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ton, alias Hinton, in Keat.

Lohn Fulham. J fields, brewer. - James Bradley, of


333 27. His grace Charles Beauclerk, duke lord lieut. of the west-riding, and custoa of St. Alban's, earl of Burford, governor rotulorum of the north and west-ridings of of Windsor Castle, master falconer of Eng- Yorkshire. - Sir John Cust, Bart. made land, one of the lords of his majesty's . fteward to the princess dowager of Wales. bedchamber, lord lieut. and custos roculo. --Capt. James Gibson, made major, and rum of Berkshire, principal regifter of the John Humphreys, Esq; captain, in col. court of Chancery, and knight of the most Rich's reg, of foot.—Dr. John Munro, noble order of the garter. His grace was jun. chofen joint phyfician with his racher, eldest son of Charles Beauclerk, eldest na- to Bethlem and Bridewell hospitals.--Mr. tural son of K. Charles II. by Mrs. Eleanor Whiffon, chosen librarian to the university Gwin, and first duke of St. Alban's, by of Cambridge. — Robert Dinwiddie, Eiq; the lady Diana Vere, eldest daughter and made lieut. governor of Virginia. -Admicoheir to Aubrey de Vere, the 20th and ral Bofcawen, elected an elder brother of last earl of Oxford, of chat noble family. the Trinity-House, in the room of the lace His late grace is succeeded by his only fon lord Baltimore. George earl of Burford, now duke of St. Alban's,


A WLET St. John, Esq; for Win. Ecclefiaflical PREFIRMINTS.

chester, in the room of Geo. Bridges, R. William Gueft, prelented to the Esq; deceased, by a majority of eight

rectory of Coiliwefton, in North- against William Pawlet, E!q; but the lat. amptonshire. -Mr. William Marth, to the ter has petitioned, complaining of an unvicarage of Bapchild, alias Backchild, in due ele&tion.-Hon. Edward Dighy, Esq; Kent.--Mr. Parfect, Thursday le&urer of for Malmsbury, in Wiltshire, in the room St. Peter's in Cornhill, appointed to the of the Hon. James Douglas, Esq; deceased. curacy of St. Edmund the King, in Lom. - Frederick Cavendish, Esq; third fun to bard. ftreet, and St. Nicholas Acons.-- the duke of Devonshire, for Derbyshire, in John Goftling, M. A. presented to the the room of his brother the marquiss of rectory of Brook, near Wye; and Mr. Hartington, called up to the house of peers. Filmer, to the rectory of Crundal, near Wye; both in the diocese of Canterbury. Perfors declar'd Bankrupts, fince obose in our Francis Foot, B, L. to the living of Lin

Magazine for May.

, of M. A. to the vicarage of ineworth, in Middlesex.- John Williams, M. A. to the Philpot-lane, broker. - Harper Smith, of rectory of Cheriton, in Glamorganshire. Short's gardens, in the parish of St. Giles's John Wright, M. A. to the rectory of in the Fields, victu aller.-Wm. Smith, of Winceby, in Lincolnshire.- J«f. Bracken. Greenwich, cheesemonger.- John Green. bury, M. A. to the rectory of Lower how, late of Manchuster, dealer. - Benj. Tointon, in Lincolnshire.--Mr. Seymour, Lhuile, of Arundel street, the rectory of Great Wetton, in Lin. William Macklean and J hn Dallas. ui Lon. colnshire. -Mr. Davis, B.L. to the rectory don, brokers.-George Hyam, of Nicholasof Burton Mills, in Suffolk.-Mr. Letsum, lane, merchant.-Char. Stinson, of Bristol, to the living of Tame, in Oxfordshire. dealer.- Francis Fanning, late of Plymouih,

merchant.-Nathaniel Linaker, late of LiPROMOTIONS Civil and Military.

verpool, merchant.-- John Osbaidefton, of HARLES Trelawney, Erq; made assay. Charlbury, in Oxfordshire, mercer.--

