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for such persons going to bed, which shall be at 8 of the clock between Michaelmas and Lady-day, and 9 between Lady-day and Mịchaelmaş.–VII. That when any person shall die in the house, the governor shall take care that the body of such person be immediately removed into some separate apartment, and be decently buried as soon as conveniently may be; and also take care of the cloatlıs and goods of such person, and deliver them to the guardian of the poor of the parish or place to which such

person did belong, who is to pay the charges of the funeral of such poor person.-VIII. That no poor person be perınıtted to go out of the poorhouse, nor any person permitted to come into such house or houses, except the persons mgintained and employed there, without the permission of the governor; and that no spiritupus liquors be permitted to be drunk in such house or houses; and that no other liquors shall be brought thither, without the permission of the said governor.-IX. That the rules, orders, and bye-laws shall be publicly read by the governor to all the poor persons kept in such house or houses, once at least in every month.-X. That all the poor persons able to go to church, shall attend divine service every Sunday.-XI. That the governor shall dismiss from the poorhouse, or workhouse, every person who shall in the opinion of the guardian or guardians, be thought improper to continue longer there, and upon an order from him or them for that purpose. .

In Ireland, the subsistence of the poor appears to have Maintenance of depended upon the bounty of individuals for a much poor in Irelanch longer period than in England; for thoagh in the reign of Henry VIII. an act was passed, adopting the numerous provisions of the English statute 22 Hen. 8. c. 12. for licensing the aged poor and impotent persons to beg, (as well as for punishing the ragabonds and mighty strang beggars), yet the humanity of the Irish legislature did not interfere to create any fund or to form any regular institution, for the maintenance of the indigent poor, till the 11 & 12 Geo. 3. c. 30. Ir, was passed, by which 11 & 12 Geo.3. corporations were established for the purpose in every County, county of a city, and county of a town in Ireland;


c. 30. II.

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which are to consist, in counties, of the arclibishop or bishop of the diocese, the representatives in parliament, and the justices of peace for such counties; and in counties of cities or counties of towns, of the chief magistrate, sheriffs, and recorder, as also the representatives in parliament, and justices of the peace for such county of a city or town, and persons subscribing £20,, or £3. annually, are also declared to be members of such corporations. They are also authorized to elect such other

residents during good behaviour as they shall think fit. Capacity to take And each of these corporations is enabled to take by kinds, &c.

purchase, voluntary grant, or devise, any lands, &c. of inheritance, or for lives, not exceeding the yearly value of £500.; and also all such donations in personal property as shall be made to them, and to accept of all leases for years of houses or lands, so as no such lease shall exceed 21 years. And they are also authorized by $. 3. ta take by grant, or by devise, any quantity of

ground within their counties respectively, not exceeding Sites for houses of industry. in a city or town 2 roods, plantation measure, or in the

open country 20 acres of the like measure, for the sites of houses to be built for the reception of the helpless poor, and for keeping in restraint sturdy beggars and vagabonds. And these houses which, by s. 5. are re

quired to be built as soon as there should be sufficient Classification of poor therein. funds for the purpose, are to be called workhouses or

houses of industry, and to be divided into 4 parts, one for such poor helpless men as shall be judged worthy of admission ; another part for poor helpless women; one other part for the reception of men who shall be committed as vagabonds or sturdy beggars, able or fit for labour; and the fourth part for such idle, strolling, disorderly women as shall be committed, and shall be found able or fit for labour. These corporations are authorized and required, by s. 4. to grant to the helpless poor

who have resided for one year within their respective Licensed bege

counties, cities, or town's, badges or marks, of such materials and of such a stamp or impression as they shall think fit; and to grant to such helpless poor a license to beg in such barony, city, town, or parish, within their


s. 5.

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Destitute chile


respective counties, as they shall think fit, specifying the
names and places of birth, and the characters of the
persons so licensed, and whether reduced to that state by
sickness or misfortune; and said corporations are autho-
rized to license so many justices of the peace within
their respective counties as they shall think fit, to deliver
such badges and to grant such licenses. And this act
(s. 7.) also provides for destitute children as well as for
adult beggars, by empowering the persons granting li-
censes to beg, to include in them one or more of the dren
children, under eight years of age, of such licensed beg-
gars; and the committees of such corporations are fur-
ther empowered to convey to the charter-school nurseries
such of them as can be received, and to apprentice the
rest. The provisions of this act for restraining and pu-
nishing idle and sturdy vagrants, and strolling prostitutes,
will fall under consideration in another place. To create
a fund for the support of these establishinents, the grand
juries of every county, &c. are by s. 9. authorized and
required, at every spring assizes, to present in erery

Presentments county of a city or town, any sum not less than £100, nor for support of more than £200. to be raised from off the lands and laese workhor mer houses, and any sum not less than £200.. nor more than £400. to be raised as aforesaid in every county at large. By the 23 & 24 Geo. 3. c. 58. Ir. a power is given to the judges of assize, upon proof before them c. 58. Ir. upon oath of the insufficiency of the funds of any such corporation, to direct the grand juries to present a further sum not exceeding £100. And by the 46. Geo. 3.

