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282 Ile MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER. June wickedness are villains arrived, that robbe.

MONDAY, 17. ries are now often attended with such bar- Of the 12 malefa&tors condemned the two barous circumstances.

last feffions at the Old Bailey, (see p. 187, The earl of Sandwich refigned his post 235.) che 8 following were this day exof first lord commissioner of the admiralty, ecuted at Tyburn, viz. William Gibbs, in which he is succeeded by the lord Anton. Edward Ward, Joseph Peacock, Thomas And soon after the lord Trentham religned Quin, Joseph Dowdell, Thomas Talbot, his place of one of the commissioners of William Hatton, and Robert Damsel. the admiralty.

Capt. Henry Byton and Gerard Bunn were A great fire happened a few days before

pardoned, Philip Gibron was reprieved for at Ambresbury in Wiltshire, which con. transportation for life, and the report of fumed the large inn in that town, and a. Levi, the Jew, was not made.-See their se.

houses. The damage was reckon- veral crimes in the places above referred to. ed to amount to 10,oool, and the diftretless Lord Chamberlain's Office, June 17. of many of the poor sufferers were inex. Orders for the change of the mourning for prestible.

his royal highness the prince of Wales, on FRIDAY, 14.

Sunday next, the 23d infiant, viz. The lords pated the bill for abbreviating The men to wear black full trimmed, Michaelmas term, which, for the future, plain or fringed linen, black swords and is to commence on Nov. 6. instead of buckles.

Undress, grey frocks. By a clause added to the bill for restrain- The ladies to wear black filk, fringed or ing the excessive use of spirituous liquors, plain linen, white gloves, black and white and to encourage industry, and prevent idle. Thoes, fans and tippets, white necklaces nels, it is enacted, That if any persons who and ear-rings ; no diamonds. obtain a licence for retailing those liquors, Undress, white or grey lutestrings, tabafter the first of July next, Thall suffer the bies or damasks. playing at cards, dice, lumeboard, skictles, nine pins, or any other game, in

Extract of a Letter from Capr. Wood, at their house, yard, or any premiffes to them South Carolina, 10 bis Friend in London. belonging, they call forfeic their licence, We left Cadiz, Jan. 30, and next day and pay a penalty of rol.

had a hard gale of wind westerly, which In the road bili, or act for regulating the drove me into Gibraltar; which I lefe Feb. land carriage, is the following good clause, 3, and had a fine paffage till I got within That if any carman, drayman, waggoner, 1,0 leagues of this place; where, on March or other driver, ride upon their carriages, 10, about midnight, I met with a dismál unless there is another person to lead the crack, together with a shower oi fire, horses, they forfeit ics. the master or which broke over us, as if the whole dir. ownes forfeits 2cs, and any person may

solution of the world was come. It killed take them before a magistrale ; and if any me three men, and several others much attempt their rescue, they forfeitics. hurt; it split my topgallant-malt to pieces, From the London Gazette.

shattered my main-maft, in tuch a manner

that I am obliged to get a new one. It Refolution and Order of ebe House of Cormons.

split my pumps, burit one of ihem between Jovis, 13 die Junii, 1758.

decks, tore up three of my lower deck Resolved, 'That notice be given, that the planks, and burit thro' my main whale, annuities, payable at the Exchequer, ai. about two foot above water ; and filled the ter the rate of 31. os. per cent. per an- Thip full of a cloud of rulphurcous smoke, num, and which, by an a&t, paired The crack was of no longer continuance fourth year or his present majesty's reign, than the snap of breaking a pipe. were charged on the additional dutie; on His m jelly, tor the better discovery of Nampe vellom, parchment, ard paper, The pufons concerned in the robbery will be redeemed and puyed off on Oct. and murder of Mr. Williain Fargues, by 10, 1912, agreeable to the power of re- The Barking-Dogs, at Windmill-bill, has demption in the raid act.

