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Barony of Connally.

Thomas Wogan of Newhall, John Goulding of Hauberston, James FitzGerrald of Pinchers Grange, James Eustace of Siggenston.

Barony of Ophaly.
Edward FitzGerrald of Brownstowne.

Barony of Norragh and Rebon.
Walter Wellesley of Norragh, Richard Wellesley of Blacke-
hall, Oliver Eustace of Blackrath, Alexander Eustace of
Crookestowne, Maurice Eustace of Collbinstowne.

Barony of Kilkullin.
Thomas Dougan of Tuberngan.

Barony of Kilka and Moone.

Maurice FitzEdmond of Birton, Gerald FitzBrian of the same, William Eustice of Moone, Piers FitzGerrald of Bealan.

Barony of Carbry.

John Brymingham of Donfort, Richard Brymingham of Mucklane, Piers Brymingham of Gavisker, Gerrald Brymingham of Grange, Thomas Brymingham of Longwood, Richard Brymingham of Russellswood.

In the County of Catherlogh, the 4th of July 1608.

Lords—Theobald Lord Wiscount Butler of Tullagh, Thomas Lord Bishop of Laughlyn and Fearnes.

Knights– Sir Thomas Colebough, Knight; Sir Richard Maisterson, Knight; Sir William Hartpoole, Knight.

Esquires—Morgan McBrian, Esq.; Henry Davells, Esq.; William Wale, Esq.; George Bagnall, Esq.; Oliver Eustace, Esq.; Gerald McMortagh, Esq.; Donell Kavonagh, Esq.; Nicholas Harman, Esq., ; George Hartpoole, Esq.; Bryan McDonnogh, Esq.

Coroners—William Broune of Cloughchricke, William Tomyne of Clonygagh.

Constables of the Barony of Catherlough—William Gorst of Carrickstowne.

Barony of Idron.
Donell O'Rian of Tomgarrough, Owen Byrne of Ballyrian.

Barony of St. Molyn.
Morris Kavanagh of Ballybracke, Donnough O'Neyle of
Barony of Fort.

Rowry O'Nolan of Kilbracan, Thomas O'Nolan of Ballymoge.


Bailiffs Arrant—Hugh Leaugh for the Barony of Catherlough, David Barron for the Barony of Idrone, William Moyhill for the Barony of Fort, James McTeig sergeant of Raville, Edmond Ower Sergeant, sergeant of St. Moylyne.

Freeholders—Barony of Idrone, George Etherunton of Rahellin, Owen Birne of Aha, Cahir McTeige of Knockscurr, William Birne of Oldtowne, Philip Walshe of Tomand, Dermonde Kavanaugh of Rahedin, Edmond McGarrald of the Rath, Turlough Birne of Kylmtlapock (sic), Edmond McTirlough of Kilree, Cahir McDonell Reough of Ballycromgan, Donell Roe McDermott of Baldinge, Teig O'Rian of Balliellen, Donough Kevanaugh of Kilconyney, Dermott Kevanaugh of Ballifenyne, David McMortagh of Clowater, Phoores" McCavell of Kilgreany, Donough McGarrott of Bordduffe, Garrat Mc Morris of Kilgreney, James McRichard Ballough of the Bunes, Donough McMorrough of Bally William Roe, William Fagon of Dunlockney, James Birne of Seskinrem, John McGarett of Balliteige, Owen Geere of Kilamonine, Piers Carron of Rathduffe, Owen McDonnough of Knockroe, Mortagh Kavanaugh of Kilkallatin, John Thomyne of Ballydarmyne, Donell Fyn of Boreduffe, Walter Butler of Balliteigbeaugh, Patrick Morphue of Bollintollin.

Barony of Catherlough.

Richard Wale of Pollardstowne, James Cooke of Staplestowne, Ferdonough Gormagan of Graungfort, Edmond Birne of Ballilowe, Dermott McShane of Balliterney, James Birne of Ratroge, William Birne of Moyhill, Donnough Birne of Teurelan, James Arspoll of Freerstowne, Robert Everson of Clough.

