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to divide the House of Commons on the and to such a Parliament, petitions for motion, that every negro child born after negro emancipation cannoi be presented the first of January, 1832, shall be free. in vain.

Mr. Shiel, in his delineation of slavery, FRIENDS OF THE HEBREW NATION. adverted to the case of a female slave. The second anniversary of this Society was holder, who, to inflict acuter torture on the held in Exeter Hall, on Thursday, the 28th victim of her cruelty, rubbed pepper in the of April, Henry Drummond, Esq. in the eyes of a female slave. Mr. Canning's chair, when a crowded assembly evinced, propositions in 1823 had been disre- by the most ardent attention, their rising garded, and from the colonial powers interest in the cause of afflicted Israel. nothing but interminable slavery was to be The chairman stated, among other inteexpecied. The shriek of the agonized resting things, that some time back a letter negro had been heard across the Atlantic; was received from the Committee of the and the time was at hand, when the slave Cambridge Auxiliary Branch Society, by must be emancipated from his chains. the Committee in London, stating a report

Mr. Pownal adverted to the artifice prevalent there, that it was intended by that had been practised upon the people the London Committee to establish a New by the promises of 1823, and warned them Hebrew Church, with a Liturgy founded to beware of a similar deception. No rest upon the Hebrew ritual, and also on that should be sought until slavery bad received of the Church of England. In order to its death-wound, and nothing could ensure answer this letter, the question was put in this, but the fixing of some specific time, the London Committee, and a direct negaafter which, children should cease to be tive being given thereto, the result was born slaves in our colonies.

transmitted to the Committee in CamThe Rev. John Burnet surveyed sla- bridge. To these proceedings, the then very, as mentioned in the Bible, and superintendant of the Hebrew Institution argued that between this, and West Indian was privy; no circumstance pertaining servitude, scarcely any resemblance can be thereto having been withheld from him. traced. The British lion was asleep when The Secretary read the report, which slavery started into existence under the stated, among many other matters consanction of legislative authority, but, roused nected with the Society, that twelve Jews, by the clanking of the chains which the then inmates of the Hebrew Institution, victims of oppression wear, the hydra now had been baptized by the Lord Bishop of trembles before him, and, awed with more London, in the year 1830, and seven than common presages, anticipates its fate. others, under his orders, by the Rev. T. J.

The Rev. Richard Il'atson could see Judkin, M. A. early in the present year; no ground for hope from colonial legis- making, in the whole, nineteen, who, lation. Even Christianity, which was re- through the instrumentality of this Society, commended to prepare the slaves for had received baptism, in the name of the emancipation, was obseructed in its dif- Father, of the Son, and of the Iloly Ghost. fusion. Religion could not make good That, in the month of February last, the slaves; it would make good servants; but, inmates of the Hebrew Institution, without enlarging their views, through which they the knowledge of the Committee of mamight perceive the relative duties of life, nagement, elected, from amongst themit would beget a love of freedom, and selves, a bishop, elders, deacons, &c. &c. forbid the slave to kiss his chain. A Chris. constituting what they denominated “The tian father will not bear to see his children Apostolic Hebrew Church ;” and that the taken from him, as a heathen would, nor to superintendant wrote to the Lord Bishop see his daughter subdued by means of the of London a most unceremonious letter, whip, that she might be violated. We must containing an account of these proceedings. airn to get a definite period fixed; till that on these circumstances coming to the be done, all else will be in vain, and even knowledge of the Committee, an inquiry pernicious.

was instituted, and it being found that the At this anniversary, probably about six friends of the Hebrew nation never conthousand were present, and all appeared to templated the establishment of such a be actuated by one common feeling and church, when they found the Hebrew spirit in favour of Negro freedom. For Institution, that they had stated their deterthis desirable event, the present period is mination to the contrary, in their answer to peculiarly auspicious. The Parliament the Cambridge Committee, and that, as the about to assemble will meet under the rules of the Institution did not embrace impression, that to remove long-existing any such church, they could not give their evils, something decisive must be done; licence for the exercise of the functions of



a bishop, elders, deacons, &c. within the IRISH SOCIETY, IN LONDON, FOR EDUCATpremises appropriated to the use of the Hebrew Institution. On this being inti. mated to the Apostolic Hebrew Church,

The Anniversary of this Institution was the Superintendant of the Institution re

held in Exeter Hall, on Friday, April 29, signed his otfice; and, with him, the members of this Church formed a determination in the chair.

