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. 331 fons concerned in setting the said house on all had the honour to kiss his majesty's fire, has been pleased to promise his most hand. gracious pardon to any one of them who

TUESDAY, 23. Thall discover his or her accomplices therein, Crisp Gascoyne, Erq; alderman of Vin. so that they may be apprehended and con- try ward, was unanimously cholen, by the victed thereof. And the said William freeholders of the county of Essex, one of Paine King, Esq; has promised a reward the verdurers of Waltham foreft, in the of 1001, to the first person who Thall make room of Sir Thomas Webiter, Bart. desuch discovery, to be paid upon the con

ceafed. Smart Lethieullier, Esq; appeared viction of one or more of the offenders. as a candidate for some time, but declined THURSDAY, 18.

a little before the day of the election. Was held a general court of the South

SATURDAY, 27. Sea company, when a dividend of two per This morning, about two o'clock, the cent. for the half year's interest due at insides of two houses in Brewhouse. Yard, Midsummer on the capital stock of the said Shoe Lane, fell in ; by which accident seven company, was declared to be payable on persons were killed, and, three had their Friday, Aug. 2.

legs and arms broke, and were otherwise Friday, 19.

very much bruised. , One was taken out The Rt. Hon, the lord mayor and court of the rubbish without having received any of aidermen waited on his majesty at Ken

damage. fington, to congratulate him on the birth of

MONDAY, 29. a princess ; when Richard Adams, Esq; John Young having been reprieved for the recorder, made their compliments in tranfportation for life, the other eight mald. the following speech.

factors condemned the last feffions at the

Old Bailey, were this day executed at TyMolt gracious Sovereign,

burn. (See p. 330.)

At the east end of the north ille of lord. mayor, and court of alder- Illington church, (which is now pulling men of the city of London, humbly beg down) on a plated None, is the following leave to congratulate your majesty on the infcription : safe delivery of her royal highness the prin- I preye the Crysten Man that bait Ey to see cels of Wales, and the birth of a princess.

thys As we are truly sensible of the blessings To preye for the Sowiles of theym that we enjoy under your majesty's g.vein

here buryed is ment, and are convinced that the security And remembre that in Cryst we be Bretherno of our rights and liberties, in time to The whych hath commaunded every Man come, depends on the protestant succession

to preye for other established in your illustrious houle ; it is, Thys seyth Robert Andertone and Johan at this time, a peculiar satisfaction to us, his Wyff here wrapped in Cley that we have once more, the honour of Abydying the Mercie of Almyghly God congratulating your majesty on the increase

themselse Domedey of your royal family.

Whych was fome Tyme Seivaunt to Sir And, upon this occafion, permit us, Sir,

George Haltyng Knight Earl to render our most dutiful thanks to your

of Huntingdon majesty, for a late fignal instance of your And paffed my Lyff in the Year of our majesty's paternal care of your peop:e, in

Lord God the provision made by parliament for the

MCCCCI future tranquillity of this kingdom: A pro- On whos Sowl Almyghey God have Mercy vision moving primarily from your maje

Amen fty's goodness, and brought to perfection by your majesty's wisdom. Yet, wife and

MARRIAGES and BIRTHS. salutary as it is, we cannot forbear to ex- T. Hon. the lord Kingston, of the press our wishes, that a long continuance of your majesty's life may make it unne. rehat of the late Sir Chaloner Ogle, Knt. cessary.

Reginald Pole, of Manibilly in Cornwall, Fixed in these sentiments of duty and Esq; to Miss Butler, fister to Francis But. gratitude, our prayers fall always be,

ler, of the same county, Esq; that your majesty may long reign over us ;

June 26. Henry Symonds, Esq; of Hama and that the throne may be filled by your ma

in Effex, to Miss Bas bara Ruffel, of Ep. jesty's descendants, even to remotest ages. ping.

29. George Stradwick, Erq; a gentleHis Majesty's most gracious Answer, man of a large estate in Suflex, to Miss

Thank you for this fresh instance of Felicia Theodofia Charlotta Temple, of Ca.

your zeal and affection for me and my Atle-Town, in Yorkshire, family. The city of London may always Robert Quarme, Esq; of Queen-street, depend upon the continuance of my favour Westminster, to Miss Brand, a 12,00. I. and protection.


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July. 4. Solomon Dayrolles, Esq; his ma- chequer and prerogative court of the arch.
jesty's resident at the Hague, to Miss Peter. bishop of York, &c.
fon, daughter of col.' Peterson.