Barony of Fort.

William Barry of Rarush, Morrough Birne of Straugh, Teige Nolan of Ballicallie, Donagh Nolan of Ballihemoge, Mortagh McGarrott of Myssell, Donell McHugh of Shangarry, Donell Nolan of Killayne, Donnough Morrough of Carricknestayne, Patrick McShane of Ballitample, Donnough Roe of Kilbreede William Cooke of Kilcoole.

Barony of Ravill.

Thomas Butler of Clomore, Edmond Leyn of Shroughbooe, Redmond Leyn of Lesenevae, Walter Grace of Browalstoune, Mortagh Birne of Bennecerry, Garrott Birne of Balliduffe, Dermot Owen of Killelongart, Teige O'Gormagan of Ardriston, David McSymon of Culliebege.

Barony of St. Moylyne.

Shane McDermott of Ballihemoge, David McSheron of Ballybege, James McDermod of Lefallygan, Edmond Collatan


of Ballicranigambege, Piers Collatan of Tennecarricke, Dermond McDonell of Ballycramgain castlayn.

In the county of Kilkenny, 9th July 1608.
Names of the Lords as well Spiritual as Temporal—

Thomas Earl of Ormond and Ossory, Richard Lord Wiscount
Mount Garrett.
Theobald Lord Wiscount Tullagh, John Bishop of Ossory.

Names of Knights and Justices of the Peace.

Sovereigns of the town of Kilkenny—Richard Shee, Knight; Jacob Butler, Esq.; Richard Butler, Knight; Robert Roth, Esq.; Henry Mannering, Esq.; Richard Deane, Deacon of Kilkenny; Helias Shee, Esq.; Lucas Shee, Esq.; Gerald Grace, Esq.; Patrick Archer, Esq.; Walter Walsh, Esq.; Nicholas Cleere, Esq.; Thomas Denn, Esq.; Robert Grace, Esq.; David Serment, Esq.; Piers Butler, Esq.; Walter Archer, Esq.; Henry Shee, Esq.; John Butler, Rector of Callan; Thomas Stronge, Esq.

Names of the Coroners.

Richard FitzGerrald of Gurtin, Oliver Waton of Growe, Thomas Shortall of Ratharding, Joseph Walsh of Kilkregan.

Names of the Constables of the Barony of Gawran.

Redmond Bleachfield of Rathgarvan, Thomas Purcell of Cloghla.

Constables of the Baronies of Igroin, Ida, and Iberton. Nicholas FitzGarrald of Gurtyn, Piers Aylward of Ayle


Constables of the Barony of Iverke.
John Walsh of Kilkregan, Edward Daton of Kilmodally.

Constables of the Barony of Kells.
Robert Walsh of Doumogan, James Howlinge of Kilry.

Constables of the Barony of Claragh.

John de Rochford of Kilary, George St. Leger of Woncestowne.

Constables of the Barony of Knocktofer.
Geoffrey Power of Knocktofer, James Faing of Croambeg.

Constables of the Barony of Shillekyr.

Edward St. Leger of Tulleghabroeg, William FitzGarrald of Barntchurch, Richard Archdecon, constable of Galmoy.


Constables of Fasagh de Myn and Odoghe.

Robnett Purcell of Foulksrath, William O'Brena of Ballyhomyn.

Barony of Gawran.

Edward Blanchfield of Blanchveldstowne, Edward Purcell of Ballyfoell, Edward Butler of Old Aboy, Theobald Butler of Nogha, Thomas Tobyn of Lyrath, William St. Leger of Clogha, Edward Blanchveld of Milton, Piers O'Ryan of Ullard, John Power of Powerswood, William Fanninge of Bally McCloghny, Tirlagh O'Rian of Barne Vedan, Piers McHenry Roe O'Rian of Thomnebaghy, James O'Rian of Ballymorough, Melerus Payen of Ballynebally, Oliver Shortall of Leghrath, Richard Shortall of Brownsborne.

Igroin, Ida, and Ibercon.