been pleased to promise his most gracious Ordered, That Mr. Speaker do forthwith pardon to any one of them except the fixnify, by writing, to be inserted in the person who actually commitied the murder) London Gazette, and affixed on the Royal. that shall discover his accomplice or acExchange in London, tbe faid resolution complices, so that he, the, or they, may of this house,

be apprehended and convi&ted thereof. Which resolution, thus fignified and

MONDAY, 24. published by me, is to be sufficient notice Came on at Guildhall the election of the. of the said intended redemption.

riffs for London and Middlesex for the year 15 June, AR'. ONSLOW, Speaker,

ensuing, when Sling by Bethell, Esq; and 175.


in the


I be MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 283 alderman, and Sir John Bosworth, knt. late that the prudence and firmness they had chamberlain, had a majority of hands, and

thewn, in compleating the reduction of the were declared duly elected. But a poll was interest of the national debt, was as agree. demanded in favour of Marshe Dickenson, able to him, as that measure was eflential to Esq; and alderman, against Sir John Bor. the strength and welfare of the kingdom ; worth, which began the next day ; the and concludes with recommending to both result of which shall be in our next.

houses to encourage and promote a juft reAt the same time Mr. Pearce was chosen

verence for government and law, and not to one of the aleconners, in the room of Mr. fuffer those good laws, which were enacted Hyde, deceased.

there, to lose their effe&t, fos want of due TUESDAY, 25,

execution. His majesty went to the house of Peers, In the afternoon the two sheriffs went and gave the royal affent to the following to Newgate and discharged the Hon. Mr. bills, viz. An act for granting to his ma- Murray, who was committed some time jesty 600,ccol. out of the linking fund, fince by the house of commons, on account for the current year; and for allowance (o of some things relating to the Westminster poor widow's of officers belonging to the election, navy.-An act for the more effectual le.

WEDNESDAY, 26. curing the duties on tobacco. The foreign Was held a wardmole ai Guildhall, for linen yarn bill. - An act to enable his ma- the election of an aiderman for Cheap. jesty to make leases and copies of offices, ward, in the room of George Arnold, E19; lands, and hereditaments, parcel of his deceased, when Samuel Fludyer, Esq; an dutchy of Cornwall, or anvexed to the eminent merchant, was choles without same.-An act for rendering justices of the opposition. peace more fate in the exccueion of their

A very learned member of one of the office, and indemnifying confables, &c.- molt celebrated academies in Italy, has An act for extending and improving the lately published a very curious discouse, trade to Africa. --The American pot-ashes concerning the frequency of rainbows in and pearl-alhes blI. -- An act to restran

some places, which he proves to arife from paper bills of credit in several of the colo.

the vicinity of natural cascades, which, by nies and plantations in America. --The di

filling the air with aqueous partieles, dis. Stempered cattle bill.--An act for ascertain.

pole it to reflect the fun beams ; and in ing the admeasurement of wheat meal, fupport of his opinion, he observes, that &c. for which a bounty is payable upon rainbows are in a manner continual near exportation ; and for making allowance the water-falls of the great rivers of St. to the East-India company for their charge Lawrence and Niagra, in North-America, in managing, paying and transferring their reduced annuices.-An alt for amending

MARRIAGE8 and BIRTHS, and making more effectual an act for the ILLIAM Douglass, Esq; late wagapprehenuing of persons in any county, up

marter to the armies in Flanon warrants granted by juftices in any other ders, to Miss Kinneer, heiress of the houfe, County.--An act to prevent theft and ra- of Kinneer, in Scotland. pine in any port, harhour, haven and coast Rev. Mr. Stebbing, preacher at Gray's. belonging to Great Britain.-An a&t for the

