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But lo! yon bark, that, rich with India spoils,
O'er the wide-swelling ocean rides triumphant :
O! to BRITANNIA's shore

In safety waft, ye winds, the precious freight:
"Tis HASTINGS; of the prostrate EAST
Despotic arbiter; whose bounty gave
My MARKHAM's delegated rule
To riot in the plunder of BENARES.



How yet affrighted GANGES, oft distain'd

With GENTOO carnage, quakes through all his branches! Soon may I greet the morn,

When, HASTINGS screen'd, DUNDAS and GEORGE


One of the many frivolous charges brought against Mr. Hastings by factious men, is the removal of a Mr. FowXE, contrary to the orders of the Directors, that he might make room for his own appointment of my son to the Residentship of BENARES. I have ever thought it my duty support the late Governor-General, both at Leadenhall and in the House of Peers, against all such vexatious accusations.


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Through BISHOPTHORP's* glad roofs shall sound,
Familiar in domestic merriment;

Or in thy chosen PLACE, ST. JAMES,
Be carol'd loud amid th' applauding IMHOFFS!


When wealthy Innocence, pursu'd

By factious Envy, courts a Monarch's succour,
Mean gifts of vulgar cost, alike

Dishonour him who gives, and him who takes.
Not thus shall HASTINGS sav'd,
Thee, BRUNSWICK, and himself disgrace.

As many of my Competitors have complained of Signor Delpini's ignorance, I cannot help remarking here, that he did not know Bishopthorp to be the name of my palace in Yorkshire; he did not know Mr. Hastings's house to be in St. James's Place; he did not know Mrs. Hastings to have two sons by Mynheer Imhoff, her former husband, still living. And what is more shameful than all in a Critical Assessor, he had never heard of the poetical figure, by which I elegantly say, thy Place, St. James, instead of St. James's Place.


Antistrophe III.

How headlong Rhone, and Ebro erst distain'd

With Moorish carnage, quakes through all her branches

Soon shall I greet the morn,

When, Europe sav'd, BRITAIN and GEORGE's name
Shall soon o'er FLANDRIA's level field,

Familiar in domestic merriment,

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* Ő máy thy blooming Heir, In virtues equal, be like thee prolifie! Till a new race of little GUELPAS, Beneath the rod of future MARKHAMS train'd, Lisp on their Grandsire's knee his mitred Laureat's


* Signor Delpini wanted to strike out all that follows, because truly it had no connexion with the rest. The transition, like some others in this and my former Ode to Arthur Onslow, Esq. may be too fine for vulgar apprehensions, but it is therefore the morè Pindaric.

Epode III.


O may your rising hope,
Well-principled in every virtue, bloom,

Till a fresh-springing flock implore,
With infant hands, a Grandsire's powerful prayer,

Or round your honour'd couch their prattling sports pursue,

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By the REV. THOMAS WARTON, B. D. Fellow of the Trinity College, in Oxford; late Professor of Poetry in that University; and now Poet Laureat

to His Majesty.


AMID the thunder of the war,

True glory guides no echoing car ;

Nor bids the sword her bays bequeath;

Nor stains with blood her brightest wreath :

No plumed host her tranquil triumphs own:
Nor spoils of murder'd multitudes she brings,
To swell the state of her distinguish'd kings,
And deck her chosen throne.

On that fair throne, to Britain dear,

With the flowering olive twin'd,
High she hangs the hero's spear;
And there, with all the palms of peace combin❜d,
Her unpolluted hands the milder trophy rear.

To kings like these, her genuine theme,

The Muse a blameless homage pays :
TO GEORGE, of kings like these supreme,
She wishes honour'd length of days,
Nor prostitutes the tribute of her lays.
"Tis his to bid neglected genius glow,
And teach the regal bounty how to flow;

His tutelary sceptre's sway

The vindicated Arts obey,

And hail their patron King :

'Tis his to judgment's steady line
Their flights fantastic to confine,
And yet expand their wing ;
The fleeting forms of Fashion to restrain,
And bird capricious Taste in Truth's eternal chain.
Sculpture, licentious now no more,

From Greece her great example takes,
With Nature's warmth the marble wakes,
And spurns the toys of modern lore:
In native beauty simply plann'd,

Corinth, thy tufted shafts ascend;
The Graces guide the painter's hand,
His magic mimicry to blend.
While such the gifts his reign bestows,
Amid the proud display,

Those gems around the throne he throws

That shed a softer ray:

While from the summits of sublime Renown
He wafts his favour's universal gale,
With those sweet flowers he binds a crown
That bloom in Virtue's humble vale.
With rich munificence, the nuptial tie
Unbroken be combines :---

Conspicuous in a nation's eye,

The sacred pattern shines!
Fair Science to reform, reward, and raise,
To spread the lustre of domestic praise
To foster Emulation's holy flame,
To build Society's majestic frame;
Mankind to polish and to teach-

Be this the monarch's aim ;
Above Ambition's giant-reach

The monarch's meed to claim.

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