Piers Gall of Gallestowne, Piers Butler of Anaghes, Robert Freny of Ballyraddy, Walter Forstall of Forstallstowne, Maurice Daton of the same, Walter Forstall of Killred, William Walsh of Ballycre, Richard Forstall of Carrignegany, Richard Walsh of Carignory, Oliver Grace of Kilrmdony.

Barony of Overke.

Richard Grant of Corlod, Walter Grant of Portneholl, Piers Daton of Grangowin, James Daton of Bally McCrony, Walter

Walsh of Listroley.

Barony of Kerlis.
Thomas Butler of Rossonarowe, Richard Butler of Rogers-

towne, David Howling of Damynbeg, Thomas Tobin of Killollegha, Richard Tobin of Rosscommon.

Barony of Shillecher.

Rowland FitzGarrald of Barntchurch, Richard Comerford of Ballybir, James Forstall of Kilferagh, James Comerford of Earlstowne, Patrick Mothell of the same, Piers Raged of Waleslogh.

Barony of Knocktofer.
Adam Walsh of Crobally, Thomas Purcell of Kilkerell
Edward Walsh of Ballaghbregan, Richard Walshe of Knock-

moella, Robert Walshe of Ballynerowly, John Grace of Aghviller.

Barony of Cranagh.
Oliver Shortall of Ballylorka, James Drylin of Kilberagha,
Richard O'Roerk of Boresheis, James Shortall of Purcellsteirs,

Richard Grace of Cowle Ishell, John Smith of Clastnoe, Richard
Butler of Woucestowne.

Barony of Fasagh, Denny, and Idogh.

Patrick O'Brena of Rathcally, Redmond Purcell of Esker, Peirs Purcell of Lysmayne, Edmond O'Brena of Uskertye, Farr McDonnogh of Croghtoncle, Edmund Duffe of Crint.

Sovereigns and Provosts.

Sovereign and provost of the town of Kilkenny, sovereign and provost of the town of Callan, sovereign and provost of the town of Thomastowne, provost of the town of Irishtoun, provost of the town of Gawran, provost of the town of Enistrog, provost of the town of Knocktofer, provost of the town of Kerlis, provost of the town of Donmogan, provost of the town of Jorepoints.

Copy. P. 11.

Vol. 607, p. 167. 11. A NoTE of RATES for the Wages of Artificers, Labourers and Household Servants set down within the County of Tyrone.

1. All manner of persons being under the age of 50 years, not having to the value of 6l. sterling of their own proper goods shall be compelled to labour for their living. 2. No labourers nor servants shall depart out of one Barony into another without leave of a Justice of Peace. 3. No persons not having the eighth part of a plough shall keep any servant in their house, but shall labour and do their work themselves. 4. No person shall hire any servant for less term than a year. 5. No servant shall depart from their master without giving a quarter's warning before witness, and at the end of their terms their masters shall give them certificate of their good behaviour, upon pain of 40s. 6. All masters shall pay their servants their wages quarterly. 7. No person shall harbour or relieve any servant being departed from his master without certificate, upon pain of 10s. 8. Every plough holder shall have for wages by the quarter 6s. 8d. sterling, with meat and drink. 9. Every leader of the plough shall have by the quarter 5s, as before. 10. Every beam holder shall have by the quarter 3s. 4d. Sterling 11. A good servantmaid by the year, 10s. 12. Every young girl serving, rateably. 13. A cowboy for every cow, for the half year, 1}d. 14. A cowboy for 2 heifers, 1d. 15. Every labourershall be hired by the day, with meat, 2d. 16. From Michaelmas to our Ladyday in Lent, with a dinner, 2d. 17. Every labourer without meat, per day, 4d. 18. A master carpenter or mason shall have per day, with meat and drink, 6d. 19. Without meat and drink, 12d. 20 All under carpenters and masons being next to the master per day, with meat and drink, 4d. 21. Without meat and drink, 8d. 22. Every apprentice being able to work well, 2d. 23. For making every plough beam, with meat, 8d. 24. For the best cowhide, 58. For the largest pair of broaghs, 9d. 26. For the second sort, 8d. 27. For women's

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