Inn, to Mir: Jenny Smith, of Mortlake. more effectual preservation of the turnpike June 4. Francis Higgs, Esq; of the roads, by Jeffening the number of horses Temple, to Miss Meredi:h. diawing waggons, &c.- An act to abbie- Ralph Murden, Elq; poffess'd of 2000l. viace Michaelmas term. --The spirituous li. a year in Kent, to Miss Sibly, of Lewes, bill, (see p. 269.)-An act for con- in SusTex. tinuing several laws therein mentioned re. Philip Anderson, Esq; one of the col. la ing to the premiums upon the importa- lectors of the customs for the coast of Sul. tion of maits, yards, car, pirch, &c.--An sex, to Miss Charlotte Seabright. act for the miking more effectual an act Rev. Dr. Carryll, register of the uni. for the recovery of small debes in the city verfity of Cambridge, to Miss Fox, of the and liberty of Westminster. - The Weit.

same place. miniter-bridge road bill. -- And to 14 pri. 9. Capt. James Pye, to Miss Isabella vate bills.

Hall, daughter of Thomas Hall, of HereAfter which his majesty concluded the ford, Fis; feffion with a moit gracious fpeech io both 10. Philip Stiles, Esq; of Great Ruffel. haules, and prorugued the parliament to ftreet, to Miss Alce Packstone, of HampAug. 13

Read. Hs majesty, in his speech, thanks both Abraham Prado, Esq; late provider house for the proofs they had given or their of bread and torrage to the British army in zcal and affection for him and his govern. Flanders, to Mrs. Salvador, of Devonshire. ment, and their care and attentiin for the

fquare. interests of his people ; tells the com.noni,

NO 2


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James Butler, Esq; poffess'd of a large eftate in Shropshire, to Miss Anne Palmer,

Ecclefiaßical PRETERMINTS. of Red-Lion street, Holborn, an heiress. Rt. Hon. the lord North and Guildford,

*R. Murdin, presented to the living of MM

Merrow, near Guildford in Surrey, to the counters of Rockingham.

-Mr. Anne Charles Crompton, to the Walter Auger, Erq; of Sussex, to Miss rectory of Wilsord, in Hampshire.- James Gleane, of Esex street, a 10,oool. fortune. Cofferat, D. D. to the rectory of St. Cle.

24. Hon. James Everard Arundell, count ment, in the suburbs of Oxford -George of the sacred Roman empire, and brother Watis, M. A. to the rectory of Boxford, En the Rt. Hon. Honry Lord Arundell of in Berks.- John Coulter, M. A. to the rece Wardour, to Miss Wyndham, only daugh- tory of Fox- Earth, in Effex. - Dr. Rutherter and heiress of John Wyndham, Esq; forih, to the rectory of Brinkley, in Cam. late of the city of Sarum, deceased.

bridgeshire. -Thomas Bathurst, M. A, to 25. Mr. William Callon, jun. an emi- the rectory of Elmley, near Sittingbourn. nent letter-founder in Chilwell-ftreet, to Samuel Squire, D. D. to the vicarage of Miss Cartliche, a young lady of confidera. Greenwich, in Kent.--!Ar. Benj. Wilson, ble fortune.

to the vicarage of Wakefield in Yorkshire. May 30. Counters of Plymouth, deli- --Daniel Burton, D. D. to the rectory of vered of a lon and heir.

St. Peter le Poor, in Broad-treet - James June 6. The Lady of Thomas Cleve

Alle't, M. A. to the living of Rodme: sham, land, Esq; secretary to the admiralty, of a in Kent. daughter,

The lady of William Baker, Esq; al- PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. derman of this city, of a son.

APT. Hanmer, made a lieut. col. DEATHS.

in the ad. reg. of foot guards. Junie 2.

PON. James Douglas, Esq; Barrington, Eiq; barrister at law,

clerk of the hourhold to and brother to Ld. Barrington, made mar. her royal highness the princess of Wales, tal of the high court of admiralty.and memb of parl, for Malmíbury, Wilts, Rev. Mr. Hawkins, chosen poetry proter.

