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Nov. 16.

1 Still-born,

1 Unknown,

2 Croup,

1 Dropsy,

2 Pleurisy,

1 Infantile,

2 Adults 7-Children 3-Total 10.


Noo. 23. Drowned,

1 Pleurisy,

3 Unknown,

3 Infantile,




1 Adults 9-Children 7-Total 16.


Philadelphia, December 1, 1807. Eight per cent.

1024 per cent. Six per cent.

981 Three per cent.

64 Bank United States

122 Pennsylvania

132 North America

145 Philadelphia

123 Farmers and Mechanics'

106 Insurance Company Pennsylvania

160 North America

90 Philadelphia

160 Union

45 dollars for 60 paid. - Delaware

44 do.

do. Phænix

84 do. 80 paid. Marine and Fire

40 do.

60 paid. United States

20 do.

30 paid. Water Loan

103 per cent. City Loan

104 Schuylkill Bridge Shares

70 Delaware Bridge Shares

uncertain Lancaster Turnpike Shares

cent. Germantown Turnpike Shares

75 to 76 per cent. Cheltenham and Willow Grove Turnpike Shares 821 Frankford Turnpike Shares

74 to 75 Chesnuthill and Springhouse Tavern Turnpike Shares uncertain Chesapeake and Delaware Canal Shares


93 per

COURSE OF EXCHANGE. Bills on London at 60 days


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[blocks in formation]

From Notes taken at Swalwell, near Newcastle on Tyne, in Sep

tember, 1793.

AT Swalwell, and at the adja- served the company for forty years, cent villages of Winlaton, and Win- being the oldest master workman laton Mills, is carried on an iron in the place. The business, he inmanufactory, conducted in a very formed us, was conducted by agents singular manner. These places or clerks, who were the repositoform a kind of independent repub- riesand administrators of the laws of lic, that, without violating the laws, Crowley. To transact the business exists almost without their assist- of the company, they hold a general ance-a species of imperium in council every Thursday, and a seimperio, of which Ambrose Crow- lect committee every Monday; and, ley, about the beginning of this cen- for the double purpose of issuing tury, was, at once, the founder and general orders to the artificers, and the legislator. From the profession of deciding the differences which of a common smith, be raised arise between the workmen, they himself to the importance I have are erected into a court, which is mentioned. The works which he held at Winlaton once in every peestablished have descended with in- riod of ten weeks. creasing prosperity to his heirs, The bench is composed of the and his laws still continue to regu. principal clerks, assisted by the

heir operations, under the aus- clergyman of Winlaton, which is pices of Crowley, Millington, and a chapel of ease to the neighbourCo. These gentlemen principally ing parish of Whickham, and where reside in London, where their great duty is performed at the expence warehouse in Thames-street still of the company. To these are exhibits for its sign the leathern added four governors, or popular doublet of Ambrose Crowley. magistrates; two of whom are

This and the rest of our informa. elected by the workmen of Winla. tion we collected from one who had ton, and the other two respectively


by those of Swalwell and Winlaton pected of having lent the money, Mills.

not through any impulse of benevoIt is by virtue of a summons from lence, but of having offered it in the one of these officers that a defende moment of indiscretion, and in the ant appears with his witnesses to hope of seeing it employed in the answer the attested allegations of a purchase of his commodities; and if plaintiff. But whether the testimo- he prosecuted the suit at common ny is received upon oath, we could law, he was immediately dischargnot learn ; nor, what is much more ed. extraordinary, could our host in Other debts, and the amerceform us if causes were heard and ments awarded by the court, are determined immediately by the levied by a tax upon the wages. bench, or by the intervention of a ju. By the trifling contribution, too, of a ry; for, by that species of negli. farthing upon every shilling earned gence, which is the ruin of political by the workmen, the old and the constitutions, this man had wrought disabled, the widow and the orfor forty years under the company, phan, are preserved from want; and had never once had the curiosity and this is one of the few manufacto attend a court before which he was tories in Britain that is not regarded every day liable to be called. In this by its parish with an eye of maligspace of time, however, if there pancy. Economy, however, is well had been a jury, he would have observed in the administration of found the information which he did this eleemosinary fund; for when *not seek; for it is very improbable those who were wont to be exercisthat he should never have been ed in laborious employment are dissummoned to perform that duty, or abled by accident, or rendered inthat he should never have heard of capable by age, they are appointed those who were, especially as he by the agents to the performance was a man of considerable proper- of less arduous functions, where ty, and could even boast of having they enjoy repose, without the rebeen offered a governorship, a place flection of dependance ; nor is age not only of honour and emolument, rendered only comfortable in itself, but perpetual, for which the candi. but happy in the prospect of its indate, according to his expression, structed offspring, who are taught canvassed like a parliament-man. reading, writing, and accounts, at

But however this be, the sentence the expence of the company. of the court, pronounced by the Here, however, I cannot help represident or chief clerk, is deci, marking an error in the conduct of sive in cases of debt, assault, pecu- the proprietors, who suffer their lation, abusive language, &c., and pedagogue to make terms with the probably in all cases where the un. parents of children that belong not called interference of the laws of to the works ; and thus, at the time the realm does not supersede the we visited the factory, his attention jurisdiction of this bench; for was divided among more than a Crowley, aware of the ruinous ex. hundred pupils. This number no pences and fraudulent prolongation longer appeared extraordinary of suits at law, punished with an ab. when we were informed that not solute discharge those litigious spi. less than a thousand men were emrits who would not acquiesce in the ployed in this manufactory; of this equity of their own courts,

number, excepting those who were Thus carefui to protect his men employed at the founderies, the foragainst extortion from without, he ges, and the warehouses, each pur

no less vigilant in securing sued his own avocation them from the arts of each other. own home; for here every sepaA publican, therefore, in the court rate article of manufacture is suffi. of Crowley, could have no remedy cient to afford exclusive employfor debt, because he might be sus ment to one, and often to many


at his

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