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Prices of STOCKS in JUNE, Bill of MORTALITY, &c. A NK INDIA, South Sea South Sea, South Seat per Cent, 14 per Cent.,Bank An.,3 per Cent., India Bonds B.Cir. pr, Wind at Wearber BILL of Mortality from STOCK STOCK. STOCK. Annu. old Ann. new 1746.

1747 17 +8.9. B. Annu.

præm. s. d. Deal. London. May 18. ro June 25. 105 INI..o, tint. 104} ifr. 104fift 1.1041 il. 101 51.48 3 17

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Wheaten Peck Loaf 15. iod.
30 Sunday

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Pease 20s. to 225. per

Tares a 15. te 245. per a
Bear. Key. Bafingstoke. Reading Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucester. Northampt.
"Theat 245 to 275 gr
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30s to 37 qr 358 10 38 qr 48 6d buth.

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16s to 20 28 to 18 gd 135 to 15 uns 188 to 228 od

203 to 24 od 228 to 23 245 to 25 218 to 24

245 to 28 298 to 31

18 to 22 25 gd to 36 185 to 21 LOTTERY TICKETS, 1751. ill. 158. od. ul. 7,8. Hl. 156. 6d. 11. 168. Illo 156, 6d. ril, 1586

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A GUE, June 20, N. S. His ferene and repeated prohibitions made for that H

purpose; he therefore befought his Catho. turned from his progress through he pro- lick majesty would be pleased to order, vince of Zealand, having made his publick that no more fhould for the future be ad. entry into Flushing on the sth, where he mitted, and that those who are already come was installed in quality of marquiss of that may be sent back." The fathers of the order place, and he affitted on the 7th at ihe ar- for redemption of captives are returned sembly of the states of the province held at from Algiers without any effect, not have Middleburgh. The people of this province ing been able to redeem so much as one are in great agitation, on account of an or. Spaniard now a Nave in that country ; bedinance of the states, which requires the cause the court of Spain thought it inconwine merchants to take an oath, that they fiftent with their dignity, and therefore rewill no way endeavour to avoid paying the fused to enter into any treaty with that redories larely imposed upon wines; which gency for the exchange or redemption of oath moft of them refuse to take, from some Rays or Algerine officers now captives whence it would seem that the Dutch have in Spain; ar.d The Dey signified to these Aill some sense of religion lett among them. fathers at their departure, that if the said

The fly boats and other vessels, which Rays were not released within fix months, are to be employed his year in the herring- the Spanish officers, captives at Algiers, fishery, amount to the number of 450.

Thould be treated with great rigour.--819, Paris, June 2, N. S. This day was pub. The Lima Gazette, dated July 2d, 1750, lished here his majesty's ediet frir raising so mentions the execution of several persona millions of livres by granting annuities up- for a conspiracy against the government, on the town-house and the post office. which it fpeaks of as entirely fuppreffed ; The parliament made strong remonftrances but private letters from the same place, against it, but at last agreed to irs being re- mention several other insurrections fince giftred, mentioning however, 'hat it was by that time. the most expreís command of the king ; Lisbon, May 10, N. S. Saturday last a and at the same time, they requested his proclamation was published here for premajesty, that he would graciously grant to venting luxury, in which however the use his futjects a stared term for i he suppression of gilt coaches and chariots is allowed, of the 20th penny, or one thilling in the provided they are made in this kingdom. pound land-tax.-ilth. The subscription Genoa, June 9, N, S, Our councils are for the new annuities fills as successfully as in the vimost hurry and perplexity about could be hoped for. The India company the affairs of Corfica, the French court hav. has bought up 4000 muskets, which are to ing threatned to withdraw their troops be sent to their settlements in the East. In. from thence, on account of the ill treat. dies. A lift of men of war and frigates, ment they have lately met with from our in a condition for immediate service, is people in that island. handed about here, whereby it appears, that Turin, May 26, N. S. Last Monday, about the number amounts to 96, exclusive of seven in the morning, her royal highness the those built at Canada, and those now upon duchess of Savoy was safely delivered of a the stocks in the several ports of this kinge prince, and both continue perfectly well. dom.---261h. It is said, that the court has At ten the same morning the prince was received letters from M. Bompart, gover- chrittned by the names of Charles-Emanuel, nor of Martinico, importing, that pursuant &c.-- June 3, The Sieurs Monier Moris to the orders sent him, he had caused to be and Co. are become bankrupt here for five raze 1, in the iflands Tobago, St. Lucia, millions of livres. This is thought has and Dominico, all the forts, intrenchments, caused the bankruptcy of the Sicur Lome batteries, and other works of defence; that bardi at Rome for 100.cco crowns, and of he had likewise withdrawn from those Melis Bock and Rabi, bankers there, for illands the few troops that were therein, a conliderable sum each; as also of the Sieur as also the families that hid fettled there of le Brun at Turin for 100,00 livres, the late ; and that none were left but old fta- Sieur Soutre and Co. at Genoa for 900,000, girs of different nations, who wanted to and a banker at Lyons for 800,000. Stay to get in this year's crop.