46 Gec, 3.c. 9:, c. 95. I. in case it shall be made appear by any member of any such corporation, to the satisfaction of the judge of assize before whom the summer assizes shall be held in any year for any county, &c. in Ireland, that the corporation instituted under the 11 & 12 Geo. 3. (supra) is properly regulated and conducted, and that it is expedient to raise any greater sum than was limited by said former acts, for the maintenance of such institucions, or in case a house of industry is in the course of being built to defray the expense of building the

same, it shall be lawful for the grand jury of such county, &c. to present any such sum as shall, together with the sums


29 & 24 Geo 3.

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presented under the said former acts, amount in any county of a city or town to a sum not less than £400.; nor more than £500; and in any county at large to a sum

not less than £500. nor more than £700. And this act, Wurds for lu- s. 2. authorizes grand juries to present such sum tot exeatics and idiots.

ceeding L 100. to be raised off the county at large, as shall appear to be necessary; for the support of any lunatic asylum; or ward for the reception and support of idiots and insane persons, which shall be connected with

or under the direction of any house of industry, if no 37 G00. 3. c.39. presentment shall have been made under the 27 Geo. 3. S. 8. Ir,

c. 39. s. 8. Ir: which (as already stated, page 190), also empowered grand juries - to present at the spring and summer assizes, such sum as should appear necessary for providing and supporting a ward or wards, ini county infirmaries; for such idiots and insane persons as should be recommended by 2 magistrates of any such county, as being idiots, &e. and destitute of support:

As a further means of supporting these workhouses or 11 & 12 Geo. 3. houses of industry, it is provided by the 11 & 12 Geo. 3: 6. 30. s. 11. Ir.

c. 30. s. 11. Ir. that the rectors, vicars, and incaurberits of parishes, shall permit such clergymen of the established religion, as these corporations shall appoint, to preach serinons in their churches in every year, on such days as said corporations shall appoint, on behalf of these institutions, and to permit collections to be then made for

these charitable purposes. Foundlings.

The 11 & 12 Geo. 3. c. 15. Ir. as amended by the 13 & 14 Geo. 3. c. 24. Ir, has also provided for the protection and support of poor exposed infants or foundlings, of the age of 12 months or under, by appointing overseers to be chosen in every parish, within the cities of Ireland, (except Dublin and Cork, which have their peculiar statutes) who are empowered to raise upon the respective parishes, such sums as shall be necessary for the maintenance and education of such children, not exceeding £ 5. for each child, to be raised like other parish cesses, and to be assessed upon the inhabitants in such cities according to the value of their houses. And such foundling tax may be raised by presentment at the next assizes after any defau't of any parish.


11 & 12 Geo. 3.
c. 15. Jr.
13 & 14 Geo. 3.
c. 24. Ir.


s. 6.


The Irisla legislature has also humanely provided by the County infirGeo. 3. c. 20. Ir. (which is amended by the 36 Geo. 3.

maries or hos

pituls. e. 9. Ir.) for the establishment of hospitals or infirmaries 5 Geo. 3. c. 20. in the several counties of Ireland, by erecting corpo- 36 Geo.3.6,9. Ir. rations, to consist of the primate, lord chancellor, bishop of the diocese, and the rector or vicar of the parish, as also of donors of any sum not less than 20 guineas, and of such persons as shall annually subscribe and pay 3 guineas; which several corporations are to be called the governors and governesses of the respective county in- Corporation af

governors and firmaries or hospitals, and are declared capable of pur- governesses. chasing, taking or receiving any lands, &c. not exceed

the annual value of £200. and benefactions to any amount in personal property: and the grand juries of the respective counties are by s. 6. empowered to present any sum not exceeding £100. nor under £ 50. which sums Presentments are to be raised upon each county at large, and to be ap- for these instiplied by the governors and governesses in providing food, medicines, and other necessaries for the patients, in repairing the respective buildings and furniture thereof, and in paying the rents of the several infirmaries or hospitals. By the 47 Geo. 3. st. 2. c. 50. I. the provisions of 47 Gen.3... 2. the 5 Geo. 3. c. 20. Ir. are extended to countles of cities and counties of towns, in respect to which no special provision is made by any act. And the 45 Geo, 3.c. 111. I. has 45Geo.3.c 111. further provided, that it shall be lawful for the grand jury of every county in Ireland to present to be raised on the county at large, a sum not exceeding £500. in the

year, brer and above the sum which they are empowered to present by the 5 Geo. 3. (supra), for the support and maintenance of each county infirmary, provided how. ever that a like affidavit and account by the physician and treasurer, as is required, by the 25 Geo. 3. C. 39. Ir. 25 Geo. 3.6.09. of the number of patients received and relieved, and of the state of the funds and expenses of the infirmary, shall be laid before the grand jury previous to any such presentinent. And hy the 47 Geo. 3. st. 1. c. 44. I, the 47 Geo. 3. st. 1. grand jury of any county, &c. in Ireland may, at any spring or summe assizes, present such sum, not exceed- Fever hospitals. ing 2100. as shall be necessary for the support of any

c. 50. I.

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c. 44. 1.

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