3. Sir Chirles Wiseman, of Canfi.ld- for to the university of Oxford. ---Brownhall, in Effex, hart.

lowe Cecil, Esq; (commonly called lord 5. Mr. Edward Halsey, a very eminent Burghley) made lord lieut, and custos rocheeremonger in Thames.street.

tulorum of Rurlandshire.-George Wade, Sir Thomas Boothby, bart. at his feat Efq; made lieut. col. to the 3d reg. of at Tooley. hall in Leicestershire.

dragoon guards.--Marquis of Harrington, 6. Sir William Boothby, bart. in upper eldest son of the duke of Devon thire, cala Grosvenor-street, ron and successor to the led up by writ to the house of peers, by former.

the title of visc. and baron Cavendith. Adam Soresby, E'q; of Chesterfield in Mr. Charles Blandy, chosen steward of St. Derbyshire who married the only daughter Bartholomew's hospital.--Henry Skelley, of Sir F ther Tench, bart.

and Michiel Warden, Esqrs, and the sur8. Mrs. Glover, at Illington, a widow vivor of them, made auditors of his gentiewoman, who has left confiderable majesty's revenue in the counties of Lin. legacies to several perfons, particularis, coln, Nottingham, Derby and Chester. as it is said, soool. to Mr. Glover, who William Trevanion, Efq; made auditor, lately was a candidate for chamberlain of Richard Elliot, Esq; receiver general, and this city. (See p. 221, 222.)

Edward Baynton Roit, Esq; surveyor ge9. Mr. Machin, astronomical professor neral of the dutchy of Cornwall. --- Earl of at

Granville, made president of the council.-S: Oswald Mosley, of Rollerton in Earl of Holderness, made one of his maStaffordshire, bari.

jesty's principal secretaries of Aate, in 15. Lady Grace Byne, filter to the pre- The room of the duke of Bedford, who fent earl of Eglintoun, in Scotland.

religned.-Mr. Daniel Race, made chief Samuel Smith, Esq; one of the directors Cimier of the Bank, in the room of Mr. of the South Sea company,, deceased ; and Mr. Cutlove made a 8. Mr. James Collier, many years

cather.--Rev. Mr. Romaine, chosen astro. chief cithier of the Bank.

nomy professor at Gresham college, in the Lady Anne King, the only surviving roon of Mr. Machin, deceased. Upon the daughter of the late lord chancellor King, refignation of the earl of Sandwich and lord baron of Ockham.

Trentham, the new commission of admi23. George Arnold, Esq; alderman of ralty ttands thus, viz. lord Anson, lord Cheap ward, and prefident of St. Thomas's visc. Barrington, lord Duncannon, Welhore Hospital.

Ellis and Thomas Villiers, Erqrs. together 24. Mr. Philip Holling worch, banker, with William Rowley and Edward Borcaw. in L mbad-street.

en, Esqrs. The two lait are the new ones. 27. Mr. Henry Overton, an eminent

(Bankrupts in our next. ] Print feller withou: Newgan.


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Prices of STOCKS in JUNE, Bill of MORTALITY, &c.
BANK INDIA, South Sea South Sea, South Seat percent., 4 per Cent. Bank An. 3 perCent. India Bonds, Wind of Wealber BILL of Mortality from
STOC X. STOC X. STOCK. Annu. old Ann, new 1746. 1747 1748-9. B. Annu.

præm. 1, d.