Frankfort, June 2, N. S. Several French Madrid, May 26, N. S. Mr. Keene has pr«ceftants are a rived at Hanau, who not presented to the ministry a memorial, of being permitted the exercise of their reli. which he following is the substance, " That gion in that kingdom, are retiring into his excellency having teen informed, that those parts of Europe where liberty of confeveral Englishinen, subjects of the king his fcience is allowed. They say, the edits master, have taken the liberty of quitting against the protestants are executed all the kingdom to lettie in Spain, in oides 10 over France with great rigour, but parti. work in the manufacture of cloih, fluits, cularly fo in Languedoc. kc. against the express tenor of the laws,





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The Monthly Catalogue for May, 1751. 287 DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY.

23. Remarks on the Solar and Lunar FULL Reply

Years, pr, 6d. Davis. "A Toll's Defence of Dr. Middle- 24. Successions and Characters of the ton's Free Enquiry. By W. Dodwell, Kings of England, &c. from the Birth of D. D. pr. 6s. Birt.

Christ, pr. 28. 6d. Owen. 2. An Attempt to prove à priori, that 2;. Seasonable Advice to all the Smugin Gen. iii. 15. Christ Jesus is particularly glers of French Cambricks and Lawns, pr. foretold, pr. Is. Birt.

6d. Owen.
3. The Argument of the Divine Legation 26. A Colle&tion of Letters from Alex.
of Moses fairly stated, pr. 25. 6d. Davis. ander Pope, Esq; to Aaron Hill, Esq; pr.

4. The Deity's Delay in punishing the Owen.
Guilty consider's on the Principles of 27. A farther Vindication of a late
Reason, pr. 18.

Clerk in the Auditor's Office, pr. 15. Owen. 5. The Theology and Philosophy in Ci. 28. The parliamentary or conftitutional cero's Somnium Scipionis explained, pr. 18. History of England. In eight Volumes, Withers.

Price two Guineas.

29. An Effay on the Existence of Mat6. Monita & præcepta Medica. Auctore ter, wherein the extraordinary Philosophy R. Mead, pr. 48. 6d. Brindley and Bald. of the Bishop of Cloyne is refuted, pr. 6d. win, jun. (See p. 223.)

Cave, 7. A nein Problem to discover the

30. The ancient and present State of the Longitude at Sea. By Richard Locke, pr. Navigation of Lynn, Wilbeach, Spalding, 6d. Baldwin, jun.

and Boston. By N. Kenderley. Noon. 8. Cautions concerning the Copper 31. The genuine Memoirs and Adven. Coin, with some Proposals for preventing tures of a Goose Quill, pr. 6d. Cooper, the illegal Practice of Coining, addressed 32. Art in Woman superior to Reason to the Legiftative Power and to all Traders, in Man, pr. 6d. Cooper. pr. 6d. Baldwin, jun.

33. An Address to an eminent Person 9. The general Practice of Physick. By upon an important Subject, pr. 6d. Cooper. R. Brookes. In 2 Vols. 12mo, pr. 68. 34. An Appeal to Facts, regarding the Newbery.

Home Trade and Inland Manufactures, 10. A History of the Materia Medica.

G. Woodfall.
By John Hill, M. D. Longman.

35. Canons of controversial Writing,
ij. Observations on the epidemical Dir. pr. 6d. Payne.
cases in Minorca, from 1744 to 1749. By

36. Some Observations on the Antiquity George Cleghorn, pr. 48. Wilson.

of the Moravians, pr. 6d. Owen. 12. Philosophical Transactions, No. 494. 37. The Gregorian and Julian Kalen. Davis. (See p. 218, &c.)

dars. By Aaron Hawkins, pr. 18. 6d. 13. Nummorum antiquorum Scriniis

Bodleianis reconditorum Catalogus, pr.

Poetry and Entertainment.
Il. 6s. in Sheets, Nourse.

38. Amelia ; or the Distress'd Wife, pr. MISCELLANEOUS.

ss. Baldwin, jun. 14. A Treatise on the dismal Effects of 39. The Song of Solomon paraphrased. Low-Spiritedness, pr. 6d. Owen.