the Lord Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry

The object of this society is, to remove to a situation about to be taken

to extend the Gospel, as taught by the for their reception, in or near Kensington;

established Protestant church, among the to which situation, after many painful benighted Irish, in their native tongue. meetings with the Committee, at their own

It appeared from the report, that, in contime, they removed ; leaving in the Institution eleven, and taking with them twelve, established by this Society had been dimi

sequence of papal persecution, the schools Hlebrews. Whether the Apostolic Hebrew nished, and that the number of pupils was Church is or is not of God, the Committee less than during the preceding year. The did not feel themselves called upon, nor

demand, however, for books had increased, did they presume, to determine.

and many thousand copies of suitable pubDuring this anniversary of the Society, lications had been put into circulation. this painful subject was introduced anew,

In various parts of England, about forty and a discussion of some length ensued; auxiliary societies had been formed for the which, however, terminated decidedly in

same benevolent purpose, and £150 had the negative; a few hands only being held

been transmitted to the parent institution up in favour of the parties who introduced

in Dublin, to promote this excellent cause. the subject. The harmony of the meeting was then resumed ; and with one consent the Society determined, by divine aid, to persevere in their original plan, through The anniversary of this well-known society good report and evil report, through honour was held in Exeter Hall, on Monday, May or dishonour; keeping only in view the 2d, Launcelot Maslope, Esq. in the chair. glory of God and the good of the Hebrew It appeared from the report, that during nation. Encouraged by past success, by the preceding year five missionaries had the present harmony subsisting in the died; that the stations were 150; the numHebrew Institution, and by the cheering ber of missionaries 213, catechists, who prospects of future usefulness, one mind were paid, 160 ; gratuitous teachers, 1,400, seemed to pervade the whole Society; in the Sunday and other schools, making a namely, a feeling of gratitude to Jehovah total number of above 2,000 agents actively for His manifested favour, and of confi- employed in spreading the Redeemer's dence in Him for renewed displays of His kingdom, and giving diffusion to useful mercy and grace to Israel.

knowledge. The members in society on Taking into their consideration, that the foreign stations, not including Ireland, Hebrew Institution was only to inquiring He- amount to 41,186, of whom 24,439 are brews, and that many of the sons of Abraham, slaves. The aggregate of contributions who had put on the Lord Jesus Christ, throughout the year, was stated to be under the sanctifying influences of the Holy £30,017. 185. 8d. Ghost, and had testified their faith in Him, On this occasion, the assembly was adin baptism, and by an open profession of dressed by the Rev. Mr. Alder, from ShefHis name, were equally destitute of the field, James Montgomery, Esq. J. Poynder, comforts this world affords, with their junior Esq. Rev. James Dixon, Rev. Dr. Burder, brethren, who found an asylum there, the Rev. Dr. Raffles, of Liverpool, Rev. John Society determined to unite with others, Burnet, of Camberwell, Rev. Robert Newthe friends of Israel, in rearing up an ton, Rev. Richard Watson, Peter Jones, an asylum for these also. In this new Hebrew Indian chief, and several others. The Institution, the inmates will he taught use- speeches delivered by the above gentlemen ful trades, in a manner similar to the elder were luminous, animated, and appropriate. institution, in the exercise of which they The large hall was crowded with highly will be enabled, on quitting the same, to respectable and attentive hearers, and the provide things honest in the sight of all utmost harmony prevailed. men. To these Institutions, may Jehovah, Among the speakers at this anniversary, in the plenitude of His mercy and love, no one excited so much attention as Peter grant His blessing.

Jones, the converted Indian chief. He W. COLDWELL. spoke good English, and his speech was King Square, May, 1831.

rendered remarkably interesting by the piety, humility, and simplicity with which his All these advocated the necessity of outsentiments were delivered. The peculiarity door preaching, urging, that if the people of bis character and condition in life, and would not seek them, it was their duty to occasionally the singularity of his phraseo- seek the people; and the conduct of Whitlogy, made a powerful impression in his field and Wesley was adduced as an examfavour. He frequently designated the Al- ple worthy of imitation. mighty the “Great Spirit, the light of whose A benevolent lady, it was stated, had good word had visited him and his tribe in placed the sum of £200 in the hands of the the wilds of North America," and bore a treasurer; a gentleman of York had reluminous testimony to the influence of the mitted a fourth donation of £50; and the gospel on his heart.

chairman presented £25, in aid of this truly Christian cause.



