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have got as high as their warmest wishes could carry them in this ascent, do you observe they live the better, the longer, the merrier, -or that they sleep the founder in their beds, for having twice as much as they wanted, or well know how to dispose of? Of all rules for calculating happiness, this is the most deceitful, and which few but weak minds, and those unpractised in the world too, ever think of applying as the measure in such an estimation. Great and inexpressible may be the happiness, which a moderate fortune and moderate desires, with a consciousness of virtue, will secure.—Many are the silent pleasures of the honest peasant, who rises chearful to his labour ;-why should they not?- Look into his house, the feat of each man's happiness; has he not the same domestic endearments, the same joy and comfort in his children, and as flattering hopes of their doing well, to enliven his hours and glad his heart, as you could conceive in the highest station ?

And I make no doubt, in general, but if the true state of his joy and sufferings could be fairly balanced with those of his betters, whether any thing would appear at the foot of the account, but what would recommend


the moral of this discourse. This, I own, is not to be attained to, by the cynical ftale trick of haranguing against the goods of fortune-they were never intended to be talked out of the world_ But as virtue and true wisdom ly in the middle of extremes on one hand, not to neglect and despise riches, so as to forget ourselves; and on the other, not to pursue and love them so as to forget God;to have them sometimes in our heads, but alway something more important in our hearts.

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