In Lyrick Verse. By Charles Johnson, 15. A Comment upon the Memoirs of pr. 18. Johnston. the House of Brandenburgh, pr. is. 6d. 40. The Morning Walk : Or, City En. Cooper,

compass'd, pr. is. 6d. Cooper. 16. Observations upon the Diftemper of 4.1. A Letter concerning a new Edition the Horned Cattie, pr, js. Roberts.

of Spencer's Fairy Queen, pr. is. Hawkins. 17. The History of our National Debt 42. An Epistle to the Earl of Orrery. and Taxes from the Year 1688 to 1755, By Henry Jones, pr. 18. wen. pr. is, 6d. Cooper.

43. Four Pastorals, Morning, Noon, 18. An Enquiry into the Nature of the Evening, and Night, pr. is. Vaillant. Human Soul, pr. 18. Owen.

44. The Artful Lover : Or, The French 19. A Letter to Mr. Thomas Bigg, late Count turned Doctor, pr. is. Cooper. Surgeon of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. 46. An Oxford Dream. By Mr. Painter, By R. Ruffel, M. D. pr. is. Ruffel. pr. 6d. Cooper.

20. Considerations upon the proposed 46. On the linmensity of the Supreme Bill, for amending the Statute of Frauds, Being. By C. Snart, A. M. pr. 60. pr. 4d. Owen.

21. An Address to the Educators of

Youth in Great Britain, pr. 6d. Trye. 47. A Sermon before the Sons of the

22. A fuccinct and impartial History of Clergy, at St. Paul's, May 1, 1751. By all the Regencies, Protectorships, &c. of A. Kirg, LL. B. pr. 6d. Whifton. England, pr. 15. Cooper, See p. 147.)


pr. is.


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DIVINITY and CONTROVERSY. 25. Self Entertainment, or Day Thoughts,

FÓRM of Common-Prayer for pr. 15. 6d. Cooper.

Christians of all Denominations, 26. An Exay on the Virtues of Dunse pr. 13. Bound. Millar.

Spaw in Scotland. By Fr. Home, M. D. 2. A compleat Collection of the Ser

pr. 35. 6d. Knapton. mons and Tracts of John Jeffery, D. D. 27. Mr. Tiffin's new Help to the Art in 2 Vols. pr. 118. Payne.

of swift Writing, pr. 55. Osborne. 3. Observations on Daniel's Prophecy of 28. An Essay on the Venereal Gleet. By the seventy Weeks, pr. js, 6d. Owen. Samuel Chapman, pr. 15.

Owen, 4. The History of the Holy Bible, in 29. Academiz Cantabrigiensis Luctus in 2 Vols. By Edward Hauley, Esq; Bathurst. obitum Frederici celfillimi Walliæ Principis, 5. Elays on the Principles of Morality

pr. 45. Bathurst, and Natural Religion, pr. ss. Knapton. 30. A Funeral Oration at Norwich, on

6. * An introduction to the Knowledge the Death of the Prince of Wales, pr. zd. of the Christian Religion. By H. Croff- Cooper. man, M. A. pr. 18. Dodd.

3i. An Index to Mankind, or Maxims Entertainment and Poetry.

selected from the Wits of all Nations, pr. 7. The Works of Alexander Pope, Esq; Carnan. compleat, in 9 Vols. 8vo. pr. 21. 2s. in 32. A Supplement to the Answer to Mr. Sheets. Knapton.

Ferguson's Essay on the Moon turning 8. The Shetland Herring, and Peruvian round her own Axis, pr. 60, Roberts. Gold Mine. By John Lockman, pr. 6d. 33. The present Practice of Fines and Robinson.

Recoveries, pr. as. Waller. 9. The Rural Maid : A Poem, pr. 6d. 34. A Description of Westminster- Bridge. James.

By Charles Labelye, pr. gs. Nourse. 10. The Adventures of the Rev. Mr.

35. A Letter of Thanks from the Pro. Judas Hawke, pr. is. éd. Waller.

testant Jews, to the twelve Apostles of the 1). The Modern Courtezan, pr. 18. Circumcision, pr. 15. 6d. Hopkins. Carpenter.

36. Philosophical Letters upon Phyfiog12. The Friend of Liberty: An Ode. By nomics, pr. 28. 6d. Griffiths. Mr. Boyce, pr. cd. Cooper. See p. 276.) 37. A Description of the Pi&ures, &c.

13. A Poem in Blank Verse, on a vio- at Wilton House. By Richard Cowdry. lent Ştorm. By Edward Stevens, pr. 60. Robinson. Cooper.