Deal. London. May 18. to June 25. 105, litt.1041 11.104fift. 1044 nr. 101 I sl. 48

3 17

S. W. fair a Sunday

S, fair hot

31 13841;9

155 1

105 { 104 1 10}{104 104 1 TOT

S. E. fair hot

Males 7363
13811398 194
116 IOS 1051 06 105 101 104 * 101

sl. 78
17 6 N, E. fair hot


Femal. 7735
116 1051105 10; 6:06 105
104 104 104 į 101

N. E. fair hot Died under 2 years old 519
13* {1 39 194

105 1018) 104
104 1033) 101
sl. 5 3 17 6 N. E. fair hot


109 138 139 193 1

104 105 104 103 }

104 IOI Sl. 55 + 0 E. N. E. fair hot

5 and 10 48 104 105

104 1 103 1 104 sl, 45 + o N. by E.

fair hot

lo and 20- 56 Sunday

N. E. by E. fair fresh

20 and 30
104 } 105 1104 103 $ i 103 TOT

51. 58 4 0 ON, N. E. fair hot

30 and 40 Is 139 193

115 } 104 104 103 103

lor + 6 N. by E. -lou, cool

40 and so 12 138 193

104 105 103 1 & 103 101

51. 45 +
6 S. S. E.

so and 60
1381!39 193
104 106}105 104 H103 f104 103

5l. 45 4 6

N. W. fair

60 and 7014 137 1 194 115 10;

104 101 *

51. 58 + 6 N. N. w. fair windy

70 and 80

71 194 105 104610; 10;£104 103}104 101

+ 6W, S. W. air windy

80 and 90-
16 Sunday

S. W. freno
37 139
194 115 105

104 1
sl. 58

S. W. fair cool 38 139 194

105 10+ 104

Sl. 58 14 2 6 S. W.


air clou. 191 139, 194 105 145 104 104 10141o2

sl. 58
6W. S. W. fair rain

Within the Walls 146
201397140194 115

104 Í 104

6 S. S. W. fair clo,

Without the Walls 371
115 105

sl. ss 4 5 OS. W. fair clo.

In Mid, and Surrey 624

104 še

5 o E. N. E, r. ulou. rain City & Sub. Wp. 368 2: Sunday

N. N. E. fair

1909 24) 141 142

106 1 1

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14 5

N. fair Weekly June 4

472 25 142:421 195 &


104 104

Sl. 88

4 5 o S. S. W, fair clou. 16 141 · 195


104 104 { } 51. 98 4 5 S, W. fair clou.

18 383 27 195 106 104 d 104 51. 8s 4 50W.S. W. fair


298 18 141

106 104 104

sl. 88 4 5

ow. by S. rain clou. 39 141 1 195 106 104 104

sl. 88 5 ON. N. E. fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 15. 10d. 30 Sunday

N, E. fair

Pease 205. to 225. per le

Tares a 15. to 245. per
Bear. Key. Bafing toke. Reading. Farnham. Henley. Guildford. Warminster. Devizes. Gloucester.
Wheat 245 to 275 gr
zł 153 load
71 178 load 81 os load
71 195 load

30s to 37 gr 355 to 38 qr 48 6d bun.

248 to 28qu Barley 148 to 17 oos to oo ar 178 to 19 qr 175 to 19 qr

175 to 18

18 to 21 18s to 21 28 ond Oats 128 to 136 od 145 60 16 od

108 to 19 145 to 16 168 to 20 1 28 to 15 od 145 to 17

165 to 20 28 to is gd Beans 188 to 228 od 203 to 24 od 228 to 23 245 to 25 2 18 to 24 245 to 28

135 to is 298 to 31

18 to 22 29 gd to 38 LOTTERY TICKETS, 175 mill. 158. od. 111, 1;& Bil. 158. 6d. ul. 166. tl. 156, 6d. III, 135.