Hon. and Rev. Mr. John Hay, rector
Francis Heyden, Esq; pofseffed of a large of Epworth, in Lincolnshire, fon to the
estate in Kent, to Miss Judich Fleming of earl of Kinnout.

Hon. William Cavendish, Esq; only fon
8. James Patterson, of Park-Place, Esq; of the lord James Cavendish.
to Mifs Jenny Martyn.

3. Rev. Dr. John Tyson, chaplain in 11. Lord Harley, eldest son of the earl ordinary to his majefty, and prebend of of Oxford, to Miss Theodosia Anne Archer, Lincoln. of Hanover-square, a 40,000l. fortune. 6. Giles Dance, Esq; formerly the city

- Lake, Efq; of Edmonton, governor surveyor. of the Million Bank, to Miss Spurling, of 11. Rev. Dr. Parne, fenior fellow of Mark-lane.

Trinity college, Cambridge, librarian of John Land, Erq; of Thames-Ditton, to that univerfity, and chaplain in ordinary to Miss Sarah Pryor, of the same place.

his majesty '18. - Skipper, Esq; captain in a regi- Capt. Winter, formerly in the service of ment of foot on the Inih establishment, to the East India company. Miss Ryves, a 10,000l. fortune.

Thomas Robinson, Efq; in the comMatthew Hall, of Denbighthise, Esq; to mission of the peace for the North Riding Miss Anne Noell,

of Yorkshire, who had confined himself 21. Ralph Osborn, of Wetton-Bridge,

to his chamber for 20 years. in Bedfordihire, Esq; io Miss Felicia Or- 13. Rev. Mr. John Worrall, vicar of born, of Stukely, in the same county. the cathedrals of Christchurch and St. Pa.'

22. Capt. Robert Williams, in the ser. trick's, in Ireland, piebendary of Christ. vice of the East-India company, to Mrs. church, and master of the choirs of both Sermon, of the Temple.

cathedrals. July 4. The lady of the Rt. Hon. the

14. Harry Gough. Erq; one of the dilord Guenrey, delivered of a fon and heir. rectors of the East India company, and

15. The lady of John Mayne, Esq; of a member of partiament for Bramber, in fon and heir.

Sul x 26. The lady of Stephen Theodore William Colwell, Esq; only son of the Jansen, Elq; alderman of Bread-street Jate Colwell, Erg; merchant, of ward, and one of the members of parlia- Bristol, who left him an immense fortune,' ment for this city, of a son.

the bulk of which falls to his lady and an 28. Dutchess of Montrole, of a daughter. only son, a ininor.

15. Rt. Hon. John Monckton, haron of DEATHS.

Killard, in the county of Ciare and visc. IR Thomas Webster, Bart. one of the Gailway, in Ireland, receiver general of

the crown lards, and member of parlia. the latter end of May lait, is succeeded in

ment for Pontefract, in Yorkshire. He is dignity and estate by his eldest son, now Sir succeeded in dignity and eflate by his son, Whistler Webster, Bart, member of par- the Hon. William Monckton, Member of liament for East. Grinstead.

parliament for Thirsk, in Yorkshire, now June 19. Richard Hillier, 'Esq; an emi- lord visc. Gallway. nent conveyancer, near St. Maw's, in Mrs. Mary How, widow, at Mapleton, Cornwall.

in Derbyshire, aged 112. About two years 23. John Francis Buller, Esq; at his feat ago the cut a new set of teeth. Her death in Cornwall.

was occasioned by an accident in breaking 27. John Selwyn, Esq; member of par

her arm. diament for Whicchurch, in Hanis, and James Mackie, at Hamilton, in Scottreasurer to his royal highness the duke, land, in the rosth year of his age. He and the princesses Amelia and Caroline. was a servant belonging to his grace the

30. Rev. Mr. Michael Petiy, who had duke of Hamilton, and in the 93d year of been upwards of so years rector of Cheli. his age married a woman upwards of 40, held, in Kent.

by whom he had several children. July 1. Paul Joddrell, Esq; member of Hon. S.r Oswald Money, Bart. at Rol. parliament for Old Sarum, and folicitor

leston-hall, in Staffordthire, who is suco general to her royal highness the princess of ceeded by his only fon, of the same name. Wales.

John Kelley, Erq; an eminent counsel.
Rt. Hon. George Wandesford, lord visc. lor, in the Temple.
Castlecomer, baron Wandesford and baro. 25. Edmund Fowler, Esq; at his seat at
met, in Ireland.

Cheneys, in Effex, in the conmillion of
The worshipíul William Ward, LL. D. the peace for that county.
commissary and keeper general of the Ex.


