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« Mr. WILBERPORCE was yesterday the most conspicuous figure in

“ Hyde Park. The animal that bore him proceeded with a stately " and solemn pace, as if conscious of being bestrode by a GODLY man.”'-Mern. Cbron. Jan. 8. " A Correspondent cautions us against making a profane use of

Mr. WILBERFORCE's appearance on Sunday : that Gentleman “ would not have been so UNGODLY as to gallop there without a suf“ ficient reason it was the fulfilment of soine Prophecy; and " the horse he rode might be related to the White Horse of the

“ Revelations.”-Morn. Chron. Jan. 11. & The esteem in which Mr. WILBERFORCE holds the Cross of Christ

" and the Treasury Bench, cannot be expressed in terms of suf“ ficient admiration,”- Morn. Chron. Jan. 8.

We have placed these Paragraphs in succession, for the sake of shewing our Readers with what diabolical perseverance this second Hebert continues his frantic hostilities against CHRISTIANITY.

How long he may have been initiated in the mysteries of Atheism, we know not, but apprehend, from the fiery nature of his zeal, that he is a new convert. As such, we must inform him that his attacks are too violent, and too frequent: they alarm the doubtful, and disgust the confirmed. Hebert himself, did not openly attack the « Cross of Christ,” till the Proscription was on foot ; and remorseless murderers (whom Atheism alone could supply) were wanted for the extensive plan of extermination then meditated in France, whose depopulated fields and towns yet sicken us with the smell of blood.

We entreat our Readers to pause a moment in this place. They have seen a Print, calling itself the Mouthpiece of The Party, and undoubtedly speaking its sentiments ; after persisting for years in extenuating our successes, aggravating our misfortunes, and insulting our necessities; after reviling the whole System of our Domestic Economy, pouring every species of abuse on the mild and equitable distribution of Justice here, and lavishing the most enthusiastic encomiums on the lawless and

Y 3


blood-stained. Tribunals of France - they have seen it, we say, after all this, as if fearful that its detestable attempts might prove inadequate to the production of the great work of Insurrection and Murder, calling in the aid of ATHEISM, reviling the “ Cross of Christ,and levelling its ridicule at the CREATOR, through the sides of a man who has no other claim to its abuse, than having written a Book on the subject of Religion.

If the People of this Country are so far advanced in Infidelity as to bear this with indifference, the Jacobins are nearer the completion of their wishes than we suspect them to be — Massacre and Plunder are at hand; the THAMES will see the Civic Baptisms of the Loire repeated with improvements; and the last Ship of her crowded stream will escape like the Bark of XERXES

-Nempe cruentis
Fluctibus ac tardâ per densa cadavera prorâ !


As an illustration of some parts of our Statement upon this subject, in our last Number, we present our Readers with an account of some circumstances attending the Imprisonment of General O'Hara in France, in 1793, 94, and 95, which we have received from UNDOUBTED authority,

General O'HARA was taken Prisoner at Toulon, in the latter end of the year 1793. The French Soldiers who took him, perpetually threatened to shoot him, and conti


nued, as they conducted him to Prison, to level their muskets at his head. It was twelve hours before his wound was dressed. They then suffered him to send for an English Surgeon, and for his Servant. He was, how. ever, upon the whole, well treated by General Dugom. MIER, who professed to be very sorry that he had it not in his power to do more for him, without personal risk to himself.

General O'HARA was twenty-eight days on his road to Paris, going about six or eight leagues a day. Near

Aix, his arm mortified, and the Commissioners wanted to send him to the Hospital. At Lyons, they forced him to stand close to the Guillotine while they cut off sixty beads.

On his arrival at Paris, he was carried about the town, in a sort of Procession, to the different Sections, and insulted in the most opprobrious terms by the people, who, holding up their hats on their sticks, exclaimed, « Voilà comme sera ta tête, coquin!– Indeed, during his whole detention, they called him by no other name than Scelerât and Monstre. He was then conveyed to the Thuilleries, where, after having waited several hours, and having been 'shewn during that time to hundreds of people, who crowded in to look at him, he was removed to the Luxembourg Prison; where he remained fourteen months,

The first eight months he was never allowed to stir out of the room where he was confined with nine others. It was a Garret, and they had scarcely any fire, and nothing but paillasses with filthy blankets to lie upon. The Jailers usually waked them in the course of the night, and brought in large dogs, to jump over them and torment them.

Y 4

They They stripped him of every thing, even of his razors, par mésure de sureté générale; and he was two months without shaving.

At the end of eight months, General O'Hara grew so ill, that his Surgeon absolutely insisted on his walking in the Court of the Palace, or Prison. At first, they were allowed to buy their meals, but afterwards forced to feed all together *.

During General O'Hara's stay in prison, he daily saw the numberless victims of ROBESPIERRE's t cruelty led to execution ; and was as constantly given to understand that the same fate was preparing for himself. Two Monsters, more atrocious than any except their Master, ROBESPIERRE, were his companions at table. Their names were JAUBERT and Lebon. The former had saved many women of rank, on certain conditions; and, what is

* General O'Hara had a black Servant, whom he brought up from his infancy - the poor fellow, on being seated opposite to his Master at table, burst into tears, and declared he could not eat before him.

# There were persons called dus faiseurs des Listes, and these Lists were made as they pleased, and of course only those persons who could buy these wretches, had a chance of escaping. General O'HARA confirms the truth of Madame de Bois-BERENGER's heroism, which is related by Miss WILLIAMs and others, and says, that the intrepidity of all the victims, either innocent or guilty, was astonishing. He one day met another Madame de BERENGER in the Court, with her hair cut off; and on his inquiring the reason, she answered, “ Voudriez vous " que je me laisasse tou her les Coevrux par ces Gueux de Boureaux " for she knew she was to be executed immediately. Children of ten years old were slaughtered, as well as old Men and Women of eighty. The poor Duchess of Orleans was confined in a room in the Luxembourg, without attendants of any kind, although she had lost the use of her limbş. The female Prisoners used to get to her by stealth, and take her out of her bed in the morning, and replace her in it at night. She was absolutely in want of common necessaries,


too horrible, after having obtained these conditions, sent many of them to the Guillotine *

After a detention of fourteen months, General O'HARA was removed to a Maison d'Arrêt, where he had the liberty of waiking about Paris, accompanied by a Gens d'Arms, and at length, on account of his health, was allowed to go to Chantilly, where he remained till he bought his way out of France in the beginning of July, 1795.


For the two following Poems we are indebted to un. known Correspondents.

They could not have reached us at a more seasonable period.

* JAUBERT used to boast of this in the Luxembourg. LEBON was guilty of a trait so atrocious as to surpass all ever read of in History. At Arras, where he was Supreme, a very beautiful woman applied to him to save her husband-he promised to do it on the conditions above-mentioned, and after having driven her to this dreadful extremity, told her, that next morning he would deliver her husband into her hands.She came, and he told her she might return in two hours and receive him ; she came again, and he led her to a window, from whence she saw her husband's head taken off. So far the story has had its parallel: but what followed surpasses all belief.-In an agony of despair, she turned to this human tiger, uttering execrations on him, and Vive le Roi! He ordered her to instant death; and when she was brought on the scaffold, as he stood at the window, he cried out to the Executioner " Attendez un instant ;” and ordered her to be exposed naked to the waist for a few minutes, before her head was severed from her body. Such a trait alone, would serve to dishonour a whole Nation; and this monster escaped, and we belicve still exists !!.


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