-- John master, or tryer of the tin, at all the Spa:ling, of Noble-Arect, ironmonger. coinages of tin in Cornwall and Devon. Martin King, of Froome, in SomersetMr. Samuel Webb, chosen by the gover- Mire, hopkeeper. Abraham De Paiba, nors of Chrif's-Hospital, hall keeper at the younger, of London, broker.-David Blackwell-Hall, in the room of his father, Thew, late of Partington, in Holderness, deceased.- Robert Henley, Esq; made fol- grocer. - John Widdows, of Southwark, licitor-general, and John Trelawney, Esq; clothworker. William Mackbean, late of secretary to the prince of Wales.--Earl of Silver- ftreet, merchant.-Stephen Hillyard, Albemarle, lately arrived from France, of Padworth, in Berks, house painter. made groom of the fiole to his majesty. David Smith, late of Pershore, in WorcelLord visc. Fizwilliams, made one of the tershire, chapman.- John Collworthy, of lords of his majesty's bedchamber. - Sir Exeter, merchant, -Hugh Bromedge, late Joseph Hankey, Knt, and alderman, una- of Bristol, merchant.-William Whitfield, nimously choren prelident of St. Thomas's. late of Liverpool, shipwright. -- Daniel Hospital, in the room of alderman Arnold, Abraham, now or late of Manchester, deceased. William lord Cavendish, of grocer.-Leonard Philips, of St. Martin's Hardwyck, made master of the horse to his in the fields, timber-merchant, majesty.--Marquise of Rockingham, made






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Femal. *33} 104
Buried Males 6737

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Weatber BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sealt per Cent., 4 per Cent. Pank An. 13 per Cent. India Bonds Wind at

BILL of Mortality from ISTOC X. STOC K. STOCK. Annu. old 1746. 1747 1748-9. B. Annu. præm. 1, d. Deal. London. June 25. 10 July 23. 196 1057 111. 1061111 104 fr.'104 1 vnt.


538 o 3. S. W. fair clo.

Christ to; }

104 1414143



7 S. E. fair rain
105 X
104 104
gl. 93 + 7 6S. W. fresh rain


33 104

6 S. by W. rain

+ 7

Femal. 653

104 104

+ 7 6 S. S. W. Sl. 95

fair rain Pied under 2 years old 46 194*195


Sl. gs

+ 7

6S. W. by S. fair Between 2 and 5.11

S. W. fair

5 and 10 –

10 and 20
141 í

4 7 6s. E. by E. fair hot
1 104

4 7
N. E. fair hot

20 and 30-1

104 194

101 104

30 and 40-15

4 7 6N.W.byn. fair hot
Ti 140


6 S. W. sl.98 4 7 cloudy hot

40 and 30-ie 12 140

101 104

104 105 & 1937190 116

sl. 98

4 7 6 S. by W. lair clou

4 10 1104

o S. S. W, cloudyfaii 13

60 and 70 105 14 Sunday

S. by E. sultry

104 1

5l. gs

14 10 ol 15) 140

S. E. fultry

8o and go
16 140

190 1911 116

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sl. 98

4 10 OS. W. by W. rain hail 116


4. To'o 17) 140

S. W. Mowery

133 14 to

w. fair rain 186 187 116

Within the Walls

10 186 187 116

104 19] 140

S. W. sl. 96

fair rain

Without the Walls 32

101 20

S. W.

104 1 140 186 187 116

+ 10

In Mid. and Surrey 60
21 Sunday

S. W. rultry ra'r

City & Sub. Wifi. 29
101 sl. 99

S. W.
14 10

Sultry rail
23] 140




o'S. W. frem' rain fair
4 10

Weekly July 2


o S. S. W.
24 140

103 @

sl. gs 104 104


14 10
25 140

104 104
51.8s gd 4 12 6 W. S. W. fair min

33 6 slogs

S. W. 101_104) 100


fair mild
105 g


6 S by W. liajn hun 38 Sunday

N.W byn. far

»g] 140

Wheaten Peck Loaf 11. 104


4 1 2

N. W.
39 140

103 103
104 1

fair Peale 225. to 25% per Q.. Sl. 8s

6 N. N. W.

4 12
311 140


6 W. N. W. 103 103 105

5l. gs

Tares 20s. to 261. per Q.
Bear. Key. Basingstoke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford,

Devizes. Gloucester.
Wheat 245 to 275 gr
71 755 load 71158 load
71 178 load 81 os load
30s to 37 qr 355 to 38 qr 48 6d bush.