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Pcherter, in the room of Geo. Bridges,


333 27. His grace Charles Beauclerk, duke lord lieut, of the west-riding, and custoa of Sc. Alban's, earl of Burford, governor rotulorum of the north and weft-ridings of of Windsor Castle, master falconer of Eng. Yorkshire. - Sir John Cult, Bart. made land, one of the lords of his majesty's steward to the princess dowager of Wales. bedchamber, lord lieut. and cultes roculo

-Capt. James Gibson, made major, and rum of Berkshire, principal register of the John Humphreys, Erq; capiain, in col. court of Chancery, and knight of the most Rich's reg, of foot.—Dr. John Munro, noble order of the garter. His grace was jun. chosen joint phyfician with his father, eldest son of Charles Beauclerk, eldeft na. to Bethlem and Bridewell hospitals.-Mr. tural fon of K. Charles II. by Mrs. Eleanor Whiffon, choren librarian to the university Gwin, and firft duke of St. Alban's, by of Cambridge. — Robert Dinwiddie. Erq; the lady Diana Vere, eldeft daughter and made lieur. governor of Virginia.--Admicoheir to Aubrey de Vere, the oth and ral Boscawen, elected an elder brother of lait earl of Oxford, of that noble family. the Trinity-House, in the room of the late His late grace is succeeded by his only fon lord Baltimore. George earl of Burford, now duke of St, Alban's.


WLET St. ,
Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENTS.
R. William Gueft, pre!ented to the Efq; deceased, by a majority of eight

against William Pawler, Esq; but the late amptonshire. -Mr. William Marth, to the ter has petitioned, complaining of an unvicarage of Bapchild, alias Backchild, in due election.-Hon. Edward Dighy, Esq; Kent. Mr. Parfect, Thursday le&urer of for Malmsbury, in Wiltshire, in the room St. Peter's in Cornhill, appointed to the of the Hon. James Douglas, Esq; deceased. curacy of St. Edmund the King, in Lom- - Frederick Cavendish, Esq; third fon to bard. Atreet, and St. Nicholas Acons.-- the duke of Devonshire, for Derbyshire, in John Goftling, M. A. presented to the the room of his brother the marquiís of rectory of Brook, near Wye; and Mr. Hartington, called up to the house of

Filmer, to the rectory of Crundal, near
Wye; both in the diocese of Canterbury Perfons declar'd Bankrupts, fince rbose is our
Francis Foot, B. L. to the living of Lin-

Magazine for May.
ton, alias Hinton, in Kent.-John Fulham, ONATHAN Cape, of St. Giles's in the
M. A. to the vicarage of ineworth, in Fields, brewer. James Bradley, of
Middlesex.-- John Williams, M. A. to the Philpot-lane, broker. – Harper Smith, of
rectory of Cheriton, in Glamorganshire.- Short's. gardens, in the parish of St. Giles's
John Wright, M. A. to the rectory of in the Fields, victualler.-Wm. Smith, of
Winceby, in Lincolnshire.- Jof. Bracken. Greenwich, cheesemonger.-- John Green-
bury, M. A. to the rectory of Lower how, late of Manch-ster, dealer. - Benj.
Tointon, in Lincolnshire.-Mr. Seymour, Lhuile, of Arundel- street, chapman.--
to the rectory of Great Wetton, in Lin. William Macklean and Julin Dallas, uí Lon.
colnshire.-Mr. Davis, B.L. to the rectory don, brokers.-George Hyam, of Nicholas..
of Barton Mills, in Suffolk.-Mr. Letsum, lane, merchant.-Char. Stinson, of Brinol,
o the living of Tame, in Oxfordshire, dealer.---Francis Fanning, late of Plymou'h,

merchant.-Nithaniel Linaker, late of LiPROMOTIONS Civil and Military.

verpool, merchant.-- John Olbaideston, of HARLES Trelawney, Esq; made assay. Charlbury, in Oxfordīhire, mercer.---John

