot his roots downwards towards hell; and to enable him to flourish like a green olivetree in the courts of the houfe of his God; is an undertaking devoid of difficulty to the Omnipotent. But with fingular complacency he looks on thofe, who have received Him as the guide of their youth. Out of the mouth even of babes and fucklings He perfecteth praife. Advancing childhood receives new marks of his love. Come, ye Bb 3


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