This annual meeting took place at Exeter Hall, on Tuesday May 3d. Lord Gambier On Wednesday, May 4th, the anniversary was called to the chair.

of this grand national association took place It appeared from the report, that the in Exeter Hall. Lord Teignmouth was donations and subscriptions for the year expected to preside, but a letter announcing amounted to £45,584, and that on the his inability to attend, placed Lord Bexley whole the prospects of the Society were in the chair. cheering:

The report stated, that during the preThe chief speakers were the Bishop of ceding year, 173,547 Bibles, and 297,382 Lichfield and Coventry, the Fion. and Rev, Testaments, had been distributed, making a Baptist Noel, the Rev. Mr. Wilkes, the total of 470,929 copies, being 36,507 more Rev. Mr. Woodroffe, the Rev. Daniel Wil- than on the previous year. The amount of son, H. Pownell, Esq. the Rev. W. Marsh, money received by the Society was £95,424, the Bishop of Winchester, Lord Bexley, the being about £10,441 more than the previous Bishop of Chester, the Rev. E. Bickersteth, year had produced. The expenditure of the and the Rev. J. H. Steward.

society was about £83,002, and its engageDuring the addresses of the above gen- ments £45,800. The auxiliary and branch tlemen, an awful picture was drawn of the societies had continued their exertions, and heathen world. Slavery, with its concomi- 164 new associations were added to those tant atrocities, was also introduced; and already existing: several instances were given of the grossest The principal speakers at this anniversary tyranny, injustice, and inhumanity, inflicted were, the Rev. Andrew Brandram, the Rev. on its victims. From these gloomy deline- Dr. Deal:ry, Captain Gordon, the Rev. ations the imperious necessity was inferred, Rowland Hill, the Rev. Lundy Foote, the of continued and increased exertions, to Rev. John Burnet, Sir Lancelot Shadwell, send the light of the gospel into the benighted the Hon. and Rev. Baptist Noel, the Rev. regions of the earth.

Washington Philips, Mr. Luke Howard, Mr. Hughes Hughes, M. P. Lord Lifford, and Henry Drummond, Esq.

When Captain Gordon began his adThe anniversary of this Society was held on dress, it was obvious that he intended to inTuesday, May 3d, in Finsbury chapel, troduce alterations calculated to subvert the Moorfields, Thomas Wilson, Esq. in the fundamental principles of the Society. The chair. The design of the benevolent mem- purport of his arguments was, that the bers of this Institution is, to visit the dark Bible Society was a Christian institution ; and miserable districts of the metropolis, to but that Arians and Socinians were not administer relief in cases of distress, to give Christians, and that they should therefore advice and instruction by the distribution of be excluded. His propositions, however, tracts and placards, and to establish and were so far from being pleasing to the assupport preaching in tents, or in the open sembly at large, that innumerable voices

were listed against bim, and the utmost The report stated, that during the year confusion prevailed. Several times he was 31,500 families had been visited, and 1,263 called to order, but nothing could deter him cases of distress had been relieved. The from persevering; and even at last he was meeting was addressed by the Rev. Dr. compelled to desist by the incessant clamour Burder, the Rev. John Burnet, the Rev. Dr. which his indiscretion had raised. One or Cox, the Rev. Dr. Bennett, the Rev. Alex- two among the speakers appeared to approve ander Fletcher, and the Rev. J. Campbell. his proceedings, but the greater part were





decidedly hostile to the projected innova- ing; his semi-diameter on the 1st is 15 tion; and when the question was put, the minutes, 47 seconds, and 6 tenths ; and public shew of hands brought against him on the 25th, 15 minutes, 45 seconds, and an overwhelming majority. The point thus 6 tenths. agitated, not only destroyed the harmony of The Moon enters her last quarter on the the meeting, but the subordinate branches 3d, at 20 minutes past 3 in the afternoon ; which it involved engrossed nearly all the she is new on the i0th, at 51 minutes past time, at once creating great disappointment, 6 in the morning ; enters her first quarter and exciting much unpleasant feeling. on the 17th, at 59 minutes past 3 in the

morning; and is full on the 25th, at 7 in the morning. She passes over the planet

Jupiter on the morning of the 2nd; the On Friday, May 6th, the eighty-first annis immersion will take place at 8 minutes 40 versary of this Society was held in the lower seconds past 1, and the emersion at 13 room, Exeter Hall, the Rev. Rowland Hill minutes 51 seconds past 2: the nearest in the chair.