Barley 145 to 17 oos to oo ar

175 to 19 qr

18s to 19 ar 175 to 19 qr

18s to 21 18s to 21

28 ord Oats 128 to 135 od

15s to 19 145 to 16 od

145 to 16 168 to 20 125 to 15 od

165 to 20 145 to 17

28 to 18 gd Beans 18s to 228 od 203 to 24 od 225 to 23

245 to 25 218 to 24 248 to 28

1 299 to 31

185 to 22 28 gd to 3s LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751, al. 146. 6d. ul, 338, ill. 128, 6d. to 138. ul. : 38, 6d. ill. 144. 111. 135, 6d, silo ijs, ok. 12



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FOREIGN AFFAIRS, 1751. 335 ,

and five more are near finished : A fine Hof Holland have resolved, in con- new man of war, built on the English mo. formity with the propofition lately made del, is just ready to be launched at Carthem by the prince ftadtholder, that a thagena, besides some others already build moiety of the duties of excise upon beer there by an Englith shipbuilder, who was shall be taken off, in order to favour the only a common shipwright at home, but working tradesmen who chiefly drink that has a pistole a day here : Three Englith liquor. - The Dutch ambassador, in his Thips have been hired at Cadiz to transport speech at his publick audience of the French troops and ammunition to America ; and king, expressed himself as follows: “ That as the tranquillity of Peru is perfectly retheir high mightinesses hoped his majesty stored, engineers are soon to be sent thiwould vouchsafe to continue their re- ther to repair the fortified places on the publick the friendship with which he and coasts of that kingdom,

and to build a foro his glorious ancestors had so osten honour. tress in the island Juan Fernandez. ed her. That his masters would make From Lisbon we hear, that his Portu. the utmost efforts to cultivate that inesti- guese majesty has issued an ordinance, mable friendship, and eagerly improve whereby he forbids the bishops making or every incident that might procure them ordaining any priest whatever without his che honour of his majesty's good will, and special leave and licence ; and also the the preservation of an alliance, which they heads of religious houses not to admit any have so trongly set their hearts upon, &c. more without such licence, his majesty be.

Amsterdam, July 8, N. S. Twenty-five ing sensible of the prejudice it does to reli. ships are arrived here from Greenland, gion, as well as the state, to admit too most of which have eight whales on board, many into holy orders ; and to disburden and large quantities of blubber. One of the country of other useless people, the our hips in that fishery having caught

fleet for Maranham was to take 3 or 400 eight whales, was cast away, but the

famdies on board, who are to make a new captain and crew were taken up by other settlement in that country, and to be al. ships.

lowed a certain quantity of land, and all Paris, July 5, N. S. We are assured, utensils, for cultivating it. that the affair of the clergy is accommo. They write from Genoa, that an ordidated upon the terms, that they fhall not nance has been published there, directing give an account of their revenues, or be all ecclesiasticks, without exception, to obliged to pay the 20th penny ; but shall make a declaration upon oath, of what by way of free gift pay seven millions and estates or effe@is they are possessed of, un. an half yearly to his majesty, which is der the pain of banishment, if they do not about 325000l. sterling.–Our fort called comply within a certain time. Alibadi, in the river Gambia, in Africa, By letters from Crema, capital of the has been destroyed by the natives, spirited Cremasco, a little territory belonging to the up, as is supposed, by the English settled Venetians, adjoining to the Cremonese, upon that coast.—26th, A report having we hear, that about the beginning of this been indusriously spread, by whom may month, captain Mosca arrived there with a be easily guessed, that the court intended detachment of 600 men, and was received a sort of conniving toleration for the Hu- with the loudest acclamations by the popu. guenots, his majesty has ordered the edicts lace, as they imagined these troops were of the 17th of January, and 6th of No. come there only to be quartered, which vember, 1750, to be again proclaimed, would make money circulate in their city. for putting in force the laws against that But their joy was soon turned into forrow; fect of religion.-Our news from the Eart. for that officer having first seized the gates Indies are, that on the 3d of January last of the city, caused next a particular quarter we concluded a peace with the nation to be invested, where he apprehended called Maratres ; that the Nabob, with eighteen persons, three of whom were, whom we were at war, had been kilo four hours after, hanged, and the other led by one of his nephews, who was pro. fifteen sent to Venice to be made galley claimed Nabob in his Nead; tbat this new Naves, without any form or process. These Nabob had made M. Dupleix, our gover- persons were charged with venting mur. nor of Pondicherry, Nabob of all the In- murs against the government of the serene dian nations in the neighbourhood of Pon. republick, without any foundation ; since dicherry; and that a 74 gun-fhip is build- which fingular stroke of republican justice, ing there, the timber of which is brought the people have been very quiet, or, in plain from the Malabar coast, and said to be lic. English, are afraid to open their mouths ; tle inferior to the English oak.