Spas ling, of Noble-street, ironmonger. coinages of tin in Cornwall and Devon.- Martin King, of Froome, in SomersetMr. Samuel Webb, chosen by the gover- mire, shopkeeper. Abraham De Paiha, nors of ChriA's-Hospital, hall keeper at the younger, of London, broker.-David Blackwell. Hall, in the room of his father, Thew, late of Partington, in Holderness, deceased. Robert Henley, Esq; made fol- grocer. – John Widdows, of Southwark, licitor-general, and John Trelawney, Esq; clochworker. William Mackbean, late of secretary to the prince of Wales.-- Earl of Silver- street, merchant. Stephen Hillyard, Albemarle, lately arrived from France, of Padworth, in Berks, house-painter. made groom of the fiole to his majesty. David Smith, late of Pershore, in WorcelLord visc. Fitzwilliams, made one of the tershire, chapman.-- John Collworthy, of Jords of his majesty's bedchamber. -Sir Exeter, merchant. -Hugh Bromedge, late Joseph Hankey, Knt. and alderman, una. of Bristol, merchant.-William Whitfield, nimously chosen prelident of St. Thomas's. Jate of Liverpool, thipwright. -- Daniel Hospital, in the room of alderman Arnold, Abraham, now or late of Manchester, decealed. William lord Cavendish, of grocer.- Leonard Philips, of St. Martin's Hardwyck, made master of the horse to his in the fields, timber- merchant, majesty.-Marquiss of Rockingham, made



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Wearber BANK INDIA|South Sea South Sea South Seafu per Cent., 4 percent. Bank An.13 per Cent., IndiaBonds B.Cir. pri Wind al

BILL OF Mortality from

s, d. 1747 1748.9. B. Annu.


præm. STOCK. STOC K. STOCK. Annu. old Ann. new

London. 1746.

June 25. 10 July 2j.
104 intr.'1045 str.
$ 5

o 3. S. W. fair clo.


TO; }

gl. 98 3) 1414:43

S. E. 76

fair rain Femal. soz 106

104 104

sl. 98 141

4 7 6S. W. frem rain 104

102 104

+ 105


7 6 S. by W. 141


104 105



gl. 95 141

fair rain Pied under 2 years old 40
7 6 S. S. w.


6.S. W. by S.

Sl. gs 104

2 and 5

Between 105

S. W. fair

5 and 10 – 7 Sunday 8| 141 194194

10 and 20
104 1

14 7 6S. E, by E. fair hot

14 7 6 N. É. fair hot

20 and 30 91

1011 10 140

4 7 6N.W.byn. fair hot

30 and 40

Ti 140

104 4 7 6 S. W.

40 and 30-1 51.99

cloudy hot 105


12 140

104 i

7 6 S. by W. fair clou 193 190 1161

105 13

o S. S. W. cloudyfaii 1911 104 1201

60 and 70 105

gl. gs

S. by E. sultry 34 Sunday


S. E, 191|1901

Sl. gs 15) 140

so and go

sultry 105

101 16] 140 190 1911 116

104 105

go andioo

4 10: S.W. by W. rain hail 116


104 37140

S, W.



4 ro ol w.
18611871 136

fair rain

Within the Walls

S. W.

104 19] 140 1861871 116

fair rain

Sl. 98 105

Without the Walls 3 101

S, W. 140


104 186 1871 116 105 104

In Mid, and Surrey 60

S. W. 21 Sunday

rultry ra'r

City & Sub, WA 2

S. W.

(ultry rajt
23] 140

O'S, W. frem, rain fair

Weekly July 2 -- 33


o S. S. W. 24 140

104 187

104 105 187

116 25 140

33 105

6 W. S. W. fair min 103 104 104 104 100 gl. 88 50 4 12


fair mild S. W.

- 3€
115 105 13

101 104 100

104 104

23 --- ? 4 12 6 S by W. fiain hun N.W byN. far

13 $8 Sunday


6 »g] 140


N. W.
Sl. 98

Wheaten Peck Loaf 11. 10.

(4 12 105

fair 6 N. N. W.

Peale 225. to zga per Q. 30 140 185

4 12 103 105 g

103 104 185 1131

fair 311 140



104 105

14 12 6 W.N. W.
5l. gs

Tares 20s. to 261. per ().

Reading. Farnham.
Baling toke.

Henley. Guildford, Warmintter. Devizes. Gloucester. Nort
Wheat 245 to 275 gr
71158 load
71 178 load 81 os load

30s to 37 qr 355 to 38 qr 48 6d bush.
oos to oo qr
Barley 148 to 17

28 oud
18s to 21

18s to 21 18s to 19 ar 175 to 19 qr

175 to 19 qr Oats 128 to 139 od

168 to 20 145 to 16 od

165 to 20 125 to 15 od 145 to 17

28 to 18 od Beans 18s to 228 od 203 to 24 od

225 to 23

218 to 24 245 to 25 24% to 28

185 to 22 299 to 31

28 gd to 3$ LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, ul. 145. 6d. ul, 138, 11d. 125, 6d. to 138, ul. :38. 6d, ill, 148. 131. 139, 6d. sid. 1js, nih, a