38. A Project for the Preservation of 14. The Double Intrigue: Or, The Ad

Sunday, pr. 18. Shuckburgh.
ventures of Ilmael and Selima, pr. 16. 39. Common Sense a common Delusion:

Or, The generally received Notions of na.

tural Causes, Deity, Religion, Virtue, &c. Je. Six new Deligns for convenient Farm

as exhibited by Mr. Pope in his Effay on Houses. Part II. By W. Halfpenny, pr. Man, pr. 18. Reynolds. 28. 6d. Sayer.

40. A Discourse on the Propriety of Man. 16. The Theory and Practice of Com- ners, Taste, and Beauty, pr. 6d. Sheepey. merce and Maritime Affairs. By Don Ge

41. Considerations on the Woollen ManuTonimo de Uze riz. lo 2 Vols. pr. 1os. factures of Great Britain, pr. 1s. Vaillant. Rivington.

42. An Account of the Princes of Wales, 17. Some Refiections on the Causes of from the first Institution, to Prince Henry, the Putrefaction of dead Bodies. By J. Son of James I. pr. 14. Cogan. Kirk Patrick, M. D. pr. 18. Millar.

43. A Differtation upon the Origin and 18. The Theory and Construction of Structure of the Latin Tongue. By G. Fortification. By Lieut. Charles Bislet, pr. Sharpe, L. L. D.

Millar, 138. Millar.

SERMONS. 19. Chinese Archite&ure. Part III. By 44. A Sermon preached on the Death of W. and J. Halfpenny, pr. 25. éd. Sayer. the Rev, Mr. Bentley. By John Rogers, 20. Liberty invaded : Addressed to the

pr. ed. Keith. Hon. House of Commons, pr. 1$. Owen. 45. A Sermon at St. Anne's Scho, April

21. A Vindication of an innocent Lady, 25. 1751. By John Dalton, D.D. pr. 6d. pr. 6d. Cooper.

A new critical Examination of a 46. A Sermon at the Vifitation at Ba.
Paffage in Mr. Locke's Ellay, pr. is. Ro. Enzitoke. By F. Toll, M. A. pr. 6d.

23. A general Hinory of Plants. By 47. The Case of the Thief on the Cross.
John HII, M. D. pr. il. 1os. Osborne. By T. Newman, pr. 60.

24. The Inspector : Conorining a Cola 48. A Sermon at the Funeral of Baptist lection of Erlays and Letters, pr. is. El of Gainsborough, April 18, 1751. By Gottishs. (See p. 273.)

Jho Skynner, M. A. pr. 6d. Dooley.


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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For JULY, 1751.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Book of ibe finel rice.) I. A Summary of the most important Af. XIV. Letter in relation to the Candid Dita fairs in last Seffion of Parliament,

II. The JOURNAL of a Learned and XV. On the Conduct of the lare War.

Political CLUB, &c. continued : Contain- XVI. Arithmetical and mathematical Quee
ing the SPEECHES of L. Oppius Salina. fins folved.
tor, Arrianus Malurius, and c. Popilius XVII. Two Letters of Diogenes the Cynick,
Lænis, in the DEBATE on the famous relating his Interview with Alexander the
Regency Bill.

III. A State of the Narional Debt, with the XVIII. POETRY: To Lavinia ; lo Mr.
Produce of the Sinking Fund.

Gurney; to Mr. Romaine ; on the Incon. IV. Life and Writings of Mr. Pope, with an venience of Rhyme; on the Death of a

Account of the new Edition of his Works, hepetui Youth ; The Lover's Gift; the Rats and a Sketch of his Character,

and the Cheese ; Mutual Love, a new Song; V. Cautions concerning Marriage, with a Solution of a Riddle ; the Happy Couple, remakable Story.

a new Song, set to Mufick, &c. VI. Annual Recessions into the Country. XIX. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : VII. The only Means of reforming a State. Birth of a Princess ; remarkable Letrer, VIII. King of Prusia's Letrer, on the refufing a Challenge ; the Bacon claimed

Grievances of the Hungarian Protestants. at Dunmow ; Mr. Jefferies mordered ; IX. Leiter published in Virginia.

Seffions at the Old Bailey ; Malefactors 'X. Character of Mrs. Bury, the Country executed, &c. &c. &c. Housewife.

XX. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; XI. A Description of RUTLANDSHIRE,

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
XII. On the Increase of Robberies and XXI. Prices of Stocks for each Day.

XXU. Monthly Bill of Mortality XIII. Account of Mis, Leapor, with her XXIII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. consolatory Letter to a young Lady.

XXIV. A Catalogue of Books. With a Beautiful Map of RUTLANDSHIRE, and the Head of ALEXANDER

POPE, Eíq; finely engraved from an original Painting.

MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun, at the Rofe in Peter. Nofter-Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

* or any tingle Month to compleat Sets.

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