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and repeated prohibitions made for that H

highness the prince ftadtholder is re. purpose; he therefore befought his Catho. turned from his progress through he pro- lick majesty would be pleased to order, vince of Zealand, having made his publick that no more should for the future be adentry into Flushing on the sth, where he mitted, and that those who are already come was installed in quality of marquiss of that may be sent back.” The fathers of the order place, and he affitted on the 7th at he af. for redemption of captives are recurned rembly of the states of the province held at from Algiers without any effect, not hav. Middleburgh. The people of this province ing been able to redeem so much as one are in great agitation, on account of an or. Spaniard now a Nave in that country; bedinance of the states, which requires the cause the court of Spain thought it inconwine merchants to take an oath, that they bftent with their dignity, and therefore rewill no way endeavour to avoid paying the fused to enter into any treaty with that redoties larely imposed upon wines; which gency for the exchange or redemption of oath most of them refuse to take, from Tome Rays or Algerine officers now caplives whence it would seem that the Dutch have in Spain ; and the Dey signified to these Atiti fome sense of religion leit among them. fathers at their departure, that if the said

- The fly boats and other vessels, which Rays were not released within fix months, are to be employed this year in the herring- the Spanish officers, captives at Algiers, fishery, amount to the number of 450. Thould be created with great rigour.--81h,

Paris, June 2, N. S. This day was pub. The Lima Gazette, dated July 20, 1750, lished here his majesty's edict for raising go mentions the execution of several perfora millions of livres by granting annuities up- for a conspiracy against the government, on the town-house and the poft office. which it speaks of as entirely fuppreffed ; The parliament made strong remonftrances but private letters from the same place, against it, but at last agreed to its being re- mention several other infurrections fince giftred, mentioning however, that it was by that time. the most expreís command of the king ; Lisbon, May 10, N. S. Saturday last a and at the same time, they requested his proclamation was published here for premajesty, that he would graciously grant to venting luxury, in which however the use his futjects a stated term for the suppression of gilt coaches and chariots is allowed, of the 20th penny, or one thilling in the provided they are made in this kingdom. pound land-tax.-11th. The subscription Genoa, June 9, N, S, Our councils are for the new annuities fille as successfully as in the vimoft hurry and perplexity about could be hoped for. The India company the affairs of Corfica, the French court have has bought up 4000 muskets, which are to ing threatned to withdraw their troops be sent to their settlements in the East. In. from thence, on account of the ill treat. dies. Aint of men of war and frigates, ment they have lately met with from our in a condition for immediate service, is people in that ifland. handed about here, wherehy it appears, that Turin, May 26, N. S. Last Monday, about the number amounts to 96, exclusive of seven in the morning, her royal highness the thofe built at Canada, and those now upon duchess of Savoy was fafely delivered of a the stocks in the several ports of this kingo prince, and both continue perfectly well, dom.--261h. It is said, that the court has At cen the same morning the prince was received letters from M. Bompart, gover- chrittned by the names of Charles-Emanuel, nor of Martinico, importing, that pursuant &c.- June 3, The Sieurs Monier Moris to the orders sent him, he had caused to be and Co. are become bankrupt here for five saze 1, in the islands of Tobago, St. Lucia, millions of livres. This 'tis thought has and Dominico, all the forts, intrenchments, caused the bankruptcy of the Sicur Lrmbatteries, and other works of defence; that bardi at Rome for 100.000 crowns, and of he had likewise withdrawn from those Melis Bock and Rabi, bankers there, for illands the few troops that were therein, a considerable (um each; as also of the Sieur as also the families that hid settled there of le Brun at Turin for 100,00 livres, the Jate ; and that none were left but old na. Sieur 'outre and Co. at Genoa for 900,000, gors of different nations, who wanted to and a banker at Lyons for 800,000. stay to get in this year's crop.

Frankfort, June 2, N. S. Several French Madrid, May 26, N. S. Mr. Kecne his proceftants are a rived at Hanau, who not presented to the ministry a memorial, of being permitted the exercise of their reli. which the following is the substance,

"That gion in that kingdom, are retiring into his excellency having reen informed, that those parts of Europe where liberty of confeveral Englishinen, subjets of the king his fcience is allowed. They say, the edicts maiter, have taken the liberty of quilting against the protestants are executed all the kingdom to settle in Spain, in oder 10 over France with great rigour, but parti. vork in the manufacture of cloth, Auffs, cularly so in Languedoc. against the express tenor of the laws,


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