approach of centres is 5 minutes, 53 seconds, The object of this institution is, to impart Jupiter being to the south. The satellites religious knowledge to the poor by means of Jupiter will all be visible at the time, of books. It appeared from ihe report, that the second and fourth to the west of the during the past year 200,000 of the Society's planet, the fourth being the most westerly; books had been put into circulation, and and the first and third to the east, the latter that from its commencement 212,000 Bibles being the easternmost ; it will be exceedingly and Testaments, and about a million of its interesting to notice their disappearance and various publications had been distributeul reappearance, as the Moon successively by this Society. This meeting was addressed passes them. by the Rev. T. Timson, the Rev. Mr. Sa- On the 9th, about two in the morning, ville, the Rev. Dr. Bennett, the Rev. T. the Moon passes near Mercury : she also James, the Rev. Mr. Preston, the Rev. Mr. passes near Saturn, about one in the morn. Maconnel, and the Rev. R. II. Shepherd. ing of the 15th ; near Herschel, about 4 in

the afternoon of the 28th ; and near Jupiter PRAYER BOOK AND HOMILY SOCIETY. about 8 in the morning of the 29th. On

At the anniversary of this Society, which the 9th, at 17 minutes 12 seconds past 7 in was held in Exeter Fall, on the 5th of May, the morning, the moon is in conjunction Lord Bexley took the chair. From the with y Tauri, which will prove an occultation name which this institution bears, its Church at London. She will also eclipse Aldebaof England character must be obvious to all. ran on the same day, the conjunction taking This circumstance will, however, neither place at 27 minutes 52 seconds past 1 in diminish nor increase its excellence. Its the afternoon. On the 21st, at 46 minutes object is good, and its influence has been 22 seconds past 9 in the evening, she is in found to be highly beneficial. Among the conjunction with y Libra, which is also atvessels in the port of London, 1,518 were tended with an occultation. visited during the year, and numerous The planet Mercury arrives at his greatest copies of homilies and tracts left on board elongation on the 20th. Venus is still a for distribution. Ireland, the Continent, and conspicuous object in the western hemiIndia, have also experienced the Society's sphere; during the evenings of this month, exertions. The number of books distributed she is seen passing through the constellations during the year amounted to 11,851, that of Gemini and Cancer. On the morning of homilies and tracts 127,683: the receipts the 4th, she passes near « Geminorum, and to £2,127, and the expenditure to £2,177. on the 16th, near y Cancri. Mars is seen The meeting was addressed by the Rev. to the west of Venus, and passing through Henry Budd, the Rev. W. Marsh, the Rev. the same constellations : on the 30th, he is Edwin Sidney, the Rev. J. Peers, Lord near o Cancrị. Mountsandford, the Rev. Mr. Evanson, the The noble planet Jupiter is still in the Rev. Mr. Raikes, the Rev. Daniel Wilson, constellation of the Goat. On the 11th he Sir Claudius Hunter, and others.

is stationary, near u Capricorni. There are To be resumed in our next.

four visible eclipses of his satellites this

month; three immersions of the first as CELESTIAL PIIENOMENA.

follows; on the 3rd, at 8 minutes 45 seJune 1831.

conds past 2 in the morning ; on the 18th,

at 24 minutes 49 seconds past 12 at night; The Sun enters the tropical sign Cancer on and on the 26th, at 18 minutes 47 seconds the 22d, at 38 minutes past 5 in the morn- past 2 in the morning: the remaining one

[blocks in formation]

is an immersion of the second at 23 minutes 10 seconds past 2 in the morning of the 7th. At the commencement of the month, Saturn is seen to the west of Regulus, and y Leonis. He passes near the former star on the 17th. The Georgian is near the same spot he occupied last month; his motion is retrograde.



TRIUMPHANT banners floating in the air,
Israel's great conqueror's return declare,
Rich with the spoils of war; and in his train,
Agak, the mighty foe, with captive chain,

Through the exulting wondering crowd is led,
With execrations loud upon his lead;
The song of joy through every rank extends,
One shout of triumpla to the sky ascends!
With heat of conquest flushieil, with glory blind
Saul is extoll'd above ali buman kind;
Norheeds that eye to mortal ran elude,
That arm which man nor angel e'er withstood;
The high command of heaven he disobeys,
To gain the fleeting breath of earthly praise.