for in countries where words, rafhly and Madrid, July 6, N. S. Five new men of unadvisedly spoken, are made so highly war have been lately launched ac Ferrol, criminal, none but the dumb can ever be 5 faid to be faic,



The Monthly Catalogue for July, 1756.

Divinity and CONTROVERSY.

* A

N Efray towards ascertaining the Palfage in St. Peter's fecond Epistle, from the 16th Verle of the first Chapter, pr. 29. 6d. Rivington.

2 The Argument from Apoftolick Tradition in Favour of Infant Baptism, confidered By J. Gill, D. D. pr. is. Keith,

3. The Sacrament a plain and rational Inítitution. By Edward Lewis, M. A. pr. 18. 60. Oswald.

4. Remarks on Dr. Sharpe's two Dír. fertations on the words Elohim and Berich. By B. Holloway, LL. B. pr. 6d. Rivington.

$: An impartial Enquiry into the Time of the Coming of the Mefliah. By Robert Lord Bimop of Clogher, pr. 45. Brindley.

Mathematicks, Philosophy, &c. 6. Compendious Divifion. By T. Smith, pr. 18. Newbery.

7. Experiments and Observations on Electricity, made at Philadelphia. By B. Franklin, pr, 28. 6d. Cave.

8. Lectures in Natural Philosophy. By R. Barton, B. D. pr. 95. Johnston.

9. De Principiis Animalibus Exercita. tiones. A Gul. Battie, M. D. pr. 15. 6d. Whifton.

10. The Grammarian's Geography and Astronomy, ancient and modern. By J. Holmes, pr. gs. Hitch.

II. A thort Account of the Success of warm Bathing in Paralytick Disorders. By John Summers, M. D. pr. 6d. Hitch.

12. An easy Introduction to the Doc. trine of Fluxions, pr. 38. Noon.

13. Medical Precepts and Cautions. By. R. Mead, M. D. Tranflated by T. Stack, M. D. pr. ks. Brindley.

14. An Efray towards a compleat new System of Midwifry. By John Burton, M. D. pr. 68. Hodges.


tatio. A. Gul. Barford, M, A. pr. 15 Whillon.

21. An Essay on Education. By John Milton, pr. 60. Corbet.

22. An Apology for the Conduct of a Lady, traduced under the Name of Lady Frail, pr. 1$. Cooper.

23. A Sketch of the Spring Gardens at Vauxhall, pr. 6d. Woodfall,

24. The Efficacy of the Waters of Gla. stonbury, pr. is. Owen.

25. An Essay towards the Improvement of Navigation. By W. Maitland, pr. 1$. Scott.

26. Money and Trade confider'd. By John Law, Efq; pri 16. 6d. Paterson.

27. The ancient Conftitutions of the Free Mafons, pr, 1s. Cole,

Poetry and Entertainment. : 28. The Adventures of George Edwards, a Creole, pr. 35. Olborne.

29. The Adventures of Shelim O Blun. der, Efq; pr. is. Corbett,

30. A compleat Collection of all the English Poems, from the Oxford and Cambridge Verses, on the Death of his Royal Highness Frederick Prince of Wales, pr.

Cooke. (See p. 280.) 31, Ode for Mufick, as performed at the Theatre in Oxford, July 2, 1751. By T. Warton, M. A. pr. &d. Dodsley.