Sl. 88

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181 140

Sl. 98




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and five more are near finished : A fine AGUE, June 27, N. $. The states

con- new man of war, built on the English mo. formity with the propofition lately made del, is just ready to be launched at Carthem by the prince Atadtholder, that a thagena, besides some others already build moiety of the duties of excise upon beer

there by an English Thipbuilder, who was shall be taken off, in order to favour the only a common shipwright at home, but working tradesmen who chiefly drink thac has a pistole a day here : Three English liquor.—The Dutch ambaffador, in his Thips have been hired at Cadiz to transport speech at his publick audience of the French troops and ammunition to America ; and king, expreffed himself as follows: “ That as the tranquillity of Peru is perfe&ly retheir high mightinesses hoped his majesty stored, engineers are soon to be sent thi. would vouchsafe to continue to their re- ther to repair the fortified places on the publick the friendship with which he and coasts of that kingdom,

and to build a for. his glorious ancestors had lo osten honour. tress in the island Juan Fernandez. ed her. That his masters would make From Lisbon we hear, that his Portu. the utmost efforts to cultivate that inesti- guese majesty has ifsued an ordinance, mable friendship, and eagerly improve whereby he forbids the bishops making or every incident that might procure them ordaining any priest whatever without his the honour of his majesty's good will, special leave and licence ; and also the the preservation of an alliance, which they heads of religious houses not to admit any have to strongly set their hearts upon, &c.

more without such licence, his majesty be. Amsterdam, July 8, N. S. Twenty-five ing sensible of the prejudice it does to reli. ships are arrived here from Greenland, gion, as well as the state, to admit too most of which have eight whales on board, many into holy orders ; and to disburden and large quantities of blubber. One of the country of other useless people, the our ships in that fishery having caught

fleet for Maranham was to take 3 or 400 eight whales, was cast away, but the

families on board, who are to make a new captain and crew were taken up by other settlement in that country, and to be al. Thips.

lowed a certain quantity of land, and all Paris, July 5, N. S. We are assured, utensils, for cultivating it. that the affair of the clergy is accommo- They write from Genoa, that an ordidaced upon the terms, that they shall not nance has been published there, directing give an account of their revenues, or be all ecclefiafticks, without exceptian, to obliged to pay the 20th penny ; but thall make a declaration upon oath, of whac by way of free gift pay seven millions and estates or effects they are pofTeffed of, un. an half yearly to his majesty, which is der the pain of banishment, if they do not about 325000l. sterling.–Our fort called comply within a certain time. Alibadi, in the river Gambia, in Africa, By letters from Crema, capital of the has been destroyed by the natives, spirited Cremasco, a little territory belonging to the up, as is supposed, by the English settled Venetians, adjoining to the Cremonese, upon that coast.–26th, A report having we hear, that about the beginning of this been industriously spread, by whom may month, captain Mosca arrived there with a be easily guessed, that the court intended detachment of 600 men, and was received a sort of conniving toleration for the Hu. with the loudest acclamations by the popu. guenots, his majesty has ordered the edicts lace, as they imagined these troops were of the 17th of January, and 6th of No- come there only to be quartered, which vember, 1750, to be again proclaimed, would make money circulate in their city. for putting in force the laws against that But their joy was soon turned into forrow; sect of religion.–Our news from the East. for that officer having first seized the gates Indies are, that on the 3d of January last of the city, caused next a particular quarter we concluded a peace with the nation to be invested, where he apprehended called Maratres ; that the Nabob, with eighteen persons, three of whom were, whom we were at war, had been kil- four hours after, hanged, and the other led by one of his nephews, who was pro. fifteen sent to Venice to be made galley claimed Nabob in his Read ; tbat this new Naves, without any form or process. These Nabob had made M. Dupleix, our gover- persons were charged with venting murnor of Pondicherry, Nabob of all the In- murs against the government of the serene dian nations in the neighbourhood of Pon. republick, without any foundation ; since dicherry ; and that a 74 gun-fhip is build- which fingular stroke of republican justice, ing there, the timber of which is brought the people have been very quiet, or, in plain from the Malabar coast, and said to be lit. English, are afraid to open their mouths ; tlc inferior to the English oak.

for in countries wliere words, rashly and Madrid, July 6, N. S. Five new men of unadvisedly spoken, are made fo highly war have been lately launched ac Ferrol, criminal, none but the dumb can ever be 5 said to be safe,


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