But Israel's God offended, soon appears, The Great Jehovah's thunder strikes his ears, And quails his inmost soul; he pardon sues, And penitential tears his eyes suffuse; But penitence, alas! is now too late, Rebellion, liis dark sin, decides his fate; The Spirit of the Lord from him departs, And consolation now no more imparts; But fiends torment where peace before had smiled, And holy calm is changed to tenpest wild. For him the charins of nature smile in vain : While fatness drops from heaven like gentle rain, And milk and honey flow through all the land ; Earth's choicest treasures opening to his hand, Like rose-buds to the full admiring ere; And joy and laughing beauty ever nigh ; His heart's consuming with a fatal blight, And desolate mid scenes so fair and bright! Day has no joys for him, nor night repose; Light falls on's weary eve, and darkness shows No horror like the blackness of his soul! At mirth he sickens, and the sparkling bowl Untasted from his lips he dashes down ; Affection's gentle rojce uncouth is grown; The pomp of earthly state his pride but mocks, And his rent kingdom like a spectre shocks His faney; and his tortured brain now reels Beneath the preseure of the woe he feels !

But there were seasons when, to frenzy wrought, He felt as if an evil spirit sought To drive his soul to nia ness; then he raved, And tore luis bair, and scarcely could be saved From self-destruction ; such a mighty power The demon had in that most fparful liour!


VICTORIOU'S Conqueror of death and hell!
Omnipoience is centred in thy name;
What mortal eloquence aright can tell,
The majesty of thine eternal fame?
Uprising on the thunder-coad sublime :
By faith we see thee spurn the shores of time,
And gather to thysell the rohes of light,
And sceptre of intinity! (thine own,
Ere the first morning chased chaotic night)
And take thy seat on heaven's embazoned throne.
Hark! beard ye not that whelming burst of praise,
The gratulations of the sinless throng?
Archangel, seraph, saint, unite their lays,-
The mighty chorus of inmortal song!

of graceful carriage, modest in his air ;
And with an eye that spoke a soul of fire,
Inspired by heaven to strike the sacred lyre,
With power to barmonize the soul, and make
The tiger's nature of the lamb's partake.
Approaching now, witli bended knee he falls
Before the presence of the King, who calls
Aloud, and lim requests without delay,
His skill to try, and soothe his parigs away.

Bearing his own loved barp, the youth behold!
And hear him sweep the strings, now only bold;
With eyes to liearen directed, and his mind
Absorbed by tones he struck, his soul refined
To highest pitch of harmoy, and bis nerves
With rapture tremulous, lie yet preserves
The strength of inspiration, and his face
Is beaming with the light of heavenly grace!
Although before an earthly king he kneels,
Awe only for the king of kings lie feels ;
Ilis presence now he only kuowy, nor sees,
Nor feels anght else, and Him alone to please
Is all mis aim, the burden of his song,
The language of his harp, and of his tongue !
The heart of Saul is touched, relaxed his brow;
His features settled to the calm of woe,
And bis destruction wild subsides to rest :
The spring of feeling, closed within his breast,
Is opened ; now the genial current flows,
And that sweet boon, the joy of griei bestows !
As on the parching earth the plenteous rain,
Descending, makes it bloom and smile again;
So, on the heart of Saul, the tender food
Olharmony refreshied his soul : the bud
Of peace and kind returning joy appears,
And brightly glistens through the mist of tears.

At length the tide of feeling back recedes,
And reason's calm and gentle reign succeeds :
While on th' enraptured youth, with eye intent,
He gazes oft, as on an angel sent
From heaven, to make his wounded spirit whole,
And pour the balm of peace into his soul !
Affection pleads, and vearns within his heart ;-
The minstrel is not suffered to depart;
David he loves, and in his court retains,
Who favour and increasing honour gains,
And oft resunes luis heaven-instructed lyre,
To yield th' afflicted king his heart's desire.

Ball's Pond Road, 4th February, 1831.

One time, when those around him saw his soul
Toitured beyond the reach of all control;
And anxions, thought of means that might assuage
His still increasing diresul, maddening rage ;
They treinbling, venture to approach their Lord,
Beseeching him to listen to their word
of faithful counsel-who soinuch had done
To sooth and comfort him-to send for one
Who on the harp most skilfully did play,
And peradventure charm his woes away.
With voice stentorious, and eager eye, .
He then desires with all despatch to hie,
In quest of him most cunning in the art,
Who might reliere bis terror-stricken beart,
From the tormentor's power bis mind release,
And wake once more his troubled sonl to peace !
They quick return with one of greatest fame,
The son of Jesse, David is his name :-
A youth of comely person, ruddy, fair,




ELECT and holy women! unto whom
The blessing of a Saviour's grace bad come,
Well might ye lecl a more than mortal throe
Of agony, when looking on llis woe.
"Tis even so! his lips are mute in death,
And cold the dews that glitter on his brow;
The eloquence of mercy stirred his breath,
Bit all is hushed, alas! in silence now!
Nay-gently draw aside the thorny crown;
For yet the purple stream doth trickle down

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