32. Dialogues in French and English, By L. Chambaud, pr. 15. 6d. Keith.

33: A Description of Bristol. By W. Goldwin, A.M. Robinson.

34. Humanity; a Poem, pr. 6d. Stam. per.

35. A Day in Vacation at College, pr. IS. Owen.

SERMONS. 36. A Sermon preached before the Go. vernors of the London Hospital. By Richard (Trevor) Lord Bishop of St. David's, pr. 6d. H. Woodfall.

37. A Sermon before the Lord Mayor at St. Bride's. By H. Goodall, A. M. pr. 6d. Whifton.

38. A Sermon before the Commons, June ur, 1751. By S. Squire, D. D. pr. 6d. Bathurit.

39. A Sermon in the Cathedral at Chef. ter, Jan. 30, 175'. By Abel Ward, A. M. pr. 6d. Robinson.

40. A Sermon at a Vifitation at St. Andrew's, in Plymouth. By Tho. Vi vian, pr. 4d. Trye.

** A Sermon before the Antigalli. cans, May 24, 1751. By R. King, M.A. pr. 6dRaven.


15. The remarkable Trial of several Perfons for a Conspiracy against the Hon. Edward Walpole, Esq; pr. is. Walker.

16. The ancient and present State of the County and City of Waterford. By Charles Smith. pr. 55. Johnston.

17. The ancient and present State of the County and City of Cork, pr. 10s. Johnston.

18. An affe&ing Narrative of his Ma. jesty's Ship the Wager. Stamper.

19. A Narrative of the Dangers which befel Ifaac Morris and feven more of the Wager's Crew, pr. ts. Birt,

20. In Pindari primum Pythiuna Differ.

42. A Sermon on the Death of the Prince of Wales. By G. Atwood. B. D. pr. 6d. Robinson,


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For AUGUST, 1751.

To be Continued. (Price Six. Pence each Month.)
Containing, (Greater Variery, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Book of be sure Price.)
1. Account of a Book, intitled, The Afatick XIV. Abstract of Mr. Rollin's Differtation

on the Advantages of a liberal Education.
II. Amanda's Letter in Praise of Marriage. XV. Letter concerning Algiers, and the State
III. On Lotteries, with a Computation of of Slavery, there.
the Chances in the present Lottery.

XVI. Character of 'Squire Blufter.
IV. Adventures of a Country Retirement. XVII. Extracts from an Essay towards the
V. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Politi. Improvement of Navigation,

cal CLUB, &c. continued. Containing XVIII. Mathematical Questions.
the SPEECHES of Quintus Mucius, and M. XIX. Account of Bethlem and St. Luke's
Valerius Corvus, in the DEBATE on the Hospitals.
Regency Bill.

XX. Substance of the Trial of Thomas Col.
VI. A compleat Abstract of the English and ley, with his Declaration about Witchcraft.
French Navies.

XXI, POETRY : Nanny of the Hill, a new
VII. A revete Satire on the Romish Clergy. Sang; the Vision ; ihe Summer's Eve ;
VIII. A Letter of Diogenes the Cynick, re- the Pleasures of Retirement; on the Death

Jaring some pleasant Adventures of his at of Dr. Parne ; Elegy on Mr. Wells ; A.

crostick ; a new Song, set to Mufick.
X. Account of John Wickliffe, Rector of Indictment aftainst Miss Jeffryes.; Jones

and Welch tried and condemned for Mur. XI. Extra&t of a Letter from Nova Scotia. der ; a Daughter poisons her Father ; Cola XII. A SUMMARY of the last Semion of Par. ley's Executien, &c. &c. &c.

liament, continued : With the whole Af. XXIII. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;
fair of Mr. Murray, and the Weftminster Deaths ; Bankrupts.

XXIV. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
XIII, Account of Sums granted, and Ways XXV. Monthly BiH of Mortality.
and Means for railing them.

With a new Map of LEICESTERSHIRE, and the Effigies of his Royal Highness
GEORGE Prince of WALES, elegantly engraved on Copper.

LONDON: Printed for R. Baldwin, jun. at the Rose in Pater. Nofter-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, nearly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any fingle Month